My Slave

Hi Tom I haven't seen you in a while and I found a slave...Tom meet my new slave Rub...she is kneeling and I tell her to look at you and to address you hear a soft voice ..nice to meet you sir Tom..and she lowers her eyes back to the come over to her and pat the top of her head and tell her to stand so you can take a good look at her..she does..her body is slim and she is not very tall and she has long red hair..and has a slip dress on ...I go over to you
and her and I put my hands on her shoulders and push the dress off of she is standing naked ..her breast free and her nipples are harden like little cherries..and her pussy is also what do you think Tom? a smile comes on your face and I can tell you like her...good now we will play tonight all together..

Come Rub follow us ..we go into the bedroom where I start to get undress and I see Tom has found himself a seat and wants to watch..I call Rub over so she can help me with my corset and she does..she obeys very well..only thing is she is not use to men and I will help her overcome this 27 years old she has only been with one man..and is a little shy around I can see that she is nervous just by having Tom watch i get on the bed naked and Rub waits for her next command I tell her to come and pleasure me I know she likes this as do I...and I will not play much I want to see how she plays with Tom I lay there she positions her body in between my legs and starts to lick me she knows only to lick and not to use her fingers or to suck on my clit ..I just want nice long licks..

After a while ..I tell her suck on my clit ..then I feel you on the bed and come over to me and kiss me and say now what can I do to your little slave? I answer anything you want..but go easy on her she is still in training..
Rub stop...and I leave the bed and go and pick up my dildo so I can use it while watching my slave and Rub I want you to listen to Tom and do as he tells you will please me that you obey him..if not you know you will get punished..and as I go past her I give her a soft kiss on the mouth..and with that she lowers her head and waits for Toms first command..and it doesn't take long...Rub undress me and she is quick to work taking off Toms clothes and he stands naked in front of her..Rub get on the bed she does ...and you also get on the bed and lay down ..Rub start massaging my body from my head down to my feet...she takes my lotion and starts rubbing your body...

I can see your really liking this feeling of someone touching your body and she is at your feet taking one by one in her hands and rubbing them ..and she stays quiet now that she is finish...and you open your eyes and tell her she did a good that you have massage my body but not touching my hear a laugh coming from me...I told you Tom she is not use to Rub I want you to stroke Toms cock..see how hard you can get him need to be scare of him ...he likes you..and with that she takes you in both her hands and starts to stroke you..and soon the pre-cum is showing at the tip and you tell her to start sucking you..and she does..up down she goes and you try and push her down lower for some deep throat but she comes right off of you and says no I can't do that...and both of you hear a loud slap and Rub feels it..and I am now on the bed ..telling Rub to start doing what we say...I know you can't deep throat but you are going to have to suck Tom and go down slowly and i will help you...she lower her mouth over
the head and I also lower myself so she can hear me direct Rub keep going down and when you feel the gagging coming on just push past it and don't panic you will breathe when you come back up...she tries and pops back up all coughing and we wait...and she tries again and this time she does it a little bit better...see now just practice on Tom..I know he likes that....and I go back over on my chair...and I heat a few more times of gagging and then she gives up and continues to suck and bob up and down..

ok Rub that's enough ...get the condom and put it on me..she does now climb on top..reverse cowgirl..and now just her ass you see..she start to lift up and down riding you ...her tight pussy feels good on your cock and its wet..she must of liked sucking you..i just watches she pleasuring you and I can see it in your face that your enjoying my slave..she is still bouncing up and down on your cock..and you help her with your hands on her ass...then you tell her to stop and stand on the floor and she lays her head on the bed and you stand behind her and tell her to spread her cheeks for you and I look at you and tell you that I am the only one that has played with her ass you will had to go easy with her...and I hand you the lube...and you squeeze it down the butt crack..and I go and rub it in for you Tom she is ready for you...and with that you start to push you hard cock in her ass...and its very tight so tight that's it hard to get your cock in..
but you keep on pushing and I am on the bed with my slave rubbing her back telling her to relax so she can let you in..and with some strong pushing you got in..and just wait there for a few minutes so the her ass can get use to you...and with that you start fucking her slowly and then you pick up speed faster and harder and it doesn't take long before you say that your cuming...and I tell you Tom pull out and you do with a look on your face to why I stopped you and I tell Rub take off the condom and suck Tom until he cums...that's your reward to pleasuring Tom..and she does and swallows all of your cum..I lay on the bed with Tom and my slave Rub is at the foot of the bed..
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8 months ago
kinda wish i could be her, except i've had much more experience with cock, all holes :D
8 months ago
good training for a new slave:)XXXXXX