My Roppongi Friend (TRUE Tokyo Story) or Japan Ran

What a lame title...I've been mulling over whether to post this or not but anyhow....

Anyone, anyone who's been in Tokyo before can tell you how wild and utterly random the nightlife can be.

Anyone who knows the Roppongi scene (the nightclub district where Westerners go to hang out and meet Japanese)

Look, if you want to get laid or find some mischief in Tokyo, Roppongi is is your place. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night it's pretty much a "battle royale" of westerners picking up J-girls and groups of J-girls looking to get picked up by Western guys. Trust me on a debauchery ranking of 1 to 10 on any weekend night, Roppongi ranks in at a 15.

Picking up Japanese girls in Roppongi or even one night stands but this story I had to admit was one of the most random I've ever experienced.

So about a year ago, I attended a farewell party for a buddy of mine at a notorious pickup spot called IBEX which usually features Hip Hop. Lots of J-girls into the culture...or Black dudes usually go there.

But this night was a special night since my buddies reserved the place for a private party. All was going normal...usual Japanese cuties came in but nothing really was grabbing my attention.

Guys...if you're reading this..ever notice that when you are least interested in getting some pussy it seems to fall in your lap??

So I'm by the door with my buddy and two pretty Japanese girls in their late 20's come in the door. They were pretty much already "lubricated" with alcohol but nothing special.

However one of the girls kept looking at me intently. She was pretty cute, nice body, slim...actually my type.

Now, I'm not Mr. Super-Fine...but I've been told I'm a pretty good looking guy. I'm Black American, 6 feet 3 inches, I'm never about showing it off but I am pretty muscular, but lean because I do work out a lot. But I was wondering why she was singling me out at this party...and so quickly too.

Anyhow after playing "eye-tennis" glancing at each other for about 2 or 3 minutes....she comes over to me and says, "Nani...?!" (Which means "what" in Japanese)

We go back and forth for a couple of seconds ... my Japanese is so-so but I can hold a conversation....and she could understand a little English but she couldn't speak it much.

So before I know it, she's leaning up on me asking me "Yaritai, no?" (Which can have a couple of meaning is "do you want to do this?" ---- meaning 2 is "Do you want to fuck?" )

I was like--- ?! Okay, where is this going? I thought maybe misunderstood her but she asked me again--- but this time she said in Japanese "Now? Want to do it now? In the bathroom?"

I knew Roppongi could be random but it's kind of rare just to trip over girls who want to fuck you within the first hour of meeting you. I looked at her friend who was busy herself talking to some Korean guy who was making his moves.

I was down for banging this girl, but there was no way in hell I was going to hit it in the fucking bathroom of IBEX, fuck that. Things really seemed too good to be true because within the next couple of minutes her friend disappeared with the Korean guy.

For the sake of the rest of the story I will call this girl that was ready to go, Hiro.

So Hiro starts panicking that her friend is gone and goes downstairs to look for her---grabbing me in the process.

When she gets downstairs in the hall Hiro calls her buddy on her cell and confirms that she's okay.
At that point----all was clear. At this point she was ready to GO. She starts kissing and tonguing me and grabbing my crotch....asking me over and over "Hoshi??" (which means do you want it?)

I don't know what was in this girl but she truly was like a cat in heat. She was pulling and scratching (playfully, but scratching me) all up the Roppongi strip as as I was desperately looking for a 7-11 to buy a pack of codoms and get some extra cash for the "love hotel".

Once I got her off the Roppongi strip and to the areas where the love hotels are, her horniness just kept intensifying. At one point in the middle of the sidewalk she pulls me to the side, kissing me more, pulling my hand under her skirt to feel her pussy. Saying in Japanese "You want this right?"

Gawddamm, this girl's pussy was SO fucking HOT and WET. I was like, this is going to be good.

We get to the love hotel and she is all over the place. The hotel staff knew exactly was up and really rushed go get us a key because I think rather than refusing us service it was probably better to get her to a room and out of the lobby.

We get to the room---and the first thing I think is SHOWER. Aside from wanting the wash off some of the smell of the club and the alcohol off us---I wanted to really check the goods before jumping to it.

With little protest she let me undress her (if there was any protest from her, it was simply that she wanted to fuck immediately) and I get her to the shower. She looked NICE. Nice sized Japanese tits---not too big but enough to be a mouthful---nice slim Asian body----not bone skinny like a lot Japanese girls are trying to make their bodies like....

Nice small but round hips and a nice ass shaped like an apple. All was looking good.

We get to the bedroom and she starts using more English than she had been all night. "Come on, fuck me."
She starts sucking my dick like she was hungry and hadn't sucked dick for a long time.
I couldn't wait any longer and after getting the condom on, I start hitting hit. I don't know if it was the excitement of it all, but this was gooooood pussy. I came SEVERAL times that night----truth be told we fucked so much I ended up using the whole package of condoms in one night.

I didn't know the next time I was going to be able to get this pussy again so I thought I'd better hit it good so I'd have something to remember.

She was pretty wild though. Without me asking she spreads her ass for me and says "Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!" Well, I aimed to please so I hit it that way for awhile...but I went back to the pussy again after I came in her ass.

I could tell she really liked it rough so I gave her a good riding. While we were fucking, I just wanted to complete the fantasy for her so I grabbed her by the neck just for a little domination ...but no choking...wouldn't you know it....she says, MOTTO! MOTTO! (which means MORE) So I squeeze a little harder. ....motto..!! She says barely able to get any breath. Seriously I started getting worried because I really was choking this girl and she was starting to turn Blue. But she kept holding my hand on her neck to keep it there and I actually had to pull my hands away from hers ---- I was like "Man, don't let me wind up choking this girl to death accidentally....I am not going to be the latest Tokyo scandal news story"

We fucked all night until she pretty much was OUT. u*********s. Exhausted.

It was a good night. We fucked some more in the morning....and I discovered that she had to go back to her hometown Hiroshima that same day....DAMN. This was some pussy I wanted to keep in my pocket for a while....

Me and Hiro decided to keep in touch and she came to Tokyo once to see me a few months later.

But that is another story....

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3 years ago
man you trip i would've knocked it in the bathroom but thats just me you should write more stories man
3 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing