a girls fantasy

the only thing i love about sex it pretending to be a young girl that my daddy and men would love to get in to, i love to act like im 12 and inexperienced when it comes to sex but then i meet this older guy who teaches me what a mans dick looks like and what it does and the places it explores, but he is very short tempered and horny and f***es me to do things to him, he makes me suck his balls and slob on his dick and calls me a dick tease, he spanks me for being a dick tease and spanks my pussie to, then he sticks his fingers inside me and ask me why my pussie is so wet, so he shoves them deeper into my pussie hole, and when he takes them out he puts them in my mouth one by one and makes me lick my pussie cream off, after that he grabs my head and grabs his dick and puts his dick in my mouth and tell me to suck his dick good, so i do and he says u bitch u make it feel so damn good so he bobs my head up and down while fucking me in my mouth he starts to moan then he says oh u little bitch u gone make daddy nut in your mouth how could u do this to me, so i start slobbing and he yells u making daddy cum bitch drink it drink it yeaaaaaaaaa, after he is done with that he makes me get on my knees and tells me to rub my pussie then he slams his dick in my wet pussie and ask me why my pussie so wet, i said u made me suck your dick daddie, and he said no u been playing with your pussie again now im going to spank u and fuck u so hard, so he starts to spank me and slam his dick so hard into my pussie i start getting so wet it begans to drip and he looks and says u bitch this pussie is hot as hell so he turns me over on my back and he mounts me and fuck me so hard my pussie begans to throb and i beg him to stop and he yells shut up bitch daddy gone fuck this pussie up, he fucks me so hard he starts to nut and when he stops nutting he still fucks me, and he nuts again, then he takes his dick out and finger fuck me till i came again all over his hands i was shouting so loud, then he pulled his fingers out and made me clean them and his dick.
80% (10/3)
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
If you were really that young, we'd go out every night wearing matching black leather jackets (and a slave collar w. leash for you).

On the back of yours in gold thread bordered in red, your patch would read,

My patch would read simply,

My little girl,

3 years ago
this story is hotter then hell... wow not only are u sexy but very talented at writing... so vivid and sexy... A+
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love it you dirty girl .how bad are you