Oftentimes my boyfriend and I used to take the shuttle bus downtown for lunch. It was always crowded, shoulder to shoulder, and my boyfriend and I would end up standing facing each other,squished together. I had several skirts that opened up the front with big overall snaps; he would slide his hand between our bodies, and inside my skirt. Since I never wear underpants, it was easy for him to reach between my legs and diddle my clitoris, which we both loved him doing, and he went so far in that crowded bus as to slide his finger up my juicing hole and finger fuck me. What a turn on that was. My hand was busy also fondling his cock through his pants...it was made sexier because he never wore underwear either when we were together and his penis and testicles moved easily in my caressing hand. The excitement was heightened knowing we were in public and the odds were great that someone had seen our sexual activity. When we got off the bus it took a couple of minutes before his huge erection subsided .. he never took any steps to hide the considerable bulge in his pants…he loved the fact that women were seeing him sexually aroused.

We continued on with our lunch, usually picking a booth where we could sit side by side and play sneaky fingers under the table, and afterwards we always went to an underground parking lot to enjoy ‘dessert’. We continued fondling one another’s sex organs in the elevator and then went back to the car for more fun. Most of the time we wound up in the back seat of his car, my skirt and his pants off, fucking and fucking. We loved to be screwing in the car like oversexed teenagers, and I loved having his erect penis sliding in and out of my wet twat, balls slapping heavily against my ass and then the feel of his copious semen ejaculating in and running out of my hole. Occasionally, we would want to do something different, so instead of fucking in the car (he normally parked the car to the back of the parking garage), we would take off skirt and pants..he would lean me up against the car, lift my leg over his arm, and insert his cock and we would have a lovely stand-up fucking in the parking garage. It was more than arousing to stand there kind of in public unable to cover your naked sex organs and having sexual intercourse so that anyone could see us as they walked by. A couple of times we did this, we were seen, once by a couple…(the guy wanted to stop and watch, his wife/girlfriend pulled him along in disgust with a nasty comment and a dirty look—her loss!); and the second time by a young guy who did stop to watch, his hand masturbating inside his pants as he did so. We appreciated his interest :-)) and tried to give him a good show. Anyway when we both came, my boyfriend squirting his sperm all over my slit and dripping down my legs, this guy I think came in his pants. Anyway I believe I saw a wet spot as he mumbled ‘thanks’ and quickly left red-faced. This kind of public sex was very appealing to us both...and we repeated it a number of times in different situations...this is just one of the things that we did sexually while together. Other exciting moments will follow.

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28 days ago
I have one set of jeans with the pockets removed. So a girlfriend can slide her hands in the pocket and get to my cock and balls without anything in between.
8 months ago
nicely told & arousing...! : Thank you!
3 years ago
there is something about the idea of getting caught but it is one of my faves sometimes i drive around with my tits out just to be seen i love road head and public sex
3 years ago
What is the excitement when playing in public?
Is it the idea of being caught?
or the fun from hopeing others see you?
I do not know but is sure is hot
Great short story
3 years ago
A "two paragraph" story. Good for you, but not for me.