in the back of the school

So every month or so we have a rap battle, almost all the time a guy named brooklyn kane wins, I was sick of him winning. Of course everyone one wanted to win cuz the prize. The prize was a night with brooklyns bitches. Of course I was bisexual back then but who cares right? Anyway everyone was really bored of brooklyn winning so I wars practicing, cuz I had my eye on brooklyns personal girlfriend tashawna, ha she was hella bomb too. Curves of a goddes, carmal colored skin, hair that ran down to her tight ass and of course huuge tities. I wanted to win so I spat my lyyrics hard. He tripped and choked. Ha I was gonna get it. I did of course. Brooklyn had five bitches I got six. Jasmine, dark skinned, short nappy hair a cup, summer, pale as fuckd, black hair and double ds, yeung, asian, big tits, tight ass, lili, sand skin, short hair and hips. As soon as the judges decided that I won brooklyn fell, he wouldn't give tawshawna to me. Of course rules were rules they said. Brooklyn was just sitting there as tashawna walked over to me licking her cherry red lips. The bitches followed her of course. The fuck spot was the graveyard, but since it was guarded now tashawna pulled me to the alternitive. We crawled into the bushes. She ripped her shirt open as her titties jiggled. She shoved my mouth onto her nipple, I nibbled gently and then harder she was moaning and lili started taking off my jeans. Tashawna went down to my pussy she burried her nose and mouth inside of it. She plunged her tounge into my hole and bit my clit. Yeung started taking of her shirt and fingering lili in her cunt while she was rubbing my tits, summer started rubbing her clit. Everyone was moaning. Tashawna kissed me so I could taste my pussy juices as she tried to shove her finger into myy pussy, her pinky wouldn't even fit.I fucked her all night till brooklyn came out with my tounge in her pussy
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4 years ago
Great story. I love it.
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
nice and naughty