My Sweet experience

Hello friends…I am Raj, 31 yrs old, 5.10”, average looking, married guy working for a Stock Broking firm in Kolkata. I am new to this site and like it so much that I decided to write my own story…It happened around 5 Years Back. The atmosphere there was excellent as in with lot of good colleagues around. The worry of my life was her (Sangeeta), she was my Boss's Business Partner & his Bed Partner too (I suppose). She was in her 30’s, 5’ 4” tall and good looking. She was a terror. I was very comfortable working with ladies (Actually I wanted my boss to be a lady). she use to point out my mistakes unnecessarily and this made me very irritated as I always felt I was perfect in my work. One Friday Evening at around 8 pm, there were not many people in the office as mostly everyone leaves by 6 pm, I was in my cabin busy completing my work ASAP suddenly my boss called me in the cabin and when I went inside we were discussing about a project and my hand was pointing at the door (which was behind me) explaining something to him and was looking in front but suddenly I felt something soft touching on my finger when I turned back a saw Sangeeta was standing over there and my hand was touching her Boobs... I was stunned & thought I would be fired for this act and I immediately Appologized her by saying it was not intentional but too my surprise she was not at all angry & told me she knows it was not intentional & told me need not to appologize for the mistake you haven't done... I was happy to hear that & took permission from my boss & her & Went out to my cabin... But that incident changed my Vission towords her.... After that Whenever I Fucked my Wife I was just thinking about her & fucking my wife & She too told me that I am very passionate in Love making now a days & she enjoys this a lot....I also mastrubated several times in office (Bathroom) whenever I see her... I started feeling horny about her & wanted to fuck her hard day & Night...Let me tell you about her... She was around her 30-31, Married with 1 k**, her stats is 34-26-36, her best part was her Boobs & Ass, Even I saw once some strains on her chair & knew that may be she had her Periods on that day. One day I got a call & too my surprise it was her, I told her Good Evening with my trembling Voice & asked her the reason to give me a call, then she told that Day after tomorrow it is her birthday & wanted to invite me for the party, I was very happy to hear that & told her I will deffinitely come...Now I went to a near by Mall and bought a Salwarsuit With matching Lipstic & Bangles for her, Then the day came & I went to her place at 7 Pm and rabg the bell, She opened the Door & she was looking Awesome yaar, was waering a Blue Saree, one could easily see her body curves through her dress... When I went inside there was noone, I gave her Gift & inquired about the party then she told someone from her Husbands f****y has died that day and the party was cancelled,I told her sorry for that and started to head towards the door to go but she stopped me and told as she is alone at home and not feeling good wanted me to be with her for an hour or two till her husband comes back, Then I stopped and sat on the nearby soffa, then she offered me Watter then a cup of coffee, We both sat there and had coffee, But I found that she was very sad & I told her if I can help her in any way to cheer her up, She was quite, I thought I should console her and went little near to her and asked her again if I cheer her up, She started to cry keeping her head on my shoulders, I kept my hand behind her and started consoling her, instantly she hugged me I was thrilled by her act, Inside me I was also wanted this & hugged her, She was breathing on my shoulder and some current passed through my whole body, My manhood started to grow bigger and in no time it was in its full length of 8" long... I tried a lot to control but couldnt... She suddenly got appart (She must have flet my Lanhood touching her )and went to the kitchen had some watter and came back with a glass of water for me but suddenly she fall on me and I was completely drenched wet. Oh Shit!!!! She told me sorry & Bought a towel to clean it, While she was cleaning she must have seen the bulge in my Pant, After that when I saw her to my surprise she slowly bit her lips and went inside and bought her husbands Lungi and told me to change so that she can dry & Iron my dress...I accepted it... She guide me to her bedroom and went out... Once I was in I started to undress then I heard her voice to give her my Wet Dress before I wear that lungi so that she can dry it ASAP... Then her mobile rang, she received the call it was her hubby, He told her its too late today & Will stay there tonight & will return home next day after Office. ( This she told me after words when I inquired her when will her hubby be back) I called her and opened the door littlebit & gave her my shirt & pant, then again she asked were is by Briefs & vest I told her I will manage with the wet one but she told I will get cold if I wear that and insisted me to give her, Then I opened my Briefs & Vest also and gave it to her, then when I turned I saw her BRA on the bed, took it in my hand & Sniffed it & Wore it then in no time my Man was Hard... As u all know it is difficult to manage the hard on only in Lungi I had to jerk off... I started to jerk thinking about fucking her then & there, Suddenly the door opened & I was standing Naked Wearing her BRA my Hard MAN in my Hand jerking, She saw me naked & was stunned to see me wearing her BRA & Jerkingoff...Her eyes Wide open was stuck on my manhood, I was trying to gain my senses and did not know as I could feel everything turning upside down around me. After few minutes what I saw brought me back to my senses. She started Laughing wildely instead of Scolding me, She told me to get dressed & come to the drawing room, by the time she takes a shawer,I said ok I was sitting in drawing room in my lungi, I saw Sangeeta coming out of the bathroom in a towel wrapped around her, just covering her breast and till the upper part of her thigh. I was stunned. I never expected her to be like this. She looked gorgeous. But suddenly I remembered that I was eyeing a wrong person. She is my boss's Business Partner and I am under her obligation. She came straight towards me with water dripping from her lovely silky hair, and asked “Do you want to have anything”. I was amazed with her beauty. I haven’t seen anyone as fair as her. Her skin was like milk and she was having a perfect figure. I was looking at her with my mouth wide open to which she again asked “should I get something for you? I said “yes maam water”. She started laughing looking at my condition. I was embarrassed. She came right in front of my face and dropped her towel down. Oh shit……..what was that? I couldn’t understand for a minute. Am I in my dreams? I couldn’t believe it. She was standing right in front of me naked. Naked, right from head to toe… She had a perfect figure which she always tried to hide in her dresses. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white with pink nipples. Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning with her hair over her breast dripping water on her belly. She was standing smiling in front of me and said “have you seen anything better than this ? I just shook my head and said no. I was speechless. I was mesmerized with her beauty. She came near me and said “what are you waiting for? Won’t you please your boss today? I got up from my chair and planted a kiss straight on her lips. She started sucking my lips and inserted her tongue in my mouth. The aroma she was putting on was putting fuel to the fire. We were busy working with each other’s tongue; she suddenly started moving her hand over my bulge. My hands didn’t wait too. They went straight to her back and slowly slid down to her buttocks. Wow !!! what a feeling. She started unzipping my pant and I started fondling her those perfect melons. She held my hand and took me straight to the bedroom. Switched on a night lamp and made me lie on the bed. I was only in lungi. She came over me and kissed me on my forehead, my nose, my lips, my chest, my stomach and started pulling lungi to see the monster which had already grown to its full size. She was surprised to see my 8 inch rod with a 3 inch thickness. She held it in hand and started massaging it slowly. I was in heaven. I never ever thought her to be so hot. She was looking at my cock and slowly whispered in my ears “Yours is very big and thick, much bigger and thicker than my husband, I was thinking to have sex with you since you touched my Boobs”. These words went like a current in ears as I was also in same states since then. She slowly opened her mouth and started licking my rod like a lollipop. I was thrilled and was asking her to suck it. She said wait, I will give you whatever you want, but first let me take what I want from you. She started crawling over my body rubbing her big breast over my chest.. I turned her down and climbed over her. She gave up and said, I am all yours. Today you are my boss. Do whatever you like. I was crazy. I started working on her breast. Started licking one while playing slowly with the other one and making the nipple erect for me to suck. She was hot. “suck them hard, squeeze them, bite them, be aggressive,” her words made me more and more crazier. I was sucking her as if I am going to empty her milk pots today. I was hungry and she was too. I went down and found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices. I started licking the outer area and her inner thigh. She became damn hot, she started pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping cunt. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her hot pussy and started licking it aggressively. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking my to do more and more. “Too good, lick me hard, suck me, ahhhhh, too good….hmmmmmmm, I have never had this experience with my Hubby as he doesn't like to lick my pussy. I too was becoming more and more hornier and I inserted one finger then two then three inside her tight arse. She shouted with pain as I inserted four fingers at a time and then slowly started enjoying my to and fro motion. I started licking her cunt with a great speed to give her the first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure as she got it and spread all her cum on my face. I readily licked my face and started kissing her thigh and her red hot pussy. She was relaxed. Now it was her turn to give me pleasure. I ordered her to take my tool in her mouth and make it as hard as a rock. She obeyed my orders and in one go, half of the tool was in her mouth and she was rolling her tongue over the head as if she is having a ice cream. I was enjoying it while my hands were busy pressing and pumping her huge breast. She was such a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Now it was at its full length and she came and sat over it slowly inserting it in her hot pussy. Oh, what a feeling. Her pussy was very tight and my rod was rubbing through its wall giving the best sensation I had ever got. She started pumping and slowly she took the entire monster inside her. She started moaning in pleasure and I too was enjoying every moment of it. Her breast were hanging just in front of my mouth inviting me to suck them. I didn’t waste a minute and took her breast in my mouth. Started sucking it while she was making sweet noise which was echoing in the entire bedroom. It was the wildest kind of a sex that she would have ever had. I turned her upside down as I wanted to enter her doggie style. She accepted it and positioned giving me an access to her pussy. I rammed my rod in her and she shouted in pain, I mercilessly started pumping giving her lot of pleasure and she too enjoyed it as she started pushing her self behind with every forward thrust of mine. Now we both were exhausted but my penis was still erect like a hot iron rod. I told her that I want to enter her arse which she was not very comfortable looking at my size and it will pain her a lot. I told her to bring some OIL and applied on her hole and my penis. I slowly started entering her hole which gave her a lot of pain and she cried as if I tore her arse apart. After few minutes of pushing my rod was half in and the pressure on it was tremendous. I started pumping in and out and she started enjoying it. We continued this for another 20 mins and I offloaded in there. What a relief……I felt straight on the bed tired and feeling short of breath. She too kept her head on my shoulder and we slept for around an hour in that position. At around 3.30 am, I got up and saw her lying naked next to me. Looking at her stunning beauty my tool again became harder and without her knowing, I started licking her pussy again. She started moaning and she got up. Looking at my erect tool, she asked “ Ready for it again? I without saying anything, went between her legs and pushed my erect tool inside. She was wet in 2 seconds, I started with a missionary position now and later stood up, took her legs on my shoulder and started pushing harded and deeper inside. She was enjoying and moaning with joy. With each of my thrust, I could see her massive melons going up and down which was making me more and more hot. After 20 mins of aggressive session, I came in her. We cleaned ourselves and went to sl**p again. Next day morning she woke me up at 6.30 and asked me to take bath. I got up, caught hold of her and took her straight to the bathroom. We both took the shower together and had a beautiful kissing and licking session in the bathroom too. She make me cum by a blow job and I licked her too to orgasm. While going I kissed her and she asked me to keep this as a secret as no one in the office should know all this. After that we had sex many a times. She now obeys what I say and I have started bossing over her. After ramping her she also introduced me to her bhabhi who was not satisfied with her hubby... I ramped her also many times but will tell you about that after receiving comments on my 1st story...
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Your english is very rough but i understood aolmos all your story it great thanks