On line lover

I met Rob on line,I knew he had a girlfriend but as time went on and we talked and joked more,I realized I really didn’t care. He was sweet and funny and sent me jokes to brighten my day. As my Dad got sicker I found I look forward to our laughs even more.
We lived across country from each other so I knew it was a safe friendship. My heart had been broken too much and I wasn’t looking for anyone anymore. I could (and did) fantasize about him freely. Then one day he told me he was flying into town to see relatives. I was excited but nervous to meet him. I knew this would be my one and only chance to live out my fantasy.

I Meet him at the door in lingerie,as i hung his coat up he pinned me from behind. I feel his crotch against my ass and his breath on my neck. His lips and teeth grazing against my shoulder..he whispers in my ear that he’s going to have fun with me. He grabs me and turns me around and kisses me,our tongues duelling. As he feels my tongue stud he wraps his hand in my hair and f***e me to my knees. I watch him 1 handed unzip and as i go to move he pulls on my hair and slaps my face with his hard cock. I take him in my mouth gently but when he feels the stud he pushes deep into my throat causing me to gag. Both his hands are gripping my hair as he pumps at my mouth and i greedily try and keep up,sucking as he skull fuck me hard. He lifts me up and half drag half carrys me down the hall. He kicks my bedroom door open and throws me on the bed...
I watch him drop his pants and I move up the bed but he grabs my ankle and pulls me back to the edge and as i open my mouth to talk he slowly starts pumping my mouth again. I’m groaning wanting him deeper but he pulls out and sits on my mouth. My tongue darts out tasting his balls and slowly circling his ass hole as i feel his mouth on my clit piercing. God! I’ve dreamt of this for so long! I moan and he bites down sending me over the edge...
Rob climbs up on me and slides into my hot pussy feeling my wetness engulf him. He tries to go slow but I'm pulling him deeper,rising up to meet his thrusts. My nails digging into his ass as i start to cum...he feel me squirt and cover us both in my hot juices. He’s pounding my pussy hard and i feel his balls bouncing off my ass and I know hes close. I hear and feel him cum and he collapses onto the bed but when he see me smiling he laughs and crawls onto my stomach and sticks his cummy cock in my mouth. As he starts to get hard again he reaches down and wraps my massive Kk's around his cock and rides my tits. I’m in heaven sucking his tip but he pulls away and flips me over. I feel Rob’s strong hands shoving my head into the pillow and feel him reach down and feel his cum in my pussy. He starts rubbing my ass with his cum and i feel his finger slide into my ass. I reach back and spread my ass as he suddenly rams into my ass. Rob is growling in my ear how I'm his dirty slut and my ass grinds back against him needing him deeper in me. He sits up and grabs my ass and pounds it harder and harder til were both yelling out..exploding together. We collapse together and then he stirs and i feel gentle kisses on my bruised pussy. He lays down beside me and slowly kisses me with his cum covered tongue.

Rob’s gone now but I’ll always remember that afternoon.

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1 year ago
Fuck that was hot baby.