Submissive desires

Submissive desires

Sometimes fantasy becomes reality. That can be something very satisfying,
or even terrifying.

I love erotic stories and am a voracious reader of stories on the
internet. My favorites are ones about trannies or cross dressers being
dominated and used to please men. That's what I love, both in my fiction
and in my own sex life, to tell the truth. I've been cross dressing for
years, having finally given in to my urges to dress up and be the best
sissy slut I can be, and let me tell you honey, I am good! Somehow I
became fascinated with b**st stories, and read a whole bunch of them.

Those b**st stories made me horny as hell, thinking about being dog fucked.
Just the thought of it was incredible to me. The idea that a human being
could be so degraded, so used, I found the whole subject fascinating and
thought about what it would be like to be dog bred, and used like a bitch.
I found a website where I could explore this and posted some personal

"Chanel, adventuresome sissy bottom, is looking for real men who appreciate
the total service only a sissy slut can provide. I live in NE Wisconsin
and would love to show you the respect your manhood deserves, and I am pet

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a guy who lives in my area, and
I'll call him Chad. Chad is a divorced guy who I seemed to hit it off
with, he was creative, dominant and as I found more than a bit
manipulative. It sounded like he harbored a bit of anger at his failed
marriage and ex-wife in particular.

As our contacts became more frequent I found I was giving him more
information about me than I was getting back from him. I figured that's
what a dom does, right? I opened up to him. You see I'm a very honest
person and I truly want to please. Sometimes my head said no, but I
instinctively obeyed him and perhaps told him more about me than I should
have. Being whacked out on weed doesn't help either.

I've been a tranny for a while now, and really that's the only way I have
sex anymore, as a woman with men. The thing is, I live in Wisconsin, and
the men here are so damn polite I've actually had to beg men to spank me.
Can you imagine?

That it until I met Chad. It turns out he lives not that far from me, a
few hours away. As we chatted and shared pictures (mine being face shots,
poses of me in lingerie and fully dressed, some of me with my ass exposed
and just asking for cock...and the ones Chad sent were of his cock and that
was about it). So anyway he got me hooked on the way he talked to me, the
way he could cut through all the bull shit and know what I needed to hear
as a submissive. And I think I fell in love with those pics of his cock .
Let me share that with you...if you're a cocksucker like me then you know
what makes your mouth water, Chad's cock was big and thick and deliciously
uncut! And how I love an uncut cock -- it takes me back to my youth and
the first cock I trained on. They say you always remember your first!

A lot of times when you message back and forth with someone it fizzles out
before you get to the point where you actually meet, you know what I mean?
This didn't happen with Chad.

I remember the first time I drove out to meet Chad at his place. He lives
in a woodsy area, with lots of privacy. He told me how to dress --
something ladylike but sexy. My lingerie was to be totally sex kitten!

I can do that! I douched, bathed and shaved and got dressed in my
lingerie. I have black of course, but I thought that was too aggressive so
I decided to wear a pink ensemble. I'm a sub, and there's nothing that
makes a gurl like me feel more submissive and feminine than like pink
undies! The bra I wore was soft pink silk and hugged my small but evident
breasts perfectly, and matched my panties. I've always been hung
incredibly small, being only a few inches soft and less that four inches
hard. I even shave down there, and the overall look is one of a young boy.
I find most of the guys I hook up with like that, and they tease me about
it for our mutual enjoyment! I also wore a vintage 60s white garter belt
with sheer attached stockings. They felt so nice over my smooth shapely

To complete my outfit I wore a lovely white silky blouse tucked into a
short camel colored skirt, with matching heels. Gold jewelry, perfect
makeup and my shoulder length red haired wig completed ,my look. I felt so
sexy and pretty as I drove to meet Chad! Several guys tried to flirt with
me on the highway, I just gave them a sexy flip of my hair and sped away
from them, hoping they had hard-ons.

As I got closer to Chad's I started to worry a bit, trying to remember
everything I had confessed to him on our numerous online chats. We even
had cybersex a few times and he was definitely the man in this
relationship! If I hadn't been so close to his home I think I would have
chickened out and turned around, but something made me arrive at his place
at almost the exact time I had promised to be there, I was actually a few
minutes early.

Hmm. Not such a great place I thought...The house seemed to be a mid sized
ranch home with an attached garage and I could see there were a few
buildings out back. The yard was a bit unkempt and I thought it really
lacked a woman's touch, you know -- flowers and a bit of grooming. He
lived at the end of a country drive and it really was a remarkably private
property from what I could see.

I pulled into the driveway, parked and shut off the car. I took a deep
breath and pulled the key from the ignition and put it into my brown purse
which contained my drivers license and things, I usually keep some lube and
fresh lipstick, a spare pair of stockings and kleenex in there, just like a
real woman I guess, though with more style that the average Wisconsin
housefrau would have GIGGLE! Honestly, you should see how casually and
totally unsexy Midwestern women dress!

I got out of the car and walked up the walk to the front door, wondering if
he was watching me from a window, wanting to move and act as femininely as
possible. I pressed the doorbell and I could hear it ring, then heard
someone inside milling ab out and coming to greet me at the door.

When the door finally opened I was pleasantly surprised! Chad was a rugged
yet handsome man who looked to be in his late thirties or early forties I
guessed. He was a but scruffy, with facial hair. A really good looking
guy, a guy you would expect to be a hunter and outdoorsman.

I think Chad liked what he saw too because he smiled when he saw me and I
looked down to see his cock was hard and pressing against the thin fabric
of his washed out jeans. His dick looked really big, and I wanted it.
Chad pulled me inside the door and gently but firmly pushed me by the
shoulders until I was down on my knees before him. I looked up at him and
slowly unzipped him. My hand was shaking, I wanted it so bad!

He was commando under the jeans and I soon saw a thick patch of brown hair
as the zipper slowly went down/ I leaned in and sniffed him, intoxicated by
his scent. He smelled so sexy, a mix of sweat and piss and just plain

With his pants zipped I could see the thick base of his cock and his cock
was straining against the left side of his inseam. I took his jeans in
each of my hands and pulled them down quickly, causing his thick cock to
jump up at me and hit me in the face. I moaned at it's caress, wanting to
pleasure it, to show Chad just what a good sissy slut I could be!

Chad just stood there over me, being superior, as I took the head of his
cock between my painted lips. Mm mm it tasted SO good! I knew it would!
I loved having a real man in my mouth, and I focused on the head of his
cock, licking his piss slit and encircling the head of his dick with my
mouth, not letting any more of that beautiful monster into my throat. I
played with the foreskin, licking all around it and under it with my

He dug it! He tried to push it in deeper but I resisted, using incredible
suction to tease him, to toy with his desire to enter. I felt his hand on
the back of my neck.

"All right chanel, you've told me what a great cocksucker you are, so prove
it to me...deep throat my meat, you sissy slave!"

"Yes Sir!"

I giggled, this was fun! I opened up my throat and let it slide further
down, all the way til his pubes were poking me in the face. He moaned and
with his hand still firmly on my head he began to slowly fuck my throat.
He began to tease me, driving me crazy...pulling it out completely, and
when I tried to take it back in my mouth he would pull away, laughing as I
lurched at it, wanting more!

"What a hot pussy you've got for a mouth, bitch! You weren't k**ding me
when you told me you were a real cock lover! Damn, I could fuck your mouth
all day!"

I just moaned and tried to make him happy. He was a guy with a big cock
and I was doing what I was put on this earth to do -- to bring pleasure!
His balls were big and hairy, and I loved the way they would slap against
my face when he bottomed out in my throat. I gently stroked his big balls,
wondering how much hot cum was waiting for me inside!

As I sucked him I felt Chad turn his body a bit and reach over to a table
in his entryway. The table, like the interior of the house was pretty
cluttered. I couldn't see what he was grabbing for but I knew what it was
when I felt him buckle the black leather dog collar around my neck! I was

I've never had a man put me in a dog collar and it scared me! It was
tight, what if he made it too tight? I could choke! I remembered
confessing this to him one night while I was high and we were chatting. He
was making me confess to him all of my secret desires! I could feel my
little sissyclit getting stiff in my pink satin panties, and I became a bit
weak, being collared and fed such a hot dick. It was as if the pressure of
the collar on my neck was showing the entire world my shame, my need to be

Chad leaned over again and grabbed a leather leash and clipped it onto my
collar. He pulled on it tightly, letting me know he was in charge, and I
swallowed hard. I was trying to do a good job on his cock, using all my
oral skills to get him to feed me and release me from the torment of the
collar and dog leash, but he had other ideas I guess. He pulled out of my
mouth roughly, stepped out of his jeans and pulled me by the leash on all
fours into his living room. I kept thinking how much his carpeting could
use a good vacuuming and wondered if my stocking clad knees would be dirty
from crawling around like that!

I scurried behind him, only to feel him drop the leash and sit down on his
couch, his legs spread. It was quite a sight, the hunky Chad had a really
manly hairy chest, well defined, and his yummy uncut cock arched outward
and upward from between his legs, still wet from my mouth and wanting more!

"Get up and strip, slut! Dance for me as you remove your clothes. First,
the skirt...drop it!"

I tried to dance a little, feeling kind of weird doing this in the first
place, let alone collared as I was. I undid the skirt and tried to
sensually drop it to the floor and stepped out of it.

"Now the blouse, baby!"

I undid the buttons on the blouse and tried to be sensual about it as I
removed it and threw it toward him. He took my pretty blouse and rubbed it
all over his wet dick and threw it on the floor. How rude!

"Now the bra, let me see your titties!"

I removed my pink bra and the silicone breast enhancers in the cups fell
out and he laughed at me.

"Not big enough! I want you to grow a real set for me chanel. Will you do
that for me, baby?"

"Mmm, sure Chad yes of course."

"Panties off, bitch!"

I sighed and slowly dropped my pink panties. My little erection popped out
and I felt so embarrassed! All my life I've had such a small cock, and
Chad knew that since he made me describe it for him online. He told me
then that a gurl like me shouldn't have a man's cock and I should only
think of it as a clit.

So there I stood, now wearing only my garter belt and stockings, my heels,
and a black leather dog collar and a leash. It was pretty embarrassing and
I started to shake a bit. The thing is my little clit was hard, rock hard!

"Hey...what is that thing poking out between your legs? Looks like a
prick, only smaller!"

Chad laughed at this and stroked his own manly cock, to remind me of the
difference between me and a real man like him, I guessed. I lowered my
eyes submissively.

"Come over here, slut, and let me see your pussy. That's it, turn around
for me, I don't want to see that annoying little thing of yours. Don't
even think I'm gonna let you make that thing spurt around me!"

I felt Chad rub my cheeks and poke around a bit. Suddenly I was aware of
his finger applying some kind of oil or ointment to my bottom. It smelled
a little, a weird smell, kind of musky, and I thought it was some weird
kind of lube or something. Chad was going to fuck me, and that made me
very happy!

"Now get back down on all fours, bitch and face the couch. Lower your face
a bit, and lift up your ass. No, not that much, there -- that's don't move!"

I could sense Chad was moving around the room behind me and he put some
kind of headphones on me. They were pretty thick and I thought it was
really weird. Why would he do that? Maybe he wanted me to listen to some
music while he fucked me from behind. Wow, this fuck would be memorable, I
thought! I tried to open up my ass, knowing how big his dick was, and
wanting him to be satisfied with my asspussy.

As I was flexing my hole open and close and preparing for him, I began to
wonder where he had gone. I couldn't hear anything with those headphones
on and I just mentally prepared myself for a good fucking. Chad knew from
our conversations that I loved being fucked but found most men to be
disappointing in that regard- when they got inside me it was so damn hot
guys came quickly, before I could really get much out of it myself. I had
told him I wanted to be fucked hard, long and deep.

Suddenly I felt him bump me in back, felt his tongue licking me.
Mmmm. That felt nice and I wanted more! I then felt his hot cock head
trying to find my hole. Then I felt him on top of me and he pushed it
inside me! It was not gentle, it was rough, and really hard, and frantic.
I marveled at the power he had! His cock hurt me, this wasn't going to be
a gentle fuck!

As I moaned and pushed back on his cock imagine my surprise to see Chad
walk around in front of me, and I looked up at him in disbelief! How could
he be up here, yet still be fucking my ass?

Chad looked in my eyes and he looked wild! He sat down quickly in front of
me, grabbed the leash and pulled my mouth down on his cock. As his cock
pushed past my lips he yanked the headphones from my head and I could hear
the urgent panting of the large dog who was fucking me, and I freaked out!

I tried to buck and get away, but Chad had the leash tight and I couldn't
escape from his big dick in my mouth! I felt that the dog had wrapped his
legs around my waist and he was trying to crawl as far up my ass as he

The panic set in and I felt trapped and violated! Yes, I had mentioned
curiosity about b**st, but that didn't mean I would ever act on those
fantasies! Chad had taking that decision away from me!

"You like that, slut? Like having my dog fucking your ass? He likes that
hole, you see I put some bitch scent in there...that's what you are to him
now, you're my dog's bitch!"

I shook my head and started to cry, this was just too much!

"Now now, don't cry, you wanted said so...remember?"

His dog was fucking me really hard, trying to get his know in me I guessed!
It hurt like hell! I'm sure the head I was giving Chad was not my best,
considering the circumstances. Chad grabbed a small camera from the table
behind the couch, not letting his cock slip from my mouth. He began to
film my degradation and I began to cry. Chad addressed his dog.

"You like that Spike? Like your new bitch, boy? Are you getting your knot
in her yet boy? Just push harder, she'll take it for you! Good boy, such
a good fucker!"

I felt the knot pushing against me. I would resist it and not allow this
to happen!

Chad had other ideas.

Sensing I was clenching my ass he slapped my face hard. It shocked me and
hurt like hell, and it took my attention off the knot. My hole surrendered
and the knot pushed in! God it hurt!

I screamed at the pain and the humiliation of it all! Chad just laughed
and the dog drooled on my upper back tightening his grip upon me. With the
entire shaft and knot up my hole I felt his cock expand even further, and
the flow from it increased like crazy! He sure was big!

He was filling me up with his cum, impregnating me! Chad just laughed and
he filmed with one hand and pulled me back on his cock. I sucked him like
mad, wanting his cock, wanting to concentrate on something other than that
disgusting a****l cock filling me with his sperm!

"Damn that's hot, slut! Seeing my dog impregnate you is gonna make me
shoot! Get ready to be spermed from both ends, baby! Yeah, you're a great
slut, you've made me a and my best buddy Spike feel real
good... Here...I...CUM!"

Chad shot five incredible volleys of cum down my throat and I swallowed it
all! The dog had turned in my ass and we were butt to butt. Chad laughed
at my predicament and pulled out and walked away, dropping the leash. I
don't know where he went but as soon as that dog's dick pulled out of me
(that hurt a lot by the way!) I sensed I could get away and grabbed my
clothes and purse. I could see that his dog Spike was a German Shepherd, a
powerful dog! I shuddered! I've always been afraid of that breed since I
was bitten by a German Shepard in my teens. The dog went over to the
corner of the room and laid down and was licking his softening tool. I
shuddered at the sight of it, it was really red, with a flared head and it
was really big, bigger than Chad's sock!

I grabbed my clothes and ran, out to my car and I sped out of there as
quick as I could! I could feel dog sperm seeping openly out of my ass and
staining the seat of my car, but I didn't care!

A few minutes later I felt safe enough to pull over and put my clothes back
on. I was shaking from the experience and felt so incredibly low at having
been used like this! I went home took a long shower and went to bed. I
couldn't sl**p though, my ass was so sore! No man had ever fucked me so
thoroughly! I felt ashamed, but bored I went online for a bit.

There was an e mail message waiting for me from Chad. I almost deleted it
without opening it, but being a submissive of course I had to open it. I
took a deep breath and read it.


"Dear bitch:

Don't expect me to call you chanel, or any other flowery girly name.
You're a bitch, and that's all there is to it. You did a good job, I've
been walking around with a dripping boner all day, and you've spoiled that
horny dog of mine. He just mopes around here popping erections every time
he goes by that spot in my living room where he fucked you. You know, the
carpeting was wet for days from all the juices you a****ls were dripping

That was very rude of you to run out of here the minute Max's cock deflated
inside you. I played CSI and found the cummy sticky drips you left from
where you were bred all the way to the door and out. That's OK, baby...Max
licked it all up for you.

I've attached a few pictures for you to be reminded what a total slut you
were! Damn you were beautiful...the look of terror on your face when you
realized it was a dog up your asspussy was priceless! I especially like
the pic showing that hard sissyclit of yours drooling cock snot all over my
rug with those big strong paws wrapped around your waist.

Be at my place next Friday night. I want you at my place no later than 8
pm. You'd better be pretty, and ready to service your studs like a good
bitch. Be prepared to service us for the entire weekend.

Don't even think of not showing up. I went through your car while you were
knotted and found your address book. All those people -- how shocked they
would be to find out what a total slut you it up to a dog!
Let's see -- here's your father, and what's this -- your coworkers? Who is
Evelyn? Wow... Even passwords? Sweet!

See you then!


I was shocked! This was too much, who the hell did this guy think he was
to talk to me like that? I may be a tranny, and be pretty easy and all,
but he was treating me like he owned me! No man has ever done that to me,
and as I got all worked up and began to sweat I looked down to realize that
my little cock was hard as a teenager...harder!

Shit! What was I to do? I was fucked...literally!

He wouldn't do what he threatened -- wouldn't send photos of me in drag
getting dog bred, would he? No, surely it was a joke. But then I didn't
even know he took pictures, he sure didn't ask. He never told me he was
going to have his dog take my b**stly virginity either....or put me in a
dog collar.

You never know about people these days, and what can go viral. What if he
did send pics of me doing a dog to my Dad, to my Aunt or the people at
work. They wouldn't understand -- this is Wisconsin after all! It's just
not acceptable behavior!

What to do?

Well I thought I could go over to his place when he demanded, though
dressed as a male and try to reason with him. Surely this was some kind of
joke and we'd laugh about it. He's probably make me strip nude and blow
him, which would be fine. He may be crazy but he sure as fuck has a hot
dick on him. And that body -- tall and covered with light brown hair, that
muscular chest and his fine looking "gotta worship it" ass...

or I could go dressed as Chanel as he expected. Be a good girl and take my
medicine, whatever that might be...blow him, maybe fuck him. But what
about the dog? That was the wild card. I still wasn't sure about how I
felt about that. When I moved in my seat though I could feel the after
effects of the breeding and I winced remembering how hard I was fucked.

Or I could blow it off and challenge him. He wouldn't expose me, would he?

I knew I had to answer his message and decided to be cool about things for
now. It was Wednesday and I had until Friday to formulate a plan.

"Hello Chad'

I'm sorry I ran out unexpectedly at our visit but you must understand it
was a bit much for me to accept. I'm still quite sore from how thoroughly
I was used.

Until Friday


There! That should buy some time!

The next day I focused on work and home, not really thinking erotic
thoughts. Sometimes I have a day like that after I've had a particularly
satisfying submissive encounter with a guy. I just feel good and satisfied
and buzz on about my business.

By Friday morning I was squirming in my office chair, remembering it was
tonight I told Chad I would meet him again at his house. I changed my mind
repeatedly about what I was going to do, and I soon found myself on my way
home and really worked up.

I ate a light supper while wearing only pale yellow panties and the
prettiest little yellow and white camisole. The fabric was so slippery it
teased my nipples relentlessly when I moved and soon I was rubbing them. I
looked at the clock on the wall, and there was still time to get dressed
and make it over to Chad's. I just let out a little scream at myself for
my cowardice, and need to be submissive I guess, and I ran off to my
bathroom to clean up and get ready to go over there.

OK, I'll be Chanel, it''s my feminine side that got me into this, and it
should be Chanel who deals with this. First I took a quick douche and a
shave and shower, then put my towel around me, wearing it as a girl would,
and went to my bedroom.

I though about how violent that fucking was and I decided I would dress in
something suitable. While those of you with timid hearts might decide to
wear a hazmat suit made of rubber or something, my selection was far from

I slid into an older black corset, which I loved because of the lace and
durability of the garter straps. I tightened it up and skipped any type of
bra, or even panties. Since my cock is usually too small to be noticed,
and would be under a very full short skirt anyway I just skipped them and
felt extremely slutty putting on the skirt. It was a bit ruffly, a pattern
in blacks and whites, and slipped on a low pair of black shiny heels.
Light makeup and jewelry completed my look. I wore no top, nothing over
the corset, and it rose just a bit above my hard nipples.

The last time I wore my red wig, this time I went for my blonde pageboy
style, which was shorter and less inclined to be a nuisance if I was drawn
into anything really athletic. It was pretty, and I looked pretty hot. If
I wasn't so tall I doubt anyone would know I was a boy!

I had to drive kind of fast to be there on time, but I made it. The house
was lit up, both from inside and out. I parked in the drive and felt a bit
intimidated clicking in my heels across the drive and his sidewalk to his
front door. The glare from the soffit light was really bright, too bright!
Thank heavens I was in the country!

I rang the bell. Nothing.

Rang it again. Nothing.

I was really getting annoyed but just then the door opened and there was
Chad, standing there in nothing but a jockstrap. I gasped at his manly
figure, and felt weak in the knees at such a fine specimen of manhood!

He just laughed and pulled me inside.

"Chad, I really shouldn't have see..."

"Not another word, bitch. Who are you to question your Master? You get
your faggoty ass into the living room and sit down on the floor, right in
the middle of the room....NOW!"

"Chad please...can't we talk?"

"Bitch - your mouth is only good for one thing -- sucking cock! Now get in

He slapped me on the ass hard and I jumped but followed his directions. I
sat on the floor, feeling vulnerable as he strode over to me, a wicked
smile on his face. I focused on his jock strap, and there it was...that
big juicy cock! The jock was all stained and dirty, and as he got closer I
could smell it. It seemed to smell of dried and drying cum, and even piss!

I found it repellant and at the same time hotter than fuck!

Chad strode right up to me and rubbed the dirty jock against my pretty
lips. I was wearing the prettiest shade of jungle red lipstick, with lip
gloss. Yeah, right...I came here just to talk, didn't I"

A few tears ran down my cheeks as I helplessly opened my mouth and tried to
suck as much as I could of this amazing man through the stained supporter.
I could taste his sweat, his cum and piss, his essence. I could never be a
real man like Chad, no...I was a sissy and this is what a sissy deserved!

Chad pulled the side of his jockstrap away and slid his cock into my mouth
with one stroke. Just like that he was in my mouth, but he wasn't hard.
He led me head tightly, his cock firmly down my throat, and with a sigh I
felt something hot spraying into my mouth. I tried to wiggle free but of
course he was too strong for me.

It was his piss! OMG he was using me as his toilet, and he started with a
slow stream but then picked up intensity and I tried to swallow as quickly
as possible so I wouldn't drown!

Glug..glug...gasp, swallow more.

It was horrible! So demeaning! No man had ever done this to me, used me
in such a disgusting and primal way! I am a human being, not an a****l!
How dare he!

"Yeah that's right bitch...swallow my piss. I had to go and there you
were, all ready for me. How does that feel bitch? You like swallowing
your Master's hot piss? Sure is convenient having a toilet right here in
the living room!"

Chad didn't give me time to answer right away, shooting another strong
stream down my throat as I swallowed and cried.

Chad finished peeing into my mouth, pulled out his cock, shook it on my
face and made me lick the little piss drop at the end. I was totally

"Chad please! Why would you use me in such a disgusting manner? That was

"Whats the matter piss breath? I thought you wanted that. And call me
Master, bitch -- I won't tell you again!"

"No Master, I didn't want that!"

"Sure you did...I remember you saying you wanted to take care of all my
needs and swallow all my juices!"

"Well yes, Master I guess I did say that but..."

"Is this the thanks I get? I spend all that time listening to all your
submissive sissy fantasy crap, begging for it...and when I lower myself to
your pathetic level to give you what you need...THIS is how you show you
appreciate me?"

I was so confused and conflicted, I began to shake and all I could do was
cry. He just laughed at me and walked away, leaving me there on the floor.
What should I away? Accept what I deserve, or beg his
forgiveness? It's hard to think clearly when you're all dressed up in
tranny slut attire, burping a hot load of man piss in your tummy!

Before I could make a decision I heard a sliding door open and close and
heard the click click click of the nails running across the floor! I
tensed up and tried to get up from the floor, but I only managed to get up
on all fours before his mangy dog was all over me, jumping on me and
licking my face!

"Stop it, stop it doggy. Please! Leave me alone!"

The dog just went from my face to my ass and conveniently founded me
without panties, my ass on display. Max immediately took his long raspy
tongue and licked all up and down my felt amazing I wondered
what kind of dog he was, but just accepted the fact he was a large mixed
breed and focused on the tongue...the tongue of a horny male a****l who
wanted to taste his bitch before impregnating her!

"No, no doggy, this can't be happening, ooh get your tongue out of my
asspussy...Oh God!"

Down on all fours like that I saw Chad's naked feet, and grabbed Max by the
collar and pulled him off me.

"Thank you, thank you Master...I thought he was gong to fuck me again!"

"Oh he will bitch, he will...but you were so rude and ran out on us last
time you never had a chance to pay homage to Max's cock...look at it!"

"No ..No! Please"

"Do it!"

I looked over to see that Max's cock was getting hard and it seemed to be
growing before my eyes. It was really long, with a flared head, and was
almost hot pink in color. I could smell it, smell his excitement and is it
continued to grow my eyes widened.

A juicy cock presented to a tranny slut such as me can only result in one

Chad laughed as I crawled under Max's belly and got close enough to taste
the sticky dog cock! Could I do it? This was so low, so submissive!


It tasted really odd! I've had many a cock in my mouth, but it was a new
experience tasting the cock of Chad's dog. How shall I describe it...let's
see...very wet, and hard, and hot, as soon as I took the head into my mouth
I could taste a faint but persistent secretion as the dog did his best to
hump my mouth and bury his bone as far as it could go! I gagged at the
intrusion, and grabbed the base of the hot sticky shaft and tried to
control the thrusting so that I could handle it without choking. It tasted
somewhat metallic I thought, and not alltogether unpleasant. I began to
moan at being face fucked, I've always loved that...the feeling of
helplessness, of being used. The fact that my mouth was being used to
satisfy the urges of an a****l made me shake with submissive delight!

Chad was thrilled by my initiative and immediately started coxing me,
urging me on, to greater and greater depths of submission.

"Good girl, good bitch...yes you're making that cock feel really good! I
love the way you just took it without being told. It just proves what a
pathetic slut you are! Cock cock sucker!"

His laughter and his words pierced my thought and made me shake a bit. He
was right -- this was as low as I had ever gone to feed my submissive
desires! Down on all fours beneath Chad's dog, sucking its cock -- the
same cock that had bred me not that long ago! What had happened to me?

"Yes, you like that cock, don't you? I knew you would... the way he fucked
you the last time you were here...I knew you enjoyed that...enjoyed having
his paws wrapped around your waist, knowing you couldn't escape...feeling
his big dick swell inside you and then empty his cumload up that horny
snatch of yours! Oh you wanted it so bad, wanted to be bredm and boy did
you get your ass fucked!"

I just moaned under Max, trying to do a good job, being rewarded with a
rapidly thickening cock and a steady feeding of his semen. Dog semen...not
even that of a human being. How could I have come to this?

As I sucked and listened to Chad telling me I was a good bitch, I had one
of those flashback experiences and thought about some of the most memorable
blowjobs I had given...the ones involving big dicks, the ones involving
mean masculine men like Chad...those have always been the most exciting and
memorable to me! As I reminisced I instinctively sucked the cock that was
in my mouth, and was rewarded with an incredible amount of doggy cum which
I swallowed greedily! There was so much of it, I just kept swallowing and
swallowing as the dog panted and Chad laughed at me.

I felt my skirt being unzipped and then torn off my body, leaving my
asspussy exposed and vulnerable. I wondered if Chad liked my black lingerie
and exposed hole. Chad began to spank my ass as I continued to feed..

"Yeah! Hot bottom bitch! My new toy likes dog dick, doesn't she?"


God, those slaps hurt as he applied the spanking open handed to my smooth
white bottom! I wiggled my ass, was I trying to squirm away or was I
wanting more, needing more...and he knew that!

"Gonna warm that ass up, bitch and fuck it! Gotta find out what my dog
likes so much about your hole, and if I don't do it soon you'll have Max up
there... you're such a slut! I want to fuck your hole when it's still
kinda tight, not stretched out from dog breeding and a hot sticky mess!"

I moaned as Chad continued to slap one, then the other ass cheek until I
knew they were red! They just burned, and just when I thought I could take
no more I felt Chad apply a wet finger to my rosebud.

"Yeah bitch...gonna breed your hole myself, maybe let Max lick the cum out
of it when I'm done. I sure am glad I met you online and got you over
here! You like being our bitch?"

I took my mouth off the dog's cock and answered him. Max, satisfied and
with empty balls pulled out of my mouth and walked away. He was done with
me...for the moment anyway!

"Well Chad I was coming over here to tell you this couldn't happen
again...that it is ...degrading...and so beneath me!"

Chad just laughed.

"But pumpkin, you just sucked off my dog and you've got yourself in
breeding position...on all fours with your hole spread wide open for cock!
I can tell you love having my fingers inside you, opening up for my big
cock. You want Daddy's cock, don't you.....bitch?"

"Well yes..I guess I do."

At the Chad took his cock and shoved it into me and I yelled out loud from
the pain! Damn he had a big cock, and he showed no tenderness the way he
shoved it in me, all the way to the base! When he buried it he leaned over
and kissed my neck, and whispered into my ear.

I shivered with dear and excitement as I listened to his soft voice telling
me the way things were. His cock began lock and slow thrusts, out until
only the head of his cock was inside me, then in until it could go not
further and I felt his pubes scratching my tender just spanked bottom.

"This is the way it's gonna be,'re our bitch now. That's all
there is to it! You're going to spend the weekend here cooking and
cleaning for me, and servicing our cocks whenever we want it. You see,
we're real males, and you, well I don't know what you are, but you're
certainly not male anymore. You're not a guy, you're not a girl, you're
somewhere between human and a****l. A pet perhaps...a servant,
definitely...a hole for us to fuck -- count on it! You've told me way too
much about you, bitch...what were you thinking telling those secrets to a
stranger? Wait until I tell your f****y and friends what a good bitch you
are...maybe let them have a crack at your holes. Would you like that
bitch? I'll bet you would!"

With that Chad immediately picked up his pace and began fucking me really
hard, with massive strokes intermixed with quick hard jabs. I moaned at
being fucked so hard, and comprehending my predicament. I had told Chad
too much, shown him too much of my submissive side, explored my fantasies
about submitting to a dog...I was fucked!

Chad fucked me like he was possessed, and maybe he was. Maybe there was a
reason Chad's wife had left and divorced him. As his fucking worked its
way to orgasm I opened my hole up more for him, so he could enjoy me more.
I arched my back and looked over to see Max in the corner licking that cock
of his. I focused on that, on the fact that I was indeed his bitch as
well. I sucked his cock and drank his hot cum, and I had been bred by him.
I couldn't take in everything Chad was saying to me, I just focused on the
pain inside me from the brutal fucking he was administering.

As Chad reached his orgasm he slapped my ass hard and gripped me tight.

"Here comes your Master's seed, bitch...take it...take it...hell I'm so
deep you'll probably be brping my cum! Oh!"

I squealed out loud as I felt Chad's cock spurt inside me, over and over
again! I felt so submissive that I began to shake and experience another
one of those girly orgasms I have trained my body to do. Chad picked up on
it, urging me on! He laughed when he felt down and found my little sheclit
soft and dribbling as I shook and accepted his precious gift of semen! I
wasn't hard at all.

"Yeah that's it, accept what you are! You're home now, baby! No more
pretending to the world you're still a guy, no more searching on the
internet for a man to use you to your true potential....this is your
potential....being used like a sex toy and cum depository!"


"No butts, bitch. We own you now, me and Max. It's better this way, you
know it."

I was so confused, so conflicted!

The hard slap on my right ass cheek brought me back to reality!

"Now go in the kitchen, bitch and make your Master something to eat! Gotta
earn your keep around here you can't just lay around waiting for
sperm! Get your ass in there!"
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Damn your stories are so hot!!! Love how you write!
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you post such HOT stories. I sure hope you will accept my friend request