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Another true sex story... I originally posted this as a blog... may be easier for others to read it here, enjoy...

At a party (many years ago)I was standing by the motorbikes with a couple of friends when a girl came up to us and started to talk... nothing special just chatting... as she asked questions about the bikes eventually the request came... could she go for a ride... sure we all said... but a ride for a ride babe, the response was surprising and rather nice... she said ok but how did she know we would take her for a ride after she had fucked one of us? No probs I say... give me hand job now and I will take you for a spin, we can fuck later...she laughed and moved towards me... looking at me her hand slipped down the front of my jeans... while I was not hard to start with I soon was as her hand circled my manhood... I undid the belt and button to give her some room while my mates egged her on... as if she needed it... her hand holding me firmly moved up and down my cock... faster and faster until I started to moan... I told her I was gonna explode ... good she said then we can go for a ride... I cum inside my pants... I felt such a release as my spunk shot out into my boxers and over her hand... once I had finished she removed her hand... it was covered in cum... the boys gave her a cheer and she thanked them... then sucked and licked her hand clean... I adjustd my clothes put on a helmet, she borrowed one and we climbed on the bike... she held me tight as we rode off through the gate and out onto the road, I found it hard to concentrate, not a good thing on a bike, with her holding me... after about 15 minutes I pulled into a car park next to a park and small lake... I turned the bike off and removed my helmet... she got off and so did I, I helped her out of her helmet and looked at her... this is not the party she said... I know I replied... do you want your ride before we go back?... man I sure did and I told her... she smiled and walked towards a couple of trees... I followed already hard...when we reached the little cover there was she bent down and took off her shoes and then removed her jeans and panties in one go... no embarassment, she stood facing me with her white legs and tummy highlighting the furry triangle of black pubic hair... I undid my jeans and slipped them and my pants down to my knees... my pubic hair and boxers were still wet and sticky from my earlier orgasm... she run her hand down and wiped some more juice up and licked it off her fingers... you can suck it if you like I said... no she said she needed a fuck... she turned around and bent over leaning against a tree branch... uummm doggy style is so good... I moved behind her and rubbed my cock head between the cheeks of her ass... she took a little breath and asked if I was going to fuck her pussy or her ass only she had never had anal sex before... I said I wanted her pussy, she let out a sigh of relief... I moved my now throbbing cock down to her pussy and slipped it in between her pussy flaps... she moved back against me... she was moist enough and it felt so good as she pushed against me... I started to thrust my throbbing rod into her, not to fast, this was to good to rush, I did not even know her name and here I was with my cock burried in her now wet pussy... I pushed against her my tummy tight against her ass every slow deep thrust I made... my hands squeezing her butt cheeks together as I drove my manhood all the way into her time after time... all the way until my body pushed her forwards... her body started to push back harder against me, soon she was the only one moving... driving back down the length of my swollenness engulfing my every inch each time as she pushed back... she was going to cum long before me, I guess my first orgasm had delayed me more than I thought... she started to groan a little and I started to drive forwards into her... we were now pounding really hard... I fucked her so hard she had to hold onto the branch to stop from falling forwards... I banged faster and faster until she begged me to stop, her legs weak and her pussy dripping... I felt so good and yet I wanted to cum as well... she was on her knees facing me now and looking at me she said she really was shagged out... I'm not I said... she held out her hand and pulled me down to the ground... I laid back and she straddled me, I might be able to help she said... she lifted herself onto me and slowly lowered herself down... she was so tight again... and she really did moan and a little cry escaped her lips... I realised it was not her pussy she was feeding my cock into but her ass... she managed a few inches and started to ride that... gently ... it may not have been my whole length but it was so tight and constricting it felt really good... after a few minutes she could not take that either and so climbed off me... I needed to cum I was so wanting it... we both got up, she picked up her clothes and after I had done up my jeans we walked the few metres to the lake... she was so natural walking naked from the waist down... we got to the water and she undid my jeans again exposing my throbbing swolled dick, she wet her hands and wiped my cock... it was so cold I was sure I was going to shrink... she giggled and said she did not want to taste shit when she sucked on me... with that she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth... it did not take long for her warm mouth moving up and down my member for me to feel my juices rising... she was amazing and for the first time ever in my life I was deep throated... she took all of me into her mouth... I looked down and saw her lips against the base of my cock... I was all inside her mouth!!!! she moved up and down my shaft sometimes a few inches other times down to its root... I was fit to explode and said I was... she moved her mouth to the tip of my cock and then wanked me fast with the tip of her tongue resting on the tip of my cock... I cum... I blew my load... I fired spunk into her mouth, over her face, her hair and her clothes... she licked at my tip and took my now spent cock into her mouth again licking and sucking me clean... after she wiped the cum off her face and ate it and then tried to remove as much as she could from her hair and jacket...we rode back to the party where she gave the helmet back, gave me a kiss on the cheek, thanked me for the ride and went back inside... I had had my first (and only experience of anal sex) and my first deep throat... I did not know her name and we had not even kissed, yet I had had my cock in all three of her holes...

I have yet to beat that experience for pure pleasure and amazement...
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