my friend and his girl amd me pt2

As a spin of of my last story, I got home from work and took a shower and went to lay down, now my friend wasnt home but getting out of work in a few hours, his gal was though. I told her I was laying down for a few then we could make dinner. Well I layed in my room and was on this site getting horny, watching bimale videos, so I got nude and was playing with myself, when I decided to play with my ass with a favoite dildo of mine, so I lubed up and slowly started to incert the dildo, did I mention that it vibrated, oh well it felt so good just buzzing away as I played with myself, To my surprise I happen to look up and she her standing there watching me, she had here hand down her shorts and was smileing. I asked her if she liked what I was doing, she nodded yes. so I invited her to come in and watch the video with me, she asked if I had more toys to play with, but of course I do I said, I showed her all of them. She really liked this one toy of mine a realistic dong! she said it looked bigger than me and I said yes it is but at times it feels so good, wrong thing to say to her, she asked if she could fuk my ass with it. Well I told her that she would have to go real slow amd stop if I told her to, she agreed. so I layed back and let her fuck me, she used both hands lubeing me and the dong up, then as promised she slowly put the head into my ass and slowly pushed more and more of it inside of me, at the sametime she started to play with my semi hard cock. Before I knew it she had put that dong almost all of the way in, now I was moaning some and loved how slow and easy she was with me. she then started to pull it out and shoved it right back in to me, getting a tempo going she had a big smile on her face as she fucked my ass with that big dong, mean while I was cumming from her playing with me, wow what a feeling!! she then slowly pulled the dong out of my ass. I asked if she liked fucking me in the ass, she said hell ya I have to go change now my thong is soaked, and he will be home soon. I said this was between us and for her not to tell him. that didnt last. after dinner she made us a few drinks, witch he asked why and she said she just wanted some, well before long we had a buzz going and she brought up our first threesome where I gave him head, I knew that I was into something then. she brought out the laptop out and started playing bimale videos she told him you still want to fuck my ass, and he replyed yes I do, well being a bitch she told him no way, but there was another way. He said no I no homo and wont do what I think you want me to, she just told him to relax and dont worry. she then to my surprise started playing with his cock and got him all hard, she stood up and striped and told me to do the same, okay I said, I knew what she was up to. he was watching two guys fucking with a girl kissing the one that was fucking, he still had his hardon going, she layed next to him as so did I we kinda all started playing with each other as we watched the video together. She then wisperd something into in to his ear and he got asmile on his face, well she asked if he mined if I could give him head again, nice to tell me even if I didnt mind. so I started giving him head while she played with his cock, wonce it was hard she got up and left the room yest to return with some lube and rubbers, I knew what was coming then. she told him to put the rubber on and to lube it up and told me to bend over the couch, I said what you in charge and she said yes I am. she then told him to fuck my ass, while she watched. I waited for like ever just for her to put the head of his cock on the opening of my ass, she told him, think its me bent in front of you, and look at me. He did and then I felt his hard cock slowly push inside of me, it felt so much better than that dong from earlier, he kept pushing till he was all the way inside of me, he was kissing and playing with her big tits while he started to fuck my ass, saying how tight it felt, and good. Soon he started realy fucking me hard making me moan with pleasure he was giving me. he slowly pulled all the way out and I moved over to eat her pussy, witch I know she liked, cause she was cumming in like secounds, he pushed his cock back inside of me and soom me and her where both moaning, and so was he, she asked him if he liked it and he said yes, it felt so good, well to end this he said he was comming and pulled out ripped of his rubber and came all over my ass. Wow is all I got to say! well since my cock was still hard I moved up and pushed it deep inside of her witch made her cum. I fucked her hard and fast knowing I had to cum too. she let out a scream as I pulled out and shot cum all over her tits. We all got up and went and cleaned up talking about what we just did, he asked does this make me Bi? I said only if you return the favor. I think he was happy then. she said well what are we going to do next? I said what do you mean, Its our turn to think of something, and I was thinking of double fucking, but that story has yet to come....
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please continue your stories