The beach

It all starts on a sunny day in early august. We are both a bit hot and we decide to go to the beach to cool down.We head for the car which is a convertible and you drive us to the beach. We love to feeling the warm wind in our hair. I then smile to you and figures out a way to get you off your feet abit. I lean over and you wonder what I'm doing and I smile again and unzip your pants taking out your stiff cock. I look at it first before I start to lick my lips and then I start to lick your cock head.
You moan and almost run over a cat. I laugh and continue letting my tongue lick its way down the length of your shaft to your balls and then up again.

I start to suck and lick the entire length of your cock. I keep raising my head and then lower it as I suck your cock faster and faster.You stop at a red light and a car pulls up alongside us. The man who is driving looks at us and I continue to suck your cock. I then notice he starts rubbing his dick. I lift my head and lick the head of your cock again looking at the man. He rubs his dick as fast as he can staring at us. I suck your cock for him as well. After a while I feel your balls tighten up and you scream as you come in my mouth. It's a huge load and I open my mouth and reveals the cum to the man before swallowing it. He cum's over the dashboard and screams thanks to us.
We drive off laughing.

When we arrive at the beach we find a lonely spot with sand dunes as protection. We both undress to our swim wear. My bikini bra is much to small for me but I don't care, you take me by the hand and we head for the water. The water is warm but there is alot of people in it. We play around for abit until I feel my bikini bra snap revealing my huge boobs. You cover them with your hands and you pinch my nipples and pull me closer to you. I can feel you´re cock is hard again and I let the cock out into the water and we head out of the water to the beach where we can be alone. You pull my panties aside and with a single hard thrust you push your cock inside my wet pussy. The entire cock went in at once and I wrap my legs around you and then you thrust harder and harder, fast and faster. My pussy is soaking wet and it doesn't take long for me to cum in a wet orgasm moaning your name. When you feel my pussy contract you come deep inside me. Another big load of white cum shoots deep inside my pussy. We lay still for a bit and when you finally pull your cock out of my pussy our juices mixes with the saltwater.

We run up the beach and collapse on our big blanket gasping for air. A while later as I sunbathe lying on my stomach I feel your fingers caressed it's way up my legs until they touche my still wet pussy, you raise my ass and take my panties off. You turn me around and I can see you´ve already taking off your pants as well. Your cock twitches and moves in the sun and I can see the pre cum on the tip of your cock. You separate my legs and pussy lips, then you lean down and start kissing and licking it. Drinking my still cum filled, saltwater touched pussy. I moan as you start licking my ass hole as well. I can´t bear it much longer and just before I scream out my pleasure and orgasm in your face we hear a sound. You raise your head and see a man wanking while he watches us.

You tell him to come closer and when he does we see that it's the same man as saw that came with us at the traffic lights earlier.He blushes and tells us he followed us to see what we might do. He apologises and starts to put in his still hard dick into his pants again. You look at me and then at the man as his just about to walk away, you ask if he would like to join us. He turns around with biggest smile ever on his lips and says yes very much. you then tell him to get undressed, in no time his as naked as us two. His dick is so hard with anticipation.

You tell him to put the dick in my mouth as you have to finish licking me. I feel as the mans penis comes inside my mouth. I grab it with one of my hands and lick the head and shaft-just like I did yours in the car. The man moans and tells me it feels so much better than he had imagined. His wife never took his dick into her mouth and she was the only one he´d ever been with. Turned on by what he told me and your pussy licking I try my best to give the man the best blow job I ever performed. I sucked the entire shaft, licked the head and balls and rubbed his dick as good as I had ever done it and by the moans and all the pre cum that runs down my mouth and throat I can tell he liked it too. He places his trembling hands on my head and start fucking my mouth and after a short while his dick stiffens up and starts shooting load after load into my mouth screaming. I moan also cause you made me come. I can't swallow the entire load and some runs beside my mouth and drips down on to my breast. The man reaches down and licks it all up before kissing me, thanking me for the great experience. You raise your head and ask if he´d like to taste my pussy also and if he could have another erection he could have my pussy too.

His eyes are light up and he nods. You then shift places. Your cock is still hard and you lead it into my mouth again, I simply love how it feels inside me.The man places himself between my legs and you ask him how long it was since he last tasted a pussy. He blushes and says never. The wife of his didn't even want to try that. Oh boy you say. Then you need some help don't you. He nods again. You tell him to separate my pussy lips and first smell me. He does that and tells it's his favourite perfume. You tell him to lick my pussy. He does and his virgin tongue against my pussy feels so good, different to your pussy licking but still nice. I moan and that helps the man into knowing I like what he does. I suck your dick and you continue to instruct the man between my legs. His tongue circles my clit and he stays there abit, then he enters my pussy with his tongue, fucking it. He slurps up all my pussy juices that keeps flooding out of it. I come in another wet orgasm. The man looks up and smiles-I did good didn't I he asks. We both say yes.

You pull out your dick before cumming and you tell the man that it is time to fuck my pussy. You order the man to lay down on his back on the blanket. He does so having another hard on pointing toward the sun. You order me to position myself above his cock and I then lower myself onto it. He thrusts up and inch by inch his entire cock disappears inside my pussy.He moans again telling me it's the tightest wettest pussy in the world. He plays with my boobs as I ride him. Sucking on both nipples and caressing my boobs. I raise myself abit and I feel the mans strong thrusts inside my pussy.

You then start licking my ass hole again. You first let one finger slide inside it and after it has stretched you slide another one inside my tight hole. Soon you take out your fingers and I feel your cock head press against it. Because you did a good job preparing the hole your dick sinks straight into my ass in a single thrust. Both you and the man are completely still for a while. You can feel each others dicks through the tiny skin that separates pussy from ass. Then you take turns trusting. When you withdraw the man pushs in and vise versa. Both of you fuck me harder and harder and all of us keep moaning and gasping for air. Then you tell the man if he feels like it he can come inside my pussy. The man thanks you and you keep both keep fucking for what seems like hrs. Given me orgasm after orgasm, then suddenly I feel the contraction from the mans penis and he unloads an even bigger load of cum inside me. I then feel you cum in my ass as well.

We fall back on our sides with both you and the mans cocks still inside me. Gasping for air and with heart that beats fast. The man starts to thank us when he is suddenly interrupted with applause. we look up and along the sand dune 8-10 men stand with their pants down and evidence in the sand in font of them to what they have been doing! Nice show they tell us before drawing up their pants and head off laughing commenting what they just seen. We laugh as well.

When you two withdraw your dicks cum floods out of my ass and pussy and I ask the man if he could clean me up once again. He smiles and says it's the least he can do to thank us for the best sex ever in his life. He then licks both your cum from my ass then my pussy and he gives me another wet orgasm.

we all lay together on the blanket for a while. Then the man asks if we would like to come home to his house and have some more fantastic sex. We do that....but what happens there is another story!
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2 years ago
I could handle being the stranger. I don't think I could handle allowing my female sex partner fuck so blatantly.

It does make for a thrilling sex-thrilling high.

Good story that flows fast and furiously.
4 years ago
WOW - I enjoyed it a lot --
Looking forward to reading the next chapter
4 years ago
mycket bra!
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
wanna make you a preggo
you are so sexy n you make me so hard
i would like to fuck you as wild horny stud bull with my hung hard thick cock....
4 years ago
wow excellent story cant wait to read mor
4 years ago
Wow! What a hot story!
4 years ago
Fantastic story Kitten

Keep them cumming
4 years ago
skön story :P
4 years ago
excellent story, very descriptive and well written