Fun In the Box Truck

Now, one part of my life isn't exactly the happiest, and it tends to relate to my younger b*****r, who is a year younger than I. He and I have what I would like to call an IWB, which stands for i****t With Benefits, and it has happened ever since I was twelve and he was eleven, but I digress, that is a story for another time. This story is about our most recent beneficial moment, and it happened two months ago.

It was the middle of the day, a chilly day at that, and my father and us were to go and clean out the box truck he had, dubbed Old Blue, since we were to repair a house a few days from then. He had, unfortunately, decided to leave us in the middle of cleaning it out so he could get more supplies from Home Depot, which f***ed us to communicate more. Half an hour into reorganizing the box truck, my b*****r decides to start small talk, his normal routine when he wants to get some action from me.

My b*****r is a bit chunkier than I, but his weight is due to him working out rather than simple junk food consumption, being an inch and a half taller than I with a slightly chubbier face, glasses, and peach fuzz around his jaw. He wore a dull green shirt with a pair of blue jeans, his normal clothing combo, but it wasn't hard to notice the bulge he had in his pants.

In the past, when I was single, I didn't mind these moments, as I got more release than simply jacking off three to five times a day normally did for me, but I never released a high amount of cum with him. I was only bi with him, and since I preferred woman in general, the cum ratio was rather confusing to him. What had changed was that he and I were currently in relationships, he with his girlfriend for three years, and I for a year, which confused me when he still wanted to do IWBs. Hell, we even did one while his girlfriend slept in the bed beside him, but that is another story.

So, after five minutes of socializing a little, he closed the back of the truck and walked in from the side door, looking around until he looked at me and asked if there was anything I could think of we should move. I knew what he wanted, and I was mentally slapping myself for coming to the truck without any boxers on, and suggested that he move onto his knees to see if he could help me get something out. I wasn't stupid as to stand in front of the window when I said this, so I moved behind the wooden wall that was behind the driver's seat, knowing that someone WOULD have to look into the truck in order to see us, and with where my b*****r would be bending down, he'd be seeing anyone before I could. Moving on, as crappy as it was, it had worked as he got onto his knees and whipped my cock out, letting it slap him on the face, before trying to take it all down his throat the first go.

I couldn't help but to moan as he went faster on my cock, changing from deepthroating me to sucking the tip of my cock, and I grabbed him by his head and face fucked him. His glasses kept on getting under my shirt, even to the point of falling, but I couldn't help but to get even hornier at the slurping sounds he made at this point. I noticed that he was stroking his cock now, about an inch shorter than mine, but it curved like a banana, which might be what some girls like in a guy. I wouldn't know, mine is long but leans downwards, a feature that my b*****r was enjoying as he licked the sides of my cock before sucking on my balls.

Sadly, he decided that he wanted my cum from me jacking off, rather than him sucking on me, and suggested for me to stroke until I came into his mouth. From that point, I simply thought of the many girls in my life I wanted to fuck, such as my girlfriend, who was quite submissive in many ways, Madi, though she and I rarely speak anymore, or some of the other girls I know. When I did cum, it was as I suspected, a fair amount that drenched half of his tongue, and coated his lips a little, but not my normal amount. He still swallowed it, licking his lips with a sick fascination before sucking on me to get the rest of my cum from the tip. A few minutes later, he left the box truck, leaving me to lock it up before going straight to my room to clean my cock and find a clean pair of boxers.
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2 years ago
Just ok.
2 years ago
Fairly good. Focus on one story at a time please.