Cumslut Husband

Cumslut Husband

Part 1 - An Acquired Taste

"So, honey, what did ya get me for my birthday this year?" Smiling, my wife sucked a drop of butter from her finger and told me "It'd better be good."

Uh-oh. I'd completely forgotten about it, and I think she knew it. Stalling, I snatched a piece of toast from her plate and crammed it in my mouth, mumbling incoherently around it.

"You forgot, didn't you." Crossing her arms over her breasts, she just sat there and glared at me. I tell you - if looks could kill . . .

"As a matter of fact," I replied, "I didn't." Thinking quickly, I walked over and began massaging her shoulders, my fingers just inches away from her magnificent globes of flesh. "I just figured that, for once, I'd give you something you really want."

"Really?" She still sounded suspicious, but as I felt the tension leave her shoulders, I knew I had pulled it off. Looking up, she asked me "Well, what is it . . ."

Giving her my biggest smile, I told her "Anything you want."


"I mean it." Kneeling beside her, I took her hands in mine and kissed them softly. She always liked that. "You tell me what you want, and it's yours. I put away some extra money, arranged for Dave to cover for me at work, and cleared my schedule for the weekend. I'm prepared for anything you come up with." I had to admit, for a blatant lie, it sounded pretty damn convincing.

"Are you covering?" she asked me, clearly uncertain. "I mean, did you really plan this?"

"You bet, babe. For once, I wanted you to have a present that really means something to you."

"Hmm . . ." Biting her upper lip, Vicky slowly shook her head. "That's a tough one." Then, smiling, she asked, "Do you really mean anything?"

"Yup." I had no idea what she was thinking, but it was too late to back out now. "You always complain we never do anything exciting, so this is your chance."

"Ooohhh, that gives me so many ideas." Kissing the top of my head, she slipped out of the chair and headed for the bedroom. Still smiling, she let her black-lace nightie slide to the floor and told me "Give me till dinner. You'd better believe I'm not gonna waste this."

As I watched her pretty little behind sashay its way down the hall, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. When we'd first met, she'd been a pretty wild gal. I'd loved it at the time, sure, but now it worried me. She'd proposed some really kinky stuff in the past, and I'd tried a few things just to keep her happy, but I don't think she'd ever really opened up. Now, seeing that familiar smile on her face, I knew she was planning something really bizarre.

"You gotta go through with it, Mark." Tossing the rest of the toast in the garbage, I dropped the plate in the sink and hoped she'd show some mercy. "After all," I tried to reassure myself, "What's one night compared to the lifetime of marriage we have ahead of us?"

"Mark!" Yelling at me from somewhere upstairs, Vicky called down, "Meet me in the bathroom!"

The bathroom? I knew I had said 'anything', but what the hell could you do in the bathroom? "Alright, alright, I'm coming!"

As I stepped into the bathroom, I couldn't believe my eyes. The woman standing before me couldn't be the woman I had married. Not that I minded the look - not at all - it's just that I'd never seen her like that before. "Wow," I told her, whistling softly.

"Is that all you can say?" I suppose her pouting was supposed to make me feel bad, but it looked too damn sexy to work.

"You've had a busy afternoon."

"Mmm. Do you like?"

"Oh yes, Mark like very much!" She had taken her straight, blonde hair and transformed it into a full, wavy cascade of fire. Then, to match her knew hair-colour, she had painted her nails a bright red, adding inch long extensions to her fingers. And, as if that wasn't enough, she had really laid the make-up on thick, giving her a slutty, almost whorish appearance that really turned me on. It was like the old days all over again.

"Good. The only thing left to do is shave."

"And what? Do you want me to watch?"

"Nope. You're the one who's going to get shaved."

As soon as I saw her smirk, I knew what she meant. She'd hinted at it for a long time, and I guess this was her chance to finally get her way. Oh well, if this was the worst she had to offer, then I guess I could live with it.

"Here, sit on the toilet, while I get you all lathered up." Five minutes later and a full year of work was down the drain - literally. I can't remember what it was that had caused me to grow a mustache, but I had liked it. She hadn't. "There, that looks so much better."

"You think so?" Seeing myself in the mirror, I just thought I looked strange - naked almost.

"Sure do." Then, turning me around for a deep, passionate kiss, she added, "Feels much better to."

When she finally let me come up for air, I laughed "So, that was your birthday wish?"

For some reason, her answering laugh made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. "Not even close, buster. You promised me the weekend, and I plan to use it all."

That wasn't quite what I had meant, but there was no backing out now. Deciding to make the best of it, I smiled and asked her "Well then, what's next?"

"Hmm. Follow me."

Follow her I did, right into the bedroom. Once there, I marveled at what she had done to the place. She'd d****d heavy black curtains over all the windows, placed scented candles all over the place, and set up the video-camera in the far corner of the room. Not only that, but she had put some kind of shiny pink covering on the bed. Feeling it, I asked, "Is that rubber?"

"Close enough. It's latex." As she hunted through her dresser, she added "They're really fun when wet, and they're easy to clean up." Then, her hands hidden behind her, she added "Trust me, we're gonna need 'em."

"Whatever." I tried to look nonchalant as I shrugged, but I was getting worried again. What the hell had I gotten myself into?

"Lay down," she told me, "And spread your arms and legs."

I knew what was coming next. We'd played this game a few times before, and I'd actually enjoyed some of it. "As least use the padded ones, please?"

"Nope. This is my show. Remember that." A minute-and-a-half later, and I was handcuffed to the bed, my hands and feet secured to each the four bedposts. As such, I was powerless to resist when she slipped the blindfold over my face.

"Hey, what are you doing?" This was new, and I wasn't sure I liked it. Not knowing what she had planned for later was one thing, but not knowing what she was doing now was quite another.

"Shh, it's supposed to heighten your other senses."

Strangely enough, she was right. Deprived of my sight, the first thing I noticed was the scented candles. Next, was the sound of my restless body squeaking and squelching against the latex sheets. Just as I was about to ask what was next, I found out.

"Oh, that feels good, baby. Mmm, keep sucking, yeah." One thing I had always loved about Vicky's wild years was that they had taught her to become a champion cock-sucker. Many's the morning I've woken up to find her pretty lips wrapped around my dick, just waiting for some breakfast cum. And tonight she was in rare form.

She started slowly, just taking the head into her mouth, but quickly progressed from there. Alternatively sucking on the down strokes and blowing in the up ones, she took a little bit more into her mouth each time, eventually ending up with her lips pressed up against my balls. "Ohhh, fuck yeah." Groaning, my only regret was that I couldn't see the bulge my cock made in her throat. That always turned me on.

"You like that, eh?" she teased, releasing me from her mouth. "Would Mark like some more?"

That was a stupid question. "You know I do, you slut."

"Mmm, too bad this is my weekend, not yours." For a moment, I was afraid that meant the blowjob was over, but she added "Then again, I think I would like some more."

This time, she took a deep breath and f***ed herself to swallow it all on the first try, kissing my balls again. "Oh, christ!" If she had even moved, I would have cum right then and there. Fortunately, she sensed the same thing and just held me in her mouth until the moment passed. Then she did something she had never done before. Using a trick she had never shown me before, she relaxed her throat even further and continued to take me deeper and deeper. It must have been a real stretch for her, but a minute later she had my cock down her throat and my balls in her mouth!

"Holy shit!" I could feel every drop of bl**d in my body rushing to my cock and I knew I would cum any minute now. She had her lips lock around the base of my sac, was tonguing my balls and sucking my cock at the same time! "That's it!" I growled, "Here it comes!"

The first spurt must have gone straight into her stomach, but she quickly pulled back and let me fill her mouth with my explosion of cum. As I felt spurt after spurt after spurt of the creamy white stuff shoot out and fill her mouth to overflowing, I thought I was gonna black-out. I had never cum so hard and so long in my life! Whatever else she had prepared for me that weekend, I suddenly wasn't so worried.

I was still cumming when she pulled her mouth off my cock, but I couldn't blame her. Wishing I could rip the blindfold off my face, I could only imagine what she must look like - her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk thanks to the cum inside, with little streams of it running down either side of her mouth. Smiling at the image, I felt balls finally empty themselves as a final spurt of cum shot out to cover my stomach.

"That was incredible," I panted, still unable to believe how hard I'd cum. "If that's the kind of stuff you wanna do for your birthday, I think we should have one every day."

"Nice try, but women stop having birthdays at twenty-nine, didn't you know that?"

"Oh well, it'll get us through the weekend at least," I joked.

"Mmmm, that was nice." Smacking her lips together, she climbed off the bed and walked across the room, presumably back to her magic dresser.

"Hey, where'd ya go?"

"Don't worry," she whispered in my ear a moment later, "I'm not going anywhere. Yet." Not giving me time to ask what she meant, Vicky moved down the bed and began rubbing something against my cum-covered stomach.

"Hey!" I yelped, "That's cold!"

"Hmmm, not for long." She must have stayed down there for a good two or three minutes, but I had no idea what she was doing. Finally, she stopped and the room went silent. As I waited for her to say or do something, I felt my worries coming back. This was torture!

"Ah, honey?" I asked. "What are you do - urk." I gagged on the last word as she shoved something in my mouth. I tried to spit it out, but she was really pushing. "Mmmph! Hmmmph!"

Finally, she let go, but I still couldn't push the object out of my mouth. Then, as the initial panic faded away, I realized what it was.

"Ohhh, you look so pretty," she teased. Ripping the blindfold from my face, she asked "Don't you just love it!"

The mirror she was holding showed me exactly what she had done - not that I needed it. She had fitted her favourite penis-gag over my face, but only after coating it with my cum. I wanted nothing more than to spit it out, run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out, but I couldn't. It was as secure as my handcuffs, and she knew it.

"Now, Mark, I'm gonna go out for a few hours, but I'll be back to play some more later." Slipping a tape in the VCR, she hit 'play' and smiled. "I think you'll like this one," she told me, "I do."

As I tried desperately to keep my tongue away from the cum-covered plastic dick she had shoved in my mouth, I saw an image appear on the screen of a woman giving a blowjob. How fitting.

"I threw five of my favourites on this tape - that's almost eight hours - so I don't think you'll get bored." As she finished putting on her jewelry, she gasped and said "Ooops! I almost forgot." Grabbing the remote from the floor, she cranked the volume up to thirty - a setting we usually only used for music videos. Then, coming back to the bed, she leaned down and told me "These tapes have the greatest audio, you really gotta love it. Every scream, every cry, every grunt and every groan. Not only that, but the women really love to talk dirty about what they're doing."

Now I was really worried. Looking up at her with my pleading eyes, I hoped she'd at least remove the gag. Far from it, she squeezed my cheeks and laughed "Smile, honey - you're on candid camera!"

It was only then that I remembered the video camera. Gulping in surprise, I couldn't help but taste the flood of saliva and cum that ran down my throat, aided by her squeezing my cheeks. Grimacing at the taste, I again wondered what she had gotten myself into.

Grabbing a handful of clothes, Vicky gave me a quick kiss on the nose and was gone, closing the bedroom door on her way out. Alone, I decided to make the best of things and enjoy the video, even if I couldn't masturbate to it. That was when the scene suddenly changed, showing the guy from the first scene on his knees, while the blowjob-girl held his head against her tits. At first I couldn't understand why he looked so disgusted, but then the camera panned out to show him being face-fucked by another guy!

Still tasting the cum in my mouth, I grimaced in disgust and closed my eyes. Unfortunately, I could still hear the woman screaming "-it! Oh yeah, you look so pretty with a big, fat cock in your mouth. I want you to suck that meat, baby, lap at it with your tongue and help our friend fill your sissy-face with cum! Mmm, don't fight it baby, just-"

I tried not to watch. I tried not to listen. It was no use. The audio was just as good as Vicky said, and my imagination was only too happy to provide the pictures - but with me in the place of the cocksucker on screen. Choosing the video over that, I tried to ignore the fact that I was getting hard again.

It was gonna be a long night.

"Hi, baby!"

"Ummmm. Mmmnnnngghhh. Urrrgghhh."

"Sorry, darling, but I can't understand a fucking word you say." Sitting down on the edge of the bed she smiled and told me "You really shouldn't talk with your mouth full."

"Uuuaaaggghhh!" It was no use. Until she removed the gag, there would be no way to make her understand me. What's more, every time I tried to say something, my tongue kept coming up against the pink-prick she'd shoved in there, reminding me what that odd taste was.

"Mmm. I see you're enjoying the show." As her nail traced a line up and down my erect cock, I felt like I would die of embarrassment. For the last four hours I had been f***ed to watch guy after guy being orally and anally ****d while girlfriends/wives/etc. looked on in delight, vocally urging them on. I could only hope that the video wasn't a preview of what she had planned for me.

"Would you like to cum? Huh? Would you?"

"Mmmnnngghhh." Grunting my agreement, I nodded vigorously.

"Would you like me to help?" Taking my continued nodding as a sign of my agreement, she wrapped her hand around my cock and began jerking it up and down. I would have preferred her lips, or her pussy, but would gladly take what was offered.

It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, thanks to four hours of intense stimulation without release. My cock was harder and longer than I had ever seen it before and my balls looked like a pair of softballs. The pressure was so incredible, it was painful.

"Come on, Markie, cum for me." Adding a gentle twist to her masturbating hand, Vicky began pumping faster and faster. For a brief moment I was able to forget the movie playing behind her and focussed only on the two of us. As bizarre as the situation was, I needed to cum and was determined to enjoy it.

"Unnnggghhh!" Bucking my hips off the bed - as far as the handcuffs would allow - I watched as my cock literally exploded, showering the two of us with cum. It looked like a fucking firehose as it sprayed us with thick wads of gooey semen, spurting so fast you'd almost swear it was a steady stream.

"Ooohhh, yesss!" Still jerking my cock, Vicky aimed it at me, allowing a few spurts to land on my face before dying away to splatter against my chest and stomach. To my surprise it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, and it made me grateful for the gag. At least I wouldn't have to taste any more of it.

"That was wonderful, dear. We'll have to watch TV together a lot more from now on." Standing, she walked over to her dresser and began rummaging through the bottom drawer. Suddenly, my stomach began to knot as I feared what she was looking for. When she returned to the bed, a triumphant smile on her face, I knew she had.

Doing my best to twist and turn away from her attentions, I watched helplessly as she scooped the cum from my body and into a small pink funnel. She had one finger over the bottom - to keep it from leaking - and I could see that it was filling up rather quickly. Finally, she'd gathered all she could and she slowly crawled up the bed toward me.

"Ooops! I almost spilled some," she giggled, almost sliding off the bed, thanks to the sweat-slickened latex sheets. "I told you these were fun!" Then, kneeling beside my head, she reached down to scoop the cum from my face - or so I thought at the time. Instead, she simply began spreading it around.

Disgusted, I turned my face away and was rewarded with an eyeful of her cummy fingers. Surprisingly, it really stung, bringing tears to my eyes. "I'm sorry," she cooed, "But you made me slip." Waiting for me to look at her, she warned, "You have two eyes . . ." and left it at that. Swallowing my pride, I remained motionless as she finished my sperm-facial.

"Oh, you look so pretty," she howled, bouncing up and down on the bed. "You know, some of the whores downtown just swear by this stuff. Call it nature's most perfect beauty aid." Stopping for a moment in order to enjoy her work, she nodded thoughtfully and told me "Looking at you now, I'd have to say they were right!"

Grimacing in disgust, I hoped that somehow, I would be spared the further humiliation of seeing this on tape. Maybe she left the lens cap on. Maybe the tape would run out. Maybe the power would go out. Anything, to salvage what little dignity I had left. Next thing I knew, she was running a cum-covered finger over my gag as she leaned down and whispered "If you like that, you're gonna love this!"

With that, she pried open the plug on the gag and popped the funnel in the hole. Jiggling it back and forth, she smiled at me and said "We're gonna fill it up good! Bet ya never thought of using it like this, hmm?"

She was right. We'd filled the dildo portion of the gag with things like beer and wine in the past, for her to suck on as we fucked. I had never imagined anything like this. Oh well, at least I knew she couldn't f***e me to suck it. Of course, that made me wonder what she did have in mind.

"Ooohh! We filled it right to the top," she laughed, withdrawing the funnel to allow a small stream of semen to run down my cheek. Then, bracing my head between her knees - so I wouldn't turn and spill the cum - she asked "Are you ready for me to fill your sissy-mouth with cum? Huh? Just like they do on TV?"

Unable to shake my head 'no', I had to rely on me eyes to show her how much I didn't want to do this. Either she didn't notice or she didn't care. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out something that looked like a small rubber ball with a nozzle on it. The fact that it was pink assured me that it was meant for the gag.

"This little doo-hicky cost me an extra twenty bucks," she complained, "But was worth every penny." Screwing it onto the cum-filled hole, she grinned and told me "Open wide, my darling cumslut - here it cums!"

Every time she squeezed that ball, the rubber penis shot a load of my own cum into my mouth. Again and again she squeezed and again and again I felt my mouth being filled with cum. I had no choice but to swallow or choke to death on the stuff, so I began swallowing each spurt, hoping it would keep me from tasting it too much. In the end, it made no difference - I'd be tasting my own cum well after she removed the gag.

"Well, now that you've been milked and fed, I'm gonna go downstairs and play with my new friends." Removing the pump, she sealed the dildo shut and climbed off the bed. Smiling at the look of confusion on my face, she began peeling off her clothes, exposing the new tattoo on her ass. It was a picture of a man, on all fours, wearing only a collar and leash, being mouth-fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo and thigh-high stiletto-heeled bitch boots.

"Mmm. Do you like it?" she asked, now fully naked. "It's a birthday present from my new friends." Giving her ass an exaggerated wiggle as she left the room, she told me "If you're lucky, maybe I'll bring some of them upstairs to play with you. Would you like that?"

I started to shake my head 'no', but she slammed the door shut as soon as she finished the question. Painfully aware of the sounds and picture coming from the TV, the taste of cum in my mouth, and the memory of that tatoo, I wondered again what the hell had I gotten myself into.

For the next two hours I just laid there, trying to ignore the video but becoming increasingly aroused despite the situation I found myself in. For the most part, I might have been able to withstand the constant audio and visual stimulation, but there was one scene in particular that I couldn't forget. It was at the beginning of the fourth movie - approximately five hours into the tape - and it made the rest of the tape seem like softcore, late-night TV porn by comparison.

It began with a guy laying in a hospital bed, being attended to by a huge titted nurse. Wearing an outfit two sizes two small, she was deep-throating him while he fondled her tits. I don't know if it was the outfit or a sign of her arousal, but her nipples looked like they were going to rip through the material at any moment.

Just when it looked like he was on the verge of coming, the nurse pulled away and clamped her fingers around the base of his cock, keeping them there until the moment passed. Sympathetic to his predicament - after all, I couldn't cum either - I watched in awe as the nurse removed her top, revealing a pair of whoppers that were even bigger than I had dared imagine.

"Shit! Your bra is fuckin' soaked," the guy growled. "You must be one hot bitch to sweat that much!"

The nurse just laughed - the same kind of laugh Vicky had been using with me all night. I was immediately suspicious. A moment later I saw just how right I was when she ripped off her bra and began squeezing her tits, showering her patient with jets of warm milk. Until that moment, I had never taken much interest in lactation fetishes, but I quickly became a convert.

About ten minutes later - by which time the guy's chest and face were literally saturated with titmilk - another nurse came in, locking the door. Except for her blonde hair, she could have been an identical twin to the redhead currently feeding the patient.

"Hey, it's supposed to be my turn to feed him," she complained, already whipping off her top and bra.

"Mmm. Go right ahead," the other nurse sighed, "I don't think there's any danger in our patient getting full."

The guy in the bed just moaned a quiet agreement, too involved in suckling at the redhead's tit to say anything more. Shrugging, the blonde came over to the bed and began adding her own milk to the mess.

Every once in a while, the two nurses would lift a tit and shoot the other with a stream of warm titmilk, nearly driving me over the edge. If this kept up for much longer, I honestly believed I might be able to come without any physical stimulation at all.

"Well," moaned the newcomer a few minutes later, "He's been fed and bathed, but I can't help but think we're forgetting something."

The redhead smiled and responded "Dessert."

Then, before the guy in the video knew what was happening, the two nurses pulled him down to the middle of the bed and began attaching him to the various traction pulleys and straps hanging from the ceiling. He seemed nervous, but was evidently willing to go along with whatever they had in mind. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to tell him to run. I had no more idea what was to come than he did but, knowing what had been on the rest of the tape, knew it would be nothing good.

I was right.

In a matter of moments, the two big-breasted nurses had the guy fully restrained, leaving him at their mercy. While the blonde went to get something from the bathroom, the redhead quickly used the traction equipment to put the patient in a frighteningly uncomfortable position. He was still lying on his back, but less than half of him was on contact with the bed. His body was bent almost double, with his knees resting on the pillow above his head, and his cock just a few inches from his mouth.

"Is he ready?" asked the blonde, returning from the bathroom.

"Yup. Go to it, you filthy-minded little bitch."

Smiling, the blonde proceeded to give the poor guy an enema while the redhead f***ed him to suck his own cock. Giving the traction restraints a little help, she climbed on the bed, grabbed his thighs, and f***ed his cock to penetrate deeper and deeper. It was at that point that I turned away in disgust, but the two nurses happily provided a play-by-play of each other actions, keeping me fully informed. And, when I heard the explosive groan and resulting choking sounds, I knew that the guy had been f***ed to cum down his own throat.

Unfortunately, while I was disgusted by the end of the scene, the first twenty-minutes of lactating love had been enough to ensure that my erection remained solid.

"Hi, honey!" Startled by the voice, I looked up to find eight naked guys carrying my wife through the door, while a ninth held it open. "Sorry to leave you out of our fun for so long, but we kind of got carried away." If she was aware of the pun, she gave no sign.

Oh fuck, what the hell did she have in mind now? Judging by the sweat on their bodies, my wife's dishevelled hair, and the guy's limp cocks, I could only hope they were too spent to do anything to me. As I was to find out, that was entirely the idea.

"We've got a really special treat for you," Vicky cooed from her perch. She was resting comfortably in the grasp of eight muscular men, with one for each foot, knee, butt-cheek, and armpit. "You know," she told me, "They say you can't have your cake and eat it too but, since it's my birthday, I'm changing the rules."

As she nodded, the ninth guy came over the bed and removed my penis-gag. Relieved, I tried to ask her what the fuck she thought she was doing, but he clamped a hand over my mouth at the first sound. Nodding, the guy moved as close to the wall as he could and waited for his friends to bring my wife over.

"As you've probably guessed," she told me, "These fine young men have all had my cake - or pie, I guess - but I've saved the eating part just for you." At that, the guy nearest the bed took his hand from my mouth and placed some kind of clamp on my nose.

"Ow! That fucking hurts!" I cursed, feeling the pressure on my nose. "What the hell do you think -" Suddenly, I was unable to continue the sentence as the eight guys carefully dropped my wife on my face, making sure her gaping, raw pussy was directly over my mouth. That wouldn't have been so bad - actually, it could have been a lot of fun - but even before her lips touched mine, I felt a colossal load of hot, gooey semen fall into my mouth. Surprise, I swallowed it, only to be rewarded with what seemed an inexhaustible supply from her pussy.

"Ohhh, yesss." Humping my face, Vicky grasped the headboard and ground herself against me. As she did, one of the guys - the one who held the door and gave me my noseplug - bent over and told me what had gone on downstairs.

"You should have seen it, man. Your slut wife walked right into the bar, flashed her tits and asked who wanted more. Then she flashed her pussy and invited everyone to come fuck her brains out."

"Yeah," added one of the other guys, bending over to whisper in my other ear, "We all fucked her at least twice, and some of us three times. And, during it all, she kept her pussy propped up on a pile of pillows, telling us to make sure we filled 'er up good."

Disgusted, I was trying my best to hold my breath but was quickly reaching my limit. When a third guy came over to replace the first, I knew I was a goner.

"When we was done," he rasped, "Your bitch had us all jerk off all over her cunt. Said she wanted it covered inside and out." Ramming a fist down on my stomach, he f***ed me to take another breath, and receive another load of semen in the process. "That's almost thirty loads of cum, man."

"Oh, fuck yes!" Vicky screamed her ecstasy to the whole neighbourhood. "I let a bunch of strangers fuck me silly, Mark, and I saved all their ooeey, gooeey, hot and tasty cum for you!" Frantically humping my face while the guys took turns punching my stomach, forcing me to take all she had to offer, she cried "Oh fuck, oh shit, oh yes! That's how I like it, hon. Suck my pussy! Eat their cum! Drain me like I drained them!"

For a minute, I couldn't figure out what the hell she was talking about. She made it sound like I was an active participant in this bizarre orgy, instead of a reluctant, f***e-fed cuckold.

"Oh, man! He's really lapping it up!" cried on of the guys.

"Shit! He's sucking our cum from her like a baby at a mother's tit."

"Yeah, and look at the fucking hardon he's got!"

Yet another guy laughed. "Of course he does! When he's done cleaning up our generous helpings of semen-surprise, he's gonna want dessert!"

What the hell were they talking about? Could they really believe I was a willing participant in this debauchery? I wanted nothing more than to escape, puke my guts out, take a long shower, and get as far away from this madwoman I called my wife as possible. Instead, I was still guzzling the unending streams of cum dripping from her pussy, f***ed to swallow them if I was to breathe. What's more, she hadn't left me much room to breathe, and everytime I inhaled, I helped suck out a little more cum.

"Might as well just relax and enjoy yourself," one the guys whispered in my ear. "After all, we got all this on video and it'll certainly give the impression you're enjoying yourself." He was right! Terror slowly replacing my disgust, I listened while he idly speculated as to what my boss, co-workers, friends, and f****y might think of my performance.

"Thank you, honey," Vicky panted from above, "This was the greatest birthday present I could have ever hoped for." Giggling as she rode my face, she gasped "I can't wait to see what you have planned for next weekend."

Fully aware that she had me trapped, I wondered the same thing.

Part 2 - Something New on the Menu

"Oh yes, oh fuck, oh shit, that feels soooo gooood!" Thrashing about wildly, Vicky squealed in delight. For the past three hours I had watched, helpless and bound, as she was fucked by stranger after stranger after stranger. Duct-taped to one of our kitchen chairs, I was an unwilling spectator to a live gangbang, starring my wife. I don't know how many of them there were, but when I lost count about an hour ago, she was up to s*******n.

"Aw, what's the matter honey?" Turning her head to look my way, she asked "Do you feel left out? Poor baby." Smiling, she assured me "You'll get yours soon enough, I promise."

That's what I was afraid of. Just a week ago - had it really been that long? - she had allowed another group of strangers to use her like some cheap whore. And then, when they had finished dumping their loads in her twat, they had dropped her on my face and f***ed me to clean their cum from her hole. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she had videotaped the whole thing while she and the guys shouted their encouragement, giving the illusion that I was enjoying myself!

"More! More!" Covered in a thick sheen of sweat - not all of it hers - Vicky raised herself up on her elbows and begged for more. "Please, I need you to fill me again!" Gasping and panting from exhaustion, she offered "If you want a change, take my ass. Anything. Just take those fucking tools and impale me!"

"Ah, what about the rubbers?"

"Yeah," asked another guy, "You said we weren't supposed to take 'em off."

Beginning to figure out how this night was going to end, I watched my wife smile and tell the guys "Go ahead and slip into some new ones. Just don't spill that beautiful sperm!"

For the next hour and a half, Vicky laid on her side as alternating pairs fucked her pussy and ass simultaneously. Clearly enjoying it, her screams and shouts soon dwindled to wordless moans and groans. Eyes clenched tightly shut, fingers brutally pinching and pulling at her swollen nipples, she gave a performance that would put the horniest porn star to shame.

As much as it pained me to see her being used by the strange men, I half-hoped it would go on forever. I hated what I had become - what she had made me become - but I couldn't face what she had in mind for the end of her little orgy. And enduring the mocking looks on the faces of her abusers, not to mention their smirks and laughs as they pointed to my painfully erect cock, made it that much worse.

Finally, it was over.

"O . . . Okay." Hardly able to breathe, Vicky gasped "Enough, please." Sitting up on the end of the coffee table, she tried to stand but was shaking too badly. "Oh, fuck." Sitting back down, she told one of the guys "You'll have to drag him over here."

Terrified, I could only shake my head and scream silently into my gag as a seven-foot black giant lifted me in the air - chair and all - and brought me over to Vicky's side. Dropping the chair at the feet, he stepped back and let her topple me the ground.

"Ooops. Sorry, Mark, dear." Dragging the fallen chair back until my aching head was as her feet, Vicky laughed "Oooh, you really want it, don't you?" Placing her foot beneath my head, she made it look as if I were nodding in agreement. Looking right into the camera, she asked "Can you believe what a fucking little cumslut he is? He just can't get enough!"

Already knowing what was coming next, I tried to escape but it was no use. I could barely even get the chair to wobble, much less tip over on its side so I could crawl away. No, I was stuck on my back with my legs suspended above me, completely at the mercy of my twisted wife.

"Hey," called out one of the guys, "Look how excited he is."

On cue, another laughed "Sure is. Hell, I don't think my old lady's ever wanted it that bad."

"Do you think it's true?" asked the black giant. "Do you really think he can tell whose cum is whose?"

"You never know." Laughing, yet another of the guys told the camera "Experience is a great teacher!"

Half of me wanted to break down in tears of shame and the other half of me wanted to jump up and rip the dicks from Vicky's accomplices. Every word was another nail in my coffin, certain to damn me should anyone ever see these tapes. Knowing there was little I could do, I had no choice but to play along and hope I could find her stash of tapes and destroy them before another weekend passed.

"Watch your tongue for a second, hon." Pulling a small knife out from under the coffee table, she cut a tiny hole in my gag. "I know you'd rather have the duct-tape off so you can really lick and suck your treat, but this will make a much better seal." Smiling, she then produced a funnel and poked the spout into the hole. "There. Now we won't spill a drop of these generous donations of manseed."

As I laid there, helpless and disgusted, each of the guys came over and emptied their cum-filled condoms into the funnel. Before long, the hot, slimy, white goo was dripping down into my mouth and collecting on my tongue. For the longest time I refused to swallow, but soon the taste became too much and I had to. Of course, that just gave the guys an excuse to fill me up again.

"Six. Wow!" Smiling, Vicky dropped down onto my chest and began licking the remains from the funnel. "Six mouthfuls, honey," she gushed "Isn't that fantastic!" Looking into my shame-filled eyes, she laughed "Greedy little slut. He wants more!"

Sharing her laughter, the guys remarked that there was always next weekend.

"Fuck me, Mark. Fuck me like the dirty whore that I am."

With the videotape of my first humiliating cumslut experience playing behind us, I climbed on top of her and began slamming into her swollen pussy. Not caring if I was hurting her or not, I tried to forget the past two weekends and just enjoy a night of normal, healthy fucking. Wishing it could be like the old days again, I placed my hands on either side of her and began nibbling on her gorgeous tits while she squirmed beneath me.

"Yes, do it, do me now! Harder, you bastard, harder!" Digging her nails into my back, Vicky began bucking her hips up and down to meet my plunging cock. At the same time, she was pinching and twisting my nipples, urging me to follow her example and do the same to her.

"You want it, huh? Do you, you bitch?" Angered by her constant smile and moans of pleasure, I squeezed her tits harder, hoping for a reaction. "Let's see how you like being the helpless one for a change!"

Digging her nails into my ass, she began pulling me in harder with each downstroke. "Come on, Mark, fuck me!" By this time we were going at it so hard, the sounds of our slapping flesh was drowning out the TV. Shaking the sweat-soaked hair from her eyes, she complained "I don't know why you even bother. There's no way your pathetic little cock can compare with the stallions I've been breeding."

"Shut up, bitch." All thoughts of a normal, romantic night of sex were dead. Instead, our passion had turned into a battle for supremacy, which I had to win. "I'm gonna fuck you, and I'm gonna treat you like the whore you want to be!" Feeling that I was nearing the end, I told her "I'm gonna fill you with cum, and you're gonna have to live with it cause there ain't nobody here to clean you out tonight!"

"Mmm, I love it." Panting, she pulled her nails from my ass and begged "Cum on my face! Please, you bastard, cream me real good!"

"Arrrrggghhhh!" Not needing any more encouragement, I pulled out of her pussy and bathed her face with my cum. Furiously jerking my hand up and down the shaft, I kept my aim steady, giving my wife a creamy white mask of sperm.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Licking her lips, she smiled "I love it! Give me more, you fucker, more!"

Spent and exhausted, I collapsed on top of her, certain I had won. Looking down at her nearly-unrecognizable sperm-covered face, I laughed, "I like the new look. Suits you well." Watching her blow bubbles of cum between her lips, I added "Kind of says slut-cunt-whore, but in a proud sort of way."

Suddenly, Vicky rolled into me, bracing her foot against the wall. Reversing our positions, she grinned and kissed me. Wet, sloppy, and full of cum, she sealed her lips to mine and spoon-fed me my own cum with her tongue. At the same time, she grasped my head and rubbed our faces together, forcing me to share her mask of sperm. "Hah, now who's sporting a new look, huh?" Smiling, she turned off the TV and whispered "Good night, my little sissy fag-whore."

Waiting until I was sure she was asl**p, I began removing myself from her embrace, desperate to run to the bathroom and wash my face. Somehow, she knew it. Grabbing me by the balls, she pulled my back into bed and laughed "Get back here, you naughty little slut." Before I could blink, she had me handcuffed to the bed. Then, holding me tight, she laid her sticky, cum-coated cheek next to mine and sighed "Now, go back to sl**p and dream sweet dreams of well-hung men and their cream-filled cocks."

Defeated once again, there was little else I could do.

"No! No! Oh, fuck, don't stop!"

Feeling a lump in my throat, I quietly laid my briefcase down on the kitchen table and kicked off my shoes. My first instinct was to run and avoid another night of cum-sharing, but I had to see. Tiptoeing to the livingroom, I peeked around the corner and dropped my jaw in surprise. There, on the livingroom rug, was my wife and another woman. Their heads buried in each other's pussy, they were both squealing in ecstasy. Having always fantasized about seeing Vicky with another woman, I decided to watch.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes!" Locking her legs around the unknown blonde head of hair between her legs, Vicky clenched her teeth as her entire body went rigid with the f***e of the orgasm. Then, after what seemed an eternity, she went limp and smiled "You can come in now, darling."

Startled, I ducked back around the door, waiting for someone else to enter the room. "Mark, I said to come in. Now!"

Shit. How long had she known I was there? Stepping into the livingroom, the first thing I saw was myself on TV, with the funnel in my mouth. Groaning in dismay, I collapsed into the nearest chair.

"Hmm, you know," the blonde mused, "He does look better with cum all over him." Looking over her shoulder at Vicky, she winked and they both began giggling uncontrollably.

"Donna here works at the video store around the corner." Moving from the floor to the couch, she told me "She thinks we could make a killing in amateur porn."

"What!" Nearly leaping out of my chair, I accused her, "You never said anything about showing those tapes to anyone. Blackmail is one thing, but this is too much."

"Just hold on a sec, honey," my wife urged. "It's not so bad. We've come up with an idea."

"Yup." Obviously delighted with her part in this perverse soap opera, Donna explained "If you agree to be a willing participant in Vicky's perverse fantasies, you'll only have to do it once a week, and she won't videotape you."

"But," my wife added, "Unless your attitude improves dramatically, it will be every night for a week, with videotape. Each time you refuse to be a willing participant, you'll be a public cumdump for a week."

With two videos already in the can, what could I do? At least this way, I knew what to expect, and could try to deal with it. As much as I hated to admit it, there was little I could do to escape Vicky's sexual blackmail. Nodding my agreement, I dragged myself out of the room and headed upstairs to change.

"Mark! Mark!"

"Shit." Cursing softly, I turned from the door and called out "What? I'm late for work as it is!" That was a lie, but I was coming to hate being in my own house.

Throwing a handful of change at me, she scowled "Here, get me some tampons on your way home. Mr. Fuckin' Friendly is back."

Although shopping for her more feminine needs always made me uncomfortable, I decided not to argue. Trying to hide a smile as I stepped out the door, I figured this meant a full week without having to submit to her twisted desires.

"Vicky? Hon? Where are you?"

"In the bathroom!"

"Oh. I'll talk to you when you get out then."

After a moment of silence, she called "No, come on in. I want you to do something for me anyways."

Shrugging, I stepped into the bathroom, smiling at her naked body. "Need someone to scrub your back?" I asked.

"No, I need you to lie on the floor." When I hesitated, she barked "Now!" Confused, I did as she asked. "Good, now I want you to bite down on that sexy piece of string and pull out my lovely bl**dy tampon." Smiling, she added "Then I want you to lick my bl**dy pussy clean."


"You don't expect me to neglect my personal hygiene just because I'm on the rag, do you?"

Shuffling toward the door, I pulled myself to my feet and grimaced. "If that's what you have in mind, then hell yes."

"Fine. Go to bed then, you useless piece of shit."

When I awoke the next morning, the first thing I noticed was a dull, aching throb in my arms. Soon after that, I became aware of a foul taste in my mouth, that for some reason reminded me of having my wisdom teeth pulled. Blinking, I looked up to find that I'd been handcuffed to the bed again, then looked down to find I'd been gagged with a strange looking contraption. At first, it looked like a rolled up towel or something, but when I looked closer I could see it was a maxipad. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I looked closer and noticed a pair of white strings dangling from beneath it. Oh fuck! I desperately wanted to believe that all of these things were clean, but the foul taste in my mouth told me different.

"Good morning, dear." Striding through the door, Vicky smiled and blew me a kiss. Turning on the videocamera, she tut-tutted and sighed "I really thought you'd last longer than one night, but you refused my very first command." Spreading her legs, she began rubbing herself through her panties, adding the dark stain already spreading from her crotch. "I've already called in sick for you, so your only concern should be whether or not we have enough videotape to last the week."

Eyes wide with fear and disgust, I began pulling at the handcuffs, but only succeeded in rubbing my wrists raw. It was then that I realized I was laying with my head and the foot of the bed. What the hell did she have in mind? I didn't have to wait long to find out. Climbing up on the bed, Vicky removed her bl**dy panties and laid then gently over my face. Almost immediately, my stomach began to roll at the stench, but I had to breathe. It was a good ten minutes before my stomach settled down, although I never got used to the stench.

"Mmm. Smells divine, don't they," she laughed. "Wait till you see how they taste!" Pinching my nose, she ripped the maxipad-gag from my mouth, dragging a pair of soggy pink tampons along with it. Then, before I could even gasp for one clear breath, she stuffed the bl**dy panties in my mouth and jumped on my face. "Now Mark, honey, I want you to suck my panties clean, alright? They're my favourites, and I don't want to throw them out just because you were late coming home with my tampons."

I wanted to puke, the taste was so strong, but since it would only make matters worse, I controlled the urge. Instead, I tried to push them away with my tongue and try to outwait her. Unfortunately, that clearly wasn't going to happen. Situating herself so that her open pussy was directly above my mouth, she turned on the TV and settled in to watch a few hours of her favourite soaps.

"Might as well get comfortable, hon." Although I couldn't see her, I was sure she was smiling. "I know you like to let the old menstrual fluids age a bit before you indulge yourself - don't think I haven't noticed when my used tampons have gone missing - but my flow is usually heaviest around lunch time, so you might want to get a head start."

Shit! We'd just started, and already she had the camera convinced I was enjoying myself. Not only that, anybody watching the tape would think this was some kind of fantasy for me. Determined not to give in, I simply laid there with my tongue hidden in my cheek. Unfortunately, within an hour the panties were so soaked with bl**d, it was literally dripping down my throat. Before long I was swallowing involuntarily, drawing the soiled panties deeper and deeper into my mouth. Then I was left with no choice but to suck the menses from her silk panties, while she sat and watched TV for six fucking hours, fresh bl**d slowly seeping out of her pussy, continually replenishing the bl**dy panties in my mouth.

"There, Markie-p*o, how's that feel?"

"Gnnngghhh. Please, Vick, no more." My face drenched in sweat, I desperately tried not to move and trigger more cramps. As soon as we had finished dinner, she had dragged me into the bathroom and had f***ed me to get in the tub on my hands and knees. Not knowing what to expect, I ended up banging my head on the faucet when she shoved the cold, plastic hose into my ass. Humming the whole time, she had then filled a hot-water bag with a mixture of warm milk and red food-colouring, and proceeded to give me an enema.

"Would you like some more? Huh?"

"No. No, please, no more." Almost on the verge of tears, I clenched my eyes shut and tried to ignore the incredible pressure that had built up in my ass.

"You know, dear, us girls don't have the luxury of a choice. When we get our periods, we have to suffer the bleeding, bloating and cramps until they decide to go away." Without warning, she ripped the hose from my ass. "But since I do love you, I'll show you some mercy. After all, this is your first period."

"Arrggghhh." Panting, I asked "What are you talking about?"

Waving a pair of tampons in my face, she smiled "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." Then, as I watched in stunned amazement, she shoved the applicators up my ass, and inserted both tampons simultaneously.

"Fuck! That hurts!"

Still smiling, she promised "You'll get used it, don't worry." Whistling while she worked, she then placed a heavy-duty maxipad in my underwear and pulled me to my feet. Groaning and moaning in pain, I watched helplessly as she pulled up my underwear and jogging pants. Pulling a t-shirt down over my head, she handed me my wallet and said "I need you to go to the store for me now. I want you to pick up a couple boxes of tampons, a couple packages of maxipads and a package of pantiliners."

"Oh, fuck. Vicky," I pleaded, "You can't make me go like this. I'll never make it."

"Sure you will." Shrugging, she told me "I don't like going out when I have my period either, but I do." Next, placing a small tape-recorder in my pocket, she smiled "When you get to the d**g store, find one of the women who work there and ask her where the feminine hygiene products are. Then I want you to ask her what she recommends." Still smiling, she pushed the record button and finished "I want you to explain to her that you've never had to use them before, so you want to pamper your first period with the very best."

"You're crazy. I'm not doing that!"

Shrugging, Vicky began pressing against my stomach.

"Unngghh, enough! Please!" Doubling over in pain, I was sure I was going to explode.

"The sooner you get going," she smiled "the sooner you can get some relief."

Nodding, I shuffled down the stairs and out to the car. Grimacing in agony, I lowered myself into the seat and raced across town to the nearest d**g-store.

* * *


"Here you . . . you go." Gasping, I handed her the bag of pads and tampons.

"The tape?"


Rewinding it, Vicky made me stand on the doorstep while she replayed my shopping experience at full volume. Terrified one of the neighbours would hear, I kept looking around self-consciously.

"Ah, ah, ah," she sighed. "You forgot to explain why you needed them."

"I'm sorry. Next time, I promise."

"That's right." Handing me the tape recorder again, she suggested "Why don't you talk down to the corner and give the variety store a try."

"No, please." Shaking, I protested "They know me there. I'll be humiliated."

"You should have done it right the first time." Crossing her arms, she told me "Get going. Now."

Cursing her every step of the way, I shuffled down the sidewalk and hurried as fast as I could to the store, only too aware of how foolish I must have looked.

". . . never had to use, ah, any of this stuff before, and, gulp, I want to pamper myself . . . I mean pamper my first period with the very best."

Punctuated by a series of giggles, a teenage girl's voice explained "Well, I like these tampons here. They're soft plastic, pretty pink applicators and smell like baby-powder. Think you'd like those?"

"Ah, yes, yes. What else do you -"

"Very good, Mark." Turning off the tape recorder, Vicky took the third bag of pads and tampons from my hands and helped me in the door. "Why don't you rush upstairs and climb in the tub. I'll be up in a few minutes to change your tampons."

Without a word, I rushed past her and up the stairs, crying out with every step. Stripping as I walked, I jumped in the tub, splashing water all over the floor. Not caring, I laid back and ripped the tampons from my ass. "Arrgghhh - shit! shit! shit! - ohhhh, yeeessss." As they popped out of my swollen ass, I watched a steady stream of red emerge to mix with the steaming bathwater. After the pain and humiliation I had suffered, the feeling was almost orgasmic.

* * *

"Morning, dear." Scrambling some eggs, Vicky was standing naked before the stove, her tampon string dangling for all to see. "If you'd kindly clean and change my tampon, we can get some breakfast."

Sighing, I knelt between her legs and pulled the tampon out of her pussy and into my mouth. Letting it sit inside my left cheek, I then proceeded to lick the excess bl**d from her pussy while she cooked, too disgusted with myself to offer even a token resistance. Once she was clean, I inserted a new tampon for her, then took her bl**dy tampon from my mouth and squeezed it into the now-empty applicator. Grimacing, I then shoved the bl**dy tampon up my ass.

"Good timing, Markie-p*o." Turning from the stove, she said "Breakfast is almost done." Sitting down at the table, she began digging into the eggs. "Mmm," she managed between mouthfuls, "Stand beside me for a sec."

Now what did she have in mind? Doing as she asked, I moved to her side.

"Masturbate for me."


"You heard me." Shoveling some more eggs into her mouth, she added "Make yourself cum as quickly as possible, but warn me when you're ready."

Confused, I did as I was told. A few minutes later, I gasped "Here . . . here it comes!"

Grabbing the plate of eggs, Vicky held them before my spurting cock, coating the half-eaten breakfast with cum. "Here you are, hon," she laughed. "Now, eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

Glaring at her, I sat down and ate my cum-covered eggs.

"Mmm, thanks, hon." Smiling at the camera, Vicky told me "I love it when you clean my bl**dy pussy." Patting me on the head, she asked "Did you like it?"

"Yes, Vick."

"How much did you like it?"

Shaking my head, I closed my eyes and repeated the song she had f***ed me to learn:

Tampons, mmm, like a little white dong,
I could eat them all day long.
Maxis, wow, so long and pretty,
I wish I had a bl**dy clitty.
Menses, bl**d, you're on the rag,
He loves the taste, this sissy-fag.
Kissing me, she cooed for the camera "You're such a good little boy, coming home for lunch to clean and sing for me. Would you like a treat? Huh?"

"Yes, please." Actually, I wanted nothing more than to get out and go to work, but I had to play along.

"Okay, to start, you may play with yourself."

Closing my eyes in shame, I stood before the camera, in the middle of the kitchen and jacked off. When she could see I was ready to cum, Vicky grabbed my cock and had me shoot into a wine glass. Turning it so that all the sides were coated in white, she smiled shook the last few drops into the glass. Then, handing it to me, she grinned, "Bottoms up."

Eager for anything - even cum - to replace the coppery taste in my mouth, I downed the contents in one swig. However, I could still taste her period, so I licked it clean, smacking my lips noisily to spread the taste around. I knew how it must have looked and sounded to the camera, but I didn't care. I had to get that taste of her period out of my mouth.

"Wow. You must have been hungry, my little sissy-dear." Taking the glass, she told me "You have to get back to work, but I want you to do one more thing for me."

Slumping my shoulders, I asked, "What's that?"

"Don't eat anything, drink anything, brush your teeth, eat any gum, etc. When you come home, I want to be able to smell the cum on your breath."

Nodding, I returned to work, a thoroughly defeated man.

I awoke Saturday morning to a pleasant surprise. My mouth was empty, my ass was empty, and my shorts were empty. No tampons, no pad, and - most importantly - no bl**d. Smiling in relief, I didn't even mind the fact that I was still handcuffed.

"Morning, Marcie."

"Huh?" Opening my eyes, I looked up to find Vicky standing at the foot of the bed with a mirror in her hands. For a moment I couldn't understand what it was I was seeing, but then it hit me. She'd shaved my body, painted my nails, slapped a whorish amount of make- up on my face, and fitted me with a bad blonde wig.

"Oh, shit," I groaned, "Now what."

"You still owe me two days of video-servitude," she smiled. "However, my period's almost done, so I had to come up with something else."

Shaking my head in dismay, I asked, "Please, just get it over with, then. Don't torment me."

Setting up the videocamera, Vicky explained "I'm in the mood for an old-fashioned gang-bang, but my pussy's still too sensitive to take any kind of excitement." Clipping a pair of big, pink hoop earrings onto my ears, she kissed my nose and called out "Marcie's ready, boys. Come on in."

A moment later, 8 naked well-hung guys stepped into the room, their cocks already hard. Giggling, she told them "Marcie just finished her first period, so now she wants to experience her first fucking." Ignoring the look of horror on my face, she asked, "Please, be gentle. She's a virgin."

At least she had done that much for me. As bad as this experience would be, it seemed I would be allowed some dignity. Hoping they would listen, I watched helplessly as she propped my ass in the air with a couple of pillows.

"Oh, fuck. What the hell." Collapsing into her favourite beanbag chair, she told the guys "She's all yours. Take her however you want." Smiling directly at me, she finished "She'll get used to it."

Aware that there was nothing I could do, I simply f***ed myself to relax, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Unfortunately, while the guys wanted to get started as soon as possible, they had no intention of making it quick. Climbing onto the bed, the first guy grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.

"Suck it, honey," Vicky called from the sidelines, "Just like we practiced. Do a good job and the nice man will reward you with a surprise treat."

Closing my eyes, I began sucking while he fucked my mouth, making a tentative lick with my tongue every now and then. A minute or so later, another of the guys placed his spit- slickened cock against my anus and shoved. Unable to cry out, since my mouth was already crammed with nine-inches of manmeat, I settled for a few stray tears instead.

"Ooooohhh, fuck, yeaahhhh!" With a hearty groan the last guy exploded in my ass, filling me with yet another load of cum. He hadn't lasted as long as the first three ass-fuckers, but he certainly came the most. Lying there with a limp cock in my mouth, I felt like I was getting another enema.

"Look at her smile," Vicky giggled "She's really enjoying this."

"Yeah," agreed on of the guys, "You'd never know she's really just a sissy-fag- cumslut."

Well past the point of shame or disgust, I made no attempt to deny their accusations. Unfortunately, as soon as the final two cocks pulled out of my mouth and ass respectively, Vicky leapt up and asked "Did you like that, Marcie?"

Her back to the camera, she glared at me, making it clear that only one response would do. "Yes, thank you, hon."

Grinning, she clapped her hands in delight. "You're welcome, dear, but you're thanking the wrong person." Calling over the 8 guys, she had me thank each one in turn.

I did as I was told. "Thank you for popping my oral cherry and feeding me your cum. Thank you for taking my virginity and filling my ass with your cum. Thank you for allowing me to practice my cock-sucking and for giving me seconds on cum. Thank you for stretching my ass and lubricating it with your cum. Thank you for letting me suck the cum from your cock. Thank you for making my ass feel so good and sticky. Thank you for brushing my teeth with your dick and bathing my tonsils with your semen. Thank you for fucking me so hard and cumming so long."

"Very good, Marcie." Leaning down to whisper in my ear, she then stood back up and asked, "What do you want now, dear."

Shaking my head, I looked up at her and silently pleaded for mercy.

"What do you want now, dear?" She was still trying to sound pleasant, but her tone made it clear I could not disobey.

"More," I replied. "I want more. Please."

"Then go ahead and ask."

As I looked up at my 8 r****ts, a kind of transformation came over me. I had finally reached the breaking point. I had snapped. I had no dignity or sense of self-respect left. The man I had been was gone, and an empty shell of a submissive sissy was all that was left. Feeling neither shame nor disgust, I smiled and begged "Please, do me again. Fuck my sissy throat with you big, hard cocks, and fill my sissy ass with your hot, slimy cum."

If Vicky was shocked by the change in me, she gave no sign. Instead she just smiled and mouthed "I love you."

Smiling, I barely managed to return the sentiment before my mouth was crammed full of rapidly-swelling cock. Looking up at my oral-abuser, I winked and began sucking his cock, trying to duplicate the technique Vicky used on me. When one of his accomplices penetrated my wet, gaping ass with his cock, I barely even flinched.

As the last guy withdrew from my mouth, I followed him as far as the handcuffs would allow, wanting to catch every last drop of cum. I wasn't enjoying myself, not really, but I could sense that such feelings would come in time. Mark was dead and gone, and I was now a clean slate for my wife to use, abuse, and humiliate as she desired.

"Good girl, Marcie," she beamed. "I think the boys really enjoyed themselves this time around."

"Yeah, took the bitch a while to warm up, but she caught on quick."

"Fuck yeah. I haven't been sucked like that in years."

"Me neither."

"Who cares about that? I don't think I've ever fucked a hole that tight."

Much to my surprise, the praise of my r****ts touched something inside me - some part of the new me. Smiling, I was genuinely pleased that I had made them feel so good.

"Marcie, smile!"

Looking away from the guys, I saw Vicky standing at the foot of the bed. Switching on the TV, she grabbed the camera ran to the other end of the bed, where she zoomed in on my red, gaping, asshole. When she gasped in surprise, I arched my head back so I could see TV. I couldn't believe it. Even though it was propped up in the air, my ass was leaking cum. Not only that, but it was leaking badly.

"Fuck, there's gotta be a gallon of cum in there."

"At least."

Strangely drawn to this perverse image, I had to agree with the guys. I felt fuller than I had during my enema, but it didn't hurt. Instead, I had a kind of tingly feeling in my ass, that I suspected would turn to outright orgasmic pleasure with enough practice.

"Okay, guys, time for the sissy-cumslut's final treat." Grabbing a beer mug from the dresser, she held it beneath my ass while the guys helped me to sit up as far as the handcuffs would allow. With a sudden rush, the cum drained from my ass, filling the mug almost to the top. Careful not to spill any, Vicky then pulled out the last tampon of this period and used it to stir the mixture.

"Mmm, look," she cooed, "Who needs a 'bl**dy mary' when they can have a 'bl**dy fairy' for lunch."

"Not me," I grinned.

"Do you want some, hon?"

"Yes, please!"

"Are you sure? I thought you didn't like cum."

"I do, I do," I protested frantically. For some reason, I had to taste this intoxicating brew. Knowing full well it would put the final nail in Mark's coffin, I begged "Please, Vicky, fucking makes me so thirsty."

"Thirsty for cum?"

"Yes, fuck yes!"

"What about bl**d? I thought you hated my bl**dy tampons more than cum."

"No, no, I love them. I love anything that comes from your body." Meaning every word, I told her "You are my teacher, my guide, and my lover. My only fear is I won't be worthy of your bl**d."

Smiling, Vicky tipped the glass and began pouring cum into my eager mouth. "Don't worry," she told me, "You're proven yourself more than worthy."

"Christ, look at him drink that shit," one of the guys choked.

"Holy shit. He's really loving it."

Amazed, another added "How the hell could any man lower himself to that level. I mean, he's a bigger cum-guzzler than the worst whore downtown."

"Fuck yeah. He'd put those bitches to shame."

For one, the guys were making honest observations, rather than playing to the camera. What's more, they were right. As I drained the last of the cum from the glass, I licked my lips and thanked Vicky for all she had done. Licking the stray streams of cum from my cheeks, she smiled and removed the handcuffs. Then, holding hands and giggling like a pair of schoolgirls, we looked up at the guys and asked "More?"

79% (17/5)
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9 months ago
Great story, i would love to see what else you have on your profile.
10 months ago
wow this started out kinda hot but went down hill fast that cheating whore of a wife needed to be kicked to the curb and I do mean kicked.
10 months ago
Wow what a story !!! I might volunteer to do some of those things for a special lady!
10 months ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing.