First time with a PAKIT MILF

(This is a true story, except the names are changed, this happened whilst I was in last year college)I was on a dating site a long time ago when I was 19, looking for the next girl to check out for no strings fun, I came across a pakistani woman aged 33, her name was Rani. She started chatting about general things first, all friendly, nothing explicit. It was a Friday night and she said to me,
"I'm getting ready to go out, going to hit one of the bars, need a good session"
I was shocked, thought a Mature Pakistani woman going pub for a drink, I asked her
"Am I not getting an invite?" so she replied
"Come along, I can pick you up on the way"
I thought, jackpot. Im may get luck tonight, so I had a shave, got dressed that evening, all ready and prepared, She didn't want to be seen whilst picking me up in the area so told me to walk down the main road by the lights so when she parks I can quickly jump in. I made my way to the lights, waiting by them, My phone rang. "Is that you by the lights", I seen a black Mercedes approaching, brand new, tinted windows, I thought once I jump in she will be ok. I had seen her pictures on the dating site, and she had a really sexy curvy body. I jumped in and seen she had a girlfriend with her, first I thought she just wanted to see my and then probbly go her own way in the bar, anyway I thought lets see how the night develops...
We had a fair few drinks I brought a couple, she just kept buying loads after that, I kept drinking till both of us were totally d***k out of our brains.. we walked to her car and she was too d***k to drive, I told her "Ill call a cab wait", so I called a cab, asked her address, and we went to her house, there was no one there only me an her, we got inside and she pulled put more drinks I was shocked, then she said "This is just my chilling house" my f****y live elsewhere, so I got comfortable.
I started to have a few more drinks with her, she was sitting next to me, and started touching my chest with her fingers, and said "How would you like some experience in the bedroom department, you think you can keep my entertained" I was looking at her and thought oh yeah this is my chance, to smash and fuck her brains out. So I replied "I have excellent stamina, want to test it??"
right after I said that she just put her hand on my cock, and squeezed it, by now I was rock hard. she said "That feels hard, lets see how it tastes" she then opened my jeans buttons an pulled down my jeans and shorts. The picture now was, me on the sofa with my legs open, and her on the knees in from of me, my cock in her hands. I said to Rani
"Go on lets see you mouth skills and experience", she took my whole cock deep in her mouth and down her throat, im 8+ inches and she was swallowing that cock like it was nothing for her. This was the the best blow job I had ever had. few minutes late, I grabbed hold of her shoulders and stood her up we kissed and walked up to her bedroom, whilst she was walking in front of me on the stairs, I bent her over and licked her from behind her pussy and her ass.. she said "oh, so you want to eat my pussy do you" I replied " yes, and your sexy ass"
Her ass was like a bubble so round and soft I kept squeezing it.
We got to the bedroom, half naked, her bottoms were off but she still had her top on, my jeans I was dragging with me whilst walking I could be bothered to take them off, in the bedroom she pushed me back on the bed and pulled my jeans off fully and took my top off so I was fully naked now, I did the same to her, the I made her turn so I had access to her pussy and ass and she was sucking me below, I licked her clit and then started to push my tongue in her pussy, after that I moved to her ass hole and started licked fast, spread her ass cheeks wide and pushed my tongue deep inside, whilst I was doing that I could feel her tongue going to my ass, was she going to do the same to me, as soon as I thought that I felt her tongue go in my ass hole, it felt amazing, I never that it would feel so good, so whilst she did that I pushed my tongue even deeper in her ass.. we rimmed each other for at least 20 minutes, non stop. then she sucked my cock again till I was totally hard again, " I want to ride you now" she said, so she hopped on to my dick and started to jump up an down, slowly first then faster.. I was loving this, fucking a Pakistani MILF, with a sexy toned body, could not believe my luck... she then said "fuck me from behind" she was talking dirty whilst I was fucking her, wanted me to say her name and call her a dirty hoe, slag.. my bitch,, I was slapping her ass and tell her everything she wanted to hear.. then she wanted my to fuck her ass, she pulled out some lube, put it on my cock and her ass, and said "ever tried to fuck a tight ass hole?" I replied, "never" I was so excited and wanted to start but she slowly put the tip of my cock in and out of her ass till it was ready to be smashed, so I took on the task and started fucking her up her ass.. "Im going to fuck you ass so hard Rani, going to make you scream", this was my first time trying anal on a woman, an I was enjoying so much, "Im about to Cum, Rani" to which she replied "make sure you don't waste it I want it in my mouth" I quickly pulled out my cock and she put it in her mouth, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it like she was having juice, and loved the taste.
We then sat back and chatted a bit,... she couldn't believe how much she enjoyed me fucking her, and wanted us to meet regularly for sex sessions such as this... we regularly used to meet after that once a week or once every 2 weeks.. had many occasions with his woman..
More to follow........

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