Poolparty one in one

Poolparty one in one.

You came early to the pool this morning because you like to swim naked and this morning you did it as always. You dropped off all your clothes on the sunbed and jumped into the lukewarm water.This morning something happend that never has done before. You got a raging hardon as you started to swim and it feelt so good as it steared its way in the water. It didn´t loose it´s stiffness as you swam lap after lap. After a half an hour you stopped and started to climb up the ladder still with your cock pointing straight out. The massive 8 inch long and 4 inch thick cock is still pounding. The redish glans in glistering in the sun as the foreskin has pulled back completely. The shaft is covered with thick blue veins too. You thought to give it a hard rub on the sun bed but before you got there you hear a noice.

Ooops I said as my eyes were locked at that big throbbing penis of yours. You saw my big smile and blushed and said sorry.
I ask if you need help with that and you swallowed hard before you said yes. You climp up out of the water and i place a towle on the ground before i go down on my knees.My long nails start a strawl up your legs and leave red scratchmarks. I continue up you entire legs and you sigh and moan as I get close to your groinarea. But I leave it and continue up your stomach and chest. With my pointfinger I touch your nipples and pinch them little and you moan again.

My eyes are looking into yours and i can see how much you like it. After my fingers it´s my mouth and tounges turn to tease you.I suck and lick on your nipples and it helps with subsideing to little pain i made. Then my tounge licks its way down again and I can feel your cock twitch and oose precum as it hits my stomach. You moan louder and place your hands on my head and f***es it downwards faster. My chin is hit by the hard pounding cock and you tell me to suck you. I tell you to be patient and first touch your balls with my nails scr****g on it sending vibes of plesure through your body. You moan even louder and oose more precum.

I lean over your balls now and such them both into my mouth. I play with them with my tounge and lick them as much as i can.
As they both are covered in saliva I start lick the base of your cock. Then I start to lick the entire cock so not a single inch is saliva free. As I reach your glans its so wet after all precum and I lick it clean. Trying to press the tip of my tounge into your peehole. Your legs start to shake and then I suck your cock in as far down my throat as I can without gagging. You place you hands on my head and keep it in a firm grip as your hips start fucking my mouth. In deep and out and in and out again and again faster and harder. I breath through my nose and all your cock comes down into it. Can feel tingle of your pubichair on my nose as you go all in. You breath faster and heavier and scream as I can feel the hot thick cum shoot out of the cock into my throat. line after line- your orgasm goes on like forever but I manage to swallow it all.

You colapse on the sunbed and tell me to strattle your face. You want to repay the plesure. I take off my bikini and revele my big boobs and shaved wet pussy. Your fingers separate my pussylips and your tounge first glides over the slide. I moan and you get the first taste of me. Then you find my clit and suck it into your mouth and I almost faint as the plesure is the best I´ve ever felt.
The following half an hour you suck and lick my pussy and gives me orgasm after orgasm until your hole face is covered in my pussyjuice. My legs feel like jelly and I can hardly stand up.

You then dive into the water again and tell me to do it too. I do that and you lead me into the shallow area. You kiss me and i can still taste my pussy on your tounge and you can sence a taste of your cum as well. your hans touch my boobs and you role the nipples between thumb and pointfinger, sometimes soft and sometimes rather hard. I can feel your cock is hard again and it pokes my stomache again. You pull me even closer to you and as you still kiss me you separate my legs lift me up and let the cockhead rub against the little soar clit.

Then you let the head into me and we both gasp for air as the sensation of you in me increses.You withdraw and push in again and now the hole penis sink down deep down inside me. I lock my legs arround your hips. We stay completely still for a while and both enjoy the feeling of my hot wet thight pussy holding your pulsating still growing penis in a firm grip. then you start to thrust in and out over and over harder and harder. You bite my nipples pretty hard and leave a hickey on one. Now you fuck me like it was no tomorrow and we both can feel the orgasm building up inside us. You ask if you can cum inside me and I tell you to.

We breath heavy and we can feel eachothers heartbeats as we come closer and closer. soon I explode yet again and my contracted muscles sends you into cumming. Even this load is huge and you scream pretty loud as you cum. You still hold me in a firm grip and even after our orgasm we keep kissing eachother for long time. I feel how your penis weakens inside me and look down as it withdraw. Your cum and my pussy juices mix with the water. You take me by my hand and lead me up the ladder and into a poolhouse after getting our clothes.In the poolhouse there are some sofas and we lay down on one.

You lay behind me and I infront and we fall into a nap with your arms wrappen arround my body and your soft cock against my satesfied pussy.

After a while you aweking and can see that your cock is hard yet again. I lay with my ass thight against you and you want to get some more fun before you have to leave. You separate my legs abit and can see my asshole. Hmm you think to yourself hope she likes this too.
You take some pussyjuice as my pussy is still soaking wet and place on your cock head. You separate my cheeks an push the head against the entrence. You push harder and I moan in my sl**p and you feel the head finally enter my ass. Slowly you push in and withdeaw over and over getting further in every thrust you make. I awake and moan again and feel the entire cock is in my ass. You start fucking it and at the same time you rub my clit. we lay spoonlike as you fuck my ass hard and this time it takes a long time-over an hour of assfucking clitrubbing before you empty the balls deep inside my ass. By that time i´ve lost track of how many times I´ve cum. I feel line after line of thick white cum shoot out of your cock yet again. It´s almost a relife to feel the cum cool down my now soar ass. We are cover in swet and after the intence orgasm you lay still until your cock by it self fall out of my ass. A long trail of cum mixt with my assjuice runs down onto the sofa forming a big white and brown puddle. We both put on our swimwear again aa we hear people outside.
We swim for a while and you thank me for a lovely morning before you walk away.

I walk slowly away as both my clit and ass are soar but hapy after the nice start of the day.....maybe we meet here at the pool again...
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4 years ago
fan vad härlig du är puss
4 years ago
love the pool, this just makes it better. good story.