Our New Life

Our New Life
By C. G. Drought

I was halfway between sl**p and fully awake effort to breathe. It is
being done for me. I can hear a mechanical sound that coincides with
every breath I take in. A click starts it and then the whirring sound
of an electric motor running.

The first few times I awoke to this sound I went through a period of
confusion and it still affects me that way but to a lesser degree. I
know the sound is the motor operating the bellows of the Iron Lung I
am locked inside. The feel of the leather straps holding my arms and
legs tightly to the cot inside the steel chamber and the tight collar
surrounding my neck only reinf***e what I already know. I can also
feel the collar pull away from my chin when the bellows draws the air
out of the chamber and causes air to rush into my lungs. I finally
open my eyes and there is no surprise that all I can see is the
ceiling and the end of the steel chamber that holds my body with only
my head protruding through the collar that provides the airtight seal
so the lung can breathe for me.

I turn my head to the right and see Renee right beside me. She is
looking at me and I can tell by her expression that her Milking Pants
are functioning also. I watch a moment as the collar rises and falls
around her neck as the pressure in the chamber rises and falls.

As the Iron Lung allows air to flow from my lungs I can speak and I
say, "Good Morning my love".

As soon as the machine reaches another exhalation cycle she replies,
"Good Morning Teresa, I love you".

I try to reach out and touch her but the leather straps hold my arm
tight. We sl**p in an Iron Lung almost every night but it is still a
bit of a surprise every morning when I wake up and realize I am
locked in this steel prison. I don't understand why this is the one
thing I have so much trouble accepting because our bodies, or some
part of them, are always locked in some sort of prison, be it steel,
fiberglass, plastic, leather, heavy boned fabric or some combination
of the above. Our bodies are not our own any more. We belong to our
Mistresses to do with as they desires and their desires are bizarre
and varied. Their total possession and control of our bodies is never
more overwhelming than when we are being milked and that process is
proceeding at an increased pace now.

The suction is pulling my breasts and genitals into their chambers
more quickly now and with more f***e. It is no longer just a gentle
tug but a rapid and strong f***e that immediately slams and holds
them against the rigid walls as the electricity flows through in
strong and vibrating waves that cause my body to arch and lift off
the cot and only the heavy leather straps keep me firmly tied to the
cot inside the steel chamber.

The Iron Lung continues to f***e air into my lungs as the muscles in
my chest and groin tense uncontrollably. At first the cycles between
my breasts and cock and balls lengthened stimulating each for a
longer time before switching to the other and the strength of the
stimulation grew gradually stronger. But now they are both running
simultaneously at full strength, my whole body is locked in their
electricity's embrace. The vibrators on my cock and in the butt plug
are running full strength and my whole pelvis is locked in their
vibrating grip.

My eyes are locked on Renee and hers on mine. We are both about to
cum together but strapped to a cot in a steel chamber instead of in
each others arms as we so fervently desire. We are never allowed to
touch each other except when ordered to do so by our Mistresses.
When they do allow us to touch it is always for their convenience or
to heighten the terrible frustration we feel. They strap and lock us
together for long periods but it is always only to increase our
yearning for each other.

We have spent nights with our bodies strapped together and our cocks
in each others mouths but our Mistresses have done it in such a way
that neither of us receive any satisfaction and only crave each other
more. The first orgasm has built within to where I feel as if I am
about to explode. The seed deep within me feels gigantic as it begins
to f***e its way through my cock. It feels as if my cock is many feet
long as my seed is being dragged from me and the f***es behind it are
growing stronger and stronger. I have been on the very brink of
orgasm forever and there is nothing I can do to bring it to
completion as Mistress controls me through her machines.

I can only talk when the Iron Lung is pushing air into the chamber
holding my body and forcing air out of my lungs. On the next cycle I
murmur, "Renee, cum with me my darling."

I hear her whispering, "I am cuming with you my dearest Teresa. Only
with you lover."

My seed finally explodes from me and I shout, "Renee."

I hear her repeating my name over and over as her pants bring her to
a simultaneous orgasm. My Milking Pants suck my semen from me and
whisk it away through the tube connecting them to the vacuum pump
that powers Renee's and mine. In only a few minutes I feel the gentle
suction pulling my breasts into their domes as we start again from
the beginning. I wonder how many times they will f***e us to
ejaculate this morning.

This is only way we have been allowed to ejaculate in a little over
two years. It is the only way I can achieve an erection or ejaculate
due to the Estrogen I have been taking for those two years. Today is
to be my last milking. I go in for surgery this morning.

Everything or the last two years has been aimed at this surgery that
awaits me. After my surgery I will be able to make love to Renee the
way we have dreamed of for these last two years, if only our
Mistresses will allow it. That's right, two years. The last two years
has been the realization of dreams that have been a major f***e
in my life as long as I can remember.

sl**ping in an Iron Lung and being milked by our Mistresses are just
a small part of the life I now live. It is a life made up entirely of
feelings, both physical and emotional, that are the result of the
total control they exercises not only over our bodies but also of
everything we do every minute of every day. Renee has been a part of
my life from the very beginning of this two years and neither she nor
I know if it was an accident or was part of our Mistresses plans from
the beginning. It is an unusual arrangement but in many ways neither
of us have ever been happier and what more can any two people ask of
life than mutual happiness.

We are always encased in some sort of personal prison, a locked
chastity device of one type or other encloses our genitals at
all times. Except when we am entombed in our Iron Lungs or bathing
we always am encased in some combination of tight corsets and braces
or other ingenious device our Mistresses have designed and had
constructed to assure we am totally under their control. I should
also mention that we are always dressed as women and I have what I
feel are the most beautiful pair of 42DD breasts imaginable. Renee
is larger than I and her breasts are 44DDs and are magnificent.

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by anything that
enclosed or limited and controlled the human body, particularly my
body. I had always dreamed of what it would feel like to wear a suit
of armor, space suit, diving suit, leg or back braces, corsets,
girdles, bras, etc. I had even wished I would get Polio and have to
be put in an Iron Lung and then have to use leg braces. I used to
sneak into my mother's things and put on her girdles and bras. I
made leg braces from my Erector Set and I devoured any pictures I
could find of braces, armor and diving suits or pilot's pressure
suits and space suits.

I also discovered that I had pretty strong transvestite tendencies.
I loved to dress as a girl and the sight of breasts on my chest sent
shivers all up and down me. I didn't want to be a girl. I just wanted
to look like one and feel the weight of breasts on my chest and look
down and see them on me. Padding to swell out my hips and buttocks
sent similar chills all through me and of course a very pronounced
swelling of the cock that I massaged as I fondled the breasts I
longed so to be real.

I managed to hide these feelings fairly well and then in college I
injured my back in a fall while rock climbing and the doctor
prescribed a rigid back brace and then an orthopedic corset. My dream
had come true and I was never without a brace and corset again. I
didn't wear them all the time but my back was always "acting up
again" and I would wear the brace or corset for a while until I got a
little tired of the tightness and chaffing and would put them away
until the urge hit again.

I completed college with a degree in engineering and married the girl
I met in college. We were both engineers and soon both had good jobs
and were on the way to what most consider the good life. We decided
that we enjoyed the things a good salary could buy and that c***dren
were not a part of our future. We spent 30 years chasing the "good
life" and enjoyed the benefits that came with it but something was
missing for us. We played around with bondage quite a bit and I even
dressed in a corset and a bra a few times for our love making and it
seemed to be alright with her but it wasn't near the turn-on for her
as for me.

We joked about the fact that I was definitely the submissive but she
didn't seem to be interested in being the Dom. She never does
anything halfway and now I'm sure that was the problem. She would
have to be totally the Dom or not at all.

Everything changed about three years ago. I had a heart attack. I had
total cardiac arrest 8 times and they all thought I wouldn't make it
but I did survive and surprisingly was left with little heart damage
but was left with arrhythmia problems. The doctors tried all the
medications but eventually had to implant an Automatic Implanted
Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD) to assure my heart would continue it's
normal rhythm. It worked and still works great but the doctors
strongly recommended that I not return to work.

We discussed it and decided that not only would I retire but she
would also. We would have a house built on the 200 acres we had
purchased in the mountains a couple of hundred miles north of Los
Angeles and move up there. We had enough saved and invested that
neither of us would ever have to work again and we could start
working on what would make us truly happy. I thought I knew what I
wanted and I know now that she definitely knew what she wanted and
was just waiting for me to broach the subject.

A couple of days after we decided to retire and move I finally got up
the nerve to tell her what was on my mind. I started by telling her
how much I wanted to dress as a woman. She surprised me by replying
that she knew that and had only been waiting for me to tell her my
secret. We discussed it for a while and she said she didn't have any
problems with it but did I actually want to be a woman.

I told her that I didn't but I did want to have real breasts and at
least try living full time as a woman. She said that I had better
make up my mind because it would be hard to live as a man with
breasts. She had a good point there and I told her that I was sure I
wanted to live as a woman from there on. She smiled and said that was
fine with her but she had a few conditions. Her conditions surprised
me and made me realize she had actually been planning this for quite
a while and had done a lot of research.. They were: I would remove
and keep removed all body hair. I would allow my hair to grow and
style it in a feminine style. I would wear only skirts and dresses,
no pants. I would wear stocking or pantyhose at all times. I would
let my nails grow and keep them at least 1/2 inch long and manicured
at all times. I would have 42D breast implants and surgical figure
enhancement. I would have my larynx tightened to give me a higher
pitched voice. I would have my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed,
permanent make-up. I would wear a corset at all times, a true rigid
corset and not just an elastic girdle. I would wear a chastity belt
at all times and only she would possess the key.

The last 5 really threw me a curve. There would be no going back and
My comfort didn't seem real high on her priority list. Besides, I had
never heard of a chastity belt for men. She informed me that a man in
Germany made a stainless steel chastity device for men and we would
have one made by him. At the same time we went to Denmark for my
breast implants, larynx tightening and the other surgery that she
said she would explain at a later time. She had already contacted the
clinic in Denmark and the chastity device manufacturer and we only
had to set the date for our visits to them both. She informed me that
none of the conditions were negotiable and after I agreed to the
first ten she had a few more. She didn't want to throw too much at me
at once. I had 24 hours to make up my mind.

I lay awake all night thinking and while the idea of not being able
to go back was scary the thought of really living as a woman and
especially seeing and feeling real breasts on my chest left me no
choice. The chastity belt idea was something I didn't even know was
possible but the idea of being locked in with her having the only key
was exciting to me. I managed to wait until we sat down for breakfast
to tell her my answer was definitely yes, to all her conditions. She
gave me a smile and a nod and then said she wanted to get on to the
rest of my fetish dreams. She said she had another set of conditions
and they were a little more stringent and if I didn't agree to them
unconditionally the first ten were void and our marriage with it.

She had agreed to my desire to live as a woman and now it was only
fair that the woman I was going to become live by her terms. She
handed me a sheet of paper with more conditions on it and these had
little to do with my living as a woman but spelled out what was
required of me as her slave. They were:

I will address her only as "Mistress Monica" or "Mistress" and
I will speak only when she has given me permission.
I will instantly obey all orders of my Mistress with no
I will willingly allow my Mistress to dress me in and/or attach
to my body any clothing, device or apparatus she sees fit.
I will willingly allow my Mistress to place my body in any
device she sees fit.
I will never suggest or request I be dressed in any clothing,
device or apparatus not ordered by my Mistress.
I will never suggest or request that any clothing, device or
apparatus ordered by my Mistress be removed from my body.
I will never suggest or request that my body be placed in,
connected to or attached to any device not ordered by my Mistress.
I will never suggest or request that my body be disconnected or
removed from any device or apparatus ordered by my Mistress.
I will allow my Mistress to place any device or apparatus in
any of my body orifices she sees fit.
I will never suggest or request that any device or apparatus be
placed in any of my body orifices not ordered by my Mistress.
I will never suggest or request that any device or apparatus
ordered by my Mistress be removed from any of my body orifices.
I will ingest, allow to be f***ed into any body orifice or
injected any substance my Mistress sees fit.
I will allow any substance to removed from any body orifice my
Mistress sees fit.
I will willingly submit to any medical procedures deemed
necessary by my Mistress.
I agree that my failure to follow any of the above rules will
constitute failure on my part to fulfill my part of the contract and
my Mistress may punish me in any way she deems appropriate.

After I read and re-read the list several times she asked if I
agreed. I asked what types of devices and apparatus she was referring
to but she wouldn't tell me. Her only response was that surprise
would add to the anticipation and she knew enough about my interest
and desire to feel my body confined and restricted to guarantee that
my wildest dreams would be fulfilled. I took the pen she held out to
me and signed the form as chills ran through me.

She took the form and said now it was time for us to get to work.
She had already made an appointment in two days with a doctor to give
me a full physical and we would be leaving for Europe in two weeks.
Now she had to meet with the contractor to finalize the plans for our
new house in the mountains. Had I been maneuvered into something she
had been planning all along. I probably had but it sure seemed like
the answer to a lifetime of dreams. She was in and out constantly the
next couple of days and if she was at home she was on the phone most
of the time.

She chased me out of the room whenever she was on the phone so I had
no idea of who she was talking with or about what but it obviously
concerned me and my new life. The two days passed quickly and it was
time for my appointment with the doctor she had made the appointment

We entered the office and she told me to have a seat while she
checked in with the receptionist. I was now calling her Mistress
Monica and not speaking unless given permission so I nodded and found
a seat while she went up to the window. There were only women in the
waiting room and they all seemed to be in pairs or maybe couples
would be more accurate. I was the only man in room. One member of
each couple never said a word and seemed to be very submissive to the

A couple of the submissive ones gave me a look that seemed to convey
sympathy but the other women looked at me with smiles. Not friendly
smiles but something more like they knew something. It seemed like we
waited forever and as I watched the other women in the waiting room
my initial observations were confirmed. One member of each pair of
women never said a word and the only things the other said to them
were orders like "Sit up straight" or "Straighten your skirt", things
like that. These were all Mistresses and their slaves and the more I
looked I became certain that all the slaves were actually men or had
been men at one time.

The nurse finally came out and called us in but I couldn't help
notice she called mistress's name, not mine. She led us down the hall
to an examining room and motioned us inside. Addressing Mistress she
said, "Have her strip to the skin and hop up on the table. I'll be
back to get her into the stirrups." The room looked like a normal
examining room but the table looked far from a normal examining
table. I was used to seeing the stirrups on an examining table folded
up and out of the way but these were not only up and ready for use
they were much more elaborate than I had ever seen. They had long
shiny steel troughs that the patient's calves would lie in and
several heavy padded leather straps that obviously would hold
someone's legs firmly in position.

There were also numerous more of the same type straps attached to the
top of the examining table. Mistress turned to me and said, "Well,
get undressed. Everything comes off."

I quickly stripped off my clothes and when I hesitated at my
underpants Mistress just said, "Everything!" Once divested of all my
clothing I stepped up on the stool and sat on the end of the
examining table. The vinyl covering was cold on my bare buttocks and
I sat there shivering, more from nervousness than from the cold
however. The nurse returned in a few minutes and I wanted so badly to
ask her for a gown but Mistress had not given me permission to speak
and I didn't think I would be given one anyway. The nurse didn't say
a word to me but motioned that I lie down on the table and move up a
little so my head was right at the top end of the table. She was a
model of efficiency as she lifted my legs into the cold steel
stirrups and strapped them tightly into place. She quickly placed the
other straps attached to the table around my waist, chest, forehead
and two around each arm. I was helpless and more than slightly
terrified at she went down and adjusted the stirrups higher and
farther apart. I have never felt more exposed and helpless. The only
movement I was capable of was the shivering that had become even more
violent and cold had nothing to do with it now.

The nurse turned to Mistress and said, "Dr. Powers will be with you
in a few minutes." She motioned at me and added, "She's going to be a
cute one with the proper training." My mind was racing and I think
that was the first time I actually realized what I had agreed to let
Mistress do to me.

After what seemed like hours Dr. Powers finally came into the room.
I wasn't at all surprised at this point that the doctor was a woman
and a very formidable appearing woman at that. It was obvious by the
way she and Mistress greeted each other that they had met before and
it was soon obvious in their conversation that they had discussed me
and my future at length. I was trying to listen carefully to their
conversation but they were speaking softly and I was only picking up
occasional words, words like corset, braces, restraints, chastity
belt, milking, Iron Lung and Cuirass, curare. They had been
completely ignoring me until Mistress looked over and realized I was
straining to hear their conversation.

She said, "Maybe we had better talk somewhere else where she can't
hear us."

The doctor replied, "No need, I can take care of her eavesdropping."
She came over to the examining table and I could hear her open one of
the drawers and rummage around a little. I heard the drawer close and
when she lifted her hands she was holding something made of black
leather. At first I thought it was a bag or case of some kind but it
had straps with buckles and pads all over it, a row of lacing on one
side, steel rings attached in several places and three long tubes
running from it. One of the tubes ended in a bulb like on a bl**d
pressure cuff.

It was about the size of a human head and as she stepped to the head
of the examining table the realization hit me that my head was soon
going to be inside whatever it was. She unfastened the strap across
my forehead and slipped something soft into each of my ears. Before
I realized what was happening in she had lifted my head slightly and
slipped the leather hood or helmet over my head. She moved it to
around a little until there were openings over my eyes and mouth. I
could feel something on the inside poking at my nose and she fooled
with it a little until I felt two tubes pushed into and up my
nostrils. She turned my head to the wall and I could feel her
tightening the laces that now ran down the back of my head. It was
actually very comfortable, a layer of very soft leather lined the
inside and it felt like there was a layer of padding between the soft
inner leather and the heavier outside layer. As she tightening the
laces from the top down it molded itself tightly to my head and face
and finally over my chin and to my neck. I felt her tie-off off the
laces and then she turned my head back to where I was staring at the
ceiling again. I could feel her attaching something to the sides and
top of the helmet, probably straps from the table, and when she
stepped back a little I was unable to move my head at all. She
reached over and pulled something over my eyes and soft pads pressed
softly against my eyes as I felt her buckling another strap at this

I was now blind and deaf and was surprised to feel something touching
my lips. Something was pushing against my lips and when I opened my
mouth slightly her fingers f***ed it opened further and something
soft and rubbery was pushed into my mouth. It felt like a heavy
deflated balloon. It was pushed deeply into my mouth until I felt
more padded leather pressing against my lips and her fastening
another strap at the side my face alongside my mouth. I explored with
my tongue trying to push this invader out but it was obviously
strapped firmly in place. I was still exploring it with my tongue and
had decided it wasn't so bad when it started to inflate.

Now I knew what the ball on the end of the one tube was attached to
and what it did. The balloon continued to inflate inside my mouth,
pressing my tongue tightly against the floor my mouth and filling my
mouth completely and forcing my cheeks tightly against the leather
helmet covering my head and face. The tubes inserted in my nostrils
allowed me to breathe relatively easily and I was not actually
uncomfortable but felt so isolated and vulnerable to whatever
Mistress and the doctor decided to do to me, a feeling I would grow
to know only too well.

I have no idea how long Mistress and the doctor talked before the
doctor's attention was finally focused on me. As I lay in my silent
darkness, immobile and helpless, my apprehension left me and was
replaced by feelings of calm and well-being. I had agreed to let
Mistress control my life and it was becoming obvious how seriously
she was taking that responsibility. She was going to make dreams I
had nurtured since c***dhood into reality and all I would have to do
is relax and let her do it.

I had almost drifted off to sl**p when the feel of a cold stethoscope
on my chest brought me back to full consciousness. The stethoscope
was soon replaced by rubber gloved fingers exploring and massaging my
breasts and nipples. It felt very good and my cock immediately
responded to the sensual inputs. The fingers moved down my body and
were soon holding and exploring my genitals. I felt a gloved hand
holding my testicles as another wrapped around my now rigid cock and
squeezed it tightly. She began to pump me and almost instantly an
orgasm began building within me. I could really get to like this sort
of doctors examination. I was within seconds of cumming when the
hands released me and were replaced by something ice cold. Something
ice cold was covering my whole groin. The shock was tremendous as my
genitals tried to shrink to nothing and escape the cold.

I was trying to recover from the shock when I felt the section of the
examining tables supporting my buttocks drop away. From the waist
down, I was now supported only by my legs strapped firmly into the
stirrup assemblies. I felt more than heard the soft humming of an
electric motor and the stirrups began moving even higher and further
apart pulling my pelvis up and spreading my buttocks apart. The heavy
belt around my waist presented the rest of my body from lifting and I
was grateful for the heavy padding as it tightened around my waist.
The movement of the stirrups finally ceased but now the whole
examining table seemed to be tilting, lowering my head and raising my
pelvis. I knew the rectal portion of my exam was coming next and was
probably going to be a little more extensive than the prostate exams
I had had in the past or even the search for polyps my doctor had
undertaken a couple of years ago.

The ice pack, or whatever, was finally removed from my groin and
immediately I felt the rubber gloved fingers exploring my rectum.
They had been well lubricated and one thin finger slipped relatively
easily inside of me. I could feel it exploring the walls of my colon
and then pressing and examining my prostate. It was withdrawn and I
was just thinking a "that wasn't so bad" when it returned with one or
two of its neighbors pressing for entry again. My rectum rebelled
against this larger intruder and my sphincter muscles clamped tight
denying entrance. I tried to relax as the fingers pressed hard trying
to f***e their way in.

They disappeared for a few seconds but were replaced by something
hard and very cold, obviously made of some sort of metal. The
pressure against my rectum was firm and unrelenting until my
sphincter finally relaxed and allowed entrance. Once past the initial
barrier it slipped easily and deep inside me but once inside it began
to spread apart, stretching me painfully. I don't know what it was
but I suspect it was a tool I have seen used for women's pelvic
exams. It continued to spread apart until it felt like I was being
ripped in half.

I was trying to scream for her to stop but the gag filling my mouth
prevented anything more than unintelligible grunts. It finally seemed
to collapse back down to its original size and was quickly withdrawn.
My relief was short-lived as something else almost immediately
pressed against me and began to slip inside. At least it wasn't cold
and seemed to be slightly soft, rigid but with a soft surface. It was
large and stretched my sphincter painfully but after a large part of
it was inside me it seemed to reduce in diameter and as my tight
sphincter slid down the smaller portion it actually pulled it deeper
inside me and held it there.

It must have been completely inside me because I could feel a larger
portion pressing against the outside of my rectum. I should have
known better but I had begun to relax a little when I felt it growing
inside of me, it was growing in diameter and length both. The smaller
portion passing through my sphincter stayed the same size so the
larger inside portion effectively locked it within me and as it grew
in length it pressed firmly against my prostate.

All this activity had defeated the effect of the ice on my cock and
it was once more hard and rigid. Now I felt activity there again,
something was being slipped over my cock. It was not tight, in fact
it barely touched me as I felt it descending the length of my shaft.
Something soft was now pressing against my groin around the base of
my cock and enclosing my scrotum. I seemed to be inside a tube of
some kind, barely touching the hard walls of the tube. I felt a strap
being drawn around my hips and two others between my legs and they
were fastened together in the back. Whatever this was it was now
strapped to me with my cock trapped inside.

Now I felt a sucking sensation pulling my cock deeper into the tube
surrounding it. The ring around the base and of my cock seemed to be
getting tighter, definitely tighter, holding it firmly but
comfortably. As the suction pulled my cock it I became erect and it
soon was its full size and I felt my cock head being against what I
assumed was the end of the tube. It enclosed the sensitive head
tissue snuggly. I didn't have long to wait to see what came next, a
very gentle tingling was traveling the length of my cock between the
head and the ring at the base. It felt like a very mild electric
shock. It was very pleasant and then the same feeling of an electric
shock and a gentle vibration started in the plug pressing against my
prostate. That was even more pleasant. I had never felt anything
like it and it was marvelous.

It wasn't going to take much of this to bring me to orgasm. Not much
at all. The strength of all the things being done to me grew as the
feelings inside of me grew and as I exploded in a glorious orgasm the
suction in the tube grew very strong sucking the semen from me. All
the actions turned off and I lay spent and exhausted but before my
cock could even begin to shrink they all started again at the same
low-level they had started at before.

I didn't want to cum again but I wasn't being given any choice. This
was my first experience with f***ed multiple orgasms or what I would
come to know as milking. I was milked three more times and it took
much longer each succeeding time. I was left totally exhausted and
emotionally perplexed. Now I knew what it was like to have someone
else physically controlling my most intimate actions and it both
terrified and excited me. I was vaguely aware of the milking
apparatus being removed from my cock and the plug in my rectum
deflating and being withdrawn from me. When something else pressed
against my rectum I was able to immediately relax my sphincter and
allow it entry.

It was much smaller and I hardly noticed its presence after the
previous objects. Something seemed to inflate on either side of my
sphincter sealing it securely in place. I had no time to ponder what
it was before I felt something flowing into my bowels filling them
with warm fluid. The flow seemed to continue forever, first filling
me and then causing my abdomen to distend as the volume exceeded my
normal capacity. Cramps filled my abdomen as the fluid flowed through
me and sought out every tiny area of my bowels. The flow finally
stopped but there was nothing I could do to relieve the pressure and
weight of the fluid filling me. Whatever the device sealed into my
rectum was it not only allowed the introduction of the fluid it
prevented its expulsion. I was uncomfortable but it was a somewhat
unique and certainly new a feeling. I wasn't certain if I hated,
liked or was merely neutral about the feeling. Before I could decide
a valve must have been opened because the fluid started flowing out
of me again. I had no control over the flow and it was so fast it
felt like it must have been being pumped out of me. I was soon empty
and felt the device deflate and be withdrawn from me. It was
immediately replaced by something else larger in size but smaller
than the previous objects that had filled me. It also seemed to have
a narrow spot that caused my sphincter to actually hold it within me
and a large flange or something I could feel pressing on the outside
of my rectum.

Fingers again gripped my now flaccid penis and something was being
inserted into it. As it was pushed deeper and deeper into me a
burning pain accompanied the realization that I was a catheter. The
catheter was soon all the way into my bladder and I felt my bladder
empty. The catheter was left in place so I assumed it was a Foley or
in-dwelling catheter that would probably be with me for a while. I
felt it as the tube leading into my bladder was moved and then
something slipped over my cock and lay on my groin. It felt like it
may be made of a heavy rubber and was cold against my skin. It didn't
just lay there for very long as I felt a very wide belt being wrapped
around my hips and fastened in back. It was very wide, reaching from
my waist down over my hips, and tight. It got even tighter as straps
or laces were drawn tighter in the back.

Next I felt fingers pressing my testicles of up into the recesses of
my body and held there as a portion of the belt was drawn tightly
down between my legs, it continued up through the crack between my
buttocks over the plug in my rectum and was secured to the rest of
the belt in the back. Fingers gripped my penis again and pulled it
down between my legs. It was pressed into what felt like a trough
made of the same cold rubber and something was wrapped and fastened
over the top holding it firmly in place. It was very tightly held in
place but obviously in some sort of receptacle designed to hold it as
it didn't feel as if it were being crushed. The whole arrangement
was very tight and semi-rigid and while I couldn't call it
comfortable I did like the feeling. I had the feeling again that it
was something I would have to get used to as it would be with me a
long time.

The examining table returned to level and the stirrups lowered back
to their normal position with my buttocks once again resting on the
surface of the table. I drifted off to sl**p as the most recent
occurrences were repeated over and over in my mind. The straps
holding me in the stirrups and to the table being released woke me
up. Someone lifted my legs out of the stirrups and helped me into a
sitting position on the end of the table. I was so exhausted I could
barely sit upright but the same hands helped steady me. The gag in my
mouth deflated in I felt the laces of the helmet being loosened. The
strap holding the gag was released and it was pulled from my mouth
and the pads covering my eyes were also released and removed.

It was the nurse helping me and I could see Mistress and the doctor
on the other side of the examining room talking and putting things
into a medium-sized suitcase. The nurse pulled the helmet from over
my head and handed it across the room to Mistress who placed it in
the suitcase. The doctor said, "She can get dressed now," without
ever turning to look at me. I stepped down off the table and was a
little wobbly but started across the room to get my clothes and get
dressed. Whatever they had encased my groin in was still there and
each step made me more aware of it and of the plug up my ass.

I looked down but couldn't see much and then noticed there was a
full-length mirror on the back of the door. I stepped in front of
the mirror and got the first look at what they had locked onto me.
Yes locked, there was a padlock dangling between my legs and when I
turned around another padlock held a metal flap over however this
thing was fastened in the back. My entire groin from my waist down
and between my legs was covered completely in heavy black rubber. It
was completely smooth with no sign whatsoever of my penis or
testicles. I knew they were there, I could feel them held tightly by
the rubber but I couldn't see any indication of them at all. I rubbed
my hand over the smooth rubber and couldn't even feel the pressure of
my hand pressing against it. Turning around again I could see a black
disk covering my rectum and the strap running between my legs went
through a slot in the disk before it disappeared under the metal
cover the padlock held over the fastenings in the back.

The front seemed to be a cover over whatever was holding my testicles
up within me and was holding my penis in such a firm embrace. The
only thing marring the smooth front surface was a rubber tube coming
out a small hole down low and attached to a rubber bag strapped to my
right thigh. I wouldn't even be able to pee myself anymore, it would
just run into the bag on my leg. The sight of the padlock hanging
there between my legs where my testicles used to be sent a shudder
down my spine.

The sound of my Mistress's voice from across the room cut through my
musing is, "Quit admiring your new chastity belt and get dressed, we
have a lot yet to do today." I took my clothes down from the hook on
the wall and began to get dressed. Mistress interrupted as I started
to slip my briefs on, "You won't need those, ever again. In fact
today is the last day you'll ever wear men's clothing of any kind."

She and the doctor continued their conversation as I got dressed in
and I could overhear bits and pieces of what they were saying. The
doctor seemed to be doing most of talking and I can still remember
her words almost exactly: "She certainly knows now who that little
thing between her legs belongs to. You have all of the equipment we
used today and the table and other things will be delivered this
afternoon. The table will be identical to this one and should work
for most of the things you have to do. Helen will be by about 8 this
evening the to help you get her setup in the tank for the first time
in case she gives you any difficulty. I think I gave you
prescriptions for everything that requires one. The rest of the
things you can get from that list of suppliers without a
prescription. Be very careful with the curare and make sure you have
everything setup and ready to go before you inject it. I don't know
anyone who has started with such full immersion into the lifestyle
from the very beginning but I don't really think you'll have any
problems and it will probably be easier in the long run and her
adjustment more complete. Be sure to bring her back when you return
from Europe. I'll be anxious to see the results." I didn't understand
everything I heard but it was obvious to me that I wasn't going to be
allowed to slip into my new life gradually. Maybe the doctor was
right and it would be easier this way.

I vowed to myself that I would co-operate completely with Mistress in
everything. It didn't appear that I really had much choice anyway and
this was what I had dreamed up all my life, what I had dreamed of and
much more. By the time I was dressed Mistress was ready to leave. She
told me to carry the suitcase that apparently held everything that
had been used on me today and who knows what else. It was very heavy
and the knowledge of what it contained weighed even heavier in my
mind. Mistress stuffed a stack of prescription forms and other papers
into her purse and she led me out the door, down the hall and into my
new life.

Every step I took made me aware of the stiff rubber prison locked
around my groin and of the plug locked deep in my rectum. They were
the physical reminder of what had been done to me today and that this
was only the beginning. Mistress didn't say a word to me until we
were getting into the car and then the only thing she said, "The
first thing we have to take care of is obviously your appearance. We
certainly can't buy clothes to fit THAT shape so we'll take care of
that first." I wasn't quite sure what she meant by "THAT shape" but I
didn't have long to wait as it was only a short drive before we
pulled up in front of the shop that had always fascinated me with its
window displays.

The displays and the sign on the front of the building had caused me
to stop in front many times and fantasize about the treasures inside.
One of my greatest fantasies had been to step through that front door
and be fitted with the products they specialized in. The sign read
"My Lady's Body Boutique" and below the name it read "Mastectomy
Products, Surgical Supports, Custom Bras and Girdles, Custom

I couldn't believe what was the happening as Mistress got out of the
car and I followed her almost in a daze. We went past the window
displays of bras, girdles and corsets of all kinds. The surgical
corsets appealed to me most. They were made of heavy canvas or heavy
brocade fabrics in white and pink with laces and straps everywhere
and garters hanging from the bottom. Some only went from the waist to
high on the hips but others went from just under the breasts down
over the hips and actually covered the tops of the thighs. One even
covered the breasts with heavy straps running over the shoulders.
There were also corsets that looked like the ones I had seen in
pictures from the Victorian age.

They were beautiful but there was no way my body could ever have a
waist that small. I wanted to just stand and look forever but I
realized Mistress had opened the door and was actually going in. She
turned and looked at me, her expression telling me to follow. I
followed her through the door as if into a dream.

Inside the door was a site that took my breath away. It was a large
room with displays everywhere of all types of women's foundation
garments, anything and everything imaginable. I tried to take it all
in at once as I numbly followed Mistress across the room to where a
woman stood behind a glass display case. The case was filled with
artificial breast forms of all types and sizes. The woman greeted
Mistress and then glanced over at me. She turned back to Mistress and
said, "Is this is her?"

Mistress replied, "Yes, this is her. Do you think you can do anything
was her?"

The woman laughed and said, "Of course we can. Let me get Rhonda for
you." She went through a curtain into a back area and returned in
just a minute with another woman. Rhonda was quite tall and had an
unbelievable figure. She had large impressive breasts, the smallest
waist I had ever seen and her hips and derriere were on the small
side but perfectly shaped. She greeted Mistress and then walked over
to me.

She looked me up and down and then told Mistress, "Oh yes, we can do
wonders with her. Let's get started." She led us down a hallway and
through a door that was labeled "Corset fitting room No. 1." It was
about the size of a normal bedroom, quite large for a fitting room
and the walls were covered with mirrors. The only furniture was a
desk and chair on rollers. In the very center of the room was a most
unusual feature. Hanging from a large hook on the ceiling was an
electric cable hoist, like you would see in a factory to lift heavy
objects. Suspended from the chain hoist was a wooden bar several
inches in diameter and about three feet long. Attached to the ends of
the bar were two short lengths of chain and on the end of each chain
was a heavy padded leather cuffs.

Directly beneath the bar a large steel ring protruded from the floor
through the carpeting. I couldn't imagine what these things were for
but after the days previous of events I felt pretty sure I would find
out before long. Rhonda went over to the desk and said, "Have her
remove her clothes, all of them." I was getting used to people not
talking to me and referring to me as "her", so I began to strip. I
couldn't find a hook or anything to hang my clothes on so I just
piled them in a corner with my shoes and socks. I was a little
surprised that I didn't feel embarrassed stripping in front of
Rhonda. Of course my private parts were completely covered but I
would have thought I would have been in embarrassed for her to see my
new underwear.

I guess the events at the doctors office and the way people were
treating me as a non-person removed some of my normal inhibitions.
Rhonda came over to me carrying a tape measure. I could tell she was
looking at the black rubber covering my groin and as she stopped in
front of me she verified that by turning to Mistress and saying, "I
like that. Is everything intact underneath?"

Mistress replied, "Oh yes, everything. Just under lock and key."

Rhonda began measuring me and she measured everything, making notes
and putting down measurements on a form she had on a clipboard. I
could see the form had the outline of a woman's body with front, side
and rear views. It excited me that she was putting my measurements
down on a woman's body. I could feel my cock trying to grow inside
its rubber prison but there was no room for it to grow at all and the
pressure was very intense.

Rhonda turned to Mistress and said, "I know you wanted Ds but really
think DDs would look better with her build."

Mistress replied, "You may well be right. Why don't we try DDs."

Rhonda gave a quick," Okay. Do you want longline or bandeau?"

Mistress said, "Definitely longline."

Rhonda nodded and quickly left the room. She was back in just a few
minutes with her arms full of boxes. She deposited them on the desk.
There were two square boxes marked "Amoena" and a flat one labeled
"Camp mastectomy bra." The pressure inside my rubber chastity belt
was becoming quite uncomfortable and I was shivering with
anticipation. Rhonda opened one of the boxes marked "Amoena" and
actually stopped breathing a she lifted out a breast form. It was
flesh colored and I could see it move like Jell-O as she handled it.
It was rounded on one side and flat along the bottom. It extended and
tapered on the other side and the top.

Rhonda commented to Mistress, "These are asymmetrical, there is a
right and left. They help fill out the upper chest and under arm and
will look the most realistic on her." She screwed the lid off a
little flat, round container and took out what I could see was a
false nipple. It was darker pink, several inches in diameter and had
a raised center, about the size of a small marble. She licked her
finger and moistened the back of the nipple and placed it on the
breast form right at the apex of the curve of the form. She worked
the form into a cloth cover and then laid its down on the desk I
could see the nipple protruding through the cover and the pressure
inside my chastity increased just a little more.

She opened the other "Amoena" box and placed a nipple on that one
also and put it in a cover. I couldn't take my eyes off those two
forms sitting on top of the desk until she opened the "Camp
mastectomy bra" box and took out my new bra. It was white and looked
like it would cover my torso down to my waist. I could see it had
stiff wires that curved around underneath the cups and cups
themselves were smooth shiny fabric with a strip of lace running
across them at an angle. It was beautiful. She lay the bra face down
on the desk and began to work one of the forms into a pocket built
into the right cup. Then she did the same on the left. She picked the
bra up by the straps and I could tell it was very heavy with the
forms in place in the cups.

It seemed to take forever for her to come across the room to me and
as she reached me I put my arms out and through the straps of the
bra. She pulled the straps up over my shoulders and as she released
them I felt the weight of the forms transferred to my shoulders.
They were very heavy. She stepped behind me and began to fasten the
hooks that would close it tightly around my chest. She started at the
top and I felt my new breasts pulled against my chest. As she worked
her way down I could feel her fasten each hook and the tightness
worked its way down my torso. There were 12 in all. She fasten the
last one and stepped back. It felt wonderful but didn't really seemed
to fit quite right.

Rhonda turned to Mistress and said, "May I speak to her directly?"

Mistress answered, "Yes, go ahead."

Rhonda stepped over in front of me and said, "Bend over until your
chest is horizontal." I did a she directed and when I was bent over
she cupped each of my breasts in one of her hands and sort of bounced
them up and down. I could feel them settle into position in the cups
and when I stood up everything now fit like it should. Rhonda reached
up and tightened each of the shoulder straps a little and it was
perfect. My breasts were snuggled tight against my chest and I felt
the weight both on my chest and my shoulders. The forms were so soft
and pliable that they conformed to my chest and molded themselves to
my own little breasts and nipples.

The bra itself was very tight and the feeling was wonderful. I looked
down and could see my breasts with my nipples protruding through the
bra cups and when I bounced up and down a little my breasts bounced
and jiggled just like the real thing. Mistress came over and looked
me over carefully, held each breast in turn and jiggled them a

She told Rhonda, "Oh yes, the DDs are perfect. Just right for her."
Rhonda thanked Mistress and said, "Now I'll get her corset and get
down to the really serious business of shaping her up. Did you want a
busk closure on that and are you sure about a five inch reduction?"

"Yes, I want it as rigid as possible and I think we can achieve five
inches to start with. She may not like it but she's not making the
decisions," replied Mistress.

Rhonda left the room again and I walked over to the wall watching
myself in the mirror as my breasts bounced a little with each step.
Mistress said, "Enjoy that bounce, once you get your one-piece
corsets there won't be much bounce. The cups will be much more rigid
and the whole top of the corset will hold you much more firmly than
any bra can. We have to start this way because your one-piece corsets
will all have to be custom-made. Now that they have all your
measurements they can start on your first one and we'll have it in a
week or so. The others will have to wait until we return from our
trip to Europe when the surgical changes to your body are complete."

Rhonda came back with five long flat boxes. They must have been two
feet long and about six inches wide and several inches deep. She set
them on the desk and took the lid off one and lifted out my new
corset. It was white with a pattern of shiny flowers woven into the
cloth. I could see many garters hanging from one end and it had
lacing everywhere. It was obviously very stiff. Rhonda showed it to
Mistress and I could hear her telling Mistress, "We have these made
up specially for this type of training. We are able to gain more
reduction on girls like yours by using both back and side lacing.
Her one-piece corsets will have a similar lacing pattern. The busks
are extra heavy and completely rigid on this model and of course the
boning is our heaviest. You can decide later, if you want them this
heavy on her other corsets. These two are identical so you switch off
each day. At least two corsets are required for continuous wear so
you don't have to leave her uncorseted to wash it. The other two are
the shorter ones you ordered for wear with her braces. Oh yes, the
rubber bathing corset is there also. They'll need to use that one
when they cast her for her braces. Shall we get to work."

Rhonda came over to where I was standing in front of the mirror with
the corset. She stood in front of me and reached around me with both
hands taking one edge of the front of the corset in each hand and
drawing it around me. As she worked I got my first close look at it.
The pretty cloth with the shiny flowers was only the outer covering.
The inside of the corset was a very heavy fabric. It was as heavy as
canvas only very tightly woven and very smooth. It was almost slick.
I could see that there was a row of lacing the full-length of the
corset in back and on each side. Between the rows of lacing there
were doubled rows of boning every inch.

The front was like nothing I had ever seen before. The edges were
completely rigid, except at the very bottom of the corset. I could
see by the stitching that whatever stiffened the edge was about an
inch wide and from the degree of stiffness, which I assumed must be
steel. The way it fastened was new to me. On one side little metal
pegs stuck out on the front surface just in from the edge. They were
shiny steel and mushroom shaped with a larger head than body. There
were eight of them. On the other side little half round metal tabs
stuck out from the edge and each had a keyhole shaped slot in it.
Each tab would slip over its mating peg and lock in place. There was
certainly no way it would come unfastened accidentally. Below the
rigid part three large hook and eyes would hold the front closed.

Rhonda pulled the corset around me and hooked the bottom tab over its
peg. She worked her way up hooking each tab over its mating peg. The
corset wasn't at all tight on me, just a little snug around the
waist, but of course she hadn't done anything with the laces yet. She
bent down and fastened the three hook and eyes at the bottom. The
bottom of the corset came down over the top of my thighs. In fact,
the hook and eye fasteners were below my crotch. The top of the
corset was right below my breasts. It was actually curved a little so
the sides came up alongside my breasts and the rigid center section
came up between them a little. It wasn't tight on me yet but already
I could tell how rigid it would be. I wouldn't be able to bend at

Rhonda went behind me and began working with the laces in the back.
She started in the middle and what had been snugness around my waist
was soon tightness. She went to the top of the laces next and as she
drew than tighter and worked down toward my waist I found it was
difficult to take a deep breath. Next she began work at the bottom
and it first drew my thighs together and then the tightness spread
through my hips and buttocks. I didn't notice too much change in my
groin area but it was already held so tightly by my chastity belt
that I didn't think anything could make that area feel tighter.

As Rhonda worked I watched my figure change in the mirror. My waist
was slimmer and although the corset was compressing my hips the
sliming of my waist actually made them appear more prominent. Rhonda
tied off the laces in back and stepped away from me a little. It felt
wonderful, my whole torso was being held in the corset's snug embrace
and I loved the feeling.

I was trying to imagine how it would feel when she snugged up the
side laces a little more when I heard her say, "It's time to get her
hooked up to the lacing bar and start some serious lacing. "I was in
such a state of euphoria with my new breasts and corset that I didn't
give her last comment too much thought as Mistress crooked her finger
motioning me over to the center of the room. I found myself standing
directly under the cable hoist with the wooden bar attached. I was
still admiring my new figure in the mirrors when Rhonda pressed a
button on the wall by the desk and the wooden bar began lowering on
the end of its cable.

Soon it was hanging right in front of me and Mistress took my right
hand and strapped the leather cuff around my rest and buckled it
tight. Next she strapped the other cuff on my left wrist and Rhonda
immediately pressed another button and the bar began raising.

Mistress told me, "It will be easier and more comfortable for you if
you hold onto the bar." I wrapped my hands around the bar and
Mistress unhooked the chains from the ends of the bar and refastened
them so there was no slack in the chains. By the time Mistress had
finished refastening the chains it was over my head and in just a few
seconds my arms were stretched straight up as I held the bar. Rhonda
released the button and the bar stopped its movement. She opened a
drawer in the desk and removed two more of the heavy leather cuffs.
She handed them to Mistress who then strapped one to each of my
ankles and fastened the lengths of chain to the ring mounted on the
floor between my feet.

My euphoria with my breasts and corset was replaced by apprehension
at what was coming next. It looked like I was about to be stretched.
Rhonda held her finger on the button as the bar pulled me first onto
my tip toes and then even higher to where my feet were not touching
the ground and my entire weight was hanging from the bar. The chains
attaching the cuffs around my ankles to the floor were not quite
tight but they were very close.

The corset felt looser on me, but Rhonda and Mistress were standing
on either side of me and beginning to tighten the side laces of my
corset. They started at the middle again and what had been pleasantly
tight around my waist now became a crushing f***e squeezing me
unmercifully. I was having difficulty breathing and they hadn't even
begun to tighten it around my chest yet.

I blurted out, "Please Mistress not so tight." As soon as the words
left my lips I knew the mistake I had made and at least I was smart
enough not to say anything else. Mistress turned and immediately
walked out of the room. Rhonda merely stood and looked at me with
what I took to be a look of disdain. I don't know if it was because I
had spoken without permission or because I didn't want the corset any
tighter. Mistress was back very quickly and she was carrying the
black leather helmet. Without a word she slipped it over my head and
arranged it so the openings were over my eyes. She worked the tubes
up into my nostrils and then f***ed the gag into my mouth and buckled
the strap holding yet there.

She went behind me and I could feel her tightening the laces that
pulled the helmet tightly around my head and neck. She tied off the
laces then grabbed the bulb on the end of the tube leading to the
gag. As I watched her squeeze the bulb I felt the gag inflating in my
mouth pressing my tongue down and my cheeks out against the helmet.
She dropped to the bulb and went back to my side and both their
fingers went back to the side laces of the corset. I was glad she
hadn't buckled the blindfold in place. I could already see how much
slimmer my waist appeared and I did want to watch my new figure

Mistress and Rhonda worked as a team beautifully. They began working
at the top of the laces and the pressure on my chest took on the same
crushing feel as that at my waist. I could only breathe with short
shallow breaths but with those breaths only my upper chest rose and
fell and with it my new breasts. The rest of my chest was trapped in
the corset so movement above the corset was much more pronounced. I
was fascinated with watching myself breathe. It looked so sexy to me.
I had always enjoyed watching female opera singers as their breasts
rose and fell. Their fingers went to the bottom of the laces and my
thighs were squeezed even tighter together. As they worked up my hips
and buttocks got the same treatment and as my buttocks were squeezed
in and together the pressure from the plug in my rectum grew. I
hadn't thought the pressure in my groin could be any greater but I
had been wrong.

I had never believed to stories about women fainting as they were
tight laced in the Victorian era. I believed them now, I felt as if I
would faint at anytime. I wondered if Mistress had smelling salts
with her. They both tied off their laces and stepped away from me.

Rhonda said, "Let's get some stockings on her and give her a little
rest while the corset and her body adjust to each other. I've got
some that will cover all that ugly hair on her legs." She went over
to the desk again and retrieved a flat package from a drawer. When
she ripped it open a pair of light tan support stockings fell out on
the desk top. Scooping them up and returned and knelt at my feet.
She unstrapped the cuff on my right ankle and after working the
stocking into a ring between her fingers she slipped it over my foot.
As she drew it with some difficulty slowly up my leg it felt tight
against my skin and the feeling was more sensual the higher she got.
Just a couple of inches below the bottom of my corset the stocking
was tight and she fastened first the front and then the side and rear
garters to the top of the stocking.

It felt great and even her strapping the cuff around my ankle again
didn't diminish the feeling. She quickly went to my left leg and
repeated the same operations. It felt even more sensual as she worked
her way up my other leg and after she had fastened all three garters
on that side I didn't even notice her strapping that cuff back in
place. My eyes were closed as I savored the feelings. The unrelenting
pressure of the corset was crushing but not painful and something I
had dreamed of feeling all my life.

I had been so involved with trying to breathe and with what Mistress
and Rhonda were doing that I hadn't really been looking at myself in
the mirrors for a while. I looked now and was amazed. There hanging
from the wooden lacing bar was a woman's body. With the leather
helmet covering my face and head and the stockings hiding the hair on
my legs all signs of my maleness were gone. The tightness of the
stockings seemed to make my ankles slimmer and reshape my calves into
a more feminine shape. The stockings covering my legs and attached to
the garters on the bottom of my corset completed not just the
covering of my whole body but its transformation into a shape I had
never dreamed possible. I was beautiful.

Rhonda went over to the wall and pressed the button lowering the bar.
She only pressed it for a few seconds but it dropped far enough that
my feet were now bearing my weight and I could feel myself settling
down into my corset. It made it even tighter but pressed my breasts
and the flesh of my upper chest up creating a mound of flesh above
each of my breast forms. It created a hint of cleavage that was more
pronounced with each shallow breath I took in. It looked like I
really had breasts of my own, quite large ones. With the molding of
my shape from the corset I had a figure most women would kill for and
most men would worship.

I was having some difficulty standing upright. The weight of my
breast forms was trying to pull me forward and the rigidity of the
corset prevented me from arching my back a little to counteract it.
I tried leaning back and letting the lacing bar support me. I
released the bar and let the cuffs around my wrists take the load.
That was much better and I was able to relax a little. I tried to
concentrate on breathing with the upper portion of my chest only
because of course my corset certainly wasn't going to allow any
movement below my breasts. It seemed to work and my breathing became
a little less labored.

An added benefit was my breasts and my chest above them rose and fell
even more as I breathed. I was mesmerized watching myself. My new
found relaxation was almost destroyed when I heard Rhonda tell
Mistress, "We'll give her an hour or two for the corset to mold to
her a little and for her body to do some adjusting. Why don't you
grab some lunch and when you get back we'll laced her down to where
she should be."

There was nothing I could do to change what was going to be done to
me so I tried not to worry about it. I was finding myself very
sensual and was becoming aware of other surprising feelings so I just
let myself drift. The crushing tightness of my corset was beginning
to feel more like a tight embrace, my new life embracing me and
holding me tight, as a lover would hold me. The soft pressure of my
breast forms against my chest and against my own unformed breasts
felt like my breasts held snuggly in the cups of my bra. I felt that
if I could touch the nipples I could see so prominently protruding
through my bra cups I would actually feel it and I imagined the
feelings it would give me. Or the feel of my lover holding my breasts
in his hands as he kissed and sucked my nipples. I could almost feel
my nipples rubbing the inside of my bra cups.

I was very aware of the plug in my rectum and I experimented with
tightening myself around it. It felt good, very good. I imagined that
it was a cock buried deep in my pussy and as I tightening and
released myself around it I could almost feel it driving in an out as
my lover took me. I must have let myself really drift into this
fantasy because I was suddenly brought back to reality by the lacing
bar being hoisted toward the ceiling again.

As my eyes us snapped open I saw Mistress standing right in front of
me. There was no way she could have known what I was thinking but I
could feel myself blushing under the leather of the helmet and her
smile told me that she knew exactly what I had been thinking. I was
struggling to get my hands back around the bar and take the load of
my wrists as the bar lifted my feet from the ground again. I finally
got my fingers around the bar and slowly inched my hands around it
and held tight. Rhonda must have been right because my corset didn't
feel as tight as it had before but she was standing behind me and
untied my back laces and quickly corrected that situation.

It seemed only seconds before the corset was again gripping me even
tighter than it had when they had first tightened all my laces. It
felt as if I was being cut in half at the waist and I was again
struggling for every breath. I felt light headed and was afraid I
would faint any second.

I heard Rhonda saying, "We'll give her a few more minutes and then
finish lacing her down to where she really should be." How could they
possibly laced me any tighter than I already was? As I hung there
struggling to breathe they left the room and returned a few minutes
later with coffee. It struck me so strange that such immense changes
were occurring for me and I struggling to even get enough air to
survive and they were calmly having a cup of coffee. By the time they
had finished their coffee my discomfort (such an understatement) had
decreased a little. I was able to get a little more air into my lungs
and the tightness of my corset didn't seem to be entirely unbearable

Rhonda reached over to the switch on the wall that controlled the
hoist and any hopes I had of relief were dashed when her finger
pressed the top or up button. The lacing bar lifted me even higher
and when the chains connecting my ankles to the floor became taut it
began stretching me even more. I thought my arms were going to be
ripped from my shoulders before she finally released the button. Now
I knew what a medieval torture rack felt like. I could see the reason
for the stretching though.

My corset did not feel as tight as it had just seconds ago. She and
Mistress went to the sides of me and untied my side laces and began
working on them. They worked swiftly and the crushing tightness I
had known minutes before returned and was surpassed. This was truly
unbearable and they were still tightening the laces. I felt as if my
ribs would be crushed and it was truly cutting me in half. Breathing
was out of the question and I was screaming for Mistress to release
me. Of course with the gag in my mouth and very little air entering
or leaving my lungs all that could be heard were some very soft
mumbles from within my leather helmet.

A veil of darkness floated down over me as I lost consciousness. My
earlier question about smelling salts was answered as their sharp
aroma brought me back to consciousness. They were finished lacing me
and the laces were tied off as they stood back admiring their work.
My eyes went to the mirror and I was shocked. I had been beautiful
before but now I was stunning. My waist was even smaller and below my
waist my body swelled and flowed smoothly into perfectly shaped hips.
My hips flowed smoothly into my thighs and my legs looked really
good. The only thing marring the picture was the urine bag strapped
to my right thigh.

Rhonda went over to the switch and pressed the lower button. I
began to drop down and once my feet were back on the floor my body
tried to settle back to its original pre-stretched length. I settled
into my corset a little but there was really no place in there for me
to go. It was as if the laces were being tightened even more and the
dark veil settled over me once more. This time they allowed me to
regain consciousness without the smelling salts and I slowly became
aware of my surroundings and the corset so intimately imprisoning my
body. It seemed a little less unbearable now and I was moving some

Mistress and Rhonda were over by the desk and Rhonda was showing her
a belt of some kind. There was no doubt in my mind whose belt it was.
It was made of shiny polished steel and about three inches wide. It
was slightly concave from the outside and was obviously designed to
go around my waist. They turned and were walking over toward me as
Rhonda continued talking to Mistress, "I am amazed that we got a five
inch reduction and this will guarantee that she doesn't do anything
to undo it. It not only covers the knots but we'll slip it through
the loops so there is no way to knots can be untied."

I could see that at the open side of the belt one end had a piece
sticking up with a hole in it and the other end had a whole role of
slots about the size of the piece that stuck up. Rhonda put the belt
around the with the opening in the back, putting it through the loops
of the knots that held my laces closed. She then took what looked
like a large c-clamp and hooked it to each end of the belt. She was
talking to Mistress as she worked, "It has to be quite snug so it
can't be slipped from over the knots. The installation tool here
makes sure you can get it tight enough. You hook one end over the
lock tab and the other through the slot furthest from the end of the
belt and when you turn the handle it draws the ends of the belt
together and then overlapping so it can be locked. Then just slip the
closest slot over the tab and click the lock in place."

I watched her turn the handle and felt the belt tighten around my
waist adding even more pressure to me. And I watched her slip a
padlock through the whole in the tab and click it closed. That one
little padlock seemed to represent the enormity of what I had agreed
to let Mistress do to me and my helplessness to control any aspect of
my life anymore. I wasn't sorry, I was actually looking forward to it
but I did now realize what it really meant.

Rhonda knelt down and unstrapped the cuffs from my ankles. Then she
went over to the wall and pressed the button to lower the lacing bar
all the way down. I didn't know if I could stand without support but
although I swayed a little I managed to stay on my feet. Rhonda came
back and unstrapped my wrists and led me over to the desk. She gave
me her arm to lean on and I needed it. Walking was difficult. My
thighs were held so tightly together by my corset that I could only
take short steps and my whole sense of balance was altered. The
weight of my breasts pulled me forward and the rigidity of the corset
prevented me from making any of the small movements we normally used
to balance ourselves.

We made it to the desk and I leaned against it as I tried to catch my
breath. Mistress took my hands in hers and said, "You did very well
Teresa and I am proud of you. Teresa is your new name and you are
going to be a beautiful woman and you will be Teresa for the rest of
your life." She opened the valve and let the gag deflate. Then she
loosened the laces on the back of the helmet and removed it from me.
"You can get dressed now." she told me. I looked over to the corner
where I had left my clothes but they weren't there. I turned back to
Mistress and she laughed and said, "You couldn't wear those ugly
things now you silly girl. I threw them all away. Your clothes are in
that bag. Now get dressed." She had indicated a bag sitting on top of
the desk and my hands shook as I took the bag and opened it.

I took the items from the bag and lay them on the desk. There was a
white silk long sleeve blouse, a blue pleated skirt, a half slip and
a pair of two inch high heeled pumps. There was also a wig in the
bag. It was a dark blond, about the color of my own hair. I put the
blouse on first. It felt marvelous as my hands and arms slid through
the silk sleeves and as silk settled on my bare shoulders. I couldn't
understand the trouble I was having buttoning it until I realized the
buttons were on the wrong side. Even then I had trouble, it seemed
like such a simple task was changed so much by the buttons being on
the other side and they were also so small and dainty compared to
what I was used to. I finally got all of them fastened and then
tackled they ones at the cuffs. I had a little less trouble with them
and turned to look at myself in the mirror. I loved what I saw and
especially was thrilled the way it was tented out over my breasts and
by my nipples making proud little bumps where my blouse stretched
across my breasts.

I picked up my new skirt and saw it was what I now know you call a
dropped yoke skirt. The top part is smooth for about six or eight
inches and then the pleats start. I always liked that style because
the smooth top part seemed to accentuate a woman's hips as they swell
out from her waist. Now it would be my hips swelling out from my new
slim waist. The waistband had a button that closed it and a zipper
that ran down to the bottom of the smooth top part. I undid the
button and opened the zipper and started to bend over to put my foot
into my skirt. Start was all I did. I couldn't bend. I looked to
Mistress but she just said, "Work it out. You are always going to be
wearing a corset so you will have to figure out how to do things."

I could bend at my hips so I bent as far forward as I could keeping
one hand on the desk to steady myself and lifted my right leg to get
my foot into my skirt. It was a real strain but I made it, now for
the left. It was harder because with the skirt around my left leg I
had to bend my knee more and it was a bit of the struggle and I felt
very unsteady. I succeeded but when I started to pull my skirt up I
discovered I was standing on it with my left foot. It was a little
embarrassing. I started to button it at the front and Mistress spoke
up, "On the left side." I had so much to learn. I finally got it
buttoned, the zipper pulled up and looked in the mirror.

I loved the way I looked and my skirt d****d over my hips and down to
the pleats just the way I had admired on other women. I picked up my
slip and went through the same procedure getting my feet and legs
into it and pulled it up into place under my skirt and smoothed my
skirt down over it. I couldn't believe how good it felt as I rubbed
my hands over my hips and groin and felt my skirt sliding on my slip
underneath. I was wondering how I would get my feet into those
beautiful pumps when Mistress said, "Just drop them on the floor and
then work your feet into them. Get your toes started into the toe
portion and then you can stand them up and just slip your foot in."

I was a little clumsy with it but it actually went quite well and
soon I was standing on my pair of high heels. They weren't very high
but they weren't flats either. Mistress picked up my new wig and
placed it on my head. It was about shoulder length and had bangs that
came down to just about to my eyebrows. As Mistress was brushing it
out a little I marveled at the feel of my hair brushing my neck and
my bangs tickling my forehead. I looked in the mirror and a woman
looked back me. She didn't have any makeup or jewelry on but she was
beautiful. Those things would come and she would be even more
beautiful. I couldn't believe the woman I was looking at was me.

Mistress interrupted my admiring myself with, "It's time we got you
home now. You still have some new experiences before this day is
over." She handed me the leather helmet and said, "You carry this, it
is yours after all."

She headed for the door and I followed her. This was the first time
I had tried walking without help and I had regained some of my
strength and was doing pretty well. With every step the plug
strapped into me seemed to move around and make its presence known
and there were quite a few steps because the corset limited me to
very short steps. I wasn't really having any trouble with my new
shoes and I loved the clicking sound they made as we walked down the
linoleum floored hallway. As we went through the display room
Mistress called out to the woman behind the counter, "Call her when
her custom corsets are ready."

Mistress was out the door and onto the sidewalk before I was halfway
through the display room. I only hesitated slightly before I stepped
through the front door of the shop and out into the world for the
first time as Teresa. Two men were walking toward me about 20 feet
away as I crossed the sidewalk to the car. One of them let out a wolf
whistle and nothing has ever thrilled me like his obvious
appreciation of the way I looked. Mistress was already behind the
wheel with her door closed by the time I got to the car and after I
opened the door I realized I wasn't going to be able to just jump in
the way I normally do. I stood there confused for a minute trying to
figure out how to get into the car at all much less do it in a
ladylike manner. Normally I stick one foot in and just follow it in
sliding into the seat and ducking under the roof. That certainly
wouldn't be ladylike and besides I couldn't bend my torso enough to
get into the car that way and although my skirt was full my slip
wasn't and it wouldn't even allow me to lift that foot up high enough
to stick the first leg in.

My mind seemed to be a blank as I tried to remember how Mistress gets
into the car. She called to me from the driver's seat, "Turnaround
and sit down backwards onto the seat and then swivel your legs in but
remember to keep your knees together. You don't want to give every
man on the street a view up your skirt." I turned around facing away
from the car and tried to gracefully lower myself onto the seat.
Graceful I wasn't as my rigid torso threw me off balance and my butt
just flopped down into the seat and the back of my head banged the
car roof. Luckily I didn't knock my wig off. Too late I realized I
should have used my hand to tuck my skirt behind my knees as I sat
down. It was bunched up underneath me and the front was pulled up
high above my knees. So much for ladylike.

The man who had whistled at me and his friend were far enough down
the street that I don't think they had seen my flop into the car
seat. I started to swivel my legs around and realized I couldn't just
duck down to get my head under the roof and into the car. I had to
lean well forward and tuck my chin down at the same time I was
swiveling my legs in and keeping my knees together. I managed to get
all of me in but it certainly wasn't graceful, this was something I
was going to need to practice a lot. Probably the first of many
things I was going to need a lot of practice doing.

Mistress was laughing and I could barely understand her as she said,
"Well you are in." I found sitting was not very comfortable. The
boning of my corset did not extend down over my thighs in the front
but the fabric itself was stiff and was very tight and dug in at the
top of my thighs. My weight f***ed the plug even deeper inside me and
I was still not sure whether I liked its presence or not. The only
certain thing in my mind about it was my constant awareness of it.
Sitting seemed to increase the pressure on my groin but I was a
little surprised to realize that I wasn't aware of my genitals
trapped inside my chastity belt. There was no movement of the
chastity belt against them or my body and it was almost as if they
had ceased to exist.

It was awkward reaching around for the seat belt but I liked the way
it accentuated my breasts when the strap ran diagonally down between
them. Once Mistress got the car moving other new sensations became
obvious. I felt every motion of the car in several new and very
pleasant ways. My breasts moved and I could feel it both against my
chest and with larger dips and bumps in the straps over my shoulders.
The other sensation was the plug. It was as if it was alive inside of
me. I was very glad Mistress was driving because I would not have
been able to concentrate on controlling the car.

I suddenly was very aware of my cock inside its prison as it tried to
grow with all the new stimulus I was experiencing. I reclined the
seat a little, leaned my head back and just tried to enjoy it all. I
was so tired from all the days' activities that it was only a matter
of minutes before I felt myself drifting into a dreamy state of
bliss. I was aware of Mistress's hand moving down to the console
between the seats and flipping the suspension control switch from
"smooth" past "sport" to "high performance" and her saying, "Enjoy
yourself Teresa." I feel the car's ride become firmer immediately.
It's transmitting every variation in the roads surface directly to my
body and the areas that are so newly susceptible to stimulus.

I know the breasts I feel responding to each little movement were
only silicone but now they are my own. Somehow they have become my
own flesh. I can feel my nipples hardening as I get more aroused and
they so sensitive. The pressure inside my chastity belt and the
pressure I feel from the plug inside me have merged and become
something entirely different.

The dildo deep in my pussy is driving me wild and something is
pressing my clit and massaging it. Is it a dildo or is it my lover?
It must be him, his pubic bone is what I feel hard against my clit.
I can feel his weight pressing down on my whole torso and especially
my groin. His strong arms are holding me in a tight embrace. His
wonderful cock is throbbing inside me and his every movement sends
new chills through me. Feelings I have never known are growing deep
inside my pelvis. I want him deeper within me and I tense my muscles
and try to draw him in. The chills are becoming tremors, emanating
somewhere in the very center of me and flowing throughout my body.
My pelvis thrusts against him, forcing his cock deeper yet and my
clit hard against him.

I grind myself against his hard body and feel his arms clench tighter
yet about me. What started as a small warm glow in the center of me
is growing and overpowering my whole body. I tremble uncontrollably
and thrusting myself against him as he drives deeper and deeper
within me. My nipples are on fire as I press my breasts hard against
his chest. I shudder and quiver without control as my first orgasm
explodes inside me and I squeeze my pussy tight around his cock and
hold on for dear life.

I ride this peak of monumental emotions for several minutes until a
relaxation as deep as the other was strong overwhelms me and I
collapse back into the seat. A relaxation combined with satisfaction
and a glow radiating to my very fingers and toes. I must have dropped
off to sl**p because I wasn't aware of anything else until I felt
Mistress shaking my shoulder and saying, "We're home Teresa. You
seemed to really enjoy the ride home. You wait here while I check and
make sure everything is ready for you." I had no idea what she meant
by "ready for me" but I nodded in compliance and relaxed back in the
seat. I wasn't sure I had the strength to get out of the car anyway
and as I became more awake I remembered what must have been a dream
and I wanted to explore those memories while they were still fresh.

Mistress opened her door and after she got out of the car she turned
back to me and looked at me with a knowing smile. She winked at me as
she said, "The very first time is special for any girl. I know
exactly how you are feeling." With that little bombshell she crossed
the garage and went through the door into the kitchen leaving me
alone with my thoughts. Did she mean what I thought she meant? I
couldn't think of any other meaning and if that was the case it must
not have been a dream. Now I was really confused. The memories of
what had happened weren't muddled or fragmented like those of a dream
normally are.

In addition the glow and feeling of satisfaction I had felt were
still very real. How was it possible and more than that, Why? I knew
that stimulus other than directly to the genitals could bring a woman
to orgasm. I had done that for Mistress on occasion but it certainly
didn't make a man cum. For that matter, I hadn't cum. What I had felt
was entirely different than anything I ever experienced, different
and better.

It was what Mistress told me it was like for a woman. The "Why?"
again. Nothing had been done to me to make me a woman, only to look
like one. Nothing had really been done to me at all except the
clothes and undergarments I was wearing and while the change was
dramatic it sure hadn't changed me. When the doctor f***ed me to cum
it was like it had always been, other than being f***ed. The only
change in "me" was that I truly understood what it was like to be a
submissive and under the control of others. I had always dreamed of
dressing and looking like a woman but I didn't want to be a woman.
Being submissive surely didn't make me a woman.

The ones controlling me all day had all been women and they certainly
weren't submissive. It had really happened. Memories were too clear
and detailed for it to have been a dream and Mistress's comments only
verified that. I couldn't imagine why it had happened and I guess at
the moment didn't really care. I still felt so good I decided to just
relax and savor the feelings. I was still "savoring" when Mistress

"Come on now you blushing girl, everything is ready for you." I
opened the door and was f***ed with a new problem. How do I get out
of the car? The old "stick a foot out and stand up" wouldn't do.
Swivel my legs out and then stand up seemed like the answer but when
I did my head was still inside and there was no way I would be able
to duck enough as I stood to get it out. I swiveled them back in and
tried leaning forward and ducking as I swiveled and it worked but
when I tried to stand up I couldn't get my but out of the seat.

Mistress finally prompted, "Lean forward to get your weight over your
feet." It worked and I was able to get to my feet. I felt a little
weak and wobbly but was on my feet and followed her into the kitchen.
She led me into the living room and motioned me down on the couch.
This time I tried leaning forward to get my weight over my feet and
my descent to sitting was much more graceful. I also remembered to
use my hand to bring my skirt up behind my knees and it was smooth
under me and d****d over my knees as it should be. A quick "Your
knees." from Mistress reminded me to bring them together and not
sprawl the way I always had before.

Sitting back on the couch with my back against the backrest was
uncomfortable in my corset and I tried scooting forward and perching
on the front of the cushion the way I seen Mistress and other woman
do and I discovered that was much better. Mistress sat down on the
love seat across the coffee table from me and proceeded to explain
what "ready for me" meant. Before we had decided to sell this house
and move to the mountain property Mistress had asked me if I had any
objections to her converting one of our spare bedrooms into a room
for her to use for her hobbies. I had of course agreed and she had
been handling the conversion herself. Workmen had been coming and
going but I hadn't seen any of the changes. She had said she wanted
to surprise me with it when it was entirely finished. Now she
"surprised" me and informed me that the converted room was going to
be my room.

I was her new hobby and I would be spending most of my time in that
room and sl**ping there. She told me that we would have a long talk
later tonight about all the new changes in my life but first we would
have a quick dinner and she would show me my new room. I couldn't see
it now because once she took me into it she wanted to start getting
me ready for the night and we wouldn't have time for dinner. Besides
Helen, the nurse from the doctor's office, was due at eight and it
was already almost seven. She had my curiosity running at fever pitch
but I knew her well enough not to bother with any questions,
especially in light of our new Mistress-slave relationship.

The only thing we did before dinner was take me into the bathroom
and show me how to empty the urine bag strapped to my leg. Dinner was
leftovers from a couple of nights before and she had me heat and
serve dinner. Although I was starving after the day's events I found
my corset would only allow me to hold a few bites. Mistress commented
that I would have to get used to eating less and that the corset
would have the added advantage of helping me to lose weight. When I
lost weight I could be laced even smaller.

"All in all a good thing," she said. I had just finished clearing the
table and loading the dishwasher when Helen arrived. The three of us
headed down the hall to my new room. I was curious but extremely
apprehensive. It's good I didn't know what awaited me or I might have
bolted and run. No I probably wouldn't have. All my dreams waited in
that room only I would learn the real meaning of, "Be careful what
you ask for. You may get it."

The room she had chosen for her hobby room was at the back of the
house and the largest bedroom, other than our master suite and had an
attached bath that was accessible only from the bedroom. Mistress
led Helen and I down the hall, opened the door and motioned me in
first. As soon as I stepped into the doorway I froze in shock. She
gave me a push from behind and I stepped into the room and she and
Helen followed me. It was too much to take in all at once. The room
and it's contents astonished me. My concentration on what lay before
me was broken as I heard the door close and when I turned to look
Mistress was taking a chain from around her neck.

A chain with a key on it that she used to lock the deadbolt on the
door. A little fear joined my apprehension now and as I looked around
the room they both grew as did my anticipation to experience some of
the items that filled the room. Mistress told me to go ahead and look
around a little. Where to start? Probably the most striking feature
of the room itself is that all the walls were covered with floor to
ceiling mirrors. The only thing breaking the expanse of mirrors was
the door to the bathroom and if it was like the closed door behind me
it was also mirrored.

The windows had been covered over so the room was sealed off from the
outside world completely. Recessed florescent lights in the ceiling
provided illumination and the room was as bright as any I had ever
seen. The ceiling had another feature that it took me a minute to
figure out. Some sort of tracks radiated out from the center of the
ceiling, eight in all. They ran from the center to each corner and to
the midpoint of each wall. The one going to the wall with the door to
the bathroom ran through the doorway into the bathroom. The doorway
ran all the way to the ceiling so the track appeared to be

At the center of the room where the tracks all met were two electric
cable hoists like they had used at the corset shop for the lacing
bar. These both had a control box, with up and down switches, hanging
from an electrical cable attached to the hoist. I could understand
why I would need a lacing bar at home but why the tracks and why two
hoists? It looked like the hoist could be moved along the tracks to
any place in the room and even into the bathroom. I looked down at
the floor and sure enough, there in the center was a steel ring. The
floor was covered with vinyl tile. The contents of the room looked
more like a hospital than anything else.

The first thing my eyes locked onto was something I had only seen in
pictures. An Iron Lung, a real Iron Lung. I walked across the room to
it not believing my eyes. The big white horizontal cylinder must have
been eight feet long and about three feet in diameter. It was
supported by a steel framework and 3 sets of legs with casters at the
bottom of each leg. I could see the machinery underneath and the
linkage that came up to operate the bellows on one end that would
f***e air into and suck it out of the chamber to breathe for the
person enclosed within. At the other end of the chamber was a hole in
the very center. It wasn't just a hole but an opening with a foam
rubber collar clamped into it. The collar was loosely covered with
thin sheet rubber. Four clamps with large round hand wheels were
spaced around the collar and seemed to hold it in place. The end of
the chamber containing the collar was a separate piece and I looked
at the two big clamps that held it to the body of the tank and drew
it tight to make an airtight seal. Below the collar two rods
projected out and supported a leather covered headrest.

Over the top of the end was a large rectangular mirror. Two long,
rectangular clear windows ran the length of the chamber on each side
and four round ports with covers that could be opened to allow access
to the Lung's occupant ran below the windows on each side. Did it
really work. The cord running from the machinery underneath was
plugged into the wall. It must work. I looked through one of the
windows in the side and could see a cot running the length of the

It was covered with a clean white sheet. On either side of the cot
ran a shiny steel tube and attached to the tubes where some sort of
brackets with wide padded leather straps attached. Someone was going
to be not only enclosed in there but they would be strapped immobile
as well. That someone was going to be me. It was difficult to drag
myself away from a device that had fascinated me all my life but I
continued my tour of the room.

There was an examining table identical to the one I had been strapped
to in the doctors office a few hours before but that was no surprise
after hearing the doctor and Mistress talk. There were two wheeled
carts at the foot of the Iron Lung. One held a metal box about two
feet square with dials and controls all over one side. The box was
marked "Monahagn Negative Pressure Respirator". A corrugated hose
about the size of a vacuum cleaner hose ran from the box to the
center of a gray plastic shell resting on the lower shelf. The shell
looked like it would cover a persons chest and abdomen. The edges had
wide rubber seals and there were straps that looked like they would
wrap around the person and hold it in place.

It was sort of a portable Iron Lung and I would learn later that they
are called cuirasses. The other cart held a similar box that was a
little smaller. It was marked "Bennett Positive Pressure Respirator"
and also had a hose attached only it ran to what looked like a gas
mask with round eye pieces and many straps that would hold it tightly
to someone's head.

There was a wheeled hospital gurney along one wall and an electric
wheelchair that looked much heavier and more complex than any I had
seen and had a very high back and even a headrest. The gurney and
wheelchair both had a generous supply of the padded leather straps I
was becoming so used to seeing. Standing up against the same wall
was a backboard like you see used by ambulance crews with accident
victims and what I recognized as a "Stokes Litter, a wire mesh frame
that a person lies down in instead of on.

Both with the now customary straps. A small swivel chair on casters
completed the furnishings. The one thing I expected and didn't see
anywhere in the room was a bed. One wall didn't have anything against
it and the mirrors looked a little odd. I walked over to it and
realized that it was a series of doors, all covered with mirrors. I
opened one and saw my two old back braces hanging inside among many
empty hooks. I opened the one next to it and it also included many
hooks only they were all full. There were more of the padded leather
straps in all sizes and lengths, leather helmets like I had worn for
so much of the day and four or five harnesses of some kind made up of
leather straps with buckles and round steel rings everywhere on them.

Other things didn't recognize and had no idea what they were filled
the other hooks. I opened the next door and it was filled with
drawers. I was starting to pull one open when Mistress called out to
me. "You'll get familiar with everything there in time. Don't worry
about it all now. The next couple of doors are for your new clothes
and they are almost empty now so don't bother opening them. You might
be interested in the bathroom but hurry, we have things to get done.
It's almost your bedtime."

I went into the bathroom and the hospital look was just as evident
there. The most obvious was the large stainless steel tank. It was a
the****utic whirlpool like they had used when I was going through
physical therapy after my back injury. It was a good eight feet long
and 4 feet high. There was no bathtub or shower but there was
something that sort of resembled a toilet.

It was too high to sit on and didn't have a seat anyway. It didn't
really look like a urinal but I guess it could have been used for
one. It had a spout above it and two foot pedals at the bottom. I
stepped on one and water came out the spout. I stepped on the other
and it flushed like a toilet. There was a stainless steel counter
and sink that would have looked more in place in a kitchen or
hospital I guess. Above and below the counter where some cabinets,
all with locks. I returned to the room and saw that they had been
busy while I had been gone.

A lacing bar was hanging from one of the hoists and a small leather
harness of some kind from the other. They were obviously waiting for
me and Mistress asked, "Well Teresa are you ready to get out of your
corset and have a nice hot bath?"

"Oh yes Mistress, that sounds wonderful."

"Well get out of your skirt and blouse and Rhonda and I will let you
out of your corset."

I quickly removed my skirt and blouse and Mistress took them from me
and hung them behind one of the mirrored doors. She motioned me over
to the lacing bar. I didn't know why she would need it to remove my
corset but I knew enough to not question her. She quickly applied the
leather cuffs to my wrists and raised the bar to where my hands were
well above my head but supporting any of my weight. She lowered the
cable from the other hoist that had the little leather harness I had
noticed. She placed the harness over my head and worked one strap
under my chin and the other low on the back of my neck. Then she
buckled a strap on each side that joined the front and rear straps.
The harness was firmly strapped to my head.

Helen handed her another strap and it had one of those inflatable
gags on it. She held it up to my mouth and the look in her eyes told
me that my only option was to open my mouth. She inserted it and
quickly buckled it to each side of the harness holding it firmly in
place with the leather flange tight against my lips. She pumping the
bulb on the end of the tube until my mouth was filled with the firmly
inflated rubber.

As she raised both hoists I found myself being lifted by my head and
arms. She didn't lift me clear of the ground but part of my weight
was being supported. She went over and retrieved 2 more straps with
short lengths of chain attached from behind the second door I had
opened and knelt down and removed my shoes, unclipped my garters,
unstrapped my urine bag, removed my stockings and reattached the
urine bag to my leg. Then she secured my ankles to the ring on the
floor with the straps and chains. She raised the hoists again until
I was suspended with the chains connected to my ankles tight.

My arms and head were supporting my full weight but I wasn't being
stretched like when my final lacing was done. She explained to my
that when a corset laced as tightly as mine was removed the sudden
release could be very painful and this way I would be supported and
then they could slowly return support of my body to my bones and
muscles. She unlocked and removed the steel belt from around my waist
and then they began loosening my laces. It was a little painful as
the pressure was released but the new freedom was very welcome.

Once all the laces were relaxed she unhooked the busk and removed my
corset and hung it over a bar inside the clothes closet section where
she had hung my skirt and blouse. She unhooked my bra and removed it.
I noticed that the shoulder straps had fasteners of some kind that
could be disconnected so she didn't have to release my arms to get
the bra off my arms. She removed my forms and put them in a drawer
in the wall unit and hung my bra over the bar by my corset. It felt
wonderful to be free of the tremendous confinement of my corset but I
didn't like having my breasts removed.

I looked in the mirror and didn't like the body I saw there. Mistress
unlocked the two padlocks securing my chastity belt and unfastened
the strap between my legs from the rear of belt and pulled the strap
through my butt plug and left the strap dangling between my legs. My
own muscles were holding the plug in place. I tried to expel it but
it wouldn't budge.

Mistress came around in front of me and disconnected the tube from my
catheter to my urine bag. She lifted the front outer portion of my
chastity and pulled the tube back through the hole in the cover. For
the first time I saw the inside of the chastity. My penis was pointed
straight down and nestled in a trough formed in a very thick piece of
rubber that tapered down in thickness out to the edges of the
chastity. A thin piece of rubber stretched over the trough and hooked
at one side held my penis in the trough.

She removed that thin cover and went behind me and undid the straps
that held the belt closed in the back. As she released it she held it
in place in the front and then eased it down and allowed my penis to
slip back through the hole in the front above the chastity. She
pulled my catheter tube through the hole and then reattached it to my
bag. She went into the bathroom with my chastity belt and when she
returned she stopped in front of me and looked me in the eyes and
said, "Now it's time to tell you how things are going to be."

"You are free for the last time until your training is complete,
possible forever depending on how well you adapt to your new life.
You will never be out of some sort of restraint, either physical or
chemical. This sort of suspension is the simplest form the physical
will take and you will learn about the chemical in a few minutes.
You could call it a life of leisure because you will not have to
perform any sort of labor or even household chores. You won't be able
to. The only thing you will be able to do is experience and feel the
things I do to you, all things you have dreamed of. Tomorrow we have
an appointment with an orthopedic appliance shop where we will have
you measured for every type of brace you have ever imagined wearing
and wear them you will.

When you are not in suspension, strapped into or on something or
chemically restrained you will be encased in braces from your head to
your feet and be incapable of movement except as I may allow.
Elimination of your body wastes will be handled by an In dwelling
catheter like you are wearing now and by a "Bardex" catheter like you
experienced at the doctors office this morning. I will feed you or
designate someone else to feed you when not supplying nourishment by
IV or stomach tube. I can bring you to orgasm whenever I desire and
completely under my control so you see you have no control over any
aspect of your life whatsoever."

"You may wonder why I am going to all the trouble of molding your
figure and giving you breast implants if you are going to be
imprisoned as I've described. Your experience in the car this
afternoon is why. You were given an example of what you may expect if
you complete your training successfully. And what you'll be denied if
you don't. The feelings your breasts and your corsets and the very
appearance of your body will remind you of what you are striving for.
If you are successful you will be surgically changed to a real woman.
You will be my slave of course but you will know happiness beyond

"Oh yes, The plug inside of you right now is just one of the many
you'll experience. You'll never be without one and that little penis
there will be locked up at all times except when you are bathing and
it won't always be free even then. You will never be allowed to touch
it again. It belongs to me and only I have the authority to touch it
or designate someone else to touch it. You will never touch it as
long as it is attached to you as a penis. If you are successful it
will be converted to a vagina and it will bring you the kind of joy
you had a little taste of earlier today."

"If you resist me in any way you will fail and your punishment will
be severe. I can only tell you that you don't want to experience the
punishment I can inflict on you. Your chemical restraint will be
achieved through the use of Curare. It was originally South American
poison used on poison arrows and darts. It kills the prey by
paralyzing there breathing muscles. It has been refined and improved
by modern medicine and is used for many purposes including to totally
paralyze a person during surgery or for some other purposes. You are
one of those other purposes. When injected it paralyzes all of your
skeletal and voluntary muscles. Everything, from your eyelids to the
largest muscles including the respiratory muscles. It doesn't affect
the ability to feel, only to move, so you will be able to feel and
appreciate everything I do to you while you are paralyzed.

The size of the dosage determines the duration of the paralysis and
it leaves no after affects. Having you paralyzed will make a lot of
things I have to do to you easier and others harder but the main
reason is to emphasize your total helplessness and dependency on me.
I totally control every aspect of your existence."

"I'm going to remove your gag and traction harness now so I can get
the respirator mask and a neck brace on you before I inject the
Curare. If you have any intelligence at all you won't utter a word.
If you do I'll inject the Curare and let it take affect before I put
the mask and brace on you. You'll survive but your inability to
breathe will be a very unpleasant experience and your head will be
flopping around very uncomfortably."

"Helen, will you bring the Bennett respirator over here please, and
the cervical collar." My mind was spinning with all she had told me.
This was certainly not what I had agreed upon. Actually I guess it
was what I had agreed-upon, everything she told me she was going to
do was taken care of by the fifteen items on her list but I had never
dreamed this was what she had in mind. I couldn't imagine living the
way she described but a part of me wanted to and apparently I had no
choice in the matter. She had made it clear that verbal protest would
be fruitless and judging from what she had told me physical
resistance was not an option either. I truly was completely helpless
and totally under her control. I was amazed when I looked at my
reflection in their and saw my cock hard and erect. I realized how
excited I was about what was coming immediately and in the future and
my only real concern was that it would be too much of what I had
wanted and dreamed of for so long.

The idea of surgery to become a woman was so far in the future that
wasn't really a concern at that time. I had to much other things to
deal with before that became a concern. Mistress lowered the hoists
I was standing on my feet supporting my full weight. She opened the
valve releasing the pressure in gag, unbuckled it and removed it from
my mouth. There was no temptation to say a word. She released the
of the straps and removed the harness from my head. By this time
had pushed the cart containing the Bennett respirator over and it was
in front of me. I saw the box with all of its controls and a hose
leading to the heavy appearing, elaborate mask.

Also on the cart was what must have been the cervical collar she had
referred to. It looked like it was made of heavy plastic or
with padding inside. I could see it was shaped to fit under my chin
be supported by my upper chest in front and my lower skull and upper
back in the back. The front and back portions were connected by wide
pieces of plastic with Velcro fastenings at both sides. Mistress told
me to lean my head back so she could put moistening drops in my eyes.
She said the Curare would paralyze my eyelids and I wouldn't be able
blink if my eyes were open. The drops would prevent my eyes from
out. I couldn't even imagine not being able to blink but I tilted my
head back and my vision blurred as she put the drops in. I blinked
rapidly to clear my vision and it did clear to a large extent.

Mistress picked up the mask and loosened all the straps. She placed
against my face. It completely covered my face and extended about
halfway back over my head on top, to just in front of my ears on the
side and under my chin. She pulled the straps over my head to the
and began tightening them. They pulled the mask tight against my face
and I could feel the wide rubber flanges sealing all around. The
respirator didn't to seem to be operating yet because no air was
being f***ed into the mask but I could breathe normally. I could see
easily through the glass eye pieces in front of each eye. The smell
of the rubber was slightly stimulating. She took the cervical collar
and opened the Velcro on one side and slipped it around my neck and
under my chin. She pulled the connection at the side together and
fastened the Velcro. It fit snuggly and held my head rigid with me
unable to tilt or twist it.

Mistress and Helen left me to my thoughts and went into the bathroom.
I assumed they were going to prepare my injection and I had plenty of
thoughts as I waited for them to return. I would have been glad to
wait for a long time but it seemed like only seconds before they
returned and Mistress was carrying a hypodermic. She laid it on the
cart that was still parked in front of me and I could hear her
telling Helen she wanted to check the respirator before starting.
She adjusted a few of the knobs and then flicked a toggle switch on
the front up. Immediately air flooded the mask and f***ed it's way
into my lungs. It seemed like it would explode them but then the flow
stopped and the air was sucked from them. I thought all the air was
exhausted from me but the respirator continued to draw air from me
until it seemed to be collapsing my ribs.

Then the air started flowing in again and the sequence repeated over
and over. I tried to fight it but I was helpless to overcome the
demands of the machine. Mistress adjusted some of the knobs again and
the flow seemed to be a little less demanding, especially as it
sucked the air out. Either that or I got more used to it. I quit
fighting and just let it breathe for me and then Mistress turned it
off. I almost forgot to breathe for a few seconds.

Mistress picked up the syringe and stepped around behind me. My pulse
rate must have been over 100 as I waited for the sting on the needle.
I felt the coldness of an alcohol wipe and then the sting of the
needle. I held my breath waiting for the affects. Nothing happened.
Mistress came back around in front and laid the syringe back down on
the cart. I could see it was now empty. Nothing seemed to be
happening and then I realized I wasn't blinking. I tried to close my
eyelids but they wouldn't move. Mistress had stepped over beside
Helen and I tried to look over at her. I couldn't move my eyes.
About that time I realized my tongue wouldn't move either. I started
to panic and wanted her to turn on the respirator but realized I was
still breathing fine.

My fingers were slipping from the lacing bar. I couldn't hold on to
it any more. My hands fell free from the bar and hung suspended from
the straps around my wrists. Just a second or two later my knees
buckled and my full weight was hanging from the bar. I tried to stand
up straight again my legs refused to respond. I took a deep breath to
try again and my lungs didn't respond. No air flowed into them. Just
as this registered on me I saw Mistress flip the switch on and air
flooded into the mask and to my lungs. They filled and then emptied
as the respirator took over what I could no longer do. I experimented
and discovered I couldn't move anything. It was the most eerie

I was wondering if they were just going to leave me hanging when I
saw Mistress in the mirror. She was bringing the electric wheelchair
over behind me. It must have had controls on the back because she
was driving it as she walked behind it. She brought it directly
behind me and stopped it. I was wondering how they would lift me into
it when the seat began to rise. The seat, backrest and even the leg
rests were moving and raising up until in about 20 seconds they where
all aligned in a straight line and vertical. It looked like a cot
standing up straight at the front of the chair. Mistress lifted me
with the hoist until I was hanging with my feet about six inches
above the floor. She knelt down and removed the straps from my ankles
and then moved the chair forward until my feet were over the foot
rests. She lowered me until I could feel my feet on the footrests.

She swung a padded bar about six inches wide from the side over in
front of my shins just below my knees. I heard it click in place and
could feel it pressing against my shins. She lowered me just a little
more and I could feel that I was leaning back against the seat and
backrest. She wrapped wide straps around me at the waist and at my
chest and buckled me tightly to the chair. She fastened another strap
around my forehead which held my head tight against the headrest.
She lowered the hoist more and as my arms came down to my sides my
forearms were resting on the arm rests of the chair. Mistress wrapped
another strap around each forearm attaching to the chair and then
removed the straps attaching me to the lacing bar. She raised the bar
out of the way. I felt the chair moving and saw that she was holding
a switch on the back of the chair.

I was being lowered to a sitting position and in about 20 seconds I
was sitting comfortable strapped in the chair. Mistress leaned over
and said, "That's a 'Redman Standing Chair', pretty clever isn't it?"
It was fantastic. I didn't know they made things like that. Mistress
continued, "I was planning on giving you a bath tonight but I think
we'll wait until morning. It's getting late and I need Helen to help
me get you ready for bed. I don't want to keep her here too late.
Renee can help with your bath in the morning. That's right you don't
know about Renee. I will be spending so much time with you I'll need
full-time help. I hired Renee to do the cooking and cleaning and to
help me with you. She'll be here full-time and will start tomorrow

"Mistress stepped around behind me and with a click and low hum chair
turned and started forward across the room towards the Iron Lung. I
had been right about controls at the back of chair. I learned later
that they were called "attendant controls". There was a box
a joy stick, some switches and lights and a meter attached to the
right arm rest that were my controls but in my paralyzed state they
were worthless to me. Something else I found out later, the controls
on the arm rest could be disabled leaving control of the chair
strictly to whoever was manning the "attendant controls". Mistress
stopped to chair a few feet and she and Helen went over to the Iron
Lung. I watched with fascination as they released the two large
sealing the and with the opening and head rest to the body of the

They pulled on the end and the whole end assembly rolled on its own
wheels away from the chamber bringing the cot with it. They continued
pulling until the cot was completely exposed. Some arrangement of
bars, rods and rollers supported be end of the cot still attached to
the chamber. The cot even rolled back and forth on the bars that
supported it as became obvious when they rolled it back about a foot
or two from the head rest. As I watched they busied themselves with
what I assumed was preparing the Iron Lung for my occupancy. There
were L-shaped brackets along both sides of the cot that came up from
below and held more of the padded leather straps I was becoming so
very familiar with. There were four along each side of the cot. They
depressed a button on each bracket and it released the bracket and
they swung down until the straps some below the cot.

Mistress laid a wide rubber strap across the cot several feet down
from the upper end. They both went around to what would be the
of the end assembly and loosened the hand wheels holding the clamps
that held the rubber collar in place. They pulled on the upper
of the collar and it pulled through the clamps and the opening in the
center stretched and became larger. They tightened into hand wheels
and then did the same with the lower clamps. The opening in the
was now obviously large enough to allow a head to pass through it.
The thin rubber covering the foam rubber collar just wrinkled up a
little more as the opening increased in size.

Helen and Mistress went to the control panel on the side of the Iron
Lung and Helen showed Mistress something there and they adjusted
several of the controls. Mistress turned on the on-off switch and the
Iron Lung came to live. Amidst an assortment of mechanical sounds the
bellows at the foot end began moving end and out. The bellows covered
the whole end of the chamber and moved quite a long distance both end
and out. Mistress and Helen watched it for a minute or so, nodded to
each other and then Mistress switched it off. They both turned and
looked at me, it was almost time for me to experience something I had
dreamed of since c***dhood. She went over and removed the traction
harness from the one hoist. She took it to what I would later come to
know as the accessory closet. She put it in a drawer and removed a
steel bar of some kind from another drawer.

She returned to the hoist and attached the center of the bar to the
cable coming from the hoist. Then she moved the hoist along the track
until it was directly over me. She retrieved two heavy webbing straps
with steel rings on the ends that were hanging down by the sides of
my chair. She hooked them over the ends of the steel bar and then
began releasing the straps that held me in the chair. After all the
straps were released she unlocked the bar across my shins and swung
it to the side of the chair. She began raising the hoist and as the
webbing straps became tight I felt first pressure on my buttocks,
thighs and back and then was lifted from the chair.

In just a few seconds I was hanging from the hoist and could see I
was suspended in a sling made up of two pieces of heavy mesh fabric,
one supporting my buttocks and thighs and the other my back. The
sling must have already been positioned on the seat of the chair when
Mistress placed me there. In spite of my completely paralyzed
condition I felt quite secure in the sling. It supported me well and
wrapped tightly around my sides. Mistress raised me a little higher
and began pushing me toward the Iron Lung. The hoist slid along the
track and soon I was hanging directly over the Iron Lung's cot.
Mistress swung me so my body was in line with the cot and lowered me
until my feet were on the cot and my buttocks just a few inches above
it. She seemed to be studying my position and her planning in the
positioning of the Iron Lung must have been perfect because she
seemed satisfied and lowered me down onto the cot.

As my weight was taken on my buttocks the back portion of the sling
lowered my back and had onto the cot. In seconds I was lying on the
cot and Mistress disconnected the straps from the bar on the
hoist and raised the bar up to the ceilings. She straightened my
legs out and she and Helen began raising the L-shaped brackets they
had swung down out of the way earlier. Each bracket clicked and
locked in its upright position and they buckled the straps on each
around my arms and legs, one strap around each ankle, thigh, wrist
and upper arm. When they were finished strapping me to the cot
Mistress produced something else. I noticed she was holding what
looked like to clear plastic breast forms. They looked to be quite a
bit smaller than my new forms. Smaller in depth but would cover about
the same area on my chest. They were made of heavy plastic and were
hollow. The edges were covered by soft black rubber seals. At the top
of each form, where the nipple would be, was an added little chamber
much too large to represent a nipple. They were about an inch in
diameter and several inches high. A clear plastic hose ran from the
top of each of the chambers and the two hoses joined and became one.

Inside the chambers, about halfway up, was a shiny metal disk. They
were perforated with many small holes and a wire ran from each out
through the top of the chamber. The two forms were joined to each
other in the center by a piece of black rubber. Mistress rubbed some
lotion on my breasts and then placed the forms on my chest, centered
over my breasts. She then brought the ends of the rubber strap she
had placed on the cot up and around me and fastened the ends to the
forms. They were held snuggly but not tightly to my chest. The tube
and wires ran somewhere out of my sight.

Mistress removed the cervical collar from around my neck and Helen,
standing on the other side, supported my head as I lost the support
from the collar. Mistress loosened the straps holding the mask to my
face. She held the mask tight against my face and pulled the straps
from in back of my head. Helen was standing on the other side of the
cot and the two of them began sliding the cot up toward the and
assembly and the opening my head would pass through. Suddenly
Mistress pulled the mask from my face and they quickly slid the cot
up against the end assembly with Helen supporting my head as it
passed through the opening in the collar.

Mistress immediately placed the mask back on my face and held it
there. It had all happen so fast I hadn't even had time to panic when
she removed the mask that was breathing for me. Helen began loosening
the handle wheels holding the collar open and I felt it tightening
around my neck. It was very snug and uncomfortable. She pulled at the
top of the collar and the pressure at the very front of my neck eased
a little. They began pushing the end assembly, and with it the cot
and me, toward the body of the Iron Lung. I rolled quickly inside and
heard a solid thud and felt the jolt as the end slammed against the
body of the Iron Lung. They rotated the clamps that sealed the end to
the body, locking me inside.

Helen must have gone around to the control panel because as soon as
Mistress pulled the mask from my face the Iron Lung was turned on.
There was almost no break in my breathing as the Iron Lung took over
the duties. It was good to have the mask off my face but the collar
around my neck was irritating and as the pressure inside the tank
increased and was reduced to collar moved in an out. It didn't really
rub on my neck but moved against my neck and when the pressure was
highest in the tank the collar pressed lightly on my chin. Mistress
adjusted the mirror at the top of the tank so I could see my
reflection in the mirror on the wall, the reflection of the giant
white tank with only my head protruding from the end.

I guess muscles don't control erections because I could feel my cock
responding to what I was experiencing. It was hard and erect. My mind
was exploring the sensations of life in the Iron Lung when I became
aware of a new sensation. Something was tugging at my breasts. Each
time as pressure began to drop in the tank and air was sucked into my
lungs my breasts were being sucked into the forms Mistress had
strapped over them. A vacuum was apparently being applied to the
forms. It was a pleasant feeling and a welcome addition to all the
other sensations I was experiencing. Suddenly I felt something touch
my hip. I would have jumped if I had been able to move. I felt the
coldness of an alcohol wipe and the prick of a needle entering my
flesh. I felt the pressure as whatever substance was injected into
me. The needle was removed and I heard the click as the ports in the
side of the tank that had given access to me were closed.

Mistress came around to where I could see her in the mirror and said,
"I gave you some more Curare to make sure your paralysis remains
complete. It's time for you to go to sl**p now. Sweet dreams Teresa."
Her fingers hovered over my eyes and gently brushed my eyelids down,
closing them. I tried to open them again but was unable to budge
them. I heard the click of their heels as Mistress and Helen crossed
the room and I heard the door click shut as they closed it behind
them. I am alone, paralyzed and unable to even breathe. I am more
totally and severely paralyzed than any polio or spinal cord injury
victim. I am totally dependent on the Iron Lung I lie strapped
within. If it stops I will die. It must have an alarm on it. Can
Mistress here it if the alarm goes off? What if the power fails? What
is wrong with me? I have dreamed about being in this position all my
life and now all I can do is worry. Stop worrying and savor the

I'm getting used to the collar moving against my neck and it's not so
irritating, it's actually reassuring. It tells me the pressure is
rising and falling inside my Iron Lung as it should. "My Iron Lung",
I love the sound of that. A dream I was sure would never come true.
The suction on my breasts is heavenly. It's like they are being
massaged. They feel so much more sensitive than they ever have
before. The way the suction starts just as I start taking in each
breath is perfect. It's like the very act of breathing is making my
breasts grow. A f***e beyond my control is pulling the air into my
lungs and pulling the breasts buried in my chest out and into
the beautiful breasts I have always dreamed of having. With each
breath they seem to grow a little larger. They slide so smoothly
into the chambers surrounding them. I really do believe they are
growing more with each breath. I can feel them starting to touch the
walls of the chambers. They are just touching lightly in a few
places but I can feel the coolness of the plastic against my skin.
Each breath is exquisite.

My very existence is so unique. The feelings of what is being done to
my body is my total existence. I am powerless to alter or change
anything. I can only feel and enjoy what is done to me. My cock is
harder than I have ever felt it. I can feel the catheter running
through it and deep within me. I feel like if I could just touch my
cock I would explode and cum like I had never cum before. I can feel
the plug buried deep within me also. If only I could make its move
within me. If I could even contract my muscles around it and feel it
seem to grow. If I could just pull it deeper within me. If I could do
any of that the feelings would combine with what is being done to my
breasts and I could experience what happened to me in the car this
afternoon again and again and again...I want so much to feel that

If that is what it is like to orgasm as a woman I want to be a woman.
I want my cock gone and replaced by vagina. I want a vagina that can
hold a hot throbbing cock and squeeze itself around it tightly as it
drives in an out of me. I want to take it deeper and deeper into me
and hold if there. I want to feel my lover caress my breasts and suck
my nipples as he brings me to orgasm after orgasm. I was right, my
breasts are growing within their chambers. The plastic isn't just
barely touching them now. At the end of each breath my whole breasts
are held tightly against the inside surface of the chambers and it
seems like my nipples are being sucked on even harder. They must be
being drawn into those little chambers on the top. The feeling is
delicious. My breasts are so much more sensitive.

Breathing is normally so boring. You're not even aware of it, just
breathe in and now and you don't even think about it unless you get
out of breath or something. Now each breath is an adventure with what
is being done to my breasts each time. More than that though, you
don't appreciate something until you don't have it and the ability to
breathe is something we take so much for granted. The ability to move
is something we never think about and now that I can't I think about
it constantly. To just move anything, even just open my eyes (I
wonder if Mistress turned the lights out).

What if I get an itch somewhere? It will drive me nuts not being able
to scratch it. Of course I couldn't scratch anyway with my arms and
legs strapped down this way and it was on my face what could I do?
My head is out here and all the rest of my body is in there. But if I
wasn't paralyzed I wouldn't be in an Iron Lung. If I hadn't agreed to
Mistress's conditions I could scratch anytime I wanted. But I really
do want all of this, don't I? I have always wanted to know what it is
like to be paralyzed, to be in an Iron Lung, to wear braces and tight
corsets and to be a woman. Most of all I realize I have wanted to be
controlled. I never dreamed of being controlled this completely.

Maybe I did dream of it but never thought it would happen. This is
beyond what anyone could imagine and I wouldn't change one thing. I
will co-operate in every way and someday Mistress will make the
final dream come true. Mistress will make me into a real woman. Until
that time itches may get to be a real problem though. I wonder if she
will keep me restrained and will she paralyze me after she makes me a
woman? I hope so.Oh! What was that? Something made my nipples tingle.
It was like a tiny electric shock. Just when I finished taking a
breath, no, having a breath taken for me. There it is again. It just
lasts for a second but the feeling seems to linger for a few seconds
longer. There it is again. It's like a reward for taking a breath.
Only I'm not doing anything to be rewarded for.

I'm just lying here having things done to me, wonderful things done
to me. It happens each time I complete a breath, when my breasts
fill the chambers and my nipples are pulled into those little
chambers at the top. Those metal plates and wires I saw, that's
what's doing it. My nipples are touching those and there is
electricity flowing through them. It feels so good. I wonder if it
has a purpose or is just a treat from Mistress. Maybe she'll tell me
tomorrow. I wonder if it will keep up this way all night? How can I
sl**p with all these good feelings that happen each time I breathe?
Why would I want to sl**p with all these good feelings happening to
me? I want to feel and experienced everything. The Iron Lung makes
so much noise I probably won't be able to sl**p anyway.

I finally did sl**p although I have no idea for how long. When I
awoke I went through a few seconds of terror until I remembered where
I was and why. I was still unable to open my eyes and I took stock of
the rest of me and didn't find a muscle anywhere that I had any
control over. I didn't know if the Curare lasted all night or if
Mistress had given me another injection sometime during the night.
With the two years experience I have with Curare now I know that she
must have given me another injection. I had no idea what time it was
over even if it actually was morning yet. The Iron Lung continued its
ceaseless operation and my breasts were still being drawn into the
their own private chambers and my nipples stimulated with every

It was still pleasant but my breasts and nipples seemed almost numb
from the constant stretching and stimulation. I wished there were
some way I could stop the attention they were receiving but that
desire only reminded me of my total hopelessness and dependence on
Mistress. I tried to not dwell on those thoughts because this was
just the beginning of the first full day of my new life.

I'm certain that Mistress has things in mind for me that I will
consider less than pleasant and my state of mind is going to make
things either easier or harder for me. She has made it clear that my
training is going to be very difficult for me and I absolutely must
complete it successfully. It has become so clear to me in the last
24 hours that this is what was always meant for me. I can't believe
how strongly I feel in such a short time but there is no doubt in my
mind. The only thing that will make my existence more perfect is
when Mistress makes me a real woman. I'll never be a woman
genetically but she can make me anatomically woman.

I have no idea how long I lay awake before I heard the door open and
click of women's shoes coming across the room, at least two pair of
shoes. Someone was with Mistress and they were wearing high heels.
Helen had worn soft sole shoes like all nurses so this obviously
wasn't Helen. Mistress had told me that she hired someone for cooking
and cleaning but most maids don't wear high heels. Mistress had told
me her named but I couldn't remember it. I felt fingers touch my
eyelids and gently open them. The brightness from the overhead
fluorescent lights was blinding and I couldn't close my eyes or even
squint. It was like a knife of light stabbing into my eyes. My eyes
were open but I couldn't see anything other than the brilliant light.

I heard Mistress's voice say, "Good morning Teresa. I hope you slept
well." but I couldn't see her. If only I could communicate with
Mistress and beg her to turn off the lights. It was something I had
never thought of, I could not communicate with Mistress or anyone
else. That thought was terrifying and I hoped Mistress would allow
the Curare to wear off and the paralysis to end at least temporarily.
It seemed like new things kept coming up to remind me of how totally
helpless I was. My eyes were finally adjusting to the light and I
could make out Mistress's face materializing through the haze. A
woman was standing next to her but she didn't look like any
housekeeper I had ever seen. She was tall, at least four inches
taller than Mistress and Mistress is 5'9", and as my eyes cleared
more I could see she had an outstanding figure.

I'm not sure which struck me first, the size of her breasts or her
tiny waist. The contrast between the two was striking. She had rather
broad shoulders and her hips were hidden by her skirt. She was
wearing a French maid's costume so she must have been the woman
Mistress had hired. I knew it was a French maid's costume because I
had seen pictures of similar costumes in Fetish magazines. Her dress
was black satin and the top was very low cut and showed a tremendous
amount of cleavage. Her nipples must have been just barely covered.
Over her dress was a white apron with lace all around it. It didn't
look like a working uniform to me, at least not the kind of work a
maid was normally hired for. I had never seen a maid that used
crutches either. She was leaning on a pair of forearm crutches.

Mistress told her to step back a little so I could see all of her
reflection in my mirror. I could see her legs now and saw that the
skirt was very short, barely below her crotch and below it were
leg braces. She had on a pair full leg braces with a steel bar on
the inner and outer side of each leg that ran from her high heeled
shoes up beneath her skirt. The bars were connected by white leather
bands that ran completely around her legs, two above and two below
her knees. White leather pads covered her knees and were attached to
the bars with straps and buckles. I could see black fishnet stockings
covered her legs underneath the braces. I wondered if they were
pantyhose or stockings attached by garters to a corset or a garter
belt at the top end.

With a waist as tiny as hers it must be a corset, I decided. Her
shoes were black with extremely high heels, they looked to be about
six inches.Mistress said, "Teresa, meet Renee. Renee will be staying
here with us and helping with the house work and with a your care.
She will be a great help with you, she's somewhat of an expert in the
type training you are just beginning. Dr. Powers loaned me Renee.
She used to be named Robert, Robert Powers, and she was Dr. Powers'
husband. You can see how successful Dr. Powers' techniques are. Your
surgery will be performed at the same clinic in Denmark that Renee
visited. She was also fitted by the gentleman in Germany who will be
fitting you. Renee, lift your skirt and petticoats and show Teresa
what Mr. Latowski made for you." Renee lifted her skirt and all I
could see were frilly white panties but then she dropped her panties
and I saw Mr. Latowski's masterpiece. She was wearing what looked
like polished stainless-steel panties. They covered her completely in
front and the leg openings curved up over her hips on the side. When
she turned around I could see that the rear was shaped to perfectly
conform to her buttocks, including fitting in the crack between them.
It obviously fit very tightly and there was no way it could be worked
down over her hips. A small padlock on each side secured it to her
until whoever held to key decided to release her.

My question about corset or garter belt was answered. Black garter
straps from the tops of her stockings ran from her stockings past her
steel panties to what I could see was the bottom of a molded plastic
back brace. The steel bar on the outside of each leg brace also ran
up past her hips and attached to the back brace. I couldn't see much
of it but I could imagine how terribly uncomfortable and confining it
must be for her. I could see where it began to curve in over the tops
of her hips to her tiny waist and it would hold her in an absolutely
rigid and unyielding grip.

I could see her breasts rise above her dress with every breath so she
must have had absolutely no movement below her breasts. My gaze
back to her steel panties. I was most interested in the front. There
was no sign of male genitalia, only a steel mound a little larger
what a woman would normally have. I had assumed Renee was actually a
man but now I wasn't so sure.

Mistress satisfied my curiosity when she said, "Renee's little penis
and balls are nestled in a silicone insert inside her belt. It's
just like her penis was in a vagina except its pointing down, she
can't move it at all and it can't grow. She can pee normally,
normally for a woman that is. You'll have one of these of your own
soon. Until then you'll continue to wear your rubber chastity which
will be replaced after your bath this morning." Mistress turned to
Renee and said, "Pull your panties up and go prepare Teresa's
injection. We certainly wouldn't want her paralysis to lessen any
while we are bathing her. We have a busy day today and have to get
her ready for her visit to the brace shop."

Several of my questions had been answered. The first and the most
disappointing to me was that Mistress was not going to release me
from my paralysis in the immediate future. The other weren't really
disappointing at all. It was obvious that Dr. Powers was experienced
in the type training Mistress had in mind for me and the idea of me
having a figure like Renee's excited me beyond belief. Her steel
panties had an equally strong effect on me. I tried to imagine what
it would feel like to be locked into them. My rubber chastity belt
was extremely tight and confining but the rubber would bend and yield
a little. That steel certainly wouldn't and although it didn't appear
to be as tight it did fit very snuggly and would probably be even
more confining.

What I found strangely exciting however was the idea of my genitals
being held securely in silicone and locked behind cold and unyielding
steel. Renee went to prepare my injection of curare and Mistress
stepped directly into my line of sight. She had a very serious look
on her face as she began to speak, "I'm going to keep you paralyzed
until we get to the brace shop. It will be easier for them to work
if you are not on the respirator. You will co-operate fully with
them there or I will intubate you. That means put a breathing tube
or airway down your throat and I will warn you now it is not
comfortable. I'll paralyze you again and place you back on the
respirator. If you f***e me to do that the airway will remain in
your throat for seven days and you'll be kept paralyzed continuously
for that time. If you behave properly I'll let the effects of the
curare wear off for periods of time so you will have normal movement.
Of course you won't be able to actually move because you'll be
totally restrained but you will be able to move your eyes and talk if
I give you permission to speak. I hope you understand but there is
no way I can know that for certain because you can't even blink your
eyes in response to questions, can you? You do know what it is like
to be completely helpless now. I can keep you in this state
indefinitely or I can give you periods of increasing freedom until
eventually you reach the point Renee has. You may even be able to
surpass that and trade your male chastity panties for female chastity
panties, it's entirely up to you."

I vowed to myself to co-operate in every way possible. I had already
decided to do that but it was becoming increasingly clear that the
price for not co-operating was unacceptable. Renee returned with my
injection and Mistress had her administer it. I wondered what Renee's
job or profession had been with she was Robert. Mistress must have
read my mind because she commented, "Renee is very good at that. She
used to be a male nurse. It's always been quite common for nurses to
fall in love with doctors. Her only mistake was falling in love with
a doctor who believes all men should be slaves to women, female or
more accurately she-male slaves. That's the only thing Dr. Powers and
I disagree on philosophically. She doesn't believe that any man
should ever be allowed to enjoy the pleasures of being anatomically a
woman. We agree that once they begin their transformation they never
be allowed control of their penis again and she feels that they must
be continuously reminded of the disgusting way they behaved before
they succumbed to our control.

The most effective way to remind them is to take away control of
their precious penis. I believe it's possible for at least some men
to change enough that they be allowed to experience sexual pleasure
again, as a woman however. Enough philosophy for now, we have things
to do." Mistress told Renee to bring the Bennett respirator over by
the Iron Lung and as soon as she had brought it Mistress took the
mask and placed it over my face. She told Renee to hold the mask and
Mistress turned off the Iron Lung and turned on the respirator. She
loosened the collar around my neck and then released the clamps that
sealed the and to the chamber of the Iron Lung. They opened the Iron
Lung by pulling the end away from the chamber. They pulled it to its
fullest extent and I lay completely exposed once again, strapped to
the cot.

Mistress told Renee to support my head when they pulled me through
the collar. She'll removed the mask from my face and held my head as
they slid the cot down and my head passed through the opening in
collar. Renee supported my head while Mistress reapplied the mask and
tightened its straps around my head. She fastened the cervical collar
around my neck and Renee released my head leading the collar take
over its support. Mistress turned off whatever was controlling the
suction to the chambers strapped over my breasts. She unfastened the
strap around my torso and removed them. I couldn't believe the
sensitivity of my breasts as outside air touched them for the first

Mistress brushed her fingers across my nipples and the feeling was
extraordinary. Mistress asked me, "Do you like that? They should be
much more sensitive now and they will become even more so. That's
not the purpose of the breast treatments I'm giving you. The purpose
is to prepare you for your breast implants. The implants you're going
to receive are so large that we need to stretch the skin and make it
more elastic to accept them. If you receive pleasure from the
treatments that is an unavoidable byproduct and not the intent of the

She and Renee began removing the straps securing my arms and legs.
As soon as they were finished Mistress attached the hoist to the
sling they had left under me last night when they placed me in the
Iron Lung. Mistress began raising the hoist and it pulled me into a
sitting position and then up off the cot. Renee rolled the gurney
over. The Stokes Litter was on the gurney and Mistress quickly shoved
me over it. She adjusted my and the gurney's position a little and
started lowering me. Renee straightened out my legs and guided them
and my arms as Mistress lowered me into the Stokes. She disconnected
the sling under me from the hoist. She fastened a strap across my
chest and arms and another across my thighs.

She removed the bar that had supported the sling from the hoist and
replaced it with an arrangement of four cables with hooks on the
ends. She put the hooks through rings spaced around the frame of the
Stokes. She hoisted the Stokes and me off the gurney and shoved us
across the room and through the door into the bathrooms. She
positioned me in the middle of the room, hanging about 4 feet off the
floor. Renee joined her and they both put on rubber gloves and then
began to rub some sort of cream all over my body. It made my skin
tingle as they rubbed it on and the tingling increased the longer it
was on me. It was becoming very uncomfortable in my genital area, it
was starting to burn.

Mistress finally satisfied my curiosity when she commented, "This the
dibilitory cream will remove all of your body hair. Later we will
take care of removing it permanently with electrolysis but this will
work until then." They were finally finished applying the cream to my
entire body, except under the mask that allowed me to breathe. The
whole surface of my body felt like it was on fire as the cream
continued to do its work. It must have been extremely strong.

Finally Mistress pushed me over to the Whirlpool's tank, she then
positioned me over the empty tank and then lowered me deep into it.
I was just a few inches above the bottom. She turned on the water and
it began filling the tank. The warm water felt good as it first
gently lapped against my back and buttocks and then crept up my
body cooling and easing the burning sensation that had become almost
unbearable. I saw Mistress appear over the rim of the tank and pour
a little liquid from a bottle marked "body wash" into the tank. The
water level kept rising in the tank and in relationship to my body.
It soon covered my legs and then flowed over the top of my groin and
finally my chest.

The mask over my face had to be airtight to f***e air into my lungs
and draw it out again so I had no concern as the water covered my
head. Soon it was lapping over the eyepieces of the mask and I was
completely underwater. A roaring sound filled my ears and the bubbles
passing in front of my eyes told me Mistress had turned on the
whirlpool pump.I felt completely isolated. The action of the
whirlpool on the soap in the water created bubbles which blocked any
view I had through the water and the sound of the whirlpool pump
blocked any sound from the outside world.

The feeling of the warm water and bubbles swirling around me was
marvelous and very relaxing. The buoyancy of the water made me feel
weightless and I would have floated to the surface without the straps
holding in the Stokes. I lay there luxuriating in the feelings until
the pump went off and the water level began to drop. The water
below my body and I felt my weight return but then the water began to
rise again. I thought to myself that this must be the rinse cycle. I
was soon submerged completely again and welcomed the feeling of being
suspended in warm water. The water drained out much sooner this time
and I found myself being lifted out of the tank. Renee began drying
me with a hot air blower. It was like a hair dryer but larger and
much more powerful. The Stokes is made of an open steel mesh so
drying my back didn't present any difficulties. I was soon completely
dry and Renee pushed me back out into my room. She lowered me back
down on the gurney and then disconnected the hoist from the Stokes.
She hooked the sling that was still under me to the hoist and lifted
me out of the Stokes, pushed me over to the examining table and
lowered me on to it.

With no hesitation she lifted my legs, one at a time, and secured
them in the stirrups. My legs were strapped into the stirrups but she
didn't bother to secure the other straps. There was really no need to
secure them with me completely paralyzed from the Curare. Mistress
stepped up to the foot of the table carrying my rubber chastity. She
dropped the section of the table under my buttocks and began to strap
me into it again. She worked quickly and soon I was locked once more
in its firm embrace. As soon as she was finished with my chastity she
raised the foot of the table back into position and then she and
Renee raised the upper portion of the table to put me in a semi-
sitting position.

The two of them working together put my bra and breast forms on me
and then the same silk blouse that I had worn the day before. They
worked a wide strap of some kind behind my back and then lay me back
down. Renee removed my feet and legs from the stirrups and they then
worked my skirt onto me. Renee went out of sight for a minute and I
heard her pushing a cart of some kind over next to me. Mistress
picked up something from the cart and when she brought it over me I
recognized it as the plastic shell that was attached to the Monahagn
cuirass I had seen the night before. I looked at it a little more
closely this time and could see it had heavy rubber seals about three
inches wide all the way around it.

She placed it over my chest. It fit from just above my breasts, down
over my sides and ended just below my waste. She fastened it to me
with the strap she had placed behind me earlier. She attached the
hose to a fitting in the center of the shell. She turned off the
Bennett respirator attached to my face mask and removed the mask. I
started to panic but I think I only missed one or two breaths before
she turned on a Monahagn respirator. I immediately felt the suction
building within the shelf attached to my chest. It felt like it was
pulling me deeper into the shell and as it did so air was pulled into
my lungs. When the suction quit the air flowed out of my lungs again.

Now I was experiencing the third way she could breathe for me and I
hoped I wouldn't have to experience the fourth, the tube down my
throat. That did not sound appealing. Mistress put the same wig on
me that I had worn the day before and also the same pair of high
heeled pumps. Mistress told Renee to put my makeup on me while she
finished getting ready to go. Mistress went out the door and closed
it behind her. This was the first time I had been alone with Renee
and there was so much I wanted to ask her. From what Mistress had
said she must have gone through the same thing I was going through.
Renee must have read my mind because as she started applying my eye
makeup she whispered very softly to me.

"Don't try to say anything. You can't control the strength of your
voice on the respirator and your Mistress probably has this room
bugged. If she heard you talking to me you would be in a lot of
trouble. All I can tell you right now is that you have a lot of new
experiences coming. Some of them will be very pleasant and some just
the opposite. You can get through it. You have to get through it
because you don't have any choice. I heard your Mistress and mine
talking and you are a lot luckier than me. If you do well your
Mistress will give you the surgery to become a real woman. Mine will
never let me have it and I will always be nothing but a she-male.
You're lucky in another way because you always wanted to wear braces
so you don't have to go through the shock and adjustment I did when I
found myself locked in these horrible things. My legs and back are so
weak now that my legs will barely support me without my leg braces
and I have to wear a rigid corset whenever I have my back brace off.
Your Mistress will be back any minute so I better not say anymore to
you now. We'll have a chance to talk sometime later. I guess we will
be spending a lot of time together. I'll try to make things as easy
for you as I can but I won't do anything to bring punishment on
myself. Now I had better finish your makeup and get you into your
chair so you are ready to go when your Mistress returns."

She finished my eye makeup, put some powder and rouge on the my face
and cheeks and then lipstick on my lips. The sling was still
underneath the and she connected it to a bar attached to the hoist
and then lifted me off of the examining table. She shoved me over in
front of the electric wheelchair and lowered me until I was just
above the seat of the chair. She moved the chair under me until my
back was against the back of the chair and then lowered me into the
seat. She secured my arms to the arms of the chair and tightened the
two wide straps around my chest and waist. Finally she fastened the
strap from the headrest around my forehead. She placed the respirator
attached to my chest shell on a rack on the back of the chair. She
had just finished strapping me into the chair when Mistress came back
into my room.

She looked at me and nodded what I assumed was approval and said,
"Let's get going. Renee, go open the van and I'll bring Teresa".
This was the first time I had really had an opportunity to see Renee
walk and I realized what a struggle it was for her. For braces
obviously were locked at her hips and knees and she had to twist her
entire body to place each foot forward for each tiny step. She would
push herself around with her crutches and then reposition them to
twist herself for the next step. Her body was completely immovable
and rigid from her armpits to the ground. I had always wanted to
experience such braces but now I began to realize how difficult it
would be to live in them full-time. I wondered if Mistress had such
extensive braces planned for me.

Mistress stepped behind my chair and manipulating the controls there
guided me across my room and out the door. When we went through the
door from the kitchen into the garage I saw something else had
changed. My 1958 Corvette was missing and in its place was a full-
size Ford van. I hoped that my Corvette was parked in the driveway
outside garage but I knew in my heart that it was gone along with the
rest of my previous life. The side door of the van was open and a
hydraulic lift was deployed and lowered to the floor to except my
power wheelchair. Mistress rolled me onto the lift and stepped onto
the lift behind me. She manipulated the controls of the lift to raise
me up to the floor level of the van and rolled me inside. She turned
the chair to the front and then backed it up a little and it rolled
into some kind of bracket that clicked and locked it into place.
Mistress activated another switch and the lift folded up vertically
and the door of the van closed automatically.

While Mistress had been getting me into the van Renee had been
struggling to get into the front passenger seat. She was still trying
to get situated in the seat when Mistress went forward and slipped
into the driver's seat. Renee was finally in position as Mistress
opened the garage door and backed out. My fears were confirmed, my
treasured Corvette was nowhere in sight. We drove for about 20
minutes until Mistress pulled into the parking lot beside a rather
plain building. There was no sign on the front of the building, only
a small sign on the side of the building over the door opening into
the parking lot. The sign said, "Orthopedic Control Inc". Mistress
parked the van near the door and as Renee was clumsily extricating
herself from the passenger seat Mistress came back to remove me from
the van. She opened the door, lowered the lift to horizontal and then
released my chair and rolled me out onto the lift. She lowered the
lift and me to the ground and then proceeded toward the door with me.

Renee was following us as fast a she could with her braces and
crutches. Renee was still well behind us when we reached the door and
Mistress turned in told her, "Get up here and hold the door for us
you lazy little slut." I was shocked to hear Mistress speak to her
that way but I was still just learning what Renee's and my status
was. Renee finally reached the door and opened and held it while
Mistress wheeled me inside. We entered a small waiting rooms. It
contained and interesting variety of furniture.

There were some very comfortable appearing padded chairs with small
tables beside them holding a variety of magazines. The table against
the wall held a coffee pot and an assortment of pastries. Two of the
chairs were occupied by women reading and sipping coffee. Along
another wall was a plain wooden bench about 10 feet long. It had no
cushions on it and no back rest. There was one woman, who I assumed
to be a slave like Renee and I, sitting on the bench and another
sitting in a wheelchair at the end of the bench. I could see that the
one in the wheelchair had on leg braces and a neck brace. Her upright
and rigid position in the chair made me wonder if the neck brace and
the leg braces were joined by braces encasing the rest of her body.

Renee went immediately over to the bench and began the process of
unlocking herself and sitting down. Mistress rolled me over and
parked me beside the other woman in a wheelchair. Mistress went up to
the receptionist window and signed us in. Then she went over and sat
down in one of the comfortable chairs and began chatting with one of
the women there. There were no clocks in me waiting room and we
waited for what seemed like about 30 minutes. The other two women and
what I assumed were their feminized slaves were called in and they
had not left yet when they finally called us in. Mistress rolled me
in and left Renee sitting on the bench. I wished so that Mistress
had allowed Renee to accompany us.

I was already beginning to feel very close to her. The room we were
shown to was only about 10 by 12 and completely dominated by a large
steel framework in the center. It ran from the floor to the ceiling
and was basically 4 vertical steel poles with steel bars running
between them and various fittings spaced out on the poles and bars.
There was an electric hoist mounted at the top of the framework and
manual winches mounted at points around the framework. No one had to
tell me that I would be suspended inside that framework very shortly.

Mistress opened her carry bag and removed a small case. When she
opened it I could see that it contained several small medicine vials
and a hypodermic syringe. She filled the syringe from one of the
vials and then injected it in my right arm. Within a minute I could
feel the effects of the Curare diminishing. I could move again and
although the respirator was still functioning I could actually expand
my chest myself and draw more air in than the respirator supplied. I
was still firmly strapped in my chair but I could move against the
straps and feel the pressure on my body change. It was a welcome
change. A few minutes later a woman came into the room and introduced
herself to Mistress as Joanne.

She didn't waste any time with preliminaries. She went behind my
and guided it into the middle of the framework. Once I was in
in the framework she pulled a black rubber hood over my head. It
covered my entire head but left my face exposed. Then she strapped a
rubber harness to my head. It came under my chin and around my head
grasped it tightly at the base of my skull in the back. She attached
to the cable from the electrical hoist overhead. She released my left
arm from my chair and put my hand and wrist into what looked like a
rubber mitten. My thumb was separate with my fingers held tightly
together and it had a cuff that strapped tightly around my wrist and
several straps that hung from the finger end of the mitten. The
has a rigid plate in the finger part and it held my fingers in a
curved, grasping position.

She lowered another cable from the top of the framework and it had a
long bar attached to it. She took my hand and placed it over the bar,
wrapping my hand in its mitten around the bar. She secured it there
with the straps at the end of the mitten. My right hand soon received
the same treatment and as soon as it was secured to the bar she
activated the hoist and lifted my hands far above my head. She also
tightened the cable attached to the harness holding my head. She
kneeled down in front of me and secured cuffs tightly to each of my
ankles. I couldn't see what she was doing but I assumed they were
attached to the floor. She removed the shell of my cuirass and then
released the straps holding me into my chair and immediately
the hoists above me.

I was lifted by my arms and head into a standing position and my
assumption that the cuffs around my ankles were attached to the floor
was confirmed as I felt then come tight as I was vertically
She turned to Mistress and said, "We'll give her a little while to
stretch and adjust to the traction before we undress her and lace her
into her corset. Then we can secure her for the casting procedure.
Shall we get a cup of coffee?" They left me hanging there as they
to get their coffee. I couldn't imagine what she meant by "secure
I certainly couldn't be secured more completely than I already was,
so I thought. There was a mirror on the wall directly in front of me
and I got my first look at how I looked with makeup.

The harness strapped around my head detracted a little from the
but I liked what I saw. I saw myself as a woman, just as I had
for most of my life. I was a woman and I was not only in bondage but
soon I would be encased in braces. Every dream I had ever had was
coming true and then some. Feminine domination and f***ed
had not been part of my dreams but they certainly were part of my
now. It had all become my entire life now. My revere was broken as
Mistress and Joanne returned. Joanne brought a short stepladder over
and set it down beside me.

She unbuttoned my blouse then stepped up on the ladder and released
right hand from the bar. She worked it out of the sleeve of my blouse
and then re-attached it to the bar. She did the same with my left
and then unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall around my feet. Mistress
was rummaging around in her large carry bag and I soon saw what she
was looking for. She withdrew a corset I hadn't seen before. It had
the same three rows of lacing as the one I had been laced into the
before but it was shorter and didn't have garters on the bottom.

The most outstanding feature about it however, was the material it
made of. It was shiny black rubber, very heavy, shiny black rubber.
She reached into her bag and removed and another rubber item. At
first I couldn't tell what it was. It was smaller and not rigid like
the corset. When she handed it to Joanne I saw that it was a rubber
bra. Joanne unfastened my bra strap and its shoulder straps and
removed it and my breast forms from me. She wrapped the rubber bra
around me and fastened it behind my back. She removed my breast forms
from my regular bra and then slipped them into the cups of the rubber
bra. She fastened the shoulder straps and it held my forms snuggly
against my chest.

It felt wonderful. Mistress handed the corset to Joanne and she
immediately placed around me and began fastening the busk. The rubber
was cold against my skin and send chills through me. The chills
weren't just from the cold however. Rubber garments had always held a
fascination for me and this was the first time I had ever felt it on
me. The fact it was a rubber corset made it even better. As Joanne
started lacing up to back laces it was obvious that the corset was
not made of stretchy rubber. It felt as rigid as the corset I had
worn the day before. It felt good to be in a corset again. I knew the
comfortable snugness I felt now would soon be replaced by crushing
pressure and tightness but I realized I liked that feeling and didn't
ever want to be without it again.

I watched as my figure was transformed with each tightening of the
laces. As Mistress and Joanne started working on the side laces the
pressure inside the corset became greater and greater and my breath
came in short gasps. I felt the bones digging into my body and
watched as my waist shrunk to a size I had never dreamed possible. I
saw the flesh of my chest being f***ed out above my bra and cleavage
develop where I had only dreamed of it before. That flesh rose as I
sucked in each short breath. My cock was trying with all its might
to get hard inside my chastity. I was getting turned on looking at
myself. I hardly noticed as Mistress and Joanne tied of the side
laces and went to get a cup coffee before completing my lacing.

They were back in what seemed like only minutes and went to work on
the side laces again. My body seemed to be eager to be molded and
they quickly finished and tied off the laces. The pressure on me was
tremendous but amazingly it felt good to me. I could barely breathe
but even that seemed to the right. It was exactly what I wanted.
Joanne knelt down by my feet and released my right foot. She removed
the cuff from my ankle and slipped my foot out of my skirt. Before
she had knelt down she got something out of a drawer in a cabinet
against the wall. Now I saw what it was.

It looked like a pair of black rubber socks with a zipper from the
toes all the way to the top. They looked like socks but they seemed
to have rigid soles and posts about two inches in diameter and six
inches high extended down from the middle of the soles. She fastened
the post on one of them to a fitting on the floor. She took my right
foot and put it into the rubber sock and then zipped it up. It was a
tight fit and held my foot very securely. I could support part of my
weight on my right foot now. The sole was very rigid and it felt very
secure standing on the post on the bottom of the sock.

She quickly fastened the other one to the floor. Then she were leased
my left foot and zipped it into its sock. With my weight on my feet
now I settled down a little into my corset and it seemed to tighten
even more and more flesh was f***ed out above my bra, increasing my
cleavage. Next she fastened a wide rubber belt around my waist. It
had four long straps spaced around it, two on each side, one toward
the front and one to the rear. She attached the straps to four manual
winches attached to the poles of the framework and tightened them
all. Now I was held firmly by the straps in the middle of the
framework. She lowered the bar holding my hands and released my right
hand. She threaded the straps at the end of the mittens through
buckles on the end of straps attached to a rod running between the
poles to my right.

She pulled the straps tight holding my arm straight out to my side
and down at an angle. She did the same to my left hand and arm.
Finally she tightened the cable from the hoist overhead increasing
the traction on my head. She didn't increase in enough to lift me
off my feet but I was definitely lighter on my feet. Now I knew what
she had met earlier about securing me for the casting procedure. I
wondered how they would get a cast stocking over me. I had had casts
applied before and they always put a stretchy stocking over the part
to be cast.

I was still wondering about that when Mistress went to the door and
called out loudly, "Renee, come in here. I have a job for you." I
could hear the sound of her crutches and the clicking sound her
braces made a she came down the hall. I found myself eager to see her
and comforted by the thought she would be with me. I saw the concern
on her face when she came into the room and saw me fastened
helplessly within the framework. I could see that she shared the
closeness I felt with her. I guess it was only natural with us both
in the same situation that we would feel a certain closeness.

Mistress handed Renee a large jar of petroleum jelly and said, "Cover
her completely with that, everywhere." Renee started at my feet and
began to smear it over me. When her hands got above the rubber socks
covering my feet and ankles and touched my bare skin it was like an
electric shock. I felt something much more than closeness. The way
her fingers caressed me as she spread the jelly over me was the most
sensual thing I had ever felt. She kept giving me little squeezes
that said she was feeling the same thing.

I didn't know what to make of it. We were both men in spite of the
way we were dressed and what our Mistresses were doing to us and I am
not gay. Was I thinking of her as a woman or was I thinking of myself
as a woman and her as a man. I didn't know what to think except that
I didn't want her to ever stop touching me. As her hands worked up my
thighs and I had never felt more confined and disappointed that my
cock was locked in it's chastity and there was no way I would feel
her hold my cock. It was straining within its prison as never before
as I watched her fingers spread the jelly over the smooth rubber
covering my manhood and blocking any feeling.

I swore I could feel the heat from her hand as she spent a little
extra time making sure my chastity was completely coated. I could
feel her hands as she massaged the slick material over my buttocks
and I thought I might actually explode within my chastity. I couldn't
feel her at all as I watched her rub it over my corset and saw the
already polished rubber take on much higher shine. As her hands
cupped my breasts I could imagine the feel of her holding and
squeezing them when eventually became real flesh and the thought of
her sucking my nipples was about to drive me wild. She worked out my
arms and now she wasn't even trying to hide the fact that she was
caressing me. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feelings she
sending throughout my body.

I was actually trembling with the ecstasy of her touch. She finished
with my arms and was standing right in front of me. Our faces were no
more than three inches apart as her fingers began to play over my
face. Her touch was exquisite as she cupped my face between her
hands. We gazed into each others eyes and saw what her lips mouthed
to me, "I love you!" Mistress was standing in front of me and I
didn't dare answer her for fear of Mistress seeing me but I know she
saw my feeling in my eyes. Her hands were behind my neck, rubbing
the last of the jelly into place when she lost control.

I felt her tremble a little and then her arms tightened around me and
her mouth was covering mine in a kiss. She held me in the tightest
embrace I have ever felt and pressed herself against me. Our lips
parted and our tongues found each other. I strained at the straps
holding me in a vain attempt to break free and hold her in my arms.
I felt her weight on her arms clasped tight around my neck as she
wrapped her legs around my body and clamped herself tightly to me.
She ground her body against mine as we explored each others mouths
with our tongues. ur breath was coming in ragged gasps as we both
fought against the pressure of our corsets. Our pelvises pressed
tight together and ground against each other as we both tried in vain
to feel some contact within our cruel chastities.

I was shocked when I noticed Mistress across the room. She was
laughing. She was coming toward us and she was laughing. I tried to
warn Renee but I couldn't say anything with my tongue in her mouth,
or with hers in mine for that matter. A warning became fruitless in
the next moment anyway. I had just an instant of warning as I saw the
bucket in Mistress's hands. I saw her beginning to swing the bucket
toward us and I saw the water leave the bucket on its course toward
our heads. I didn't see any ice cubes in it but they must have been
there. I have never felt such cold water. Renee released her grip on
me and fell to the floor at my feet. She lay there curled up and
shivering as I shivered suspended in my framework. Mistress stepped
back and looked at us with an expression of total disdain. "You
little sluts. Like a pair of dogs in heat but I don't know who is the
bitch. Renee, go out to the waiting room and wait there. You'll be
punished later. You'll both be punished later. Now we have to finish
with Teresa. I'm sure you'll be glad to know Teresa that your braces
just got more extensive and restrictive thanks to that little
display. I hope you enjoyed yourself because you will pay for it."

Renee looked so dejected and forlorn as she hobbled to the door. Her
hair hung in wet strings and her makeup was smudged and running down
her cheeks. I believe she was crying but I couldn't be sure if they
were tears or just water from the drenching Mistress had given us
both. When she reached the door she turned and gave me a wink. My
heart soared and I knew we were now a couple, a team who could handle
anything our Mistresses might do to us. I winked back at her and saw
the trace of a smile as she turned and left the room. Joanne pushed a
large cart over beside the framework. It held several buckets of
water, many rolled plaster-of-Paris bandages and piles of strips of
plaster-of-Paris bandage.

She began immediately and took the first roll out of one of the
buckets and squeezed the excess water out and began to wrap it around
my right foot. She placed a long, narrow fabric pad along the outside
of my leg and then continued to wrap the plaster around and up my
leg. She worked quickly and in almost no time both my legs were
covered with plaster and she was working on my pelvis. She placed
pads under the cast at the spots where I assumed she would cut the
cast off of me after it had hardened. The plaster got warm as it
hardened and I was wondering what it would be like to be completely
encased in it. It would probably be very warm and of course totally
restrictive. I didn't think that she would go above my chest with
this cast.

My braces would only go that high so there would be no purpose. I
wondered why Mistress had Renee put the petroleum jelly all over my
head and shoulders then. Maybe just to see what would happen. I
wondered if she had expected what had happened. Joanne was working up
past my waist now and it was getting very warm inside of my plaster
shell. She wrapped the plaster around my chest and molded it
carefully around my breasts.

I expected her to quit at this point but she continued to apply more
plaster. She put it over my shoulders and began to work out my right
arm with it. She had soon finished with it and did my other arm and
hand. When she stepped back a little I was sure she was finished but
was wrong again. She retrieved several items from the cart and it now
was obvious that I was going to find out what it would be like to be
completely encased in plaster. She placed two tubes in my nostrils,
pushing them up deep in my nose. The last thing I saw was her placing
cloth pads over my eyes. I felt her begin to wrap the plaster around
my neck and then up over my face and head.

I have never been claustrophobic but I began to panic a little now.
I felt her working on the top of my head and then felt her molding
the plaster to the details of my face. My only connection to the
outside world was the two little tubes in my nose. I couldn't hear a
sound and as the plaster hardened the feel of her hands working the
plaster disappeared. I was alone in a plaster prison. As helpless as
when I was paralyzed. At least I could breathe on my own but now I
was deaf and as blind as when Mistress closed my eyes. I was really
starting to panic but I knew Mistress wouldn't let any harm come to
me. She said I would be punished but she wouldn't harm me, would she?
No of course not.

I kept telling myself that as the plaster hardened and the heat built
up inside. It was more than just warm, It was very hot and I could
feel sweat pouring down my body. My mind focused on Renee. I didn't
really understand the feelings I had for her but I couldn't deny
them. I wanted more than anything to feel her touching me again and
to touch her. I felt an overwhelming need to hold her and be held by
her and touch and explore each other in every way possible. I didn't
know how it would ever be possible but I knew that somehow there must
be a way. New fantasies filled my mind and they all included Renee.

My dreams of Renee were interrupted by a buzzing sound and a
vibration in my head. I couldn't imagine what it was until it dawned
on me that it must be Joanne cutting me out of my cast. I felt
something vibrating against my skin at the side of my head and was
certain then that it was the saw cutting me out of my prison. It
worked it's way down my neck and out my arm. The saw completed it's
work on my arm and started down my side. It was a long process to cut
such an extensive cast and not damage it and it took forever but
finally I felt her prying the front of the cast from my body.

My relief was beyond description as air and light flooded over me. I
blinked in bright light and saw Joanne leaning the front half of the
cast against the wall. It was complete from my head to my feet. She
came back over to me and after a bit of a struggle she had the back
half off of me and I was finally free of it. I knew it would be used
to make other things that would imprison me but that was in the
future, for now I was free. Well, sort of free. I was still suspended
within the framework but that didn't seem so bad at all now. Joanne
placed a wide strap around my mouth and I opened my mouth for her
I realized it had a pump gag attached to it.

She secured the strap and I heard a click behind my head as she
locked it with a padlock. She pumped up the gag, filling my mouth
with the rubber bladder and then removed the hose and pump from it.
Joanne turned to Mistress who was standing by the door and said, "You
can have Renee clean her up now." I couldn't believe my ears. I
didn't have any idea how they intended for her to "clean me up" but
it would surely involve touching me and that my greatest desire right
now. To have her touch me in any way was all I cared about. Mistress
opened the door and made a "come here" motion to someone outside. A
figure I didn't recognize came through the door. I couldn't be sure
it was Renee but I recognized her steel chastity panties. Mistress
said, "Clean her up and be quick about it."

Mistress and Joanne went out the door and closed it behind them,
leaving us alone. I couldn't believe that she would leave us alone
after what had happened earlier but as I looked at the figure
standing by the door more closely I realized why she felt it was safe
to do so. She was not wearing her maid's dress or her braces. She had
on only her chastity panties and a rubber corset like the one laced
to me. A shiny steel band like the one they had put over my corset at
the corset shop prevented her corset from being removed. Her breasts
were uncovered and their smooth whiteness in contrast to the black
rubber made them even more striking.

They were large and perfectly shaped and her nipples were standing
out hard with excitement. Long rubber stockings covered her legs and
her corset had garters holding the stockings up. She had on elbow
length rubber gloves and straps around her wrists were secured
with padlocks to keep the gloves from being removed. The gloves
didn't have fingers. They were like mittens, like the ones that were
still on my hands. I couldn't be sure it was Renee because a heavy
rubber helmet covered her entire head and neck and was secured with
another strap and padlock around her neck. The only openings in the
helmet were for her eyes. Two tubes ran out from her nose and there
was no opening at all for her mouth. She raced across the room to me
and threw her arms around me. She held me tight and pressed her body
against mine. There was no doubt now that this gorgeous creature was
my Renee.

I could see the love in her eyes that I had seen earlier. I hoped
that mine conveyed the love I felt for her. The mumbling sounds she
was making confirmed that her mouth was filled with a gag also. She
f***ed her steel covered pelvis hard against my rubber chastity. I
felt only a little pressure as she wiggled and pressed her imprisoned
cock against mine. I'm sure she felt even less inside her steel
encasement. This was even worse than not being together at all. She
pressed her mouth against mine but the heavy rubber covering both of
out mouths prevented any feeling at all and the rubber filling our
mouths was no substitute for her soft warm tongue that had filled my
mouth just a short time ago.

I longed for the feel and taste of her lips and tongue and the sounds
coming from our gagged mouths were whimpers of frustration and
unfulfilled desire. I saw a spark of inspiration in her eyes and she
knelt down in front of me and began to rub her breasts against my
legs. My newly hairless skin was immensely more sensitive than before
and the feeling of her soft breasts was extraordinary. She put her
arms around my buttocks and held me as she maneuvered one breast
between my legs, high up between my thighs. I squeezed my legs
together, massaging her breast with my thighs and her arms held me in
a vise-like embrace as she buried her rubber covered face in my
rubber groin.

I could actually feel the heat from her mouth penetrating the layers
of rubber to my cock and I hoped she could feel its heat and
throbbing as I longed to feel her lips surround it. She shifted a
little and replaced the breast between my legs with her other one. I
began massaging it with my trembling thighs. As I would squeeze
tighter she would pull away, increasing the pull on her soft breast
held between my legs. It didn't come anywhere close to satisfying the
needs we both felt but it was better than nothing. I wondered how
long it had been for Renee with no sexual contact with another

I suspected it had been a very long time. The things our Mistresses
were doing to us were evidently meant to create sexual arousal,
unfulfilled sexual arousal. If I were this desperate for contact
after only a few days I was terrified to think what it would be like
later. I was getting an indication by Renee's actions as she
desperately f***ed herself against me and squirmed and twisted as my
thighs gripped her breast. The sounds coming from her gagged mouth
were a combination of gasps, moans and sobs. I felt dampness running
down my legs and since the only opening in her helmet was for her
eyes I knew it had to be her tears. We were so absorbed in each other
that neither of us noticed when Mistress and Joanne returned to the

I saw Mistress in the mirror just as she stepped beside us and her
hand reached for Renee's breast, the one not between my legs. Her
hand closed over the tip of that beautiful white form and her fingers
dug in cruelly. She held it tightly in her grip and twisted as Renee
tried in vain to pull away from her and me. A muffled scream came
from behind Renee's gag. The sound dug into my heart as painfully as
Mistress's fingers were digging into Renee's tender breast. "You were
told to clean her up. You should know better than to try and satisfy
your own unimportant little desires. Your Mistress and I thought you
were adequately trained to perform such a simple task. We were
evidently very wrong. Now do what you were told."

Mistress released Renee and I could see the ugly red marks left on
her breast. She stood up and took a spray nozzle on the end of a hose
hanging from the ceiling. She directed the nozzle at me and began to
spray me with cold water. The shock was stunning as the cold water
hit me and replaced the heat generated by our inadequate but
exhilarating coupling. She wet me down and then used a soap soaked
sponge to scrub the petroleum jelly and bits of plaster from my skin
and rubber coverings.

The cold water was almost as much a shock as she rinsed the last of
the suds from me. Mistress handed her a towel and she began to dry
me. I imagined what it would feel like if it were her hands caressing
my bare skin and I was trembling by the time she finished. She
paused, her face before mine and her eyes gazing into mine. I saw in
her eyes the same fantasy. An indecipherable sound came from us both.
It was indecipherable to anyone else but we both knew what the other
was saying as we told each other, "I love you."

Mistress quickly got me out of all the rubber gear except for the
corset, back in my skirt and blouse and strapped into my wheelchair
with the respirator strapped over my chest. She injected my Curare
and I was once again paralyzed and helpless. She had left the rubber
corset on me and it made sitting in the chair while paralyzed easier
and I felt more secure. She didn't allow Renee out of any of the
rubber items she was wearing. She merely had her slip her maids dress
over it all. I liked the sight of her unrestrained breasts bouncing
under her dress as she walked but I wished so that I could see her
face instead of it being hidden within the rubber helmet.

We went out to the parking lot. Mistress was guiding my chair and
Renee was carrying her braces. I'm sure Renee was a little
apprehensive about going out to the parking lot with the helmet on
but nobody seemed to notice her. We didn't see anybody around to
notice her. My chair and I were soon secured in place and we left. I
didn't recognize the route we were taking and I surely didn't
recognize the large house who's driveway we pulled into. Mistress got
me out of the van and the three of us went up to the door. Mistress
rang the bell and I was shocked when Dr. Powers opened the door and
welcomed Mistress. She led us through a beautifully decorated house
and into a room that looked very similar to my new room at home. As
Dr. Powers strapped Renee into a power wheelchair exactly like mine I
looked around the room.

It was larger than my room but all the same equipment was there only
there were two of everything. There were even two Iron Lungs. When
Dr. Powers was through securing Renee she went over to Mistress and
to my surprise they put their arms around each other and then kissed,
a long, lingering kiss. What I was seeing was not two friends
greeting. These were lovers kissing the same way Mistress and I had
for all the years of our marriage and I was a little ashamed to
realize it was the way I wanted to kiss Renee. I didn't know what
Renee's reaction was but something about her body language as she sat
strapped in her chair told me that she was as surprised as I. They
finally separated and came over to stand in front of Renee and I.

They both began talking at once and it was apparent that they were
very excited about something. We couldn't understand what they were
chattering eagerly about until they calmed down a little and began to
take turns talking. They went on to explain that they had been
lesbian lovers for quite some time. Their problem had been that they
still loved us both and didn't want to hurt us. Dr. Powers had solved
her problem by making her husband, Renee, her sissified slave but
Mistress hadn't known what to do until I had broached the subject of
living as a woman. They had immediately come up with the idea of
Renee and I both being their slaves and having each other so they
wouldn't have to worry about us or divorce us. Today had proven that
their plan would work and from now on the four of us would all live

Dr. Powers was going to sell her practice and we would all live up in
the mountains where Mistress and I had planned to build our new
house. They had the plans all prepared for the new house there and
it would be specially built and equipped to accommodate them and also
the unique lifestyle Renee and I would share forever together. It
all sounded a little crazy but I found I was as excited about it as
Mistress and Dr. Powers. Mistress had called Dr. Powers while my
plaster cast was drying and told her what had happened between Renee
and I.

Dr. Powers had arranged for all my equipment to be moved to her house
in the last few hours. They informed me that I would call Dr. Powers
"Mistress Paula" in the future. They went on to tell us that Renee
had proven to be inadequately trained so her training would have to
start again from the beginning and it would be identical to mine.
Everything would be the same for us both except that if either of us
required discipline the punishment would be applied to the other one.
They told us that our training would be a full-time job and since
they wanted time to enjoy being together themselves they would be
hiring some help.

They would be interviewing to hire two full-time Dominatrixes to
handle the day-to-day part of our training. They would be more
detached and not be disturbed by the more distasteful aspects of our
training and any necessary punishment. They would be much less apt to
be lenient with us. Each Dominatrix would probably bring a male slave
to handle the physical work involved with our management and
training. Since I hadn't had my breast implants yet and did not have
my steel chastity panties our training would not actually begin until
we were equally equipped. New braces and corsets would also have to
be made for Renee that were identical to the ones being made for me.

They also said that some other surgical body modification would be
made to both of us that they would explain later. To get things going
sooner the four of us would leave in two days to go to Germany to see
Mr Latowski and be fitted for my steel panties. Renee had to go
because he would be making some modifications to her panties to give
them the same capabilities that mine would have. My breast surgery
and larynx tightening, as well as the other surgeries both of us,
would now be done in this country as Mistress Paula had found a local
doctor who would do it.

They went on to tell us that the other surgeries were not sexual
reassignment surgery. I would not be allowed to have the surgery to
be a woman unless I excelled in my training and Renee would never be
allowed to have it. Until we had both received the same surgical
changes and were equipped with identical corsets, braces and other
restraint equipment they would give us a taste of what we had to look
forward to if we both completed our training successfully. They made
it clear that it would only be a taste and would not be nearly as
enjoyable as it would be later. Mistress Paula chuckled a little and
said, "In fact most of it probably will not be pleasant at all, only
frustrating. It will tell you what you may enjoy in the future

They said we would begin our indoctrination immediately. They wanted
us to experience the best possible for us at this stage of our
relationship and physical condition. Since I didn't have a vagina
that would require me to give Renee a blowjob and since our training
was to be identical she would have to give me one too. She wouldn't
be able to do that after my penis was replaced with a vagina but it
would be good for her to have the experience and to experience what I
would be doing to her in the future. They said I should enjoy and
savor it because it would be the last time I would ever ejaculate
except when being milked by a machine as I had been the day before in
Mistress Paula's office.

Mistress Paula prepared and administered an injection of the Curare
antidote and I began to feel movement coming back to me. Mistress
Monica removed the straps holding me in my chair and as soon as my
breathing seemed normal she removed the respirator from my chest.
She told me to strip off my clothes and sit on the end of one
of the examining tables. I was out of my clothes and on the end of
the nearest table in a flash. Mistress Paula loosened the straps
holding Renee in her chair and then unlocked the padlocks on all of
the rubber gear Renee was wearing. As soon as it was unlocked she
was out of it faster than I dreamed imaginable and sitting on the end
of the other table beside the one I had chosen.

She looked beautiful in her black rubber corset and shiny steel
panties. The expression on her face mirrored the anticipation I was
feeling. We were both giggling with excitement. I couldn't take my
eyes off her bare breasts and I could see her nipples were hard and
protruding. My own tiny nipples were swollen to an extent I had never
seen before. Our Mistresses laid out harnesses made of leather straps
on the examining tables and then told us both to lie back and put out
feet in the stirrups. I lay back and Mistress Monica dropped the
bottom of the table and I heard and felt her unlocking the padlocks
securing my rubber chastity.

I looked across and watched Mistress Paula unlocking Renee's steel
panties and then removing the front section of them. She seemed to be
having trouble getting it off and I saw why as she finally slid it
off Renee's swollen and rigid cock. It sprang up straight in the air
as soon as it was released. My own exploded from my chastity as soon
as Mistress Monica released the rubber straps holding it in it's
confining channel. She finished removing my chastity and then began
to fasten the leather harness under me to my body. I felt her
tightening the straps around me and watched Mistress Paula strapping
Renee into an identical harness.

Straps were placed around our ankles, upper thighs, pelvis, over our
corsets, our chests, over our shoulders, around our wrists, around
our necks and around our heads. They were all connected in elaborate
harnesses. Buckles and loose straps still hung from them everywhere.
I noticed that Renee's harness differed from mine in that it had
steel rings attached to it at many places. Mistress Paula removed
Renee's legs from the stirrups and told her to roll over on her
stomach. She slid the overhead hoist over Renee and I saw there were
2 cables coming from the hoist to a long heavy steel rod hanging
horizontally below it. Numerous cables hung down from the rod and
had harness snaps on their ends.

She lowered the bar over Renee and began attaching the cables to the
rings on Renee's harness. Cable ran to her whole body and head. The
only part of her not attached by cable to the bar was her legs and
arms. She connected all the cables and then raised the bar with the
hoist. Renee was lifted off the table and hung face down in the air.
She slid the hoist and Renee back to the middle of the room and then
rotated her 180 degrees and slid her along the track that ran
directly over my table.

Renee was hanging about three feet above me. Her face over my groin
and hers cock right over my mouth. Mistress Paula lowered her until
she was about a foot or two over me. She began attaching straps
between our two harnesses. Soon our harnesses were joined by
innumerable straps and when she lifted the bar again I was lifted off
my table, suspended under Renee. She slid the hoist a little more
toward the head of my table and then lowered it again until I was
resting on the table except my head and shoulders were beyond the
edge and supported by my harness hanging from Renee's. She lowered
Renee a little more. Her cock was within an inch or two of my mouth.

I stretched my tongue and just touched it's head. Renee quivered in
her harness and let out a soft moan. Mistress Monica was helping
Mistress Paula with the straps now. They attached straps that held
our thighs tight to the sides of each others heads and ran from our
heads between the others legs. Then they lowered Renee right down on
top of me. I opened my mouth wide and she slid inside me as I felt
myself sliding into her worm, moist and welcoming orifice. The
Mistresses were quickly tightening all the straps holding us tightly
to each other and then lifted us both off the table. They wrapped our
arms around each other and secured the straps around our wrists to
hold them there. They tightened the straps from our thighs to our
heads and strapped our ankles together behind our heads.

We were secured together in a most wonderful way. I began exploring
Renee's cock with my tongue. It was hard and warm and I could feel it
throbbing with her heartbeat. I felt her tongue playing over the head
of my cock and felt her lips sliding up and down it a little,
squeezing and caressing it. I raised my head a little, taking more of
her into me. I let my teeth drag lightly along her shaft wrapped my
tongue around her. I felt her quivering with the sensations I was
creating for her. She thrust her pelvis toward me and I pulled back a
little as she drove deeper into my throat and I started to gag. She
did it again and as I tried again to pull back I saw and felt a hand
tighten the straps holding her thighs to my head. She was held deeper
in me now and I couldn't pull back. I tried to relax and not gag.
How could I convey to her that she was gagging me?

I thrust my own pelvis against her and felt myself slide down her
throat. I felt her start to gag and I suddenly understood as I felt
her throat muscles constrict around me. So this was "Deep Throat". I
could feel her relaxing her throat and taking me deep within her. I
did the same for her and marveled at the feelings we shared. I felt
the straps holding me within her tightening as our Mistresses helped
us heighten our pleasure. Our quivers of pleasure had turned to
shuddering, driving passion as we drove ourselves deep within each
other. We both opened ourselves and tried to take the other
completely within ourselves. Our arms and legs locked around our
lover tried to pull our bodies together into one. My orgasm was
building to it's ultimate climax as I felt her hot semen shoot down
my throat and her cock pulsing and throbbing in my mouth and throat.

I shot my seed deep into her as I gulped and tried to swallow hers
without choking. I felt her doing the same with mine and I have never
felt closer to anyone in my life. I heard Mistress Paula's voice,
"Enjoy yourself girls. This is the last time Renee will feel herself
in the Teresa's mouth for a long time. Teresa, you will never feel
yourself in Renee's mouth again. Enjoy it while you can."

I didn't know what she meant. We had enjoyed ourselves, immensely
enjoyed it, but we were through now, weren't we? Maybe not, I didn't
feel anyone doing anything with the straps holding us to each other.
I felt Renee softening and beginning to shrink inside me. I felt
myself doing the same inside her and I felt her tongue caressing me.
It was almost too much to bear. I was so sensitive that every time
her tongue touched my head it was like an electric shock. I ran my
tongue around her and felt her try to pull away from my touch. I
stopped moving my tongue and began to just suck on her. She got the
idea and did the same to me.

I had never known communication like this. It was totally different
from anything I had ever felt. The initial sensitivity was gone now
and it felt so marvelous as she sucked gently on me. Her tongue
played very lightly up and down me and I felt myself beginning to
harden again. She was growing within me also. It felt amazing as she
slowly grew and her head crept the back of my mouth and then down my
throat. I knew what to expect and relaxed my throat and let her slide
smoothly down into me. I tensed my muscles around her shaft and felt
her stiffen in reply. Her throat tightened around me and held me in a
warm and loving grip.

It was much less frantic this time and took longer before we
willingly accepted our lovers seed and swallowed it eagerly as we
held each other tight within ourselves. We were both careful to not
irritate tender tissue and sucked gently and washed the last drops of
cream with our tongues. The feel of Renee's soft cock in me was so
comforting and tender as I waited for her to come alive again within

The Mistresses finally turned out the lights and left us strapped
together in each others arms for the night. I lost count of the
times we came. It was not always together and those were the best.
We could concentrate on bringing pleasure to the other. We would
wake up with one or the other of us hard and concentrate on curing
that condition. Simultaneous orgasms have always been overrated. To
bring pleasure to the one you love is the most satisfying and it will
be returned tenfold as they bring pleasure to you. We woke in the
morning and after one last time the Mistresses came in and lowered us
and began to separate two who had become truly one. They said we
would never experience this again.

We would never be allowed a night of uncontrolled coupling until our
training was complete and then I wouldn't have a penis anymore. That
was alright. Nothing could ever equal what we had found in each other
that night and it would hold us until we were able to find new ways
to express our love.

Mistress Monica removed the last of the straps holding me in the
harness and helped me to sit up. Renee was already sitting on the end
of her table, as completely naked as I was. Mistress Paula looked at
us both, then at Mistress Monica who nodded yes to her. Mistress
Paula looked back at us and said, "This is why we are going to hire
the Dominatrixes to handle your training. We are too soft to really
do it right. Your chastity devices are going back on this morning and
you won't be together without them or some other restraint system
again. Not until the end of your training and even then you won't be
allowed unsupervised and unrestrained time together. This is
something very special as our gift to you. Go in and bath in the
large whirlpool tank together. You have two hours together and we
won't disturb you. Then you both go back in your chastity panties to
stay. We have to do some shopping today for the trip to Germany.

Today is the last chance because our flight leaves at 10:00 AM
tomorrow. This is the only time you will ever have like this. Do
whatever you want but be ready to be chastised and dressed in two
hours, no more."

I will never share with anyone what we said to each other during
those two hours. I will say that we had so much to say to each other
that we didn't repeat the activities of the night before. I will also
say that our lips were sore from kissing and we explored every inch
of each other with our lips and fingers. We understood and loved each
other completely at the end of those two hours and we both agreed
that even if we had had a choice we wouldn't alter the course our
Mistresses had charted for us.

We were entering a new life that we both embraced completely as we
embraced each other. It would be our life together and neither had
the slightest doubts that it was what we had always dreamed of. In
exactly two hours our Mistresses returned and told us to get on to
the examining tables. They proceeded to strap us each to our
respective table with our legs supported in the stirrups. They turned
our heads so we were facing each other and put straps around heads
that held them tight to the tables and prevented us from moving them.
Before she strapped me down Mistress Monica had placed some straps on
the table under my pelvis and chest.

Now she used the straps under my chest to secure the plastic domes
over my breasts that she had used on me in the Iron Lung. Tubes ran
from the apex of each dome and wires were attached to copper plates
that would contact my nipples when my breasts filled the domes.
Mistress Paula handed her a clear plastic cylinder with tubes and
wires running from it. She placed it over my penis and fixed it in
place with straps around my pelvis and between my legs. It had an
additional section that enclosed my balls. A soft seal surrounded the
open end that was now strapped tightly to my groin.

Clear plastic tubes ran from the section enclosing my scrotum and
from the end of the cylinder that held my penis. The wires running
from it were attached to copper plates on the inside. There was one
plate on each side of my balls and two in the cylinder one a ring
that encircled the base of my penis and the other dome shaped at the
closed end of the cylinder that would encase the head of my penis if
it was erect and filled its enclosure. She completed her work on me
by buckling a strap with a inflatable gag around my mouth and pumping
up the gag until it filled my mouth.

Mistress Paula rolled a cart over between our tables. It held several
metal boxes with a complex appearing array of knobs, switches, gauges
and meters on them both. She began attaching the hoses and wires
running from the devices strapped to me to the boxes. I knew what the
domes over my breasts would do and thought that the device encasing
my cock might be the same one she had used to milk me in her office.
I couldn't understand why they were only being put on me though.

They had told us that we would both receive the same training and
attention so I could only assume that they would hook up Renee when
they were finished getting me connected. Mistress Paula finished
connecting me to the control boxes and then explained why it was only
me being fitted with the devices and attached to the control boxes.
It didn't make any sense to me at the time but I would come to
appreciate how extremely effective the training procedure they were
going to use on us actually was.

She said, "Yesterday when Renee threw herself on Teresa it was only
Renee who earned discipline. Teresa was helplessly restrained and
couldn't have resisted her even if she had wanted to so she lucked
out. I suspect that had she been able to she would have earned as
much or more punishment as Renee. Now Renee will be punished by
watching her punishment inflicted on Teresa."

Renee should have known better but she began to plead with Mistress
Paula to let her receive her own punishment. Mistress Paula let her
continue on until she finally shut her up by saying that she had now
doubled the number of times I would be stimulated by speaking without
permission and had doubled the length of each stimulation by trying
to alter a Mistress's planned activity for one of us. She said that I
was to have received five stimulations at 50% power level for 10
seconds each but now it would be ten and each would last 20 seconds.
Renee's eyes were locked on mine and I could see in her expression
she knew something that I didn't about the punishment I was about to
receive for her.

Her lips mouthed the words, "I'm sorry Teresa." Mistress Paula's
voice interrupted our silent communication, "You have just doubled
the number of stimulations again with that unauthorized
communication. She will now receive 20. You are just making it more
unpleasant for Teresa. If you keep it up I will raise the power level
of her stimulations." Renee's whole body seemed to shrink as she
realized how helpless she was to spare me the punishment I was about
to undergo.

I didn't think it would be so bad. I knew what the domes over my
breasts felt like and I liked the feeling. If it really was the
milking device enclosing my cock that had also been good in a strange
way. It certainly wasn't going to be something that justified the way
Renee had argued to spare me from it or should make her look so
shattered now that Mistress Paula had made it clear that I would
receive it and had tripled the number of times and doubled the

If I had known what Renee knew I would have been hysterical as
Mistress Paula arranged a mirror on the cart so I could see my
breasts and groin and the devices that enclosed the most tender parts
of my body. She turned to the control boxes and flipped the power
switch on each one to the "ON" position. A red pilot light glowed at
the top of both boxes. She turned a knob labeled "Breasts" on the
right-hand box up about half way and my breasts where sucked into the
domes covering them. It took about five second for the suction to
pull them completely into the domes and I could feel and see as they
expanded to fill the domes completely and my nipples were pressed
tightly against the metal plates at the top of each dome. After a few
seconds the suction released its hold on me and they shrank back away
from the plates.

She adjusted another knob and I could see it was labeled "Duration -
Seconds". She turned it to "20" and when the suction pulled my
breasts in the next time it held them much longer, I guess it was
about 20 seconds. Her hand went to another knob labeled "Genitals"
and turned it about halfway up also. The next time my breasts were
sucked into the domes my penis and scrotum were also sucked into the
clear container enclosing them. The feelings had aroused me and my
cock was erect and hard but it still didn't quite fill the tube as
the suction pulled on it. It was tight against the walls of the tube
but its head was still a little short of the dome shaped plate at the

My balls filled the portion devoted to them and I felt and saw my
skin plastered tight against the walls and the plates on each
side. She turned the knob controlling the suction on my genitals up
higher and the next time the machine cycled my cock was drawn even
deeper into the tube and I felt its head press tightly into the dome
meant for it. Her attention shifted to the box on the left. There
were three knobs on it and a gauge above each knob. They were labeled
"Power Level 1, 2 and 3" and graduated from "0 to 100%". The
suction was holding me in the devices as she turned each knob to
"5%". The familiar tingling surged through my breasts and genitals.
If this was to be the punishment I hoped Renee would continue to be a
very naughty girl.

She let the machines go through a couple more cycles. They seemed to
give me about the same 20 seconds with the suction relieved as with
it on. My balls would contact the plates on either side a second or
so before my nipples and cock would make connection with the plates
supplying the current to them. The tingling would begin there in my
balls and then spread through my cock and to my breasts. Then she
turned the "Power Level" knobs up to "15%" and the pleasant tingling
was replaced with a much stronger surge of electricity. Instead of
tingling it felt like a pulsing or vibrating shock and my cock and
balls felt like a hand had a firm grip and was squeezing them.

My nipples stung from the shock and it ran through my breasts as a
tightness grasped my chest like a band around it. She left the
controls alone as the machines took me through a couple more cycles
and then as I was resting between cycles she turned all three knobs
up to "50%". The difference between 5% and 15% had been dramatic and
it was uncomfortable at 15%. I didn't want to know what it would be
like at 50%. I was terrified of what was about to happen to me and I
held my breath as the suction began to drag my nipples, cock and
balls toward the plates that would send the current pulsing through

Time seemed to go into slow motion as I watched my nipples and the
head of my cock creep toward the plates. I tried to prepare myself
for what was to come but nothing could have prepared me for the shock
as my balls touched the plates bracketing them. It felt like they had
been instantly crushed by steel jaws that were trying to rip them
from my body. The scream that erupted in my throat and tried to f***e
its way past my gag was cut off as my nipples and cock were f***ed
against the plates that completed the circuit to them. The air was
f***ed from my lungs as the electricity flowed through my nipples and
into my breasts and chest. My back arched and f***ed my body off the
table with only the straps holding me down.

It felt as if my chest were clamped in a monstrous steel vise and
drawing in a breath was beyond hope as the air was f***ed from me.
At the same instant the f***e clamped around my chest my cock was
crushed by its own electrical vise. It felt as if it were being
compressed by an relentless steel press and twisted at the same
time. My nipples and the tip of my cock burned as if they were on
fire. The 20 seconds seemed like 20 minutes before the suction
released me from contact with the plates.

I gasped for breath and was reduced to whimpering behind the gag
filling my mouth. Mistress Paula said, "That's one, only 19 to go".
I knew I couldn't survive 20 assaults on my body like that. It would
surely kill me or at the least reduce me to insanity. My eyes locked
on Renee. She was sobbing uncontrollably and tears streamed from her
eyes. The brilliance of their punishment technique was now obvious to
me. I would do anything to prevent Renee having to endure what was
being done to me and I knew she felt the same. I also knew I had to
endure this for Renee's sake. I saw her eyes gazing through her tears
into mine and I took strength from her. I hoped she could see me
gathering strength as the suction began its ruthless pull on me

I didn't try to brace myself or prepare in any way. I let my mind
fill with the feel of Renee in my arms and her cock in her mouth and
hers in mine. Renee filled my mind and heart. The f***e of the
stimulation was just as great and the effect on my body as cruel as
before but my eyes never left hers and somehow I shut out some of the
agony as our love flowed across the space between us. The 20 seconds
didn't seem to last as long this time. It was still horrendous to
endure but It wasn't unbearable, not to the two of us together.

Renee's sobbing subsided and although her tears continued to flow she
smiled at me and I knew she was sending her love and strength to me
with her entire being. Mistress Paula was counting the stimulations
but I shut out the sound of her voice and locked my entire
consciousness on Renee. Renee was my only hope to survive this and
she made it essential that I not only survive but minimize the
apparent effect. I could imagine the guilt she was feeling at
bringing this down on me and I had to assuage that guilt as much as
possible. With each new stimulation we were drawn even closer

I could feel her presence in my heart as she held me in her arms and
eased my agony. This probably wouldn't make sense to anyone else but
it got me through my first session of punishment and it got both of
us through many more episodes and each brought us closer together and
more in love. Neither of us ever resented the other doing something
to bring on punishment. We both did everything in our power to avoid
mistakes that would bring about discipline sessions but our
Mistresses controlled our lives so completely that it was not always
possible to avoid such mistakes. We both firmly believed that they
deliberately set us up to make mistakes and whether it was their
intent or not they only strengthened our love and devotion to each
other with each session.

I found myself feeling grateful to Mistress Paula for administering
the discipline and creating the closer bond between Renee and I. I
also felt grateful to both of our Mistresses for this plan that
allowed me to receive Renee's punishment and to spare her the agony.
I realized that I would feel differently when it was her receiving my
punishment but I knew that she would be as eager to spare me pain as
I was to spare her. After I had received my 20 stimulations the
Mistresses released us from our tables and applied our steel and
rubber chastity panties and our corsets and then got us dressed to go

They put one of Renee's slips and dresses on me. They were a little
big on but still looked very nice. I loved the feel of the smooth and
slippery slip under my dress. The feel of stockings on my legs was
exquisite and the pull of the garters attaching them to my corset
only added to the feelings. The dress was a lovely pastel flowered
rayon print and hung beautifully on my body. Renee helped me with my
makeup but the Mistresses were watching closely so we made no attempt
to talk or engage in any forbidden touching. We didn't need to talk
to communicate our feelings but the temptation to touch each other
was almost overwhelming. Neither of us was willing to bring
punishment on the other however, not with the memory of my session so
fresh in our minds.

We spent all afternoon in various shops and boutiques and it was
wonderful. We got mostly things for me but the Mistresses got
a few items and they got some new stockings for Renee and we stopped
by the "My Lady's Body Boutique" and picked up a rubber chastity like
mine that Mistress Paula had ordered for Renee. She would have to
wear it for the airline flight to avoid embarrassing situations at
the metal detectors. The Mistresses told us that they would remove
our padlocks in a restroom outside the metal detectors and then
replace them in a restroom on the other side after we had passed
through the detectors. They would be able to take the locks through
in their purses with no problem.

They also told us that while we were waiting for Mr Latowski to
complete my steel chastity panties and make the modifications to
Renee's we would be going to Amsterdam to see Mr Jeroen van der Kiis
at Bizarre Design. They said that he makes the most extreme and
restrictive leather corsets available and we would each be measured
and fitted for at least one of his creations. We stopped for dinner
at a restaurant and Renee and I both had very light meals because we
were laced so tight. When we returned home we both undressed. They
removed everything except our corsets and chastity panties. We were
strapped to our tables again and they said we were to be given

The Mistresses said they wanted to clean us out for the long flight
the next day. I guess that they didn't want to have to bother with
that procedure until we were settled into our hotel in Germany. They
told us that enemas were the only way we would be allowed to evacuate
our bowels in the future and they would control that part of our life

They said that the surgery they had planned for us both would deprive
us of all control of the elimination of body waste and make us even
more dependant on them for every aspect of our day-to-day life. I
wondered when they were going to start feeding us too. If only I had
known what they had planned. It wouldn't have made any difference I
guess. We weren't going to ever be given any choice in what they
did to us and neither of us really wanted anything except to be near
each other. The Mistresses were talking quite freely to us and I was
enjoying it even though the only topic seemed to be what they were
going to do to us.

Mistress Monica rolled a cart between our tables. It held another
large control box of some kind, one I had not seen before. Hoses ran
from the box down to two sealed tanks on the lower shelf of the cart.
Two more hoses ran from the box and were coiled up on top of the
cart. The hoses were about one inch, or a little larger, in diameter
and I could see the end of one of them. It looked like a smooth
plastic nozzle with a smoothly rounded end. It was as large around as
the hoses. Four or five inches from the end were two areas that
looked different from the rest of the nozzle.

The two areas ran completely around the nozzle like two rings. They
were each about a half-inch long and separated from each other buy
about an inch. They looked like they were made from rubber rather
than the hard plastic. A small tube ran from the section furthest
from the end of the nozzle and it had a squeeze bulb attached to the
end of it. I knew what I was looking at. That was the device Mistress
Paula had used to give me and enema in her office. The nozzle looked
gigantic but it had felt that way she put it and me and the two
rubber sections were the parts that had inflated and sealed the
nozzle in my rectum.

The Mistresses each took one of the hoses and proceeded to lubricate
the nozzles. Mistress Monica dropped the section of the table under
my buttocks and Mistress Paula did the same to Renee. Mistress Monica
unfastened the strap of my chastity panties that ran between my legs.
Once she had access to my rectum she proceeded to try to insert the
nozzle within me. Mistress Paula was inserting Renee's nozzle through
the opening in the rear of her steel chastity panties. As the cold
plastic touched me my sphincter contracted. I tried to make it relax
but the it wouldn't cooperate and by reflex tried to bar entry of the
foreign invader.

Mistress Monica was not to be denied and the firm, unrelenting
pressure she applied f***ed the nozzle into me. Once inside it slid
relatively easily deeper and when it was in the position she desired
she began pumping the squeeze bulb. I felt the rings inflating on
either side of my sphincter, locking the nozzle within me and sealing
it. Mistress Paula had less trouble preparing Renee and was patiently
waiting when Mistress Monica completed my preparation. Mistress
Monica nodded to her and Mistress Paula activated a switch and then
turned a knob on the control box. I felt my insides begin to expand
as the fluid flowed through the hose and into me.

I looked across and could actually see Renee's belly rising as we
were simultaneously filled. The warm soapy water was filling my
bowels when suddenly something occurred to me and I beseeched
Mistress Monica with my expression to be allowed to speak. She
recognized my request and said, "You may speak but it had better not
be a complaint about what we are doing now or what we have planned
for you. If it is you know that Renee will regret it."

"I would never question or complain about anything you do for me
Mistress Monica. I welcome everything you do for me, Your kindness is
beyond description and brings me nothing but joy."

"Don't try to bull shit me Teresa. What did you want to say?"

"How will I be able to travel out of the country as Teresa? My
passport says Terrace and has the picture of me as a man."

"You don't give me much credit Teresa. I had a fake passport made for
you in the name of Teresa with the picture I took of you last
Halloween when you dressed as a woman for our party. Why do you think
I suggested you dress that way?"

"I'm sorry to have doubted your planning Mistress."

"You should be. An advantage of your using a counterfeit passport is
that if you or Renee give us any trouble while out of the country all
we have to do is turn you in to the authorities. You would have an
interesting time getting out of that. Renee's passport is a
counterfeit too so you had both better be very good if you don't
want to end up in a German or Belgium prison as girlfriends for the
inmates there. Enough conversation for now. We have to finish here
and get you two ready for the night."

By this time both of our bellies were painfully full and very visibly
distended. The Mistresses stopped the flow of fluid and stepped away
from the control box. Renee's face was turned to me and I saw her
gaze traveling up and down my body. I wondered if she found me as
attractive as she was to me. She seemed to answer my question when
her eyes returned to my face and a smile lit up her expression. The
weight and pressure of the fluid filling us was extremely
uncomfortable but I don't think either of us cared. It was one more
thing for us to share and the sharing was the most important thing in
the world. We would be sharing everything to a degree I had never
dreamed possible for any two people.

Mistress Monica returned to the control box between us and activated
another set of controls. The fluid began to flow out of me and I
could see by the relief on Renee's face that she was being emptied
also. The pressure within us f***ed the fluid out at first but after
the pressure eased I could tell it was actually being sucked out of
us. After a few minutes we were both empty and Mistress Monica
manipulated the controls to begin filling us again. They filled and
flushed us out a total of four times. Then they deflated the rings
that sealed the nozzles inside of us and withdrew them. Before the
relief of having been very uncomfortable intruder removed from me
even had time to register Mistress Monica had replaced it with a plug
that sealed my opening again.

It had a flange that covered my rectum on the outside and a narrow
neck just below the flange so the tension of my sphincter around that
neck kept the plug from sliding out. It was even larger than the
nozzle and had been painful going in and its presence inside me was
uncomfortable and impossible to ignore. I knew exactly what it
looked like because I had watched Mistress Paula f***e an identical
plug through the anal opening of Renee's chastity panties and into
her while I was receiving mine.

Renee's locked to her chastity panties with a click when it was fully
inserted. Mistress Paula smiled at us and said, "Get used to the
plugs girls. You will wear one full time now and after your surgeries
your little butts will have a permanent resident. Mistress Paula went
to a cupboard and retrieved two complex leather harnesses. These were
more extensive than the ones they had used on us before. She laid
them across the top of the cart containing the enema equipment and
they then unlocked and removed our chastity panties. They unstrapped
us from the tables leaving only our legs strapped into the stirrups.
With a lot of tugging and pulling and our lifting parts of our bodies
off the tables they got the harnesses laid out underneath us.

They raised the lower portion of our tables and removed our legs from
the stirrups and laid them out straight on the tables. The harnesses
ran from our heads to our feet. They began fastening the multitude of
interconnected straps around our feet and then working up our legs to
the rest of our bodies and eventually around our heads. Our arms
were strapped securely at our sides. The harnesses were made entirely
of black leather except for a section of heavy black rubber that
covered our groins. Straps around our pelvises held it firmly against
us and the strap between our legs held it tight and f***ed our
testicles up within our bodies. And opening on the front of the
rubber portion allowed our cock protrude through and naturally we
were both a hard and erect.

There was some sort of metal flange around the opening that looked
like something might attach to it. There were no straps across our
chests but a number of loose straps were still hanging from the sides
along the full length of both our harnesses. It looked to me as if we
would be strapped together again and I prayed that were true. They
slid two of the overhead hoists over above our tables. They went on
to fasten a pair of cables from the hoist above each of us to rings
at the shoulders of our individual harnesses.

Another cable from each hoist was attached to a ring on the portion
of the harness enclosing our heads. They activated the hoists and we
were each lifted first into a sitting position and then raised until
we were hanging vertically above the tables. They shoved us both out
toward the middle of the room and lowered us until our feet were just
above the floor. They positioned us so we were facing each other just
a couple of feet apart.

Mistress Paula went to another cupboard and when she opened it I
could see two chest shells for the cuirassess and a third similar
shell that was open on both sides instead of being closed on one
side. She removed the third shell and I could see it had the rubber
seals like the ones that had sealed the one Mistress used on me to my
chest. This one had the seals around both sides so that two chests
would be sealed on opposite sides of it facing each other. Needless
to say I was becoming very aroused at the thought of Renee's and my
harnesses strapped together and our chests sealed together in that

Mistress Paula placed the shell up against Renee's chest and she and
Mistress Monica fastened straps from Renee's harness to hold it in
place. I could see her excitement growing and I watched her breasts
rising and falling above her corset inside the shell as her breathing
became more rapid. My own breathing was coming very rapidly and it
increased even more as Mistress Monica shoved me toward the shell and
my chest slipped into it. I expected to feel her breasts against mine
but the shell was deep enough that we didn't touch inside.

They began tightening the straps form my harness that would hold me
in the shell with her. Our faces were only inches apart and the
temptation to lean closer and cover her lips with mine was
overpowering. The only thing that prevented it was the thought of her
being punished as I had been just a few hours ago. I could see the
desire in her eyes but she withstood the temptation also. I could
feel her warm breath against my face and I almost succumbed but was
able to restrain myself.

The harness around my head kept me from looking down but I knew our
cocks must be even closer to each other than our faces. They Mistress
had finished strapping me to the shell and I saw Mistress Paula was
holding a large polished metal tube of some kind. It was a little
less than a foot long and a couple of inches in diameter at each end
but larger in the middle. Each end had a flange that looked like it
might mate with the flanges surrounding the opening our cocks
protruded through. A plastic hose ran from a fitting in the middle.
Mistress slid the tube over my cock. The metal was cold against my
skin but the excitement grew within me as Mistress Paula guided
Renee's cock in the other end.

I felt something warm instead of the cold metal, It was her head
touching mine and shivers ran through me. They pushed us closer
together and I felt her cock sliding alongside mine. Renee was
trembling as the feeling overwhelmed her also. When the ends of the
tube met the flanges on our harnesses Mistress Monica gave the tube a
quarter turn and the flanges on the tube locked into the flanges on
our harnesses. Our cocks lay alongside each other, pressed together
and locked inside the tube. I felt Renee tensing and rubbing her cock
against mine as I did the same. Just a few minutes of this and we
would both cum inside this wonderful tube. Suddenly I felt a sting on
my buttock.

It was the feel of a needle entering my flesh. Renee's eyes widened
and I knew she had felt the same thing. In only seconds I felt the
effects of Curare creeping over me. I watched the smile vanish from
Renee's lips and then all expression disappear from her face as the
paralysis overtook her. I couldn't draw air into my lungs and then I
felt the suction inside the chest shell begin. My chest was being
sucked into it and air drawn into my lungs. As my chest expanded in
the shell so did Renee's and her nipples touched mine. First just a
touch and then our nipples were pressed together as the suction
pulled us against each other.

The hose running from the tube containing our cocks must have been
attached to the same vacuum source because the air was being drawn
from the tube also and the suction was causing our cocks to expand
and be f***ed tightly against each other. The feelings were
astounding. The suction released and our nipples separated and the
pressure pressing her cock against mine lessened but soon the suction
pulled us together again.

I mentally thanked our Mistresses for such a marvelous arrangement.
The Mistresses were fastening straps to hold our legs together and
soon we were held immovably together from our shoulders to our feet.
Mistress Paula stood up and brought her hand up to where I could see
it. She was holding something that it took a few seconds for me to
recognize. It was a large double ended dildo. It was extremely
realistic looking and as I looked at it more carefully I saw that the
two ends were a little different. Near the middle were two flanges
about two inches apart. The portion extending past one flange was a
little larger and bigger around than the other end. The heads were a
little different in shape also.

"Do you girls recognize this?" she asked. Each end is an exact
replica of one of your cocks. The larger one is Renee's." She placed
the larger end against my lips and pressed. I thought of resisting
but knew it would be futile. I opened my mouth and she slid it in me
as the other end went into Renee. Once it had entered both our mouths
Mistress Monica began fastening straps between our head harnesses.
She tightened them and they drew our faces closer together and the
dildo was f***ed deeper into our mouths and down our throats. With
the Curare paralyzing all of our muscles we had no gag reflexes and
it slid easily down our throats until the flanges met our lips. All
the straps were tight now and our heads were held firmly in place
with our eyes no more than two inches apart. Our noses were just
touching each other.

I heard our Mistress say, "Good night girls." As they left the room
and closed the door behind them. They turned the lights off but I
could just make out Renee's eyes in the dim glow from the lights on
the control panel of the respirator. The dildo wasn't so bad. It not
only looked realistic it felt unbelievably realistic. I couldn't
squeeze down on it but it felt just like Renee had in my mouth and it
was even warm, like her. This whole arrangement was wonderful. The
feel of her nipples pressing against mine and our cocks squeezed
together by the suction was exhilarative beyond words. We would cum
together over and over all night. All I could see was her eyes right
in front of mine. We were so close that they were a little blurred
but the love in them was clear.

I have never felt so sexually aroused. If only we could have moved to
heighten the feelings of our most sensitive parts touching. It felt
so extraordinary as the suction pressed us together and yet the lack
of control over it was a little disconcerting. I felt so ready to
cum, right on the edge of a glorious orgasm and yet nothing was
happening. We should both have exploded into the tube by now. I began
to wonder why it hadn't happened and it slowly became clear to me.
It wasn't possible to cum while paralyzed. It took muscle action to
f***e our semen out and we had no muscle action whatsoever. The only
muscles that were functioning in our bodies were our hearts. All
others were paralyzed.

This wasn't a kindness from our Mistresses. This was a way to
frustrate us beyond anything else imaginable. We were aroused to the
very limit of endurance and we would not be allowed any satisfaction
or relief. Our only hope would be for the Curare to wear off before
morning but I didn't think our Mistresses would have overlooked that
possibility. I shouldn't have been possible to see any expression on
Renee's face but I could see the same realization in her eyes that
must have been in mine. We were helpless to do anything to satisfy
the enormous craving we felt each other.

The suction in the tube would keep our cocks engorged with bl**d and
hard. The suction would also keep forcing our nipples together and
rubbing our cocks against each other but the Curare would prevent our
bodies from squelching the fire that our Mistresses had created
within us. I began to wonder how I would endure the burning love I
felt for Renee. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought of our
Mistresses in each others arms and doing the things to each other we
could only dream of. Through the mist of my tears I watched the first
tear swell in the corner of Renee's eye and grow to a torrent as she
shared my yearning for fulfillment.

We stared into each others eyes through the night as the respirator
performed its dual function of keeping us alive and aroused us to the
point of insanity.

Sometime in the early hours of morning I saw Renee's eyelid flicker.
I tried to find some movement in my body to verify that the Curare
was wearing off. I strained to move some small muscle and was
eventually rewarded when my upper lip twitched. A few minutes later
I was able to blink my eyes and Renee responded with a wink. We both
knew that once the effects began to wear off it was a rapid process.
My fingers began to respond to my brain's orders for them to flex.
In just a few more minutes we would have full movement back and even
though we were strapped immovable in our harnesses our bodies would
respond to the stimulus of touching each other.

The excitement grew within me as I waited for the feeling in my groin
that would signal the first stages of an orgasm. The room was flooded
with light as the door opened. Mistress Monica came through the door
and came directly to the two of us. She was carrying two hypodermic
syringes and in a matter of seconds she had injected us both with
another dose of Curare. Tears streamed down our cheeks as she closed
the door behind her and we sank into the depths of despair while the
paralysis took control of our bodies again. By morning I had
concluded that to taste Renee's lips and tongue was worth any
punishment the Mistresses might impose on me.

I couldn't bear the thought of watching Renee punished but I had
decided that if she gave any indication of her willingness to
participate in a punishable offense I would take her in my arms.
I would hold her close and kiss her until they pried my arms from
around her. They must have known how close to the edge of endurance
they had pushed us because they never gave us the opportunity do
anything. We were kept paralyzed as they loaded us in our Stokes
stretchers and lowered us side-by-side in the large tank to be
bathed. They catheterized us both and then dressed us in our rubber
chastity panties, corsets and then in our traveling clothes without
allowing us to regain function of our bodies.

Urine bags were hooked to our catheters and strapped to our legs
under our skirts. They had hooked us up to Bennett respirators with
face masks until we were dressed. Then they put us in the cuirasses,
fitted cervical braces on us and strapped us into our power
wheelchairs with our respirators mounted on the back of our chairs.
The braces rested on our shoulders and held our head and neck
rigidly. Then they did our makeup and hair. By then it was time to
leave for the airport and they wheeled us out the van still strapped
in our chairs and loaded us aboard.

I had been under the impression that we would be unrestrained for the
flight, They had implied that they felt the threat of punishment or
being turned over to European authorities for traveling under false
passports would keep us in line. I had apparently misunderstood or
they had changed their minds. Skycaps helped them to unload our
luggage and Renee and I at the airport. I listened to them explain at
the check-in counter that we were s****rs suffering from a genetic
condition that completely paralyzed us. We were traveling to Germany
to be evaluated at a clinic there that might be able to help us.

The airline employees looked at us with pity and said they would do
everything possible to make our travel as comfortable as possible.
They said we could remain in our chairs until right before boarding
when our chairs would be checked and loaded into the baggage
compartment. We would be transferred to boarding chairs and airline
employees would board us before the rest of the passengers and assure
that we were secured in our seats. They asked about toilet needs
during the flight and The Mistresses informed them that we were
catheterized and they could handle emptying our collection bags when
required. They tried to be tactful as they explained to the
Mistresses that in the unlikely event an emergency evacuation of the
aircraft was necessary we would be the last to be taken off.

Mistress Monica said she understood and that we did also. The agent
told them to check in with the agent at the gate and we proceeded to
our boarding gate. When we arrived at the metal detectors I
remembered that the Mistresses had not removed the locks from our
chastity panties. I needn't have worried because they waved us around
the detectors and a security officer said we would have to be hand

He called a female officer over and she began with me. She started at
my feet and asked, "What's that?" when she felt my collection bag.
Mistress Monica explained that it was a urine collection bag. The
officer nodded and worked higher. She looked puzzled when her hands
touched my chastity and corset. Thankfully she didn't feel the
padlock between my legs. Mistress Monica told her that we both had to
wear rigid corsets to allow us to sit upright. She nodded again and
quickly brushed her hands over my breasts and turned to Renee. Her
search of Renee was much more cursory and she seemed relieved to pass
us on to the gate.

The trip out the long tunnel to the gate seemed endless with everyone
staring at us. Moving sidewalk ran down each side of tunnel and gave
everyone coming or going a marvelous view of the two poor paralyzed
women as our Mistresses guided our chairs down the middle. It was
even worse when we reached the island containing all the gates. There
no one had anything to do except stare at us as they waited for their
flight or to greet incoming friends and relatives.

The Mistresses checked in at the gate for our flight and asked the
agent if there was a place they could plug in our respirators to
charge the batteries to assure a full charge for the long trans-
Atlantic flight. He directed them to a spot along the wall that left
us sitting in the main corridor everyone had to pass through. They
left us there and went to get a drink in the bar. I have never felt
so exposed and self-conscious. We were both facing out from the wall
and since we were paralyzed and wearing the neck braces we couldn't
even turn our heads to see each other. The only way I knew Renee was
even there was from the sound of her respirator mixing with the sound
of mine.

We had about 90 minutes before our flight and it seemed like days.
About 30 minutes before our flight time two big burly airline agents
arrived to put us on our plane. They started with Renee. I was still
facing out from the wall and couldn't see what they were doing but I
could hear the commotion and grunting as they transferred her to a
boarding chair and then wheeled her off to the plane. It seemed like
hours before they returned for me. They unstrapped me from my chair
and in the process their hands lingered in places they had no
business. When they lifted me from my chair a hand was massaging my
buttocks. One of them was actually resting his hand on my breast as
they strapped me in the narrow boarding chair.

I wished I could tell him that all he was feeling was silicone. We
headed for the airplane with one pushing me in the chair and the
other carrying my respirator. It was very cramped getting us aboard
the plane and they had the Mistresses wait by the door as they
maneuvered me to my seat in the first class section. Out of sight of
everyone and having been told we couldn't talk they were free to do
about anything they wanted and took full advantage of it. I could
feel my breast forms getting a good massage. I was glad they were
silicone and then I remembered that Renee's weren't and she must have
gotten the same treatment. I wanted to attack them both for what they
must have done to her.

They got me out of the chair and into my seat next to Renee with much
groping and chuckling to themselves and then one of them leaned over
in front of me. He whispered, "Here's a little treat for you honey."
as his hand went between my legs. I wish I could have laughed in his
face as his fingers met my chastity panties. I watched as his
expression changed from lechery to confusion. He continued to explore
and he found the padlock. He whispered to his cohort, "I don't know
what this bitch is wearing down there. Feel it yourself." The first
one reached for Renee's lap as his friend squeezed in front of my
seat and his hand went to my crotch. Just then Mistress Monica
appeared in the aisle beside us. "They are wearing chastity belts.
They are helpless to protect herself from bastards like you two. Get
out of here this instant." They both scurried up the aisle and out of
the plane. One of the flight attendants appeared and Mistress Monica
told her what had happened.

The flight attendant said she would call the station manager and have
him come to the plane right away. The flight attendant finished
getting me situated in the seat while Mistress Monica went somewhere.
I assume to meet the station manager. The flight attendant fastened
my seat belt and positioned my respirator on the floor under the seat
in front of me. She seemed very embarrassed by her fellow employees'
actions and kept telling me how sorry she was and assuring me that
they would be out of a job before the day was over. The flight was
delayed by Mistress's meeting with the station manager. When she
finally returned she and Mistress Paula sat down across the aisle
from Renee and I.

I heard her tell Mistress Paula that we were now flying free to
Europe and back. We also had 50,000 Free Flyer Miles. When they
boarded the rest of the passengers they all gave us odd looks as they
passed our seats. Some seemed actually hostile to us. I don't know if
they knew what had happened but they obviously knew that the delay
had something to do with us. Thankfully our flight was as uneventful
as our boarding had been eventful. It was merely long and extremely
boring for Renee and I. The Mistresses renewed our Curare doses twice
during the flight.

We arrived in Frankfurt and the rental van with a lift was waiting
for us. After the Mistresses retrieved our extensive luggage we set
out for the town where Mr. Latowski's shop was located. I have no
idea the name of the town but it was about two hours driving time
from Frankfurt. We arrived there in the early afternoon and our
appointment to see him wasn't until the next morning. We had
reservations at a hotel there and it was something of a circus
getting checked in and all of our luggage and Renee and I up to our

Our room was actually a suite and very nice. Once the Bell-man had
left and the four of us were alone Mistress Paula told us that they
would give us the antidote for the Curare now. It would be much
easier for all involved if we were able to move and co-operate during
our measuring and fitting for my chastity panties and our new corsets
but they were perfectly willing to do it with us paralyzed if we made
that necessary. Renee's modification for her chastity panties did not
require fitting and if we didn't behave she would spend the time I
was being measured and fitted being punished. Her modification was
ready to be picked up and as soon as it was installed in her chastity
panties they would provide punishment while wearing them.

That was the entire purpose of the modification. Mistress Monica
injected the antidote and the Curare was neutralized within a few
minutes. They made no move to release us from our chairs or to remove
the respirator shells or neck braces from us however. They did empty
our leg bags for us and then they said they thought all of us could
use a nap. They placed inflatable gags in our mouths, tightened the
straps around our heads and inflated the gags. Then they reclined our
chairs for us and the two of them stripped down to their underwear
and crawled into bed.

They were both wearing black lace bras, panties and garter belts with
black seamed stocking attached to the garter belts. They snuggled
together and were soon asl**p in each others arms. Renee and I were
exhausted but sl**p came harder for us. The sight of our Mistresses
in each others arms was agonizing for us both. These were the women
we had loved for years and the pain of seeing them together was part
of our problem. The other part was how much we each longed to be in
each others arms. My emotions were so confused. I wanted Renee more
than anything but I didn't have any idea of what gender either of us
was or would become or in what way we would be allowed to have each
other, if at all. I wanted my Mistress but knew that was a part of
my life that was irretrievably gone.

I finally drifted off to sl**p with confused and paradoxical thoughts
running through my mind. I awoke with late afternoon sun streaming
through the windows. The first thing I saw was Renee strapped in her
chair. Her eyes motioned to the bed and I turned my head as much as
possible to see. I couldn't see either of our Mistresses but the
movement coming from underneath the covers made it clear they were
both there. The sounds a labored breathing and soft moans made it
pretty clear what was going on under the covers. I turned back to
Renee and tried to concentrate on her. I didn't need to think about
what was going on in the bed.

We concentrated on each other and when our Mistresses emerged from
under the covers they had lost their bras and panties. They stripped
off their garter belts and stockings and trotted giggling into to
bathroom. They were sure not the picture of stern and domineering
Mistresses we had come to know. They emerged a little later with the
demeanor we were more used to. They got dressed and called room
service for dinner. They removed our gags and released our arms from
their straps to allow us to feed ourselves. Before releasing our arms
they moved us far enough apart to preclude any chance of our touching

After we had finished eating they injected us with Curare again and
turned on our respirators. They reclined our chairs and told us good
night. Then they returned to the bed and continued their activities.
I don't know if they were under the covers or not. My eyes were
looking straight ahead and all I could see was the ceiling. There was
nothing wrong with my hearing and I could hear all the sounds they
made and the endearments they whispered to each other. Sometime later
one of them came over and closed my eyes and much later I fell

Morning found Renee and I awake long before our Mistresses. When they
finally woke up it was too late for them to bath us or for breakfast.
We only had about 30 minutes before our appointment with Mr.
Latowski. The Mistresses got dressed but did nothing to get us ready.
We were wearing the clothes we had worn for the entire time since we
left home and we must have begun to smell. The Curare was still
effective so we couldn't have objected to being taken to him in this
condition even if we had dared. We paraded out through the lobby and
to our van.

Mistress Monica was carrying a carpetbag that I figured held Renee's
chastity panties that were to be modified. Mistress Paula had her
carry bag that she took everywhere with us now. I didn't know what
she had in it but she always managed to pull some apparatus out for
me when she needed it. It was only a few blocks to Mr Latowski's
shop. Not really a shop but a small work shop behind his home we
discovered. We were shown through the house and out to the shop in
the rear. He asked Mistress Monica if she wanted him to start with my
fitting or with Renee's modification. She said to start with Renee's
and handed him her chastity panties from her bag.

He took them over to his work bench and began work on them. The
Mistresses positioned us so we could watch him work. He removed the
silicone liner first. This was the first good look I had gotten at
it. It had an opening for the penis and balls to enter it.
Immediately inside was a cavity that held the balls snuggly. A
cylindrical cavity ran down from there to encase the penis and a tube
ran to the end of the liner, between the legs for urine drainage.
There were small openings on each side that matched openings in the
steel panties. These were for a syringe to be inserted and inject
cleansing solution around the penis and balls.

It was all quite ingenious and the silicone looked soft enough to be
comfortable. After he removed the liner he drilled 3 small holes in
the front of the steel panties. He took a steel shell about 2 inches
wide by 3 inches high and 1/2 inch deep and placed a plastic box in
it. Two wires ran from the plastic box and he threaded them through
the middle hole he had just drilled. He placed the shell against the
front of Renee's panties and placed screws through the other two
holes from the inside. These fitted into threaded holes in the shell.
He tightened them securing the shell to the front of the panties. He
took another silicone liner and inserted one of the wires into a
socket on the outside of the liner. Then he threaded the second wire
between the liner and the panties.

He took the largest dildo I had ever seen from the bench and put it
through the hole in the rear of her panties. When it was in place he
rotated it and it snapped into some sort of locking collar. He held
it up to Mistress Monica and said, "See, it can only be released by
inserting the special key in this hole above the plug and then
rotating it with the spanner I will give you."

Both Mistresses looked closely and nodded their approval and said
that was perfect. He inserted the second wire in a socket in the
dildo just inside the panties. He handed the complete chastity
panties to Mistress Monica and proceeded to explain the changes to
her and Mistress Paula.

"I have lined the entire ball and penis cavities with a thin layer of
electrically conductive rubber. The butt plug is covered with the
same material. This has created two electrodes that will be in place
whenever the chastity device is worn. They are both connected to the
battery operated receiver and generator housed in the compartment on
the front of her chastity device. The current to the electrodes will
be controlled by either of the transmitters you will have. They are
about the size of a pager."

He handed a small black box to each of the Mistresses. They had a
knob and 2 buttons on the front face and a belt clip on the back.
They each also had a loop of thin chain to wear them around their
necks I assumed. "The strength of the current is controlled by the
knob there and you can activate either belt by pressing the
corresponding button or both by pressing both buttons at once. There
is also an electrical detection circuit built into the receivers. A
very small current runs from the device to the wearer at all times.
If two persons are each wearing these chastity devices and they touch
any part of the others body the receivers will detect this and apply
full voltage to the electrodes of both device.

The voltage will cycle on and off, 5 seconds on and 10 off until you
press the buttons on the transmitter or the batteries run down. The
will last approximately 20 minutes if not interrupted. The key that
releases the plug also opens the small door there on the bottom of
the receiver compartment to replace the batteries. The electrical
portion of the panties is waterproof and punishment therapy can be
delivered even if the subjects are immersed in water.

Mistress Paula said it was perfect and that she wanted to put it on
Renee right away. She took a syringe from her carpet bag and injected
Renee with Curare antidote. As soon as it had reversed the effects of
the Curare Mistress Paula released Renee's straps and removed her
cuirass. She told her to stand up. She lifted her skirt and slip and
told her to hold them up out of the way. She unlocked the rubber
chastity and then unfastened the cover over Renee's penis. She
released her penis and then removed the chastity from her. She
removed Renee's dildo and Mr Latowski handed her a tube of something.
He said it was conductive grease and would make the device more
effective and also make installation easier.

She spread the grease on Renee's penis and balls. Renee was trembling
with apprehension but she made no effort to resist. It would have
been futile with both Mistresses and Mr. Latowski surrounding her.
Her penis was completely flaccid. She certainly wasn't feeling any
positive feeling about being locked in her newly modified chastity
panties. The only thing keeping me from quivering with fear for Renee
and myself was the Curare. I would have been panicked at the thought
of wearing such a horrible device if not for the knowledge that it
would take him a fairly long period of time to construct my panties.

I remembered hearing Mistress Monica say that it had taken nine weeks
to get Renee's chastity panties and something in the future is not
nearly so terrifying. Somehow I might not have to wear my own pair of
electrified chastity panties. Mistress Monica held Renee's panties
while Mistress Paula spread more of the grease on the dildo. Mistress
Paula took them from her and placed the front up against Renee's
groin. They were hinged at the bottom and the rear portion hung down
in front of Renee's legs. Mistress Paula guided Renee's catheter
through the penis tube and out the hole at the bottom. Then she
slipped Renee's Penis into the cavity and slid the whole assembly
up a little. She tucked her balls into the cavity for them and
pressed the front of the panties up and tight against Renee.

She told her to spread her legs apart and when Renee complied she
swung the rear portion between her legs to the rear. Renee was
shaking uncontrollably as the dildo touched her rectum. Mistress
Paula told her to bend over and when she did pressed the dildo hard
against her opening. It started to enter but Renee sphincter was
fighting its entry. With it attached to the rear part of the chastity
panties Mistress Paula was able to f***e it by pushing on the upper
part of the panties and using them as a lever to f***e the dildo into

Renee's eyes were wide and her face was frozen in fear as the plug
slid into her. It was finally in place but the sides of her panties
weren't quite together. Mistress Paula asked Mistress Monica to help
and with them pushing from the front and rear the sides finally met
and they engaged the locks on each side. Mistress Paula Paula told
Renee to sit down in her chair again. Renee had a definite waddle to
her walk as she returned to her chair. I didn't see how she could
walk at all with that monster locked so rigidly in her. She sat down
gingerly and I could see her flinch as her weight pushed the panties
even tighter against her and the dildo deeper still.

Mistress Paula strapped Renee into her chair and took the transmitter
from Mr Latowski. She was looking closely at the front of it when he
asked, "If you are going to test it now we should gag her. I don't
want my neighbors disturbed or worrying about what is going on over

Mistress Paula agreed that was a good idea and removed a pump gag
from her bag. She strapped it to Renee's head and inflated the gag in
her mouth. Renee seemed resigned to whatever was happening. I didn't
know how she could accept all this without some form of resistance.
The only answer seemed to be that she had been in training much
longer than I and had probably learned the futility of resistance.
Mistress Paula pressed the right-hand button and Renee's eyes widened
even more. Her body jerked a little and she squirmed and twisted
against the straps holding her in her chair. A low moan came from her
gagged mouth but very little sound escaped past the rubber barrier.

Mistress Paula held the button down as Renee continued to struggle to
escape the pain that was obviously assaulting her pelvis. Mistress
Paula finally released the button and Renee sagged against the straps
surrounding her body. Beads of sweat covered her forehead and upper
lip as she took in deep breaths through her nose. Mistress Paula just
stared at Renee for a few minutes. Her expression was almost
regretful. Then she said, "That was with the power turned all the way
down. I guess we had better test it at a higher setting. I'm sorry
Renee but this is necessary so that you and Teresa both know the
consequences if you attempt to resist us in any way or if you touch
each other without permission. Let's try it at half power."

Renee's eyes plead with her and Mistress Paula turned away with her
back to Renee. She obviously was disturbed by what she was doing to
her but it didn't stop her. She turned the power knob up and then
mashed her finger on the button. Renee's eyes almost popped from her
head. Her body jerked and contorted against the straps. I thought she
would break them or rip them from the chair. A scream rose from
within her and slammed against the gag filling her mouth. The strap
holding the gag strained and was pushed away from her mouth. Her
cheeks bulged grotesquely to the sides and the sound that escaped
around the gag cut into the very center of my heart.

I was panicked now, for my Renee and for myself when the time came
that a pair of those things were locked on me. She only held the
button down for a couple of seconds. When the current released Renee
she was semi-conscious and making a****l-like noises behind her gag.
I longed to go to her and comfort her but of course that was
impossible. Both Mistresses were visibly disturbed by the appalling
effect the panties had on Renee. But they seemed to shake it off
quickly and turned to Mr Latowski and told him that it was time to
fit me for my chastity panties.

He reached into a cupboard above his workbench and took out a pair of
chastity panties exactly like the ones Renee was wearing, including
the shell screwed on the front and the dildo in the rear. "I hope
these fit," He said. "I normally don't make them up from measurements
but you sent a very complete set of measurements and I understand
your hurry to get her into them. I can make any needed alterations
quickly." Panic overwhelmed me. I didn't have weeks until mine were
ready. I was about to be put in them right now and I began to think
of ways to prevent those awful things being locked on me, any way to
prevent it.

I sure wasn't going to stand there meekly and allow them to shove
that gigantic dildo up my ass and lock those things on me. Once they
were on me I would be completely helpless to resist them and I wasn't
going to allow that to happen. Mistress Monica injected the antidote
into my arm and as we waited for it to take affect I plotted my
escape from the room. All I could think of was escape from the being
locked in those chastity panties.

Mistress Monica broke into my thoughts. I heard her voice, "There is
no need for you to try and figure a way out of this. There is no way
and we will restrain you for the application of your panties if
necessary. You might also want to think of Renee. If you resist us in
any way Mistress Monica will hold the button activating her device
down until you comply. She will be in the agony you just witnessed as
long as it take for you to cease resistance." I realized it was
futile to resist and I was certain they would make Renee pay for my
folly if I didn't comply with their every order.

Mistress Monica began loosening my straps and Mistress Paula moved
Renee around in front of me. She held the transmitter directly in
front of me with her finger on the button that would torture Renee if
I did anything foolish. I could see Renee's gaze locked on me as her
eyes plead with me to not cause her to be punished for my actions.
Mistress Monica removed the last of my straps and my respirator
shell. My knees were shaking and I wasn't sure my legs would support
me as I meekly stood and lifted my skirt. Mistress Monica removed my
rubber chastity. The air felt good on my cock and balls and the
relief was tremendous when she pulled the plug from my butt. I knew
my freedom was short lived and I tried not to think about what was
about to replace what she had just removed.

Mistress Monica spread the conductive grease on my cock and balls.
The grease was cold but the warmth of her hands overcame the cold. I
found myself starting to get hard but when her hand left me and began
to spread the grease on the dildo I shrank back with fright. I was as
small and soft as possible when she brought the steel panties up in
front of me and guided first my catheter and then my penis into the
silicone opening designed to imprison and abuse it. She slid the
panties up and I slipped easily into the tunnel waiting for me. She
tucked my balls into their cavity and pressed the whole assembly
tightly against me. It was actually quite comfortable and if I hadn't
known the capabilities the device possessed to cause pain I would
have been pleased to be encased within it.

I was still absorbing the feeling of the silicone surrounding me when
she ordered me to spread my legs and swung the back portion of the
panties between my legs and the tip of the dildo pressed against my
rectum. The pressure increased as Mistress Monica tried to f***e it
into me. I instinctively tightened to keep the intruder out of me and
even though I tried my utmost to relax it wouldn't enter. Mistress
told me to bend over and even that didn't help.

Mr. Latowski told her not to worry about it, he had a tool to install
it in me. He brought out large and stout sawhorse with a heavily
padded bar across the top. It had straps on the legs and also on the
top. He placed it in front of me and told he to bend over the top of
it. I did so and he quickly strapped my legs and wrists to the legs
and then brought a strap over my back and fastened it to hold me bent
over the sawhorse with my ass exposed in the air.

The chastity panties dug into my flesh at my waist and they were
pressed tightly against my groin. He brought out a large contraption
that he attached to the top bar of the sawhorse. It attached to the
bar on each side of me and arched over me. It had a pad on one end
of a long threaded rod that was positioned on the back of my chastity
panties and a large hand-wheel on the other end of the rod.

He began to turn the hand-wheel and the pad pushed on the back of the
panties. Mistress Monica aligned the dildo with my opening and as he
turned the wheel my body had no choice but to accept the dildo. I
felt like I was being split in two as the tip f***ed its way past my
sphincter. The pressure didn't ease as it was driven slowly into me
but grew as it filled my lower colon. It was the most uncomfortable
thing I had ever experienced. It wasn't particularly painful but it
's presence could never be ignored for even a moment. The steel of
the panties was cold against my buttocks as they approached the point
were the locks could be engaged.

He released my hands from the straps holding them and raised the
upper portion of my body a little. The pressure within seemed to grow
and the pressure of the steel panties around my pelvis changed a
little. He turned the hand-wheel a little more and the front and rear
portions of the panties met at my waist. I heard the locks click and
I saw him hand the keys to Mistress Monica out of the corner of my
eye. I heard him telling her that installation would be easier as I
stretched and the dildo could be removed and put back without
removing the panties for enemas or other purposes. He said he would
give her a press that wrapped around my body for installing the dildo
with the panties locked on me and the spanner that would rotate it to
lock or unlock it.

He released the rest of the straps holding me to the sawhorse and
helped me to stand up. As I straightened up the pressure in me became
even greater. I could never get used to this. My entire consciousness
was centered on the monster locked within me. I could never get used
to having this thing within me. Mistress was reading my mind again.
"Don't worry Teresa. You'll get used to it. You don't have any
choice. Besides after you and Renee have your surgery you won't have
these dildos anymore. You'll have a permanent appliance that will be
a little more comfortable and won't require removal or re-
installation. Then it will be much simpler to install the appropriate
accessories when required. Now move around a little and let's see how
your new panties fit."

I took a few steps and felt the dildo move within me or me move
around the dildo. It didn't make much difference, it was horribly
uncomfortable whatever the actually happening. I remembered seeing
Renee waddle a little and I knew my waddle was a thousand times worse
than hers. The steel panties didn't move at all on my body. The
combination of their perfect fit to me and their tightness made them
feel more like my skin had become rigid. I couldn't feel any movement
of my cock and balls inside their silicone cell. In fact it was hard
to actually be aware of them at all. That feeling was heightened when
my hand went to my groin and all I could feel was the hard smooth

I couldn't feel anything inside as I pressed my hands against myself.
I began to panic again at the thought that I was truly locked inside
these things. I began to beat against the front of my panties with my
fists. It was like I was beating against someone else or more
accurately something else. I couldn't feel a thing. I tried to f***e
my fingers under the edges of the panties but they were so tight that
it was impossible. Mistress Monica's voice seemed to come from far
away, "Relax Teresa, you are locked in them and there is nothing you
can do about it. Accept it." Her voice only made my panic worse and I
beat against them and tried in vain to get a grip on them and rip
them from my body. I was sobbing and pleading, "Take them off. I'll
do anything but take them off." The plug inside me suddenly grew and
my cock and balls were gripped in a fierce hold.

The plug would surely split me wide open. I fell to the ground and
heightened my efforts to tear them from me. Hands gripped me and
held me down. I saw Mistress Monica's hand with the transmitter in
it. Her finger was holding one of the buttons down. Realization
f***ed it's way into my panic, that was why the plug seemed bigger.
The electricity was contracting my muscles around it and it only
seemed bigger. It was the electricity crushing my cock and balls in
it's grip.

I tried to relax but the panic overwhelmed me again. I felt them
strapping something around my head, covering my mouth. As they
tightened the strap a gag was f***ed between my teeth and filled
my mouth. "Oh no!" They gagged Renee before they tried to kill her
with the electrical panties." All rationality had left me as I
fought the hands holding me down. I had to escape these monsters and
the monstrous things they had locked on and within my body. The
terrible pressure within me and the crushing of my genitals eased and
the hands released me. Through the haze of my tears I saw my
Mistresse's hand.

She had released the button but she was turning the knob clockwise.
Her finger hovered over the button. I screamed through my gag as her
finger descended, "NOOOO!!!!!!" Only a muffled and unintelligible
sound escaped the gag filling my mouth. There was no time for another
scream as my pelvis seemed to explode and my cock and balls be
crushed to nothing at the same time. The pain was beyond belief and
my body writhed and jerked uncontrollably on the floor. I knew that
they had killed me as a veil of darkness descended over me.

I awoke strapped in my chair and with my cuirass running. It only
took trying to blink my eyes to know my body was full of Curare
again. My mind was a jumble of disconnected thoughts and as I slowly
pieced some of them together I began wondering if I had experienced a
nightmare. The feeling that I was sitting impaled on the top of the
Washington Monument told me that at least part of it had not been a
dream. The giant dildo was without a doubt inside me and the rigid
tightness that embraced my pelvis confirmed that I truly was locked
in a pair of steel chastity panties of my own.

The panic I had felt earlier was replaced by fatigue and a sober
resignation that I was truly under the Mistresses power as never
before. Both Mistresses came into my view. Mistress Paula was
guiding Renee's chair in front of her. Renee was not under the
influence of Curare because she smiled at me. I tried to convey to
her that I was alright now and I thought I had been successful when
she winked at me. All three of them were obviously worried about me.
It was clear in their expressions and in the Mistresses conversation
as they debated whether to give the antidote for the Curare or not.

They were worried that I might be having another panic attack but
they had no way to tell as long as I was under the control of the
Curare. They took an extraordinary action and asked Renee what she
thought. My attempt at telling Renee I was okay had succeeded. She
told them that I was alright now and that we would both be alright in
the future as long as we had each other. Mistress Paula's expression
hardened and she told Renee not to try and take advantage of the
situation. We would have each other only if our Mistresses decided
they wanted us to have each other.

Renee lowered her eyes in a suitably submissive gesture and said,
"Yes Mistress, I understand."

I detected a glint in her eyes that told me she was pleased to have
interjected exactly the idea she had wanted. I loved her even more
and admired her cleverness in taking advantage of any opportunity to
influence the Mistresses' thinking and to convey to me her love and
dependence on my love for her. I longed to touch her and then I
remembered what would happen to us both if we touched. I felt myself
slipping back into the panic I had felt when I first realized what
frightful control these chastity panties gave the Mistresses over us.

Renee must have realized what was happening because she stared
directly into my eyes and although I could barely detect her lips
moving I understood as she mouthed, "I love you Teresa. We will
really be okay and we will be together always." Mistress Monica
injected the antidote in my arm and I began the journey back from the
Curare once more. When the Curare had been neutralized it was obvious
to them that I was awake.

Mistress Monica told me that my actions would normally result in
Renee receiving the punishment I deserved but they were going to
assume that I had suffered and anxiety or panic attack and wasn't
consciously defying them. Any such action in the future however would
result in severe punishment which would be inflicted on Renee. The
only reason the electrodes in my panties had been activated was to
control me and was not punishment. My panties would have had to
tested so I was predestined to feel the power of the panties today
anyway. The first application had been at the lowest power possible
and the second at half power, the same as Renee had received. The
thought of that having only been half power brought a shudder to me.

I never wanted to feel the full power of the panties. They diverted
their attention to Mr Latowski as he handed them two more silicone
liners for our panties. He said that these were the ones to
accommodate us once our penile implants had been performed. "Penile
implants?" I looked at Renee but her expression told me she didn't
have any idea of what they were talking about either. Then he brought
what could only be described as a stainless steel torso. It made of
the same polished stainless steel as our chastity panties. It would
cover the wearers body from head to about mid-thigh. At the top it
was shaped to cover the chin in front and the occipital portion of
the head in back. It would completely cover the body from there to
the mid-thighs at the bottom with only the arms exposed. It was
shaped to fit perfectly and had female genitalia formed in the steel.

The breasts had nipples formed in them as well and a navel completed
the anatomical modeling. It was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship
but would be confining beyond belief to wear, like a cast. He told
them that it would fit over our chastity panties and corresponding
openings would mate with those in our panties. A seam ran around it
at the sides and it was held closed by numerous small latches, each
with a keyhole in it. The Mistresses said they certainly wanted them
for us and would arrange for the brace shop in the US to send a mold
of our torsos to him so he could construct them to fit us perfectly.

He quoted the Mistresses a price for our panties and the torsos that
ran well into five figures but they didn't bat an eye and Mistress
Monica took a cashiers check from her bag and handed it to him. As
the Mistresses guided our chairs past him to the front door he
mumbled, "Better them than me." I would loved to have seen him locked
in one of his own diabolical creations. Better yet our Mistresses
locked in them with Renee and I holding the transmitters. I thought
of them with electrode dildos filling both of their butts and vaginas
and what Renee and I could do to them.

My fantasy was cut short when I remembered Mistress Monica saying
that if I was allowed to have the surgery to be a woman my male
chastity panties would be replaced by the female version. Suddenly
the thought of an electrified dildo filling someone's vagina wasn't
so appealing anymore. The one filled was going to be mine, if I ever
got one.

We returned to the hotel and the Mistresses released us from our
chairs. They took the respirator shells off our chests and removed
the braces from our necks. They told us that we could get undressed
now and shower. They laughed and even said we could shower together.
Then we could find out what full power was like when we touched each
other. They seemed to find that hilariously funny. We stood there a
little dumbfounded at the new freedom of being allowed to bath
ourselves. We realized that the chastity panties with the electrodes
built in might actually result in our having a little more freedom
with the control they had if we went too far. The panties weren't all
bad, only time would tell what living in them would be like. They
told us to go on ahead in the bathroom and get ourselves cleaned up.

The bathroom was pretty small and we were paranoid at the thought of
triggering our panties by touching. We wanted more than anything to
run our hands over each other and yet were terrified of what would
happen if we touched. I sat on a small bench while Renee undressed.
We discussed the events of the day and how amazed we were that they
had arranged for my panties to be ready today. That had been a
surprise that neither of us found pleasant. I gazed longingly at
Renee's body, naked except for the shiny panties encasing her pelvis.

My cock was trying to grow within it's silicone case. The silicone
was soft and yet unyielding. It prevented any real growth and when I
tried to move the panties and rub myself against the silicone I found
it impossible to create any relative movement between them. There was
no way to achieve any satisfaction at all. Renee giggled and said, "I
could have told you that was impossible. I have tried every way
imaginable. You might as well forget about your cock. It's actually
easier if you don't think about it. If you figure out how not to
think about it let my know."

Renee showed me how to direct the shower spray through the holes in
the panties to clean the cock and balls locked inside. She said that
the water drained out petty well through the opening at the bottom
between our legs meant for urinating. Just blot the few drops left
with a towel or toilet tissue. She said the water flowing inside was
the only way to stimulate ourselves at all and after it went around
the bends necessary to get inside it didn't do any good but it did
feel good. It was a reminder that the thing in there was still alive.

While Renee was still in the shower I got undressed myself. I felt
self-conscious undressing in front of her and I couldn't figure out
why. When she came out of the shower I found myself holding my arms
in front of my breasts and covering them with my hands. She said,
"Don't worry about it Teresa, you'll have beautiful breasts soon." I
realized that was it. It was my lack of breasts that embarrassed me.
In just this short time I had come to think of myself as a woman and
with my Chastity panties locked on the signs of my maleness were
virtually gone until I took off my bra and my breasts went with it.

I felt so pretty when I looked down and saw the large lovely mounds
my forms created but now it was just a flat hairless man's chest and
I didn't feel like it belonged to me. She said she had felt the same
way until she had her implants. She had welcomed the chastity panties
because they meant that her cock wasn't always springing out and
reminding her that she wasn't really who she felt like she was. She
repeated what she had said earlier about my being so lucky that my
Mistress might allow me to have the surgery. Tears started to swell
in her eyes. I wanted so to take her in my arms and comfort her.

I told her, "Renee, when I have my vagina I'll take you deep inside
me and hold you there. We'll share our vagina together. We'll take
that thing between your legs and use it together to bring us both
joy. It's not you Renee, it's just a toy we'll use like a dildo or a
vibrator. You are a woman Renee, a beautiful sexy woman and you are
going to be my lover. I never dreamed it before Renee but now I know
who and what I was always meant to be. I was meant for you Renee and
as strange as it sounds I am thrilled that it means that I am a
lesbian. My body will never allow a man into it my love, only you
will be allowed. You, my lover."

The next morning we caught a flight to Amsterdam. We traveled in our
wheelchairs and as quadriplegics but not under the effects of the
Curare and without our respirators. The Mistresses said if we did
anything out of line the chastity panties would be activated and
explained as our having a seizure. We welcomed any extra freedom the
panties allowed us because we both knew that when we returned home
and our training commenced there would be scant freedom of any kind
for us. We picked up our rental van at the Amsterdam airport and
drove to the Bizarre Design shop.

The mistress let us walk in instead of being wheeled in in our
chairs. Walking was an experience with the panties and plug filling
me. Renee was able to walk almost normally but I had not mastered the
art of not waddling and I was certain that everyone was laughing at
me behind my back. It was more what we expected with a retail shop
and display area. The array of corsets on display was phenomenal and
they were all made of leather. There were the normal type corsets,
bondage corsets and corsets with skirts that looked like dresses.

The Mistresses showed us the style that were they were ordering for
us. It was the most extensive and confining corset possible. It
literally ran from head to foot. It covered the head and neck with
the face exposed from just below the nose to right above the
eyebrows. The mouth was covered and a tube running from the front to
a squeeze bulb revealed the presence of a pump gag. It covered the
shoulders and breasts and continued all the way to the ankles. Lacing
ran uninterrupted form the top of the head to the bottom of the
corset at the ankles.

Extensive rigid boning ran completely around and the full length of
the corset. The feet of the display mannequin were encased in ballet
boots. The heels were so high that the wearer would be standing on
their tip toes like a ballerina. The shoes were laced from the toes
up to where they disappeared under the corset. Mistress Paula said
the boots were thigh high and were part of the corset we would wear.
Separate laced and boned sleeves covered the arms from shoulder to
wrists. It was beautiful and exquisitely made but anyone laced into
that thing would be totally helpless. Renee and I looked at each
other and I think she had the same thoughts as I. I wanted to feel
myself laced tight and completely encased in leather but we would be
desperate for release after a short time so confined.

A man came over and asked if he could help us. Mistress Paula
introduced herself and Mistress Monica. The man said he had been
expecting them. He nodded to us and asked if we were the subjects to
be fitted. Mistress Paula said we were. He said that in addition to
today's measuring we would have to return for at least two fittings
to assure a proper fit. Mistress Paula asked him if he could fit our
corsets from a complete plaster body form. He said that would be
ideal but he didn't have the facilities to create such a form.

Mistress Paula explained to him that we both had complete body casts
made for the fitting of our braces and she could have extra forms
made and shipped to him. He said that would be the ideal way to fit
corsets such as these and then he could even attach the sleeves to
the corsets and be assured of a good fit. He said with the forms he
wouldn't even have to measure us and he would begin work on our
corsets as soon as he received the forms. Mistress Paula wrote him a
check and we left.

I wanted to be laced tightly into such a corset but I dreaded how it
would be used in my training. Everything had gone much faster than
the Mistresses had planned and we went back to the airport to find
out if our reservations could be changed for an earlier flight. We
were in luck and a little over an hour later we were on our way back
home. Renee and I were both wearing our neck braces and strapped into
our cuirasses and we were once again paralyzed by the Curare. We were
left with nothing to pass the time except to imagine what it was
going to be like to wear the new restrictive devices the Mistresses
had ordered for us and also what Mr Latowski had meant when he said
the other liners would accommodate our penile implants.

It would be a while before our new corsets and steel torsos were
ready and I wondered what the Mistresses had in store for us until
then. We arrived home in the middle of the night and the Mistresses
put us in our Iron Lungs and then gave us another Curare injection.
They left us alone together but we might as well have been on
different continents for all the good it did us. I could see Renee's
face in the mirror above her head by looking in the mirror above me
and she could see me the same way.

That was our only contact except listening to our Iron Lungs cycle
air in and out of our lungs. Later Mistress Monica came in and closed
our eyes for us and turned out the light when she left. Our
windowless room made it impossible to tell what time it was when we
awoke to the Mistresses calling our names. The Curare had worn off or
they had neutralized it because my eyes opened when I commanded. The
Iron Lung was still running and I just let it do my breathing for me
instead of trying to fight it. Mistress Paula told us that she had
contacted the doctor who was going to do our surgery and he could do
it almost immediately. We would be checking into his private hospital
in a few hours.

Everything was going so much faster than they had told us it would.
Maybe it would be easier having less time to anticipate things.
Mistress Monica said there was one thing that had to taken care of
first. We had to sign consent forms for our surgeries. We could sign
a blank form and they would fill in the details later. That way we
wouldn't know what was going to be done and wouldn't worry about it.
We could also have everything that was going to be done to us
explained and then sign a completely filled out form.

We might not like what was going to be done but we would sign the
form regardless of our feelings about the procedures. Our chastity
panties would guarantee that we would sign. Renee would be stimulated
by them until I signed and I would receive the same treatment until
she sighed. We must both agree to either course of action.

This was the first decision we would be allowed to make together but
would be the last one for a very long time. The last decision we
would make about our lives together or separately until our training
was complete, if it was ever completed. We looked at each other in
our mirrors and at the next exhalation we both said, "I want to
know." The known is always less frightening than the unknown. At
least I thought that until they explained what our surgeries would
entail and the effects they would have on us.

They began be explaining my breast augmentation surgery. They had
originally planned to use silicone implants on me and the domes that
sucked and stretched my breasts were partially to stretch the skin to
make room for them. The doctor who was going to perform the surgery
now suggested a modified donor flap surgery where tissue, including
muscle, fat and skin, was harvested from a donor site and used to
build my new breasts. Most of the tissue would come from my back but
the skin for my nipples and areolas would be taken from high inside
my thighs were it is more sensitive.

That skin would be chemically dyed to look like natural nipples and
areolas. If I received sexual reassignment surgery later the tissue
from the head of my penis would be used to build new more sensitive
nipple. Some of that tissue would also be used to build my clitoris.
This was more complex surgery but would result in more natural
breasts without the risks associated with silicone implants. Renee's
implants were going to be removed and her breasts rebuilt with donor
tissue also. My new breasts would be the same size as my silicone
forms, 42DD. She said I would also have my vocal cords shortened to
give me a more feminine voice.

It would be feminine in pitch but I would have to be trained for my
voice to be truly feminine. Our two lowest ribs would also be removed
to help in achieving a true hourglass figure. This information
thrilled me. My breasts would be all mine with no artificial
materials inside them. I was imagining the way they would feel when I
realized Mistress Paula was continuing her presentation and had moved
to a new subject.

She was talking about our enemas and dildos and said that to make
them a little more comfortable for us and since they would be a
permanent part of our lives our rectums were going to be surgically
altered. The nerve to our sphincters would be resected (cut) so it
wouldn't resist the entry of objects. It would then remain relaxed
and open at all times. Since this would prevent our controlling our
bowels an appliance was going to be installed within us. This
appliance was a silicone sleeve that would extend about 8 inches into
our colon. It would have a semi-rigid ring at out rectum and the
inner end would incorporate a flap type valve. The valve would only
open when our enema nozzle was inserted and locked in place. The
outside of the sleeve would be coated with a electrically conductive
material and the sleeve would be electrically connected to our
chastity panties so it would function the same as the dildos in us

Other items could also be inserted in the sleeves such as dildos and
even real cocks and since they would be inside the sleeve we would
feel only the pressure filling us. Of course these appliances would
mean that we would never have control over our own bowels again and
would always have to be flushed by enemas. I had known that becoming
Mistress's slave was not something to be taken lightly but to be
surgically altered to be dependant and controlled forever by her for
the simplest bodily functions was sobering, Mistress Paula was
still talking and we hadn't heard all of what was to be done to us

I had thought that control of our bowels was sobering but now I
heard the rest of the control they would have. The nerves controlling
our bladders would also be resected so we would to be drained by
catheter. The catheters would remain in place at all times unless our
penises were being used for other purposes. Used by them though, not
us. So they could use them as they desired we were going to have
penile implants They were going to use what was called a Three Piece
Penile Prosthesis. The prosthesis would consist of three components
which would be connected by tubing. A reservoir, two cylinders and a
pump. The reservoir would be implanted under the abdominal muscles
and filled with sterile saline. The cylinders would be inserted in
the corporal bodies lengthwise along each side of our penises. The
pump would be placed in the scrotum.

When the pump in our scrotum was squeezed repeatedly the saline would
be f***ed into the cylinders in our penises and they would become
hard and enlarged as with a natural erection. They would remain that
way indefinitely until the pump was squeezed and held to allow the
cylinders to deflate. The cylinders were made of silicone and when
deflated our penises would be soft but longer and larger than before
the implants.

The extra liners that the Mistresses had been given for our chastity
panties would accommodate the larger sizes. This was really total
control of us. I could see by Renee's face that this was really
having an effect on her. I had already begun to think of my penis as
a temporary appendage but she would have hers forever and to have it
under the total control of the Mistresses was almost too much to

Mistress Paula looked at us both and said, "That's it. No questions,
just sign the consent forms or we will began the process to convince
you to sigh."

I croaked out a weak, "I'll sign."

Renee took a few more cycles of the Iron Lung and then weakly
muttered, "Me too." They slipped a clipboard in through the ports on
each of our Iron Lungs and put pens in our hands. They guided our
hands to the place to sign and we each scribbled our signatures on
the forms we never saw. Before they closed the ports on the Iron
Lungs they injected us with Curare again and left the room. It was
almost impossible to judge time but it must have been a few hours
before they returned.

Mistress Monica spoke “Good morning. Welcome to your new world girls.
No talking, your training has just begun in earnest. Before we begin
we want you to meet our assistants.” A woman came through the door.
She was well over six foot in her ultra high heeled boots. The boots
came up just above her knees and above the boots black fishnet
stockings covered her legs and were supported by garters attached to
a black leather corset that gave her a striking hourglass figure and
covered he ample breasts with molded leather. A black leather g-
string completed her attire.

Mistress Paula picked up the dialogue, “This is Mistress Jane. She
will have day to day control of your training and will be obeyed
instantly. Her orders are the same as orders from either of us. She
will have complete authority to administer punishment when it is
required. She will be assisted in her duties by SMS1 and SMS2. SMS
stands for she-male slave. They are worker slaves and have not yet
earned the right to have a name. They will do the physical work of
handling you and also some specialized training that they are
uniquely equipped for. SMS1 and SMS2 come in here immediately.”

Two other persons came in the room. They were both also well over 6
foot and wore high heel pumps secured at their ankles with straps and
padlocks. Their attire consisted entirely of heavy black rubber
harnesses. The harnesses went over their shoulders and on their chest
the straps attached to two large steel rings that surrounded their
ample and shapely bare breasts. Their nipples were hard and erect and
their breasts bounced and swayed as they walked across the room. The
straps of the harnesses that ran down from the breast rings joined at
the waist and another strap ran down and attached to a smaller steel
ring that surrounded the base of their cocks and balls.

Their cocks stuck out erect from the rings. Another strap ran between
their legs and attached to their harnesses in back. A steel ring
inset in the strap between their legs encircled their anuses. There
were no apparent fastenings or buckles on any of the straps of their
harnesses. They appeared to be riveted on them and I wondered how
long they had worn them. Their bodies were extremely muscular and
completely hairless, from head to foot.

Mistress Jane spoke for the first time, “SMS1 and SMS2 are will be
allowed to touch you to perform the duties I assign them. Some of
those duties will include teaching you to service both men and women
properly. As you can see SMS1 and SMS2 are especially well equipped
for those duties. Some of that training will have to involve your
Mistresses or I however, as only we have the ultimate equipment. You
will not do anything to try and arouse SMS1 or SMS2 unless ordered by
me or one of your Mistresses as part of your training."

"You will also not try to gain their sympathy or co-operation to
lessen the strictness of your training in any way. They will not be
assigned to either of you individually but will each handle you
randomly. They have been trained in the application, insertion,
installation and usage of all of your specialized equipment. The
intent of your training is to teach, not to cause you pain. At times
pain will be a necessary part of your training but we will all try to
keep it to the minimum possible. If you co-operate that is. If you
don’t submit readily to all aspects of your training you will regret
it. SMS1 and SMS2 are capable of forcing you to do anything we desire
but if they have to f***e you I can guarantee it will be even less
pleasant. They do not have transmitters for your chastity panties but
I do as well as your Mistresses and we will not hesitate to use them
on you. We will use them on the one who did not commit the offence.”

“This room is your sl**ping and contemplation room. Your Iron Lungs
are here and from time to time we will bring other equipment in here
for you to sl**p or spend training time in. The mirrors will be
helpful for you to understand what is being done to you or to the
other one. Sometimes seeing everything can heighten the experience
and make it more meaningful. In a few minutes we’ll take you into the
training and handling room next door. That is where most of your
equipment is kept and where you’ll receive most of your training.
We’ll familiarize you with some of your new equipment.

Your examining tables will normally be kept in the training and
handling room. SMS1 and SMS2 are strong enough to do most of the
handling of you without having to resort to hoists and such. Before
we do that though SMS1 and SMS2 have worked very hard preparing for
your arrival and they deserve a reward. You are going to give it to
them now.

SMS1 and SMS2 got a look of glee on their faces and came to the foot
of our tables. One at Renee’s and one at mine. I had no idea which
was SMS1 and which was SMS2 but it didn’t really make any difference.
Their cocks were even harder and stuck straight out at us as they
adjusted the stirrups even higher and dropped the top of the tables
from beneath our buttocks. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind what our
asses had just been exposed for. They both smeared some KY jelly on
their members and began to probe us. The appliances the Mistresses
had described to us had obviously been implanted in us. There was not
the painful stretching as he entered me. He slid easily inside me and
the feel of him in me was more a pressure than anything.

I could feel him sliding deeper and then felt the steel ring
surrounding his member press against my rectum. He was all the way in
and it wasn’t too unpleasant. I felt full down there but it didn’t
hurt. The emotional side was worse, I was being ****d and was
helpless to prevent it. I watched as the other one slid the final few
inches into Renee. I smiled at her, hoping to reassure her and give
her some little extra strength. My smile disappeared as I saw his
hands creeping up her body.

They were above her waist and I held my breath as he worked higher. I
felt my r****t begin to pump me and then my entire attention was on
him as one hand clamped on to my left breast and the other around my
penis and balls. His fingers probed my scrotum as he pinched my
between his thumb and index finger with the other hand. His fingers
began squeezing my scrotum like he was pumping something up with a
bulb type pump. His other hand clasped my breast as he rolled my
nipple between his fingers.

My nipple were sensitive and it hurt. I f***ed myself to look over at
Renee and she looked terrified as her attacker squeezed and kneaded
her breasts cruelly while he pumped violently in and out of her. He
was driving himself faster and faster and breathing in gasps and
moans. He would cum very soon and hopefully then Renee would be
spared further degradation. A strange sensation drew my attention
back to my own situation. I felt my penis pressing hard against his
belly. My head was strapped down so I couldn’t look down and his body
blocked my view in the mirror overhead but it felt like my penis was
hard. I didn’t feel any sexual arousal, just the opposite. I felt
debased and used so why was it hard. His hand left my scrotum and
grasped my cock and began pumping it as he drove himself in and out
of me. It was definitely hard, as hard and erect as I had ever felt
it but it was like it wasn’t a part of me. His other hand shifted to
my other breast and tightened cruelly around it and actually twisted
it. His fingers sought out my nipple and pinched it painfully.

His actions became more violent and frenzied as he used me. He
finally stiffened and gripped my breast and penis in an iron grip as
I felt his cock convulsing inside of me. I couldn’t actually feel the
flow but I knew he had filled me with his seed. I knew now what I had
never completely understood before, every woman’s fear of ****. He
stood up and backed away, withdrawing himself from me. Renee’s
assailant had already moved a distance away from her and she was
sobbing. I wanted to cry but my feelings of debasement were too great
to allow the soothing of tears.

As he stepped clear of me I could see my penis rigid and hard and I
was asking myself how such a degrading experience could effect me
that way when I remembered the penile implants the Mistresses had
told us we would receive. He had been pumping my implant to make me
hard. One more thing I had no control over, I had no control over
anything done to me and now not even over the most private and
intimate actions of my own body. Now the tears came and I sobbed and
bemoaned my fate. Mistress Jane told SMS1 and SMS2 to get our panties
and bras from the equipment room.

Mistress Jane looked at us and said, “Now that the boys know what
nice twats and titties you two have we’ll have to protect you from
them. They will be allowed to use you but only with permission and
under supervision. Your underwear will prevent any unauthorized
penetration or feels.” The two b**sts returned each carrying an
armload of polished stainless steel. I recognized the chastity
panties but there was more there than just them.

My penis was still standing erect and hard. Mistress Jane told SMS2,
the one who had ****d me, “Deflate that thing. Don’t ever leave it
inflated when you are through with it.” He squeezed a spot in my
scrotum above my balls and it shrank back to it’s previous size.
They spread what must have been the conductive grease on both of our
penises and placed the panties on our groins. They threaded our
catheters through the penis tubes and pull our panties snuggly on us.

SMS1 was approaching me with something that could have only been
described as a steel bra. SMS2 was standing behind Renee with an
identical one. I watched as he reached around her and placed it over
her breasts. She shivered and within seconds I knew why as the cold
steel of mine contacted my warm breasts. He pushed me forward until I
was bent over my legs with my torso almost horizontal. My breasts
settled into the frigid steel cups. There were hinges at each side in
the wide steel band of this rigid bra. The ends of the band met in
the rear and I heard a couple of clicks as they engaged.

He sat me back upright and pressed on the sides of the bra. It
tightened around me and I heard a ratcheting sound in the back as the
two ends engaged more fully and held it securely around me. The band
was about 6 inches wide and extended a few inches below the bottom of
the cups. It was shaped to fit my torso as perfectly as the cups fit
my breasts. There was some sort of spring arrangement at the back
because as I took in a breath it would yield and let my lungs expand
and as I exhaled it tightened around my shrinking chest. He passed
two steel straps over my shoulders and secured them to the tops of
the cups. They were made like a metal watchband and were flexible and
had a slight amount of give to them. No one had to tell me that it
was locked on me and the only way out of it was for the Mistresses to
desire it be removed.

It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable but I wasn’t trying to move
around in it either. The biggest disappointment was that I wanted to
see and feel how my new breasts moved with me and I wanted to touch
them. I wanted to fully experience how it felt to have real breasts
and now they were imprisoned in steel also. I looked at Renee in her
steel ensemble and had to admit that it was an impressive and sexy
look. I would have loved to be wearing it if I could remove it at
will. Mistress Jane told us to get down off our tables and we would
go into the other room and get dressed for our first day of training.

I tried to swing my legs around to the side of the table but I
couldn’t move them. My arms felt weak as I tried to maneuver myself
but my lower body wouldn’t move. My legs and lower torso felt normal
but I couldn’t move them at all. I looked at Renee and she was
experiencing the same difficulty. We exchanged looks of bewilderment
and but our efforts to get off the tables ended when Mistress Jane
told the slaves to take us into the training and handling room. She
told them that we were so weak that we would need to be braced
completely. I didn’t know what she expected.

We had been in bed for two months and of course we were weak. I
suspected she had intended us to be braced all along. Why had we been
fitted for braces if they didn’t intend to use them on us. I was
eager to see my braces and to wear them. Little did I realize how
familiar I would become with all of my braces and what life is like
completely braced. They rolled our tables with us on them across the
room to where Mistress Jane had opened a wide door in what had
appeared to be a solid mirrored wall.

The room they took us into was mirrored the same as our sl**ping and
contemplation room except for one wall. That wall was floor to
ceiling windows and the view breathtaking. I recognized the view as
the property Mistress Monica and I had bought and planned to build
our new home on. The light and shadows through the windows indicated
it was early morning.

The Mistresses had been busy to have whatever building these two
rooms were a part of built so quickly. I wondered how long they had
planned this for us. The room was much larger than our sl**ping room
and contained much more equipment. The familiar tracks and electric
hoists adorned the ceiling. Two sets of parallel bars ran side by
side in front of the windows. A large Jacuzzi tank occupied one
corner. There were two frameworks in the middle of the room. They
were much like the one I had been suspended in at the brace shop when
they made the cast of my body.

Our power wheelchairs were parked in another corner. An Iron Lung
unlike any I had ever seen was in yet another corner. It was much
wider than the ones in our sl**ping room and there were two openings
in the end plate. A head rest was below each opening. I had never
dreamed that a two person Iron Lung existed but there it sat, I
assumed ready for Renee and I. Two more examining tables like the
ones we were lying on were side by side against one of the walls. On
top of those table were our braces.

There was a set on each table and they would encase us literally from
head to foot. They were made of polished stainless-steel and white
plastic. There were Velcro straps everywhere. They didn’t use the
normal metal bands with leather straps that would encircle our legs.
They both had two molded cuffs for each leg that would enclose the
entire thigh and calve and between the two cuffs was a leather pad
with four straps attaching it to the uprights of the braces that
would cover and support the knee.

The steel bars that ran up the inside and outside of each leg from
the shoes were very heavy and highly polished. There were joints at
the ankles and knees and the bars continued above the thigh cuffs to
joints at the hips and finally connected to the upper portion of the
braces that would support the entire upper body. The body portions of
the braces were awesome. They went from upper hips to head and would
cover and immobilize the entire torso, neck and head.

They were made with a front and back half that attached together with
Velcro straps up each side. The front half was molded to enclose the
breasts and there was another polished steel bar that ran up between
the breasts and attached to a padded chin piece that would support
the head in the front. Another padded piece would cover the back of
the head and was attached to the back half of the brace with two
steel bars and to the chin piece with two steel rods that ran forward
on each side. A strap attached to rear headpiece looked like it would
run around the forehead.

They were very impressive and obviously would be very restrictive
when we were strapped into it all, only our arms would remain free.
Mistress Jane told SMS1 and SMS2 to put us into our corsets or we
would never fit into our braces. She told them to use the cotton
underbust corsets and to lace us tight. They went to a section of
wall with nothing in front of it and opened a door inset into the
wall. I could see it opened into a large walk-in closet. Wide shallow
drawers lined the far wall of the closet.

They each went to different drawers and took out our corsets. They
also took out some leather cuffs with long straps attached to them.
They proceeded to strap the cuffs around our wrists and ankles and
then they released the straps securing Renee to her table and one of
them picked her up and carried her to one of the frameworks in the
middle of the room. He set her down on her feet and supported her
while the other fastened her wrist cuffs to a lacing bar suspended
from the top of the framework. He used a hand operated winch to raise
it and stretched her arms high. She was supported by the bar now and
one of them bent down and fastened the straps from her ankle cuffs to
rings on the floor.

They passed a strap around her chest, just under her armpits and
secured it to the sides of the framework and then did the same with
another around her upper thighs. The came back and picked me up and
secured me in the other framework the same way. They raised the
lacing bars until our feet left the floor and the straps to our
ankles were tight.

SMS2 brought my corset to me and SMS1 Renee’s to her. They placed our
corsets around our bodies and fastened the busks together in the
front. The corsets overlapped the steel of our bras and panties by a
couple of inches at the top and bottom. These corsets only had lacing
the full length of the back. We were about to discover why they
didn’t need the side lacing. They fastened devices I had never seen
to the frameworks on either side of us. They were a long steel bar
with a curved metal plate on the end.

They fastened them to some sort of mechanism with a crank handle at
the height of our waists, one on each side of each of us. They began
to turn the cranks and the plates were moved in until they partially
encircled our waists on each side. They pressed against me and then
began to compress my waist. He cranked until it felt like the plates
would meet in the middle of me and they began to tighten my laces.
Suspended in the frame and secured to the frame with the straps and
now compressed and held by the bars and plates made the lacing easier
and quicker. I was held rigidly so he could pull as hard as he wanted
on the laces.

The plates compressing my waist had already done part of the work of
shaping my waist so the laces tightened easily to hold the shape
instead of having to do the compressing. I found that I actually
welcomed the feel of the corset tightening about my body. I was soon
gasping for breath but I had missed the rigid embrace of a corset. He
adjusted the plates once more to apply more pressure to my waist and
then tightened the laces and tied them off. He stepped back from me
and I could see Renee was having her laces tied off at the same time.
Mistress Jane said, “Give them about 20 minutes for their corsets to
settle and then complete their lacing.”

Mistress Jane left the room and left us alone with SMS1 and SMS2.
They whispered between themselves and then I heard SMS1 say, “Go
ahead, I want to try that one anyway.” SMS1 come over inside my frame
and began running his hands over me. I could see SMS2 inside Renee’s
frame pressing his body against hers. I was glad for the protection
of our chastity panties and steel bras. SMS1 put his arms around me
and held me in a fierce embrace as he f***ed his body against mine
with his mouth over mine. His tongue pushed against my lips as he
attempted to f***e it into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw SMS2’s mouth covering Renee’s also.
Her eyes were diverted to mine and her eyebrows were arched in a
questioning manner. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to ask me. The
next instant SMS1’s fingers grasped my nose and pinched my nostrils
shut. I held my breath as long as I could. I could see SMS2 holding
Renee’s nose also. My lungs were burning and I finally had to relent
and relax my jaw and try to get some air. As my lips parted slightly
his tongue f***ed its way into me. It filled my mouth and probed and
darted everywhere. Renee had succumbed to the necessity of breathing
as well and her eyebrows arched even higher as SMS2 probed her with
his tongue.

No one had said we were required to obey their orders and Mistress
Jane had said that our chastity panties and steel bras were necessary
to protect us from them. She had said that they were going to be
allowed to use us but only with permission and supervision. I didn’t
think they had permission and certainly they weren’t being
Now I thought I knew what Renee was trying to ask me. It was the only
way we could protect ourselves from them in our current predicament.

I didn’t know if the Mistresses would consider protecting ourselves
justified. But as I saw SMS2 fondling the few parts of Renee’s body
unobstructed by steel or rigid fabric and thought of his tongue doing
to her what SMS1’s was doing to me, I didn’t care what the Mistresses
thought justified. I hoped Renee had the same thing in mind as I
nodded to her in the most affirmative manner I could. I bit down as
hard as I could on the organ invading my mouth. Warm, salty and
coppery tasting fluid filled my mouth. I knew the taste of bl**d and
knew I had injured him. When he jerked away from me I knew how badly
because as he stumbled across the room his tongue still filled my
mouth. It had been so deeply inside me I had trouble spitting it out.
I could see SMS1 holding his hands clasped over his mouth and bl**d
flowing between his fingers.

Renee had been asking me what I thought and acted as soon as I had
indicated I agreed. When I saw her spit SMS1’s amputated tongue from
her mouth I was thrilled she had been as successful as I. Their
screams brought all three Mistresses rushing into the room. They took
in the bl**d on Renee’s and my lips and the bl**d still gushing from
SMS1 and SMS2’s mouths.

I was sure there could be no doubt in their minds what had happened
but I held my breath to see their reaction. Their eyes went to the
two severed tongues lying on the floor. I was amazed by reaction.
They all began to laugh. They seemed to think this was the funniest
thing they had ever seen.

Mistress Jane had trouble composing herself to speak but she finally
said, “I know I was thinking of making those two eunuchs but I hadn’t
considered mute eunuchs. So much the better.” She and Mistress Paula
stuffed some cloths in SMS1 and SMS2’s mouths and took them out of
the room. Mistress Monica came over in front of the two of us. Tears
of laughter were still dotting her cheeks and she kept giggling as
she tried to speak. Finally she seemed to shift to a completely
different mood. I was totally unprepared for what she said.

“We are so proud of you both. We had just been talking about you and
the possibility we might be breaking your spirit. We were especially
worried about you Charli with everything happening so fast and the
massive dosages of female hormones we have been giving you. Now we
know you are both going to be able to withstand your training and be
extraordinary women at the end of it. You will both still always be
our slaves but this tells me that with your inner strength your life
will be much more that the life of a simple slave. I guarantee it
will be a life you will be happy with and cherish as you will cherish
each other."

"Your training isn’t going to be easier. It might actually be harder
because we know now how strong you really are but you will both
complete it successfully and you will thank us later.” She came to
each of us in turn and hugged us and gave us a kiss on the cheek.
Then she went to another hidden door and opened it revealing a wash
room. She drew a pitcher of water and came back with it and a glass
and bowl. She helped us both rinse out our mouths and spit the
remaining bl**d into the bowl.

After returned the items to the washroom she said, “I’m going to see
how Mistress Paula is doing at sewing up you victims. We’ll be back
in a little while. Don’t screw things up for yourselves by trying to
talk to each other. I think we’ll be able to give you a treat later
but for now just behave yourselves.” She tightened each of our laces
a little and then lowered our lacing bars so our feet were firmly on
the floor and then left. I wanted so to talk to Renee but the looks
we exchanged said more than any words ever could. We would learn over
time that our not being able to converse in the normal ways brought
us even closer together.

We had made a very big decision together. We hadn’t known what the
ramifications of it would be but we had made it together without
exchanging words. We had a communication that was very special and
would stand us in good stead through everything we would experience
and endure together. All three Mistress returned a little later.
Mistress Paula told us that everything Mistress Monica had said to
she agreed with 100%. She also gave us each a hug and kiss on the
cheek. Mistress Jane told us that Mistress Paula was going to
castrate SMS1 and SMS2 now. They were going to actually become mute
eunuchs. She asked us if we wanted to watch.

Renee and I exchanged looks and both replied at the same time. We
both said no and it was apparent from the Mistresses expressions that
it was the answer they had hoped to hear. Mistress Monica said that
she would get us into our braces for some exercise then while
Mistress Paula performed the procedure on the boys with Mistress
Jane’s assistance. They all chuckled a little. Mistress Monica took
our wheelchairs over to the tables that held our braces. She undid
the straps holding the front portion of the torsos and disconnected
the bars attaching the chin cups to the rear head portion. She lifted
them from the rest of the brace assemblies and took them to another
door hidden in the walls and opened it.

I could see a staggering array of braces and parts of braces behind
the door. There was two of every kind. Some were standing on their
own like robots and others were hanging from the wall. She hung the
front torso sections on two empty hooks and took out two that were
the same except they ended just below the breasts instead of covering
them. They had longer steel bars that ran up the center of the front
and held the chin supports. There were two sets of braces behind the
door that I wanted to see more of. They were similar to the ones on
the tables and went from shoes at the bottom all the way to enclose
the head at the top. They also had arms that went all the way down
and would cover the hands.

Instead of plastic they were made of leather with what looked like
miles of laces to hold them tight. I wanted to feel them laced
tightly to my whole body. I almost asked Mistress if I could wear
them today but remembered in the knick of time what would happen to
Renee if I spoke without permission. I would find myself inside those
braces soon enough. The ones waiting on the table for me were beyond
what I had ever hoped to wear. Mistress Monica brought the two torso
sections over and laid one on each table. She activated the controls
to raise the chairs to the standing position. She took each set of
braces from the tables and set them on the footrests so they were
standing in the chairs the same as a person.

I could see the braces the vertical bar holding the chin cup and the
two bars connecting it to the rear headpiece to immobilize Renee’s
head and fastened the strap from the rear around her forehead. She
stepped away from Renee and I admired the way she looked as I waited
for Mistress to move my chair behind me and begin my first experience
with my braces. Almost none of Renee was visible except her face and
arms but I had never seen her more beautiful. The shiny steel of her
panties and bra matched the shine of the brace bars running up either
side of each of her legs and then up the sides of her body.

The bar to her chin ran between her steel breasts and looked as sexy
to me as her cleavage had when I could see it. The lack of response
from my penis in its prison confounded me until I remembered what
Mistress Paula had said about my receiving massive doses of female
hormones. I was dismayed when I realized that I had lost sexual
function of it and it would probably be that way until it was
removed. I looked at Renee again and thought of what was replacing
that function and decided it was more than worth it.

Instead of bringing my braces to put on me Mistress brought back more
of Renee’s braces to put on her. She brought arm braces for her. They
were made the same as the rest of her braces with polished stainless-
steel bars and form fitting plastic cuffs held closed by Velcro
straps. There were joints in the bars at the elbows but none at the

The braces extended beyond the wrists to a molded portion for the
hands and fingers. Mistress loosened several straps around the hand
portion of one of the arm braces and I could see then that the hand
part was made in two halves and the top part lifted off. She released
Renee’s right hand from the lacing bar and brought it down to apply
its brace. She held the cuffs opened as she placed the brace around
Renee’s arm. It totally enclosed her upper arm and forearm and her
hand lay in the hand portion with her fingers in a mitten like
section and her thumb opposed.

The thumb and fingers were curled in a grasping position. She
fastened and tightened all the straps securing it to my Renee’s arm
and then placed the top portion over her hand and tightened the
straps holding it in place. She straightened out Renee’s arm and the
elbow locks clicked into place holding her arm rigid and straight.
She proceeded to apply the other brace to her left arm and it was
soon held as rigidly as the right. She rolled Renee over to one set
of the parallel bars and positioned her chair at the open end. She
lowered the footrests until the were on the ground.

Then she took Renee’s right hand and slid it over the end of the bar
on that side. The curved shape of her braced hand fit perfectly over
the bar and wrapped around it. Her hand was locked on the bar but
free to slide along it. She took Renee’s other hand and slid it on to
the left bar. She worked Renee’s feet forward off the footrests and
then moved her chair away, leaving her standing at the end of the
parallel bars and attached to them.

I didn’t know if Renee was trying to walk in the bars or not. She
seemed to be wiggling a little and she had a determined expression
but she wasn’t moving. Now it was my turn. Mistress rolled the chair
up right behind me and then knelt down and released my ankles. I
tried probing around with my right foot for the shoe behind it but I
still had no movement. Mistress guided my toes into the shoe and then
settled my foot in it. She did the same with my left. She got up and
moved the chair forward so the braces were pressing on the back of my
legs and body.

I tried to work myself into them but my legs wouldn’t seem to move.
Mistress had to hold the leg cuffs open and she worked my legs into
the braces. I had the same problem as Renee with the torso. It was a
very tight fit and I had to be f***ed into it. I tried pulling myself
up on the lacing bar and wiggling in but it wouldn’t work. Mistress
got the front of the torso and attached it at my head and then began
feeding the straps through the loops. As she tightened them I slid
into the brace. It was very tight and added a significant amount of
pressure above that the corset was already causing. She worked down
my legs tightening all the straps as she went.

It felt wonderful as the cuffs tightened around my legs and held them
firmly. She pulled the laces of my shoes tight and tied them. I was
finally encased in braces. Mistress strapped the kneepads over my
knees. She tightened all of the torso straps again and the grip of
the body brace became totally rigid and unyielding. I had just
thought my corsets were completely rigid. There was no comparison
between them and this brace. She moved the chin cup higher. It
pressed harder on my chin and lifted and tilted my head back. She
tightened the bars between the chin cup and the back of the head
brace and my head was clamped immovably between them.

It was even more restrained when she tightened the strap around my
forehead. She retrieved my arm braces and quickly had them in place
on me. The only joints in my entire body I could move were my
shoulders. My heart was pounding with excitement. This was truly the
realization of a lifelong dream and it was just the first day of that
dream becoming my lifestyle.

She moved me over to the other set of parallel bars and slid my hands
over the ends of the bars, locking them to the bars. She worked me
feet off the footrests and moved my chair away. I tried to take my
first step to get used to walking in my braces. Nothing happened,
absolutely nothing. With my hands locked on the bars the movement I
had before in my shoulders was gone. My elbows were locked straight
and my hips were locked so I couldn’t move a leg forward. There just
didn’t seem any way to move anything, much less walk. I looked at
myself in the mirror and had a hard time believing it was me.

I had spent countless hours all my life looking at photographs of
people, especially women, wearing braces and dreaming that it was me
in the picture. What I was looking at now was not a photograph or a
dream. It was me, I at least looked like a woman and I was wearing
the most elaborate braces I had ever seen. My steel chastity panties
and steel bra were the crowning touch. I let my gaze wander from my
reflection to Renee. I was amazed to see that she was actually making
headway between the parallel bars.

I watched her to discover how she was managing to propel herself. She
would lean a little to one side and then pivot her whole body and one
foot would then move forward a little. Then she would lean the other
way and pivot to bring the other foot forward. I couldn’t really see
how she managed to lean to the side however. I couldn’t see her
moving anything and what could she move. She was braced the same way
I was and nothing could move. I tried leaning but again nothing
happened. I couldn’t move to shift my weight and I couldn’t imagine
how Renee was accomplishing it.

Then I remembered my shoulders. There wasn’t much movement there but
maybe there was enough. I tried raising my right shoulder and
lowering the left. Sure enough, I found myself leaning toward the
left and my weight shifted to my left foot. Now I tried pivoting
myself toward the left. My right foot moved forward a fraction of an
inch. I felt like I had accomplished the impossible. I raised my left
shoulder and lowered my right and with my weight on my right foot I
was able to pivot and move my left foot forward slightly. It was
painfully slow progress and extremely tiring but it was progress.

I soon fell into a rhythm and the movements became almost automatic.
Renee reached the far end of her bars long before I reached mine. As
I lurched along between my bars I watched the struggle as Mistress
Monica helped Renee turnaround to come back the other way. She was
almost a third of the way back by the time I reached the end and it
was no less a struggle getting me turned around. We both made the
total of three trips the length of the bars. We were exhausted but
very pleased with our accomplishment.

Mistress Monica said we would take a break for lunch and then try
something new. She brought our wheelchairs behind us between the bars
and between her effort and ours we got our feet back up on the
footrests and we were standing in our chairs again. She fastened the
straps around our chests and waists. She swung the padded bar around
in front of our shins and secured it. Then she released the locks at
our elbows to allow us to bend our arms. There was a metal stud on
each of our forearm cuffs.

It was about midway between the elbow and wrist and when our arms
were bent it was on the bottom. She pressed the studs into a hole on
the top of the armrests of our chairs and it locked in place holding
our arms fastened securely to the armrests. Then she pulled up on a
small handle located high on our thighs on each side. That released
our knee and hip joints and when she activated the controls for the
chairs to return to the normal sitting position we were attached to
the chairs and moved with them to a sitting position.

We had just sat down when Mistress Paula and Mistress Jane came into
the room. They asked how things were going and when Mistress Monica
told them we had each made three trips the length of the bars they
seemed very pleased. Mistress Paula said that she had sewn up the
stumps of the boys tongues. She said she was certain that they had
lost so much of their tongues that they would never be able to speak
intelligibly again. She went on to say that she had removed the other
little items so all their penises would ever be good for would be to
wee-wee. Mistress Jane told Renee and I that we wouldn’t have to
worry about unwanted advances from them anymore. They would have
neither the desire nor the capability to m***** us sexually.

She said that she had already told them that if they did try anything
either sexually or for revenge they would be turned over to the
police. They both had outstanding warrants against them and their
cellmates would be thrilled to have such wonderful girlfriends locked
up with them. She was going to give them the rest the day to recover
but they would return to their normal duties the following day.

Mistress Paula left for a few minutes and then brought back a tray of
sandwiches and tea. They removed the sections of our braces that
enclosed our hands and released our arms from the armrests so we
could feed ourselves. It was difficult to eat with our torsos and
heads held so rigidly and upright and chewing was hard with the chin
cup pressing our mouths closed. It was still a very pleasant lunch
with the five of us together. Renee and I of course were not allowed
to speak but we enjoyed listening to the Mistresses chat and they did
direct some of the conversation toward us.

Immediately after lunch they replaced the braces covering our hands.
They moved our chairs against a wall facing out into the middle of
the room. Mistress Jane went to the closet containing all the braces
and returned with two pair of crutches. They looked like Canadian
forearm crutches except they didn’t have the cuffs that normally go
around the forearm. Our chairs were used to stand us up again. Once
we were standing Mistress Jane brought a pair of the crutches to me
and Mistress Monica took a pair to Renee.

Mistress Paula said she had better check on the boys and she left us.
Mistress Jane took my right hand and screwed a stud like the ones on
our forearms into the brace at what would be the palm of my hand.
She put the handle of one of the crutches into the opening between my
fingers and thumb. There was a hole in the top of the handle that the
stud went into and locked in place. A hole in the upright of the
brace, where the forearm cuff would normally be, mated with the stud
on the forearm part of the brace. That crutch was locked to my arm.
She installed a stud in the palm on my left-hand brace and locked the
other crutch to that arm. She removed the straps around my chest and
waist and swung the bar across my shins over to the side.

She said, “Just walk around the room and get used to using the
crutches.” This was a little scary. There had been no possible way to
fall using the parallel bars but I felt so unsteady now that I
thought there was no possible way not to fall. If I did fall I would
fall like a tree. I got the crutches positioned to my sides and a
little in front and tried the same technique I had used with the
bars. I was afraid to push too hard from one side for fear I would
fall over the other way. I pushed and felt myself starting to lean to
the left but I was also toppling backwards.

Luckily I was still on the footrests with the chair right behind me
and I just leaned back against it. I moved the crutches out a little
farther the in front of me. That seemed to make me a little steadier.
I tried shifting my weight to my left again and got my right foot to
move about an inch. Next I tried a shift to my right and the left
foot moved a little. After six or seven of these minute little steps
I at least had my feet off of the footrests. I looked over to see
Renee’s progress and she was only about a foot in front of her chair.

I kept trying different crutch positions and different ways of
shifting my weight and rotating my body but no matter what I did
progress was painfully slow and I felt dangerously unsteady. It was
also exhausting. Mistress Jane prevented me from falling several
times. It seemed like I had been at it forever and I was only about
eight feet in front of my chair when Mistress Paula returned. I guess
I should have been pleased when she exclaimed, “You are both doing
great. That’s wonderful progress.”

Her statement seemed to say this wasn’t going to get much better or
easier and that didn’t please me at all. Sweat was pouring down my
face and irritating my chin where the chin cup rubbed it. That seemed
to be the only part of my body that moved in relationship to the
braces. The rest of me was held totally immovable by them. I began to
understand Renee’s intense dislike of braces and being braced. It
didn’t make much difference now though whether we liked them or not.
The Mistresses had made it clear that we would spend most of our time
in them and the only thing to do was learn to do what was expected of
us and tolerate them the best way possible.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I still loved the way I
looked in my braces and I even liked the look of my steel underwear.
I loved the way it all felt except for the chafing of my chin. It
would have been perfect if I could have just stood or sat in my chair
in them. That was not going to be the case though so I renewed my
efforts to make it across the room with my crutches, no matter how
long it took.

Eventually I made it across the room but then I had a new challenge,
turning around. I took the easy way and instead of turning all the
way around and going back across the room I only turned halfway and
went along the wall. I was feeling steadier and my steps had
lengthened out to four or five inches. Renee was doing better also
and we exchanged smiles of success and pride across the room. I had
been enjoying the view from the glass wall through the window wall
the whole time. The view was one of the main reasons we had bought
this property. A combination of the view and the isolation. I could
see at least ten miles down the canyon and not one other indication
of human habitation. I noticed now that the sun was getting low and
the shadows were creeping across the canyon. We had been at this all
day. It had certainly been a full day and the time had passed

Mistress Monica said she thought it was about time they let us stop
work for the day. She said they still had to bath us before dinner.
Mistress Paula suggested they leave us in our braces for dinner and
then bath us and get us ready for the night. She said it had been a
busy day and with everything concerned we might appreciate getting to
bed early. They all chuckled at that and Mistress Monica said she was
sure we would appreciate getting to bed early and would probably be
willing to skip dinner. They positioned our chairs behind us and
helped us get our feet up onto the footrests again. They strapped us
to our chairs have locked to our arms to the armrests. Then they
lowered the chairs to the sitting position again.

They located us at two small roll away tables and left us alone. We
both opened our mouths to speak and both thought better of it at the
same time. There was a very strong probability that they had the room
bugged with microphones and possibly cameras. They seemed pleased
with us at the moment but violating the rules against speaking would
change that in an instant. I’m sure Renee was as intrigued by the
reference to our appreciating going to bed early as I was. By this
point I couldn’t even hazard a guess at what they might have in mind
for us but this sounded like we might enjoy it.

The sun had set and the soft light of dusk was coming through the
window by the time they returned with two trays and set them before
us. They released our arms from the armrests and removed the braces
from out hands. Our dinner consisted of a chicken salad and toast.
It was nothing like I would have desired before our training began
but it was more than I could consume now with my corset restricting
my abdomen. They left us to eat alone. We had both eaten all of our
dinner that our corsets would allow when the three Mistresses

They raised us to standing in our chairs and removed our arm braces.
They reapplied our wrist cuffs and strapped our hands to the lacing
bars. They didn’t fasten our ankles to the floor rings this time but
still raised the bars until we were pretty well stretched but with
our feet on the ground. They removed our braces and our steel bras.
The air hitting my bare breasts felt wonderful. Then they took off
our corsets. It was actually painful when the pressure was released
from my body and I felt I would have collapsed in a heap if I hadn’t
been hanging from the lacing bar.

They placed the lifting slings in our chairs before putting us back
in them. They strapped us back into the chairs and lowered us to
sitting. They rolled us over beside our examining tables. They
unstrapped us from the chairs and told us to stand up. When I tried
to comply I discovered that I couldn’t. My legs refused to respond to
the orders from my brain to stand. The two months we had spent in bed
had left me weak but this was more than just weak. My arms had seemed
fine while practicing with the braces and they were alright now but
my legs were completely useless.

I hadn’t noticed it while they were held immobile in the braces but
now it was acutely apparent that they were totally paralyzed. I tried
working other muscles and found that nothing worked below the level
of my breasts. Renee was straining to rise from her chair but having
no more success than me. I heard Renee shriek, “What have you done to
us?” My pelvis was immediately gripped in agony as my chastity
panties were activated and I screamed with pain. The torture only
lasted a few seconds and then was stopped. Renee was looking at me
with apology written in her expression and I managed to give her a
thin smile through my whimpering.

Mistress Paula began speaking, “Now you have discovered the other
procedure that was performed on you. You are both completely
paralyzed from mid-chest down. It is permanent and irreversible. You
still have normal sensation in the paralyzed area but no muscle
control. It was done with very precise radiation therapy and the
anterior portion of your spinal cords were destroyed at the T-3
level. The motor nerves are in the anterior portion so only they were

“I know you wanted to be told what was going to be done to you and in
a way you were. We told you that the nerves to your sphincters and
bladders would be cut and they were, we just didn’t tell you about
all the others that would also be cut or destroyed. We thought that
would be too much for you to face.”

“We had several reasons for making you paraplegics. One is to help
with your figure training. With no muscle power your body will not
resist the reshaping f***ed by your corsets. The removal of your
bottom ribs will also assist you in achieving the figures we desire
for you. The other reason is to make your training and everything it
entails easier for you to accept.”

“If you were able bodied you would grow to resent the restrictions we
have and will place on your mobility. You would soon be dwelling on
the fact that we are treating you like cripples and also on the
inevitable loss of your muscle strength brought on by inactivity.
You would resist your training, which would only bring more
punishment upon you and your resentment would increase still more.
This way you are already helpless cripples and the training we will
give you will help you become more mobile, within the limits of your
disabilities and limitations we place on you.”

“The devices and garments we f***e you to wear and have attached to
or inserted within you are necessary because of your handicaps. You
will be able to accept the discomfort and chagrin as just another
aspect of your condition. We have made you what you are and your co-
operation or lack of it will determine what you are going to become.
If you co-operate we will make Charli a beautiful and desirable woman
and Renee an equally beautiful and desirable she-male. The fact that
you both have a disability will be an insignificant detail. If you
don’t co-operate you will remain what you are right now, crippled and
helpless freaks.”

Tears were rolling down Renee’s cheeks. She gave a powerful push with
her arms and tried to stand again. She only managed to shift her
balance far enough forward that she tipped forward and fell out of
her chair. She ended up lying on the floor, her lower body and legs
twisted and useless. She lay there shuddering as sobs racked her
body. A multitude of thoughts poured through my mind. The most
prevalent was “Be careful what you wish for. You might get it”. I had
always dreamed of wearing braces and of dressing as a woman and now
both of those dreams were a reality. They were a reality forever and
more changes to my body and life would come and I had no control over
what would be done to me.

It was terrifying and yet exciting. Mistress Paula stood in front of
Renee as Mistresses Monica and Jane moved a hoist above her and
lowered the lacing bar and strapped her wrists to it. While they were
raising her from the floor and putting her back in her chair no one
said a word. They strapped her tightly in her chair. Finally Mistress
Paula spoke, ”That was very foolish Renee. You might have hurt
yourself and what you did is going to hurt Charli. Your action was
resistance to us so Charli must be punished. I think it’s time for
you both to see what the panties can do at full power and to see the
other accessory we have just for Charli.”

Now I was sobbing as they rolled me over into the lacing frame and
strapped my hands to the bar and lifted me from my chair. They raised
me until I was hanging with my feet a few inches off the floor. They
put the straps around my ankles and then raised me even more until I
was stretched between the bar and ankle straps. Then they put the
other straps from the frame around me and tightened them holding me
firmly fixed in the middle of the frame. Mistress Monica appeared
holding two small cone shaped pieces of metal with attached wires and
two metal clamps of some sort. My deepest fears were realized when
she place one of the cones on my right breast. There was a hole in
the middle of it that my nipple protruded through. She pressed the
cone hard against my breast and my nipple was f***ed out through the

The clamps were round with two insulated tabs on one side. She
squeezed the tabs together and put the open end of the clamp over my
prominent nipple. It covered my nipple completely and when she
released the pressure on the tabs it held my nipple in a strong,
painful grip. She repeated the process on my left breast and then
plugged the wires into two small openings on the receiver compartment
on the front of my chastity panties. She f***ed a thick leather gag
in my mouth and strapped it in place.

Mistress Paula positioned Renee’s chair directly in front of me and
strapped her head to the headrest so she was f***ed to look directly
at me. Mistress Paula told her, “You will watch every second of your
discipline as it is applied to Charli. If you close your eyes it will
double the duration of the punishment. The electrodes clamped to her
nipples are something special we can only use on Charli. High voltage
applied to the chest can interrupt the electrical activity of the
heart but since she has her implanted defibrillator we don’t have to
worry about her heart. The defibrillator will restart it if it

The look of horror on Renee’s face was almost worse for me than the
fear of what was about to be done to me. I wished I could do
to ease her feelings but at that moment I was so terrified I could do
nothing to lessen my own sobbing and trembling. Mistress Monica’s
hovered over the button on her remote and I watched it descend in
seemed to be slow motion. I saw the flesh on the pad of her thumb
to compress as it pressed on the button and began to depress it. My
senses all seemed heightened far beyond normal and I heard the
click as the switch in her remote made contact. Another minute click
came from the receiver in my chastity panties and then all my senses
were overwhelmed by the excruciating pain gripping my pelvis.

My body tried to contract and double over but the straps holding me
suspended in the frame prevented it. I could see myself in the mirror
as my muscles contracted and my body strained against the straps.
Somehow it registered in my tortured brain that I felt the pain only
my groin and that the breast contacts must not be working. Then the
pain in my pelvis stopped, only to be instantly replaced by a
surprise. The contacts on my breasts were working after all. The pain
of the clamps gripping my nipples became nothing as electricity
through my breasts.

The muscles contracted and thrust my chest and breasts out. I could
my breasts quivering and changing shape as my body strained against
this new assault. As quickly as it had began the surge in my breasts
quit to be replaced by that in my pelvis again. I looked like a fish
flopping on a hook as the power alternated between my pelvis and
The pain was excruciating and yet I was strangely transfixed by the
sight of my body thrashing and straining against its bonds. When the
punishment ended the release from the pain was welcome and yet I felt
disappointed. I had actually enjoyed being the helpless subject of
torture and the pain.

They had two men with them who were wearing uniforms like hospital
orderlies. They proceeded to unplug Renee's Iron Lung and activate
the battery operation on it. They rolled her out of the room and I
was left wondering what was going on. Soon they were back and did the
same with me. As we moved through the house I saw that it was dark
outside. They rolled me out the back door and there was a truck in
the driveway. It was a 5-ton bobtail and they pushed my Iron Lung on
a lift-gate at the back and lifted me up and rolled me in to the back
of the truck. Renee was already there and they secured my Iron Lung
beside hers.

I was later told that our surgery and recovery had lasted over a six
weeks period. Mistress Monica had my sexual reassignment surgery
performed but Mistress Paula refused to allow it for Renee or to
allow us the satisfaction as male and female we both craved so
deeply. Eventually she consented to a coupling of Renee and I but the
restraints placed on us and on our actions prevented either of us
achieving orgasm, or did it?

The voice that came from me was not mine. It was higher pitched and
softer. She responded, “Welcome back darling, I’ve been waiting for
you to wake up.” Before I could answer her a section of a mirrored
wall opened and the Mistresses came into the room.

Let me now include here a narrative of Renee and my only coupling. As
wonderful and ultimately frustrating as it was. Renee is wearing a
harness identical to mine. Black leather straps encircle our bodies
from our heads to our feet and out our arms to the soft leather
mittens that enclose our hands. Our breasts are each surrounded by a
large steel ring attached to the harnesses and a soft leather
triangle covers are lower groins. An opening in mine provides
access to my pussy and Rene's cock and balls protrude through a
similar opening in hers. The only difference in our harnesses is that
mine has numerous buckles attached to it and I can see that Rene's
harness has short straps at most of the same locations.

I can see Rene's cock growing and stiffening as she looks at me and
the purpose of our harnesses becomes as clear to her as it is to me.
My clit is hardening and my pussy growing damp as I anticipate her
cock buried deeply inside me as our harnesses were strapped together.
We have been dreaming of this for so very long. I can't believe our
Mistresses are actually going to allow it to happen. Of course it
will be for their pleasure and not ours and certainly will occur
completely under conditions determined by them.

These harnesses they have put us in will give them almost complete
control over us. I don't care and I can see by the way Rene is
looking at me that she doesn't either. Dr. Powers has attached cables
from the overhead hoist to rings on Rene's harness. The rings are at
her shoulders and she is lifted from the ground by the hoist. I was
so busy watching Rene that I didn't notice Mistress behind me
attaching similar cables from my hoist to my harness. I feel myself
lifting as Mistress activates the hoist. My weight settles on the
strap attached to the bottom of the triangle covering my groin and
running between my legs. My weight f***es the plug in my butt even
deeper into me. They are pushing us toward each other, across the
room to the marvelous coupling that will occur shortly.

They stop when we are only inches apart. I am expending no stress as
Mistress raises my hoist a little and Dr. Powers pushes Rene's hips
forward slightly. My pussy is so wet as it yearns to feel Rene's cock
that my juices are running down my leg. Mistress raises my legs and
wraps them around Rene's body and fastens some straps located behind
her to hold my legs there. Mistress lowers me slightly and Dr. Powers
takes Rene's cock and positions it until its tip is just touching my
pussy's lips. Chills run through me and as I look in Rene's eyes I
see my excitement mirrored.

Mistress lowers me, she lowers me onto and over Rene's rigid cock. I
relax my pussy and let it slide smoothly into me, deeper and deeper
into the very center of me. Our bellies touch and press against each
other. She is fully within me and I tense my muscles to give her a
squeeze and feel her stiffen within me. Mistress and Dr. Powers begin
buckling and tightening straps holding our lower bodies together. My
legs are strapped tightly around her and our bellies drawn tight
against each other with her buried deep within me. Our nipples are
just touching each other and it seems like electricity is flowing
between us.

They began in attaching the straps attached to the steel rings
encircling the bases of Rene's breasts to the buckles attached to the
rings encircling mine. Our breasts are pressed together and held
there. They tighten the straps pulling us even tighter together.
Mistress produces a gag. It is a double-ended penis gag and she puts
one end in my mouth and the other in Rene's mouth.

She and Dr. Powers attach and tighten straps that hold our heads
together and f***e the gags deep within each of our mouths. They wrap
our arms around each other and strap them tightly in place. They push
the two of us to the middle of the room and finally Dr. Powers
attaches a length of chain to the ring on the floor and to Rene's
feet. They raise us both and Rene is stretched tight and unable to
move. I am strapped so tightly to her that I can't move either. It
feels so marvelous to finally have her inside me and to feel her
breasts against mine. I can see the joy in her eyes and feel her
tensing her cock inside of me. I squeeze my pussy as tight as I can
around her. I'm beginning to see the diabolical thinking of our

We are strapped so tightly together that we may not be able to
stimulate each other to orgasm. I can see and feel the same
realization coming to Rene. We may not be able to but we will
certainly give it our full effort and whatever the outcome we will
treasure this time we have dreamed of for so long. By clinching my
legs as tightly as I can around Rene, thrusting my pelvis against her
and at the same time clamping my pussy as tightly as possible around
her cock I'm able to draw it a little deeper within me. I relax and
the next time I try it I can feel Rene straining to push herself
deeper into me. The movement is slight but it is movement. Is it
enough ???????

I have learned since from Mistress Monica that the episode I just
described was the beginning of the end of hers and Mistress Paula’s
relationship and ultimately mine and Renee’s. Mistress Monica
believed we should be allowed some form of sexual gratification but
Mistress Paula became ever more adamant that it would always be
denied us.

Shortly after that Mistress Monica requested Mistress Paula and Renee
leave as Mistress Paula’s stubbornness on the subject it was creating
cruel and unusual punishment for me. She has derived a new form for
my life and no longer needed the help of Mistress Jane or SM1 and SM2
so they left shortly after Renee and Mistress Paula.

Mistress and I have found a new form of relationship, she has created
it for me would be more accurate and I have never been more content
or happy, nor dreamed I could be. I will post a narrative of the new
life I live shortly under the title “Beyond Braces & Corsets”.
86% (20/3)
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1 month ago
Now, with my previous viewpoint expressed, I just CANNOT resist this idea: Let's adapt this story for the theatrical stage, and produce, ON BROADWAY- "THE EROTIC PASSIONS OF DR. JOSEF MENGELE"!
1 month ago
VERY intense. The detail became, at times, overpowering, as I'm sure it was meant to! In conclusion, although I have never understood intellectually, or psychologically, the intensity and depth possible in this esoteric lifestyle, through the brilliance of how this scenario was portrayed, I now feel I understand, even just a little, the EMOTIONAL complexities of this type of intimacy. WOW...and, BRAVO!
2 months ago
I think that you might be slightly demented to post such a long breathed story here, I almost fell asleep whilst reading it.

Rather post in short stories.
6 months ago
wow the details are awesome..
8 months ago
1 year ago