A Tease Unlike Any Other

Well, in a way, this is a continuation to my first story. So, if you haven't read it, I'd suggest reading it for a general description of Madi. If ya don't care, then continue reading on!

This happened about a week after I had sex with Madi, a very lustful bbw that wanted me more than anything. Despite the good pleasure she made me feel, which made going back to masturbation horrible, I couldn't risk the off chance that she'd go out with me, find a guy she wants, and simply break it off, like I'd be making her do with her boyfriend in Michigan. I've been the whipping boy to karma before, and I didn't want it to happen once more.

Back to the matter at hand, school during that week was horrible since we had lockers right next to each other. Every time we were there, I'd sneak a squeeze at her ass or breasts, which she proudly displayed her hickeys to the school, all the while she'd stroke me, pressing her ass or breasts on my arm or hand, depending on what I was grabbing for in my locker. I tended to leave the lunch room a lot during my senior year, so it was easy for her to follow me and sneak a few kisses and a quick lick to her nipples, or to add another hickey.

Seventh hour must of been the worst, as she would lean forward to show me more cleavage and actually bumped into me hard enough to get me to lay on the ground and her to get on me. Not only was it embarrassing for me, but she made it worse by grinding a bit, using the excuse of gathering her stuff that was around me, before getting up. To this day, I thank the cargo pants I wore that day, or else I would of had a hard on exposed to my class, the teacher, and the passing student teacher that just walked into the room for a stapler.

So, on the day that I had to stay after for a make up test, I got a text from her asking what I was doing. I told her I was at the school and why I had to stay after. After that, she stopped texting me, and I couldn't help but to groan at the sudden silence. Ten minutes later, I glance at the clock on the wall, hoping to get this stupid test over with, when I see her flashing her breasts at me. The fact that she had gotten her nipples pierced not too long ago made it hard for me not to stare.

"Is there something the matter?" The teacher, who was previously organizing her book shelf, since the end of the year was only a few months away, called out to me.

"Oh, nothing is the matter. I was wondering what time it was, since I had plans today..." I replied, focusing back to the test while cursing Madi with her unfair teasing. I glanced at the door a few minutes later, making sure she wasn't there, and began focusing on my test again when my phone began to flash a little. Curious at the unfamiliar symbol attached to the message, I clicked it, never expecting a video clip of her a foot or so away from her phone, groping her breasts while spreading her legs as wide as she could.

"Seeing you look at me made me do this. Come to me~" Madi sent me a picture with that message, under the picture, the video was calling out to me. I wanted to see it so badly right at that moment. Better yet, I wanted to run to Madi and make her take my cock into her fat pussy and make her my fuck toy for the day!

Twenty minutes later, after getting done with the two hundred question test, filled with definitions that I was sure were professor level, I walked out of the room and saw Madi getting a drink out of the fountain. I couldn't help myself but to grab a large chunk of her ass, smiling to myself as I heard her 'meep' in response, and turned to me. We made out right there without a care in the world, though I kept picturing her groping her breasts for me.

"Come on," she stated as she she moaned before pushing me away, "my b*****r will be here to pick us up soon..." I did NOT want to wait to fuck her at all! So, I grabbed her by her wrist and dragged her into the boys bathroom, all the way to the last stall and closed it behind us. I heard someone shuffling a stall from us, getting my cock to ache at the thought of us getting caught, maybe even someone joining me in fucking her, and took off my clothes. She gasped, either at my boldness or how hard I was, and covered her mouth as soon as she did.

"This is your punishment." I whispered as I made her sit down on the toilet seat and took her joggers off. She tried to close her legs, but my head was already between them, letting me see how her pussy was dripping of her juices. That sight made me bite down on my lip and pull away, stroking myself, making her lean forward to grab at my cock. Remembering her tease earlier, I pushed her back to the toilet seat and made her legs open again. "You're gonna sit here and give me a show." I whispered, roughly groping her left breast as I waved my cock in front of her.

"Give it to me please..." Madi hushed out in a low moan, rubbing her legs together as she looked at my cock. I shook my head and walked to the stall door, pressing my back against it and continued stroking at her. God, I never saw Madi melt down so easily to anyone's will or control, not even her grandparents. Yet here she was, fingering herself with three fingers while biting down on her shirt with her free hand squeezing her breasts as she did in the picture.

I heard the man in the other stall leave to the sink, letting me let out a small groan when I heard the water f***efully fall. My cock felt as hot as it did as if were between her breasts, twitching as if she got me close to cumming all over her. Seeing her grinding into her fingers, pinching her nipples while moaning my name into her shirt was a sight I can't exactly put into words. It made me do something rather horrible though.

Horrible for her at least.

I stood in front of her, making her stand and pressed her against the wall, slipping my cock between her meaty thighs. She started sucking at my neck as I playfully teased her pussy by rubbing my head along its lips. I made her kiss me, licking at her lips as she made herself thrust towards my cock.

"Give it to me now!" Madi groaned into my ear, fondling my balls as I leaned to her breasts and sucked on her nipples. I wasn't exactly enjoying the cold steel in my mouth, but her hot nipple made the combination rather interesting to feel against my tongue. After a few minutes of the teasing, I made her go on her knees and pressed my cock to her lips.

'At least the guy left.' I realized as Madi worked her odd oral magic on me. I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock, moving in synch with her bobbing head. She pressed her breasts on my balls as she did this, making my cock twitch as I grabbed her head and shoved myself as far as I could into her mouth. Honestly, I didn't expect for it to go down her throat, but I didn't realize it did as I fucked her throat. I only pulled away once she bit me, and I noticed that her mascara run down her cheeks with red tinted eyes.

"You jackass!" Madi nearly yelled as she stood up and bent over to get her joggers. I gave her ass a hard whack, making her stumble over the toilet with her ass high in the air. I got behind her and slapped my cock on her cheeks, bending down to press her breasts together, earning me a series of moans from her.

"You know you love everything I do." I smirked as she moaned as I continued to tease her pussy with my cock. Madi nearly made me slide into her, but I groaned and slapped her ass once more. This time, however, a small splash of liquid came from her pussy. I glanced at the mess and at her, watching as she slowly turned with widened eyes and slammed my cock into her pussy. I knew I wasn't going to last long, especially after a sight like that! With that one thought on my mind, I didn't hold anything back from her. I fucked her as hard as I could, trying to get as deep as possible, while biting her neck and milking her breasts, despite nothing coming out from them.

Her moans and her magnificent jiggling ass made me pound her even more, moving her around the stall slowly, considering I wanted to see her work a bit for my cock. She kept moaning my name, grabbing her own breasts while thrusting back to me with her head cocked to the side. I gave her ass a hard slap and pulled out, stroking my cock as quick as I could as I watched my cum land all over her ass. There was much more of it than last time, nearly making her ass take an oily shine as I cleaned myself with toilet paper. Madi's moans nearly got me ready to fuck again, except my phone started ringing. Curious, I pulled my phone from my clothes and looked at the caller id, and paled as I recognized her b*****r's phone number on the screen.

'Well, I might as well go a bit further.' With that thought on my head, and another quick burst of cum building up in my cock, I walked up to her head and shoved my cock as far as I could into her mouth. Her wide, teary eyes made me feel the urge to plow her again, though I f***ed that urge through her mouth by fucking it hard and fast. I barely felt her teeth grinding against my member as I slapped her ass while holding her head with my other hand. The wet, sloppy noises her mouth made, seeing streams of saliva pour from the base of my cock, as well as seeing how red her face was made me cum down her throat, pulling away to splatter some on her cheeks. By the time I was done, a little bit of cum was on her lips with the majority dripping down to her breasts.

Yep, I was ready to die now.
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I think it is grand and moving on to the next Madi adventure.