The beach 2 and end.

This is continuation on the beach.

It has started to get rather late when we walk to our separate cars. The man drives his car and we follow him. You turn to me and asks if I liked what happened on the beach earlier and I tell you I liked it lot. I tell you how much it made me wet and horny as I felt your both cocks in my ass and pussy. You ask if I'm ready for more fun and I tell you I am. We arrive at the mans house and walk in.

He has got a rather big house with a fantastic view of the blue water. One hole wall is a panorama window and I sigh as I admire the sea. The man introduces himself as Bill and asks if we like what we see. You and I nod. Bill tells us that he invited some friends over and asks me if I would like to take a shower first. I say yes to that and want both of you to watch me in the shower as I clean and prepare my body for more hot sex.

Bill leads us into the biggest bathroom I've ever seen, he then gives me instructions of how the shower works and then sits down beside you on a bench. The walls are covered with light green tiles and huge mirrors. The shower has glass walls so you´re going to have nice view of me inside it. I look at both of you and start to strip off all my clothes. First my top leaving my bra on, then my skirt. I stand in front of you wearing my undies and red bra. Slowly I take off the bra and reveal the big heavy boobs with my pink and hard nipples. Then I take off my panties and can see the cum stain and pussy juice on them. I throw them to Bill and tell him to smell and lick them clean, he does as I tell him to do. He thanks both of us for giving him the best day of his hole life.

You just smile at him and say you´re welcome. I walk into the shower and turn on the water that's pouring down on to my naked body. Both you and Bill look at me and slowly undresses too. I can see that your cocks are starting to grow yet again, but I tell you not to rub them because I want your cum later.. Both of you control yourselves as you see me lean over in the shower and push my open pussy and ass on the wall for you to see. I take some soap and clean my entire body starting with my neck. I take one boob after the other into my hand and clean it good looking into Bills eyes to see what he thinks of that. He licks his lips and starts to move on the bench telling me I'm really teasing him. I laugh and continue cleaning my body. Then when I come down to my pussy I separate my lips and place the showerhead there. The water beams and splashes over my clit and I moan, I do that for a while but stop before I cum.

As I walk out from the shower both of you still sit there with hard cocks watching the movement of my naked body. I walk over to you both and Bill and you dry my body off with towels and Bill spends alot of time on my boobs, squeezing them and teasing them while he dries them. Looking into my eyes with a really turned on look in his eyes. As my entire body is dried Bill hands me a silk robe and both you and him wear one too. But the hard cocks you both have are visible through it. We walk into the living room and Bill first serves us some food that he had ordered before and that came as we left the bathroom. All three of us sat there and eat and drank some wine. After Bill turns on some soft music the doorbell rings. Bill open the door and I can´t believe my eyes as four men walk in.

Bill greets them and we welcome them with a hug. You whisper into my ear that you would like to see me get fucked by all these guys and hope I'm all up for it too. I kiss your cheek and smile with excitement. Bill introduces the men, they are called Frank,Michael,Jasper and David. They all sit down on the couch and are handed some wine. Bill tells them about our day at the beach and I can see the story gets to the men and in no time all of them are sitting there with big bulges in their pants. Bill then asks if it's ok if he films the hole sex filled evening and we all agree to that. He gets his camera and starts filming.

I ask if all of the men can strip for me one after another so I wouldn't miss anything of their bodies.

Frank starts- he is 5 ft 5(1,70) have black hair and brown eyes. His hole body is covered with black hair. As he drops his pants his 6,2 inch(16 cm) cock stands straight out. I kiss his cheek and he sits down.

After Michael strips his clothes- he´s 5 ft 7(1,75) have blonde hair and brown eyes. He has no hair on his chest or balls. His got a curved 7,5 inch(19 cm) cock.

David is third man and he is 6 ft(1,82). red hair all over his body and pale blue eyes. He has a 8,5 inch(21 cm) cock that's pointed upwards.

Jasper is last and he takes long time to strip. He is a big black man 6 ft 5(2m) and has black hair all over his body. I almost drop my jaw as he reveals the biggest cock I've ever seen 11,5 inches(30 cm) and so thick. He smiles at me and winks his eye.

You and Bill still wear your robes and you tell me to make it good for the guys first, then Bill and you will finish fucking me.

I nod and ask the men to stand in line in front of me as I take turns in sucking their cocks. They stand in line after cock size and I start licking Franks balls and cock. His pubic hair tickles my nose. As I take it all into my mouth I hear him moan loud. I suck on his big head and lick it as I start to suck the entire cock. I do that for little while and then I hear him yell I'm cumming and felt his cum shoot down my throat. I clean his cock up good and he returns to the couch.

Then I move on to Michael. I have to take his cock in a firm grip and lick it good before taking his balls into my mouth and play with them and suck them good.Then I take his cock into my mouth and suck on it as I lick the head. He places his hands on my head and f***es the entire cock down my throat. I gag a little at first but then sucks him good. He also cums rather fast and shoots a smaller amount of cum than Frank did in my eager mouth.

Hey what about us says David and I smile at him and move over to him and I start sucking his cock. He has got a really big head and I suck and lick on it as if it was a lollypop. He moans loud as I caress his balls. I take more of his cock into my mouth and he talks dirty to me. He tells me what a good cock sucking slut I am. He pushes his cock deep down my throat and I do my best to make him cum. I suck and lick over and over until I can hear his breathing become heavier and heavier. Suddenly he freezes and shoots his load into me as well. I have to swallow quickly or I'll choke on his enormous load of cum. Some still runs out the side of my mouth and down my face and he pulls his cock out and rubs it over the cum and slides it into my mouth and I lick and swallow the last of his cum from his cock.

Before I start trying to suck Jaspers big thick cock he asks me to open my mouth and sprays something into it twice. It taste a bit bitter but I immediately feel how my throat becomes numb.. Jasper ask me to open my mouth as much as I can and then strikes his cock head along my lips several times before I start to lick it. He ooses pre cum and I lick it all away but new keeps coming all the time. He grunts as I lick him and also puts both his hands on my head holding it really firm as he thrusts his monster cock inside my mouth .I can feel how big and thick it is and it grows even more inside me. Even if my throat is numb I start to gag alot and he keeps telling me to relax and breath through my nose instead. I do as he tells me and I start to like sucking on it. I do my very best to give him pleasure like I had given the other men. He f***es his cock down my throat and gives me a real deep throat fuck for a min or two then with a big sigh he cums too. Sperm explodes out of his cock and even if I try to swallow it all alot comes out of my mouth and on to my cheeks and runs down my neck and down on to my breast. His cock never looses it's stiffness and I lick it clean as good as I can. Then he stops and kisses me. Bill stops filming and asks if he can clean up my face and neck from the sperm and I allow him to do that. His tongue kisses me and licks my mouth, neck and breast until no cum is left.

My jaws are abit sore after sucking them all but that has turned me on big time. Now I stand in front of them and drop my robe revealing my entire body. They all clap their hands as they see my big boobs. You tell them to make me feel good before they are allowed to use me for their pleasure. We all walk into Bills bedroom which is huge too and has got a king size bed a couch and a low oak table in front of the big screen TV. He asks if we want to see what the film came out like and we all agree to that. I really get turned on by looking at me on the floor with one cock in my mouth after the other. I really love to see the men's face as they cum in me.

Then they all lay me down on my back on the oak table.Bill starts filming again as they all take turns in kissing my lips and boobs. Frank dives down between my legs and start kissing and licking my clit as his life depended on it.He sucks on my clit and licks it until I almost loose control. Then I feel David's now hard cock in my mouth again and I suck it once more. Jasper and Michael suck on my boobs and nibble on my nipples as I rub their cocks with my hands. I can see how you slowly rub your cock to the erotic sight. After a short while I moan louder and cum in Franks mouth and cover his face with my pussy juice. He smiles and says he wants to fuck me.

He walkes to the bed and lays down on his back and he tells me to mount his cock which I'm eager to do. I feel his veins as I sink down on him. He pinches my nipples a bit and I ride him hard and fast. After some time David crawls up on to the bed and puts some lube on his cock and my ass. I lean over Frank now as I feel David's cock sink into my ass in doggy style. I moan as he thrusts it deeper and deeper until his entire cock is inside my ass. Frank and David start fucking me slowly finding a pace and withdraw and push back over and over again. Jasper leads his cock into my mouth again and he really fucks it this time. Pushing it far down my throat. I guess Michael finds himself left out because all of a sudden I feel him trying to push his cock into my pussy as well!

It takes sometime before he manages and I feel VERY filled in all my holes. Frank, David and Michael moves as one person and they fuck me harder and harder giving me orgasm after orgasm. I do my best to suck Jasper as he deserves but it aint easy. I hear all the men starting to moan louder again and Frank is first to cum again. He screams as his second load pours out of his cock. David follows and fills my ass with his hot thick cum. Michael fucks me some more before he comes too in my pussy and his cum mixes with Franks. Now says Jasper it's time for me to cum in your pussy too. All the other men makes room for him to enter my wet and cum filled pussy.

He stand me up on all 4 and my pussy is wide open for him.It´s lucky for him I´ve cum and has lot of cum in it because he glides in with ease. He places his hands on my hips and really I mean really fucks me like I´ve never been fucked before.

He pushes his hole length inside me with firm and fast thrusts he pinches my nipples and demands you to lick my pussy and his balls as he fuckes me. You slide under me and does what he tells you to do. I love the feeling of your tongue on my clit and you lick Jaspers big saggy hairless balls. He fucks me even harder and I can almost see stars in front of me. I come in the biggest orgasm I´ve ever had and finally hear Jasper scream out with pleasure as he unloads yet another big thick cum load in me.

You tell me to suck your cock and Bill hands over the camera to Frank and replaces Jaspers cock in my pussy. I suck your cock as good as I can with my now very soar mouth and it takes no time for you to cum. Which I´m thankful for.

Bill fucks my now soar pussy too and even he comes rather quick. Shooting a lot of hot sperm in my already filled pussy

I collapse on the bed and breath heavy. Bill then starts to lick my ass and pussy clean yet again as all the other men rub their cock yet again. Now as they come they shoot their loads on my boobs and stomach. Bill licks that up too, and after all the men thank us they put their clothes on and leave..

Bill asks us to stay the night and we do. I walk on shaky legs into the bathroom and you two help me clean up before putting me to bed after a hole day of sex. Bill keeps repeating to you how eternal grateful he is for having his best day ever.

He invites us to come and stay with him in his big house for as long as we want and we do that. You and I get our own bedroom and as often as we want we invite Bill to join us and even sometimes his friends. Sometimes only one and sometimes more of them. And when we feel down or during the winter we all cuddle up on the couch looking at the video we made and that always mad us horny again.


Sad to say but after a year Bill died in a car accident as he left his work but he left the house and lot of money to us in his will. To quote it: to my best friends who made my last year the happiesr time in my life I love you both.

When he died I was pregnant and didn´t know if you or he was the father........

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4 years ago
good lord that is hot
4 years ago
beautiful and very hot story,
part 2, more exciting
the epilogue wonderful
4 years ago
splendid and beautiful story, in a very nice style writer
hope to see this story ( beach 1 and 2) in a porn movie.
4 years ago
fantastic story Kitten