Paki Cheating Wife - 1st

Got home early from work today... looking forward to seeing my wife, and giving her a surprise. Her name is Samina, she is Indian, beautiful brown skin, amazing tits, and curvy body. I got through the front door and realized something was different I could hear noises coming from the Kitchen of things moving, I hadn't told her I was coming early as it was Friday I wanted to give a surprise. I follow the noise to the kitchen, peep through the door, I see Samina on the floor, on her knees with a big fat white cock in her mouth, 'it's the gardener' I thought, who normally comes once a month, he wasn't due till 2 weeks, I was about to barge in, but my cock was hard, I loved seeing her sucking on his cock, I started to rub my hard cock.
By now Samina was in full flow take the cock from Tom (the gardener) in fast and deep, I could see she would take it deep and struggle but carried on, like she loved stuffing it down her throat. Tom picked Samina off the floor, and lied her down on the kitchen table, spreading her legs wide, and with his fingers opening up her pussy, slowly licking the clit, and inserting a finger inside. He pushed her legs further back now, and started to lick her ass hole all the way past her pussy, whilst rubbing her clit. Samina was moaning like crazy, she had no idea I was coming back early today. I felt like wanted to join in, "how would she take it?" I thought to myself. I gathered if I slowly moved in from the back to, as our Kitchen to the back of the house and the Kitchen table right next to the door, If I could just get in and start touching her without knowing would be amazing, I was thinking that and rubbing my cock, eyes closed, opened my eyes and I could see Tom was now pushing his cock deep into Samina's pussy and biting her tits. Samina was still on her back on the kitchen table, Tom push Samina's legs further back whilst fucking her, and put one finger in her ass, whilst smashing his cock in and his balls slapping against Samina's ass. I pushed the door just a little bit to improve the view, making sure neither of them notice. Tom now decided to turn Samina around, she come off the table and decided to get on all fours on the floor.. Tom got her to suck his cock again, before she got in doggy position, now Tom was licking her ass, and putting 1 finger in, then 2, opening her cheeks and tongue fucking her ass, making it really wet.. he decided again to get Samina to suck him off, whilst he kept fingering her ass, I knew what was coming, was her going to fuck her in the ass? that cock looked huge, I heard Samina say "Tom go on shove it in my ass and make me scream", I was shocked we had never tried anal, and here she was asking a white man with a bit fat cock to shove it in her ass. Samina spread wide her ass cheeks revealing a wet ass hole, I could see the smile on Toms face, he proceeded, and went behind Samina, slowly inserting the tip of his cock in her ass, and bringing it out, like he was getting it ready to then smash his cock in her tight wet ass, I could see Tom was now inserting his cock more deeper slowly, and Saminas moaning was increasing, I heard her scream and "Oh yea, Shove that cock in deep and hard Tom, I love it when it hurts" I see Tom then pushing it deeper, and increasing his speed, until he was now fucking hard, fast and deep, in doggy style opening up her tight ass hole. I hear Tom moan, and say, "open you mouth Samina, I have some cream for you" he pulled his cock out of Samina's ass quickly and went forward to her mouth, Samina opened her mouth like she was thirsty for days, Tom spunked into her mouth and Samina swallowed all the juice from Tom's cock, I could see some dripping from her mouth, she quickly shoved it back in there with her hand.... I didnt want her to see me, slowly went back to the front door, sat in my car and drove off.. thinking all the dirty thoughts, and trying to find a way to start this conversation with Samina later, because I loved seeing her fucking Tom, I wanted to see more..... to be continued
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