Sex at work

I will write a few tales as I get time of real experiences... no names, that I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

The first is a story of sex at work.

A girl from head office came to the location I was working at, we had met a few times and I had certainly noticed her... she was rather and she knew what I thought, we had chattede by email, firstly on official business and then personally, sometimes very saucy but not real sexy.

She arrived and came into my office, she was wearing a blouse, jacket and a pair of black trousers, very elegant and professional... we went and had a coffee and chatted, sex soon became a topic and inuendos were passed... we went back to my office, by now most staff had left, we talked some more before I said half joking that I better lock up unless "you want a quickie", "OK" she said... I was hard instantly...after a couple more comments I figured go for it and so kissed her, she willingly responded... we kissed passionately and my hands went to the buttons of her blouse, I undid them all and then the fasteners of her ttrousers, finally I unzipped her fly... I pushed her blouse over her shoulders and she removed it leaving her white bra which she unhooked... I removed it and kissing her neck I moved down until I was kissing her breasts and sucking her hard nipples, they were small and bullet hard... as I sucked her nipples with her hands in my hair I slipped her trousers and panties over her hips and down to her knees... she wriggled until they fell to the floor... she moved away from me slightly and removed her trousers and panties... she stood naked infront of me... her firm breasts and hard nipples and her slim line of pubic hair leading to her waxed pussy... she moved to my desk and sat on the edge... I sat in my chair and leaned forward and started to lick her pussy... I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time before I opened her with my fingers and buried my face in her wet crotch... she tasted so good I wanted to eat her up... fingering and licking and tongue penetration soon had her grasping my head in her hands... she thrust herself hard into my face as her orgasm took hold and she cum... I was ready to explode so standing up I dropped my trousers and boxers down my legs exposing myself to her, my throbbing rod was soon rubbing against her wet sticky pussy lips... I slid myself inside her skin on skin and pushed deeply in... I thrust hard and fast into her as she moaned softly... I pounded her on the edge of my desk until I felt my juices rising... I told her I was going to cum and she grasps my ass in her hands and pulled me deeper into her... I exploded inside was such an intense fuck... I stayed in her until I softened and then slid out... as she stood up my cum started to run out of her onto the floor...she knelt infront of me then and opening her mouth took my cock into her... I was hard again quickly as she sucked and licked my manhood... my second orgasm was swallowed up as fast as I cum...

A one off that I will never forget...

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that would be hard to do