"What's the matter, lover boy?" Tanya asked with an amused expression on
her pretty face. "You're the one who wanted to be locked up in that
tight little chastity tube, Billy. I mean, sure, you thought it would
just be for an hour or so, and that I would let you out so we could have
wild sex. But I did warn you that I can be very mean, didn't I? When
we started two weeks ago?" She laughed breathily, a soft and sinister
sound. "So now you're stuck. I've got the key and you're not getting
out any time soon. I like you this way. I also like those yellow
panties I made you put on. With your boy parts squeezed so tight in
that device, it almost looks like you only have a nice girly mound down
there. And that sweet belly shirt, with those bright horizontal rainbow
stripes, is so cute on you. Your pretty outfit really shows off what a
good job you're doing of keeping yourself free of any nasty old body

She sat there on the edge of the bed, fully dressed in some of her
sexiest clothes, watching him drool over her, knowing that he could do
nothing about it, relishing how well tamed he was becoming since she had
put him into chastity. "Now," she went on, "I'm having some of my
girlfriends over later and you'll be serving us drinks and snacks. I
need to see if you've been practicing your swishy walk and body language
like I said you should. Let's go. Mince around the room for me a few
times." He cringed at the thought of having to display himself that way
and, worse, having those other girls see it when they arrived. But what
choice did he have? Tanya had gotten him into chastity and now he was
trapped. If he ever wanted to escape, he had to cooperate completely.
Billy took a few tentative steps, remembering to sway his hips as he put
one foot directly in front of the other. He kept his upper arms at his
sides but angled his lower arms out, keeping his wrists limp.

Tanya chuckled at the ridiculous sight he made. His trim bottom rolled
nicely in those snug panties. She had parted his collar-length hair in
the middle and pulled it into two short ponytails at the sides of his
head, then fixed them there with pretty bows. After Billy had made
three humiliating circuits of the room she stopped him. "Now step into
those flashy shoes over in the corner and do it again. Don't worry,
those are platform heels, so you won't fall over. Probably." He did as
told, wishing there were some way to convince her to free him. Instead,
his discomfort and anxiety only made her want to keep him locked for
longer. He still owed her another ten days before she was due to
liberate his manhood.

"Very attractive," she praised him after a half dozen trips around the
room in the shoes. "You can just keep those on while you clean my
entire apartment. I love the way those heels shape your legs. They do
wonders for those smooth calves." Billy started beating himself up
mentally again. How could he have let himself be locked up this way?
And as smart as he was, why couldn't he convince her to set his penis
loose? He shook his head as he picked up a dust rag in one hand and a
pump bottle of some cleaning fluid in the other to begin his chores. He
dreaded having to spend the next two hours acting like a maid,
especially cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. He took one more
longing glimpse at the seductive young woman before he began his work.
She made a show of sitting herself down, picking up a magazine, and
flipping the pages, confident that he would finish all the work on time.
Tanya would get ready when she was ready to get ready.


Danny was cowering in the woods, totally naked except for glitzy sandals
and a silly beret. Whatever it was that Maria had slipped him at the
party last night, after she thought he was coming on to her best gal
pal, had made changes in his body. Not only was all of his hair gone
below the eyebrows, but his skin was extra smooth and on his chest were
the beginnings of two soft protuberances. Worst of all, his long proud
cock was tightly imprisoned in a chastity tube, made of steel, that was
securely locked. He whimpered as Maria, fully clothed and smiling
smugly, appeared, assuring him, "You don't have to worry about if you
should attempt to get to your car. It's all locked up. If you want to
try to get the key from me, I can give you another demonstration of my
marital arts skills." He sank down, trying to hide his shameful
nakedness behind a low bush. As he looked up at the buxom, dark-haired
girl, he said in a small voice, wondering why he sounded so...
feminine... "No, I don't want you to show me again. Last night, after I
got fresh with Tina... I mean after you thought I did... that was

"What can I say, Danette? Everybody who saw you thought that's what you
were doing. I know you say it was her fault, but how could that be? Do
you think I put her up to something? That I was looking for an excuse
to do this to you?" When he was too intimidated to answer, she just
chuckled and went on, "Besides, I really LIKE having you in chastity. I
know it's been less than 24 hours, but a horny pig like you is probably
feeling the effects of being around girls and not getting off by now.
Am I right?" He lowered his eyes and whispered, "Yes, Maria." "Ah,"
she said with satisfaction, "that's the tone I want to hear. All the
time. If you expect to get out of that chastity anytime soon." She
thought for a moment and then, as if the idea had just hit her, told
him, "You know what would be the perfect way to cool off your fevered
libido? You could take a nice swim in the lake over there." "L... like
THIS?" "Of course not like that. I would hold your hat and sandals for

He looked like he was going to cry. "But there are campers on the other
side of the lake. They might s... see me." "Would that be so bad? You
might find someone ELSE to hit on." "B... but I don't want some other
girl." "No? Well, if you look again, you'll see that everyone over
there is guys." He gasped and instinctively covered his bare chest with
his hands. He was very conscious of the way he was changing there.
Maria said, "Let's just think about last night for a minute. If I did
what you seem to think I did, that would make me a very nasty and
manipulative woman. The kind who would get a kick out of keeping you in
chastity. For a long, long time. So it might be in your best interests
to appease me right now, before I make any major decisions regarding
you, and get in the water and start paddling around. Or if you'd rather
just wait and see what I come up with if you DON'T do what I say..."
She left the choice hanging in the air. Danny gingerly took the hat off
and handed it to her. He slipped his feet out of the showy sandals and
gave them to Maria as well. Now he felt even more vulnerable, his
smooth pink body on display and his cock trapped that way. She glanced
up at the bright sun with concern and then insisted on putting some UV
blocker on his lips and cheeks, assuring him that it was waterproof.

She patted his bare bottom and said, "Get swimming, Danette, or I
can..." "I'll go," he said in that unfamiliar voice. Even though it
was a warm day he shivered as he scooted from one bit of cover to
another, trying to hide himself for as long as he could. Then he
scampered to the edge of the water and rushed in, eager to conceal
himself. When he was in up to his neck he took a few strokes away from
shore, wondering what it would take to satisfy Maria. He looked back at
her and was horrified to see Tina and several other girls from the
previous evening's party had arrived. They were moving down to the
sandy border of the lake, pointing at him and aiming their cell phones
in his direction, taking pictures. He blushed and ducked underwater,
kicking away from them. When he surfaced he saw that his presence had
attracted other attention. There were several tall hunky guys in skimpy
bathing suits stepping into the water, nodding toward him and saying
something to each other. One of them, a real muscleman, slid into the
water and swam toward him with long powerful strokes. Before Danny
could react he was alongside, smiling and saying, "Well hello there.
You are one cute piece of fluff."

"I... I'm not... cute." WHY couldn't get speak in his normal voice?
The guy said, "Oh, I think somebody's in denial. Or just playing hard
to get." He laughed happily and reached out to stroke Danny's bare
shoulder before asking him, "Why don't you come over to our side... of
the lake?" Confused and scared of what the girls might do to him, he
unhappily began to move toward where the group of males was waiting. He
reached shallow water but didn't want to go further. The fellow who had
swum out to him said, "Let Josh help you," before he scooped him up in
his powerful arms and lifted him completely out of the water. Danny
squealed, not wanting to be shown off to all those young men, who he saw
were eyeing him with lust. Oh no! Josh was carrying him into the midst
of a crowd of horny gay men. Danny kicked his feet ineffectually and
tugged at his captor's strong arms with wasted effort. He tried not to
cry as he was set down and the good-looking guys crowded in on him.
Their main point of interest was his groin, and the snug-fitting
chastity tube. Several pointed and giggled as he cringed, wishing he
could somehow hide his smooth hairless form.

"Don't be so shy, dear," one of the onlookers advised, sounding a lot
less butch that Josh. "We can all see that you want attention." "I..."
Danny didn't understand. He managed to say in a strained whisper, "What
do you mean?" "Oh, Mary, don't tell me you put that face-paint on by
accident." "Face... what?" Josh took him by his upper arm, marched him
forward, and stood him alongside someone's SUV, then gripped the back of
his neck and f***ed his head down so that he was staring into the side
mirror. Oh no! That 'sunblock' Maria had applied was colored and
looked like lipstick and blush. How could he ever convince these guys
that he was straight? Danny stammered out what he hoped was a coherent
story, but when he claimed that he had let a girl put him into chastity,
the butch guys guffawed and the fem ones tittered. This was starting to
look hopeless. Josh let his hand slide down to cup one of Danny's
bottom cheeks. The hapless nude male lurched forward, right into
another gay predator, who threw his long arms around him and pretended
to hump him.

That was when Danny saw two carloads of girls pull up nearby. They
tumbled out of the vehicles, led by Maria. She smiled at Josh and said,
"I see you're taking care of my cousin Danny. Or as he likes to be
called, Danette." Josh grinned and said, "So he DOES like playing at
being a girl." "Well," Maria improvised, "he's kind of half in and half
out of the closet. Can't get in touch with his true personality. We
could leave him here and you studs could help him be his real self. Or
we could take him with us, back to my place, and give him some time to
think about it... while he acts as our serving girl." She gave Danny a
penetrating look and said, "It's your choice, sweetheart. Do you want
to stay with the guys and maybe lose your virginity, or go back with us
and play slave games, maybe get your tempting fanny swatted." Danny
didn't like either choice but the thought of staying with these eager
males horrified him. He f***ed himself to tell her, in a strained
feminine voice, "I want to go back to your place and... be a servant to
all these girls."

The guys booed as several sets of female hands seized him and pushed him
into the back seat of the second car. One girl got on either side of
him and they freely pinched his nipples and pretended to rub his
incapacitated manhood through the tube. He couldn't achieve tumescence
and sat there whimpering, begging them in his girly tones to leave him
alone. All too soon he was at Maria's apartment. But the car didn't
stop. They went halfway up the street and one of them told him, "Let's
see you scoot back to Maria's, all naked and attractive like you are.
Nobody'll see you. Maybe." They shoved him out the door and, shielded
by the auto, he dashed into a clump of bushes and crouched down. A
branch jabbed him between his bottom cheeks. The only people on the
street were college-aged, male and female. If he waited much longer one
of them would spy him and probably spread the word. He had to make a
break for it. In desperation he raced toward the next patch of cover.
He heard a wolf whistle but couldn't be sure if it came from a guy or
gal. The car backed up slowly to keep pace with him, the girls in it
hooting and hollering. He sprinted from cover to cover and finally
reached Maria's front door, but it was locked. A pair of jocks across
the street gaped at him and started in his direction. Just as they were
getting close the door behind him opened and he was yanked inside.

"So pretty," Maria enthused as he stood there blushing all over. "Now
lets get you into some clothes so you can start waiting on us." His
'clothes' turned out to be a lace handkerchief, which they used string
to turn into an improvised apron that covered almost nothing. Then
someone perched a doily atop his head and pinned it there. Finally,
another girl put a pair of high heels in front of him and told him to
get his feet into them. They were tight and he had trouble taking
steps, but he wasn't permitted to remove them. Instead, he had to
totter around like that while they made jokes at his expense. At last
someone gave him a job to do, fetching sodas for them while they lounged
around. He had to get one can at a time, so he was constantly racing
back and forth while they jeered. One of them found a wooden kitchen
spoon and made him stop so she could administer a dozen hard smacks to
his uncovered butt. He yelped and blubbered while they mocked his lack
of machismo. The soft mounds on his chest jiggled.

Maria was wildly amused by all of his suffering and shame. She said,
"Now I think it's time for you to entertain us. Somebody put on some
music, something with a strong beat, and Danette can show us what a good
dancer she is. You ARE a good dancer, aren't you, Danette? If not, you
can be our bedroom slave." "N... no," he piped. "I'll dance for you.
And do whatever else you want. Just don't make me go with all these
girls into the... bedroom." Maria laughed. "Of course we won't do
that, Danette. None of us wants to use you as a sex slave," she lied.
"Now let's get you dancing."


Chuck's wife, Rosanne, sat in his recliner while he stood in front of
her, shamefaced. She said bluntly, "I was really surprised to see all
that stuff in your porn stash on our computer. I was especially shocked
by the chastity pictures and stories. Is that really what you fantasize
about, dear?" He turned down his eyes and mumbled, "Yes, dear. I'm
sorry. It's just..." "I didn't ask you for an apology, Chuck. In
fact, I was kind of turned on by that stuff. Especially by the fiction
on that site, Storyphila, the ones where the wives feminize their
husbands. You like those too, don't you?" His cheeks flushed as he
admitted that he did. "Well, I can see an opportunity for us to start
over as a couple and reignite what has become, frankly, a pretty dull
sex life." She let her words sink in and gave him a moment. He didn't
want to say the wrong thing but couldn't stop himself from asking, "So,
are you saying that you want to... try some of that?" "I'm saying that
I found the chastity device you ordered on line and I want you to go get
it -- RIGHT NOW."

Filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, he rushed to his dresser
and dug around in the back of the bottom drawer until he found the
simple yet very effective item. He brought it uncertainly to his wife,
who held it in the palm of her hand. He gazed at her lovingly. And
hungrily. Rosanne was a tall blond with a stunningly full figure. She
smiled at him and said seductively, "Get undressed, loverboy. Let the
games begin." Feeling slightly more relaxed, he began to strip out of
his clothes. Soon he was before her in the nude. She smirked at him
and the way he was getting partly erect. "Why don't you go to the
fridge and get an icepack? Hold it against your naughty dick on your
way back." She really had been checking out those pictures and stories.
He wondered if she had spent much time on his favorite blog, the one
called something like 'Admissions of a Devoted Chastity Enthusiast' or
whatever it was. When he returned with the blue plastic box of frozen
liquid held dutifully against his member, which shriveled up from the
low temperature, his wife was pleased. She summoned him near with a
gesture, still in the chair, and indicated that he should remove the ice

As soon as it was out of the way she deftly slipped the chastity cage
over his cock and closed it behind his balls. Then she held up the key
and said, "Do you want me to lock you in, darling?" He took a deep
breath, unable to believe that his cherished dream was about to become
reality, and said, "Yes, Rosanne. Please use that key." "But you
understand that I might decide to keep you in there for longer than you
want?" He bit his lips for a second before assuring her, "I know.
Whatever you say, that's what we'll do. For as long as you say." She
told him, "Oh, you poor boy. I'm liking this already and the thought of
keeping you trapped in that tube is getting me so excited. That and how
I'm going to dress you. But I gave you a choice." She put the key in
and turned it, then took it and attached it to a thin gold chain she
wore around her neck. "Now you're going to have to live with that
choice." His throat was suddenly dry and he could only nod.

Rosanne stood and gave him a warm kiss. His crotch tingled and his
penis tried to erect, but was frustrated by the tight cage. She cupped
his balls in her soft hand and lightly massaged them. He groaned as his
organ tried harder to grow large. His wife rubbed her heavy breasts
against his bare chest and he panted with need. "This is even better
than I imagined," she said, maybe to him or perhaps just to herself.
Then, coming out of her brief reverie, she announced, "Time to go to the
bedroom and get you prettied up." Feeling dizzy with happiness, Chuck
followed his gorgeous wife, admiring how her broad bottom rolled in the
tight slacks she was wearing. He automatically thought of sex but then
just as quickly understood that he wasn't going to be granted that
reward. No, his wife now shared his passion for chastity. It was a
dream come true for him. But how far would she take it?

In the bedroom she produced several plastic bags from the bottom of her
closet and began to fuss with their contents without revealing what they
held. All at once she brought out a pair of silk panties and a satiny
corset. His mouth dropped open. He had saved a series of photos in
which a man was put into chastity and then dressed in those same pieces
of clothing. His wife held them out to him and he accepted them
wordlessly. While she watched, he began to dress. Chuck had almost no
body hair to begin with and had been secretly trimming what little grew
on his crotch, so that now he possessed only a modest patch there. She
nodded approvingly as he stepped into the panties and slid them up his
legs, feeling their seductive softness. Then he began to try to put on
the corset. Rosanne chuckled and stepped in to help him. She lightly
stroked his bare arms before she began to lace it up. When she was
halfway done she kissed the back of his neck. In the end she tugged the
cords as tight as she could, compressing his waist just as the tube
compressed his shaft. He felt utterly under her affectionate control.

She told him to go into the closet and get what else was in the back.
It was impossible to bend at the waist so he had to sink into a deep
squat, aware of how he must look with his panty clad butt on display.
What he found was a pair of woman's shoes with three inch spike heels.
He stood and reverently held them to his chest as he turned to face his
wife. She simply said, "Put them on... Cherry." He took a shuddering
breath. Not only had she put him into chastity and dressed him, but she
had even given him a female name. He cooperatively put down the
footwear and stepped into it. He wife was pleased. She had him walk in
them and, when he had difficulty, told him not to be concerned because
she would make sure he got lots and lots of practice. Chuck nodded
mutely. She said, "Now, Cherry, there's one more thing to take care of.
Let's make sure you understand how our love life is going to work from
now on. I'll give you a hint. For me there'll be as many orgasms as I
want. For you, practically none, if any. And with your dick under lock
and key, how are you going to please my pussy?"

He said hesitantly, "I'm going to... use my mouth?" "Good girl. I know
you've never done that for me, but with a bit of instruction I'm sure
you'll excel. In fact, I will MAKE you the best you can be." She sank
back onto the mattress and sighed languidly. "Now be a good chaste
spouse and undress me. I'm sure it'll be kind of tricky with me lying
down but, hey, from now on making things easy for you will NOT be a
concern. Quite the opposite. Now start with my shoes and don't hurry.
Then you can wriggled these tight slacks off me and unbutton my blouse
and work it off. I hope doing all that will get you aroused. I plan to
keep you worked up all the time, Cherry. Won't that be fun... for me?"
Sounding suddenly feminine he told her, "Yes, Ma'am." The form of
address seemed inevitable. She liked it and told him to use it all the
time when he was dressed. Soon he was performing the unfamiliar but
strangely thrilling task, tasting her femaleness, feeling the panties
and corset against his skin, hampered slightly by the tightness of the
latter. But that small inconvenience was forgotten in the wild
excitement of being treated the way he had always longed to be. His
ravishing wife was dominating him and had suggested that she would be
keeping him chaste for quite some time.

After he had thoroughly satisfied her and basked in her compliments, she
said, "You know, not only do you have a natural gift for using your
mouth on me, but I'm sure keeping you heated up with no release will
only make you work harder at it. So let's say we set your first period
of chastity at... a minimum of... two weeks." He nearly swooned at the
welcome news. Two weeks of being her willing sex slave, of being
involuntarily chaste, and of being put into girly fashions, was like a
trip to paradise for him. "However," she went on, "any behavior that I
deem to be wrong... or that just irritates me for no particular
reason... will get you extra days in chastity. In fact, that blank look
on your face just cost you two added days. My whims could result in a
lot of time added to your sentence, Cherry my dear." He didn't mind.
In fact, his imprisoned cock told him that he loved it, as the trapped
organ strained against its unbreakable confines.

Rosanne said, "Now get into the missionary position, Cherry. Let's play
pretend." As he moved she explained, "We'll pretend that you're not in
chastity and I'm yearning to have you inside me." He was between her
legs, propped up on his arms, their crotches touching. She reached up
and began to toy with his sensitive nipples. He gasped as ripples of
stimulation travelled through his body, making his penis twice as
anxious to rise to its full height. Instead, it remained compressed,
his balls drawn up tight inside the panties, the corset squeezing his
middle without mercy. Rosanne said passionately, "Ohhh, baby, I need
you so bad. Put that big thing into me. Shove it in and ride me hard.
Do it. NOW!" But all Chuck could accomplish was to stay where he was,
pressed against her below the waist, as she returned to teasing him with
her talented fingers, making him writhe with unmet need, as she became
more and more stimulated by his desperation and her control.

At last she stopped teasing him. She had her husband lie alongside her
and put her hand over his. "That was wonderful," she said. "I am going
to keep you locked for a long time, Cherry. You are going to model all
sorts of sexy outfits for me and then use your mouth as if you were my
lesbian lover. Poor baby. You wanted chastity and now you're getting
it, plenty of it, until you overload and even after that. How do you
feel about that?" Speaking softly, he told her, "It's what I want. If
you feel like you're going too far, I hope you won't go back on what you
just said. Being your... feminine lover... in chastity... is precisely
what I've always wanted. I'm only sorry I didn't tell you before you
found out." "That's right," she said impishly. "You kept your secrets
from me. Bad girl. Just for that I'm adding two more weeks to your
sentence." She squeezed his fingers and he returned the gesture.
"Thank you," Chuck said with deep feeling. "You're welcome," his wife
responded. "I love you, baby." "And I love you more than ever."


I felt completely helpless. First of all, my penis was inside a
chastity tube that was lined with short points. I couldn't get hard but
if my body tried to, it would hurt a lot, but without breaking the skin.
Over that I was wearing a pair of tight rubber panties that mashed my
balls against my crotch. Any time I moved it cost me pain. There were
also rubber stockings, which were attached to the leg holes of the
panties with sturdy garters made of... naturally... rubber. On my feet
were rubber boots that made a double layer where they overlapped the
stockings. My wife Anya looked at me with satisfaction. I tried not to
appear as frightened as I felt. Hoping for leniency, I said, "Maybe you
could just leave me like this." She shook her pretty head and
responded, "But Burt, you know you don't want anyone to see you dressed.
And I am expecting company."

I shivered and said quietly, "Yes, dear." She seemed to be waiting for
more so I cautiously added, "Thank you, dear." She told me, "That's
better. Now let's get you into this lovely new rubber corset." My
bride made me put my hands over my head and lowered the pre-laced
garment over me until it was where she wanted it. Then she made me hold
it in place while she began tightening the laces. Anya works out and is
fairly strong, so she was able to make the corset tighter... and
tighter... and tighter. It compressed my waist until I was ready to
start weeping. Then she tied it off securely. Next came gloves that
reached all the way to my armpits. She had to sprinkle powder into them
to make them go on. And they were also made of you-know-what. The
material was tight enough that I could barely bend my fingers. Now,
even if she left me alone, I wouldn't be able to reach around and untie
the corset. And she wasn't done. There was also a rubber bra that had
small cups filled with foam. It fit snugly and gave the illusion that I
had breasts. I blushed a little to look down and see my swollen chest.

"I'll add the finishing touches before my guest arrives," she said,
sounding reasonable even though the situation was anything but. I
acquiesced silently. She led me out of the bedroom and into the
kitchen. My poor testicles were crushed against each other with every
step. She opened the fridge and eyed its contents critically, checking
my earlier purchases off verbally. "Beer. The right brand. And two
six packs should be enough for now. I assume there's more in the
garage." "Yes, love." "And wine. White and red." She closed the door
and went to the counter where bottles were lined up. "Whiskey, vodka
and rum. All brand names. None of that cheap stuff. Good. And mixers
to go along with them. I assume there are lemons and limes in the
produce drawer of the fridge?" I nodded. "Okay. And you have a good
record for buying snacks so I won't check those." She returned her
attention to the counter. "Where's the corkscrew?"

I swallowed drily. "I... um... forgot to put it out." "Well, well,
well. Would you prefer twenty hard ones with that sorority paddle I
bought at the collectibles shop, or an added week with your chastity
on?" I shrank up inside. She loved to give me two unwanted choices and
then watch me squirm while I agonized over which one to take. She
wasn't disappointed. I'm always eager to get out of chastity and maybe
even be allowed to cum. But I also can't stand her paddle spankings and
am always anxious to avoid them. So both options were terrible. She
said, sounding like she wanted to be helpful, "It's okay. You can think
about it and let me know when I ask again." What she really meant was
that I could wriggle like a worm on a hook while I suffered over which
alternative to choose. Then she had me get the corkscrew... out of the
bottom drawer. In my restrictive outfit that was no easy task.

As I started to obsess over my decision, she began telling me what
chores she wanted done in the next two hours. Most of them were simple,
or would have been if I wasn't dressed in rubber. With my hands
hampered, and bending over made very uncomfortable by that corset, easy
jobs became difficult. I got busy, still agonizing over what my choice
would be. I began sweating from being mostly enclosed in rubber. She
left me to my tasks, busying herself for that visitor. My final job was
to scrub the bathroom floor. She always made me use a small plastic
bucket intended for a c***d to play with on the beach, and a tiny brush
that was meant for cleaning under the ends of fingernails. The work
became arduous and I was sweltering in the tight, barely flexible
rubber. When I finally got the entire floor clean she had finished
primping (and probably had time to relax as well) and returned to let me
see how she looked.

Anya was stunningly sexy in a short, electric blue dress that hugged her
generous curves, as well as showing off her deep cleavage. She had on
high black heels and she had worked some kind of female magic on her
hair, giving it a look that was high fashion and seductive at the same
time. She gazed down at me with a satisfied smile and said, "Now let's
finish getting YOU ready." I cringed but got up obediently and put away
my cleaning supplies. She led me back to the bedroom, her backside
nicely displayed in that dress, which made me aware all over again about
the disabled state of my cock. When we got there she had a rubber full-
head mask sitting on a mannequin head on her dresser. It was a new one
and I stared at it with uneasy interest, wondering what diabolical
'extras' it might offer. She made me stand there while she went to work
on my eyes, using mascara to thicken my lashes, blue shadow to darken my
upper lids, and lots of liquid liner to exaggerate the total effect.

Then she put the hood on me and zipped it up in the back, making it
cling to my features. She let me see myself in the mirror and I was
struck by how the cut-outs around my eyes created twin frames that
emphasized that portion of my face, as did high-arched eyebrows printed
on the rubber. There was also an opening around my mouth, so I was
surprised that she didn't apply lipstick. The mask extended downward
over my neck. As I had feared, there was an 'extra', which was metal
bands that formed an invisible collar and f***ed me to hold my chin
unnaturally high. My wife considered attaching a wig to the hood but
decided she liked me better the way I was, appearing somewhat bizarre.
She was quite satisfied with the job she had done and was running her
hands possessively over my rubber-sheathed form when the we heard the
front door open. She told me, "Go and greet my guest... Dolly." I did
feel something like a rubber doll, except that I still had the power of

When I got to the living room my worst fear was realized. As I had
suspected, her guest was her lover, Brick. He had picked up that name
as a football lineman in college, because he was as immovable as a brick
wall. That was easy to believe, considering that he was well over six
feet tall, broadly built, beefy and strong. I went up to him, hating
the way I looked, while he smirked at me. It was bad enough to be his
physical inferior and to have him making me a cuckold, but to have to
face him looking like that was emotionally devastating. He sneered at
me and said, in his familiar gruff voice, "I guess Anya wants me to use
this now." He reached into the pocket of his leather coat and pulled
out an odd device. With his free hand he gripped my lower face and
squeezed, forcing my mouth wide so he could shoved it between my teeth.
Brick twisted something and the metal contraption expanded. It was a
pear gag and there was no way I could remove it from my mouth with those
gloves on. As my bride came up alongside him he reached into his other
pocket and took out... an oversized pair of plastic lips? Not bothering
to be gentle, he fitted them to the protruding end of the gag and made
an adjustment, so that they were fixed there, pressed tight against my

Anya laughed and when I dared to turn enough to view myself in the
entryway mirror, I learned that they completely covered the lower cut-
out on my mask. Now my face really had the look of a doll's -- a sex
doll's -- with my overdone eyes and those huge, red shiny lips. Brick
demanded a cold beer and I hurried off to get one. When I returned they
were in each other's arms, kissing ardently. My heart nearly stopped at
the sight, even though I had seen that, and much worse, many times
before. As distressing as it was, it also pushed my buttons sexually.
In its confinement my cock stirred and tried again to grow erect. That
hurt and I moaned, which is when I learned that the center of those fake
lips was open so that, while I couldn't speak, I could make sounds.
Brick said, "What's the matter, Dolly? Are you afraid I didn't kiss
your wife long enough? Or hard enough? She DOES like it long and
hard." He guffawed at his crude joke and I made another sad noise,
which inspired my wife to say, "I like him this way, so he can't bother
us with words, but we can still hear how miserable we're making him."

Imagine how totally emasculated I felt as they began steamy foreplay,
their hands wandering freely over each other's bodies. I whimpered,
mewled and groaned, unable to keep myself from vocalizing. The two of
them were turned on by my audible suffering and ground their pelvises
together, then started undressing each other. Pain stabbed my balls.
It had been so long since I was allowed to cum. Brick leered at me over
my wife's bare shoulder and said, "I don't know which one of you looks
hotter." She bit him playfully on the neck and massaged his crotch. He
gave her a lingering kiss, wet and slurping. Inside my feminine rubber
second-skin, I shivered, even thought I was broiling. They were almost
naked and he picked her up in his powerful arms, effortlessly carried
her to the bedroom, and laid her on her back in the center of the bed.
Brick looked at me and said, "Hey, weakling, take off your wife's
shoes." I meekly got onto my knees at the foot of the bed, the corset
cutting into my middle, my balls throbbing with fresh pain, and
struggled to remove her heels with my glove-restricted fingers. When I
finally accomplished the task I stayed there, hugging the shoes to my
false breasts, making more pathetic sounds, while he mounted her and
they had a protracted session of hard screwing, my wife squirming
happily beneath him while he hammered away.

She couldn't stop telling him how good he was and what a poor excuse for
a man I was. "Dolly is never going to feel the inside of my pussy with
her dick again. My husband was always a dud in bed. No spirit or
imagination, and he always finished too soon." "Yeah," Brick told her,
not even winded by his exertions, "but you've turned him into an expert
pussy eater. And that's what he'll be doing after I shoot my load into
you. My thick, hot, salty spunk." Those words drove her over the edge.
She was so excited by the thought of that added disgrace being inflicted
on me that she had a quaking orgasm. With his usual effortless control,
Brick waited until she was halfway through it before he let himself
spurt. Knowing he was finishing gave her an extra jolt of excitement
and she began a second climax before the first was over. They rose to
heights she could never have dreamed of with me and I couldn't help
feeling inadequate. They slowly came down and lay there, him on top,
supporting himself with his muscular arms, his biceps bulging. I sighed
in defeat. They sighed with contentment.

Eventually he rolled off her and they lay side-by-side, still
intoxicated from such great sex. At last he got up and grabbed me by
the back of the neck, saying, "Come on, sissy Dolly. Time to clean up
that big sticky mess I left inside your wife." He pulled out the fake
lips, released the lock on the gag, and tugged it from my gaping mouth.
I gasped. He propelled me onto the bed and toward my bride's waiting,
well used womanhood. I came to a halt immediately in front of it, took
a breath, and pressed my mouth against her labia, tasting his potent
sperm and immediately beginning to lap up and swallow it, sickened but
too cowed to object. He got back onto the bed and gave her a deep kiss,
his hand cupping the front of her full breast. She purred happily and
her hips twitched. Despite the double climax he had given her, she was
responding eagerly to my efforts. My wife had learned to be greedy and
selfish, to demand added pleasure from my submissive service. While I
lapped and swallowed, with Brick running his tongue over hers, she
mounted toward one more finale. It took a while but when it came her
hips bucked against my lower face while I continued pleasing her, making
sure she received the maximum fulfillment. At last she was done and I
gently licked her through a long afterglow. Then Brick crammed the gag
back into place and reattached those awful lips.

How long will my wife -- and her lover -- keep me in chastity. I think
this is going to be a permanent state for me. She loves to tantalize
me, toying with my tender nipples and blowing in my ears, driving me to
distraction with the always unfulfilled hope of relief. There have been
occasional releases from chastity in the past. Sometimes they include
her stroking me with her hand but I believe I won't be even that lucky
from now on. The last two times she only allowed me to stroke myself,
making me do it in slow motion so that, in both instances, I was able to
cum but they were spoiled orgasms, relieving the worst of the pressure
without providing full enjoyment. I remain frustrated. In fact, more
and more I find my thoughts about sex transitioning from the desire to
penetrate my wife, to the urge to taste her, to give her orgasms with my
mouth. Even thinking about how they mistreat and control me is
beginning to arouse me. I'm afraid that another few months of this
lifestyle will change me into what they've probably wanted all along, a
bed slave who is totally submissive and even craves being used. But I
imagine that even that won't be enough. I believe that they will just
keep driving me to new depths of surrender and degradation, feminizing
me and altering my behavior, until my self-image as a man is as
completely ruined as the sex life that I once knew.


I was standing there in the hallway, naked, when my girlfriend Tess came
up to me, fully clothed, and pressed herself against me, pinning me to
the wall. My mouth opened and closed but no words came. Her body
undulated and she said, "What's the matter, Bobby? Is something the
matter?" I took a deep breath and managed to say, "You know what's...
affecting me." She chuckled throatily and said, "I sure do. After all,
it was me who got you to accept being in that heavy-duty chastity tube.
And it was me who got you wearing panties. Speaking of which, where are
those sweet apricot-colored panties I selected for you this morning? I
was even nice enough to spray them with some cheap, obvious perfume I
bought for you... at the dollar store."

When I at last found my voice I told her, "I was just going into the
bedroom to put them on, dear. I had to get my shower." She sniffed me
and said, "You smell nice and clean but, really, I want to smell that
flowery junk I bought for you. And you owe me a dollar." Tess rolled
herself side-to-side to maximize the contact between us. I was
breathing hard because she had gotten me so stimulated, with very little
expectation of any release. My girlfriend might not be attractive to
some guys. She's kind of heavy. Well, actually, she's fat. Tess has a
pear-shaped figure with nice round boobs, very wide hips, a huge bottom,
and full thighs. To me she looks like a goddess. I like her short
blond hair and the wire-rim glasses she wears. While she was pressing
against me she had on sweats and running shoes, kind of ironic for
someone who abhors exercise.

Her plump hand went down and gripped the chastity device that had held
my penis prisoner for the last ten days. I moaned with need as she
twisted it playfully, not enough to hurt me. "Poor sweetie," she said
with fake sympathy. "Your balls must be getting awfully sore. Are
they?" I admitted that they had been bothering me. That I had woken up
in the middle of the night because of the discomfort. She looked me in
the eyes and said, "Then I had better not do THIS." Tess licked my
cheek like a cat. "Or THIS." She bent forward and lapped at my left
nipple and then the right one. I writhed from her love-play but did
nothing to try to stop her. When we had started dating seriously she
dropped the C bomb on me, the ultimatum that we could stay together...
if I agreed to be put into chastity. Tess is good at reading people and
read me like I was a huge billboard, unable to be missed. She plainly
saw how shy I was, how smitten by her, and deduced without even trying
that I would do anything she wanted.

Three days after the chastity went on she gave me my first pair of
panties. Which I also had to pay her back for. She was endlessly
amused by making me finance my own submission. As soon as I was in them
she began a long session of teasing, her hands all over my bare body,
driving me to ecstasy but without reaching the final heights. It got so
desperate that I blurted out that I was a virgin. She came to a
complete stop, I thought because she was taking pity and wanted to give
me a break. But it was the opposite. She told me, "I can't believe it.
You're my own little virgin. And I can keep you that way. For as long
as I please." Then she had resumed toying with my libido. That was
also the evening that she introduced me to having my mouth on her pussy.
I had almost no dating history and had never even thought about doing
that for a girl. But Tess insisted and, as I said, she knew that I had
no limits when it came to her. So, with her directing me, I was soon
adept at eating her to orgasms.

But now, as she kept me pinned to the wall, she said, "I've been
thinking. When you put that tube on yourself..." She loved reminding
me that I had done it voluntarily. "... when you did that, we talked
about making it for two weeks. Which would mean that you only have four
days left to go. Of course, when I let you out... if I let you out...
it would have to be entirely on my terms." I said weakly, "Of course,
Tess." I might not let you cum at all. Or maybe I'd just give you a
hand job. That way you'd still be a virgin. Right?" I nodded. "Or
maybe I'd make you play with yourself. While I sat around and ate
candy. Or popcorn. Like I was at the movies." She was so warm, her
body pressed to mine that way, so soft. "But how about if we went past
the two week mark? Hmmm? How about if I just keep teasing you, make
you stay in panties, naturally, and perhaps add to your sissy wardrobe.
We could go on a fun shopping trip and get you lots of pretty things to
wear. How about all that and as a reward..." She looked thoughtful.
"If you're really well behaved I would let you not only eat my pussy
but..." She paused and I was honestly so naïve that I thought she was
going to offer me full access to her body, but instead she concluded
with... "you could also use your mouth on my ass."

I made a disappointed sound but my penis was trying to get hard inside
its cage, I was so excited. Tess let her lips brush against mine. She
was so affectionate. My girlfriend said, "You know I love you, Bobby."
I said, utterly under her spell, "I know. I love you, too." "But
here's the thing. We need to be absolutely honest with each other. And
with ourselves. So I want you to think about it before you answer.
Bobby..." She waited portentously before finishing, "... how about if I
keep you in chastity indefinitely. Because maybe that's exactly what
you want." My mind froze. I hadn't considered that I might honestly
want to be kept chaste, to be denied sex while I provided her with all
the climaxes she desired, that I might even want to prolong my
virginity... indefinitely. But all at once I knew the truth. I did
want that. And I told her so.

Tess smiled and kissed me lightly on the forehead. She stepped back at
last and said, "Just for being so honest, I'm going to give you
something special to wear. Let's go to the bedroom." I followed her,
stunned by what I had just admitted to myself and to her. That's when I
got my next shock, when she handed me panties with a silly cottontail on
them. "Put them on, Bobby Bunny," she ordered. I stepped into the
foolish garment, thinking about how I had almost no body hair, and how
that probably added to my appeal to Tess. Next she gave me a white
vest, trimmed in pink faux fur, to add to the rabbit look. Then there
were slippers in the same fuzzy material and, to complete the costume,
bunny ears on a plastic headband. She stepped back and said, "You look
adorable. Now undress me and we can move ahead with your devotion to my
body and my pleasure. Just think, while you're sliding your tongue all
over my pussy lips, you'll get to have your hands on my hips, and maybe
sneak them down to my bottom. I bet that'll be a thrill for you. At
least I hope it will, Bobby Bunny, because from now on that's going to
be your sex life, my cute virgin."

I knew she was right, and that my devotion to her pretty face and zaftig
figure would only increase. I was hooked, in panties, in chastity,
willing to wear any sissy outfit she decided on, and ready to forego
entering full manhood by endlessly postponing the loss of my virginity.
All for Tess. My Queen. I said again, "I love you." After that my
mouth was otherwise occupied. She answered, "I love you too, pretty
Bunny." And then she was too busy gasping and purring to speak. And I
did get to touch her hips. And bottom. And even her well-padded
thighs. Life was good.

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