first time with a friend and his girlfriend!

I live alone and my friend and his girlfriend needed some where to stay while they saved money for there own place, we had alot of fun playing different games, and one night we where drinking and feeling good, so we decided to play truth or dare. The game started slow by making others do stupid stuff, then we got bolder and started to strip, before you knew it we where naked. then we where making others pose and where talking about what each other wanted, my friend said that she dosen't like giving head, I reminded him that I was bi and have been with guys before, so he could get head. Well I guess that was the wrong thing to say with her turn next, she said she wanted to see me giving him head. I said dare, cause I knew that he wasn't into guy guy things, so she said ok suck his cock then!! we going with the game I agreed to, so she was sitting in between me and him, and he was very nerevus so she started kissing him and playing with his cock witch began to get hard, so I got up slowly and kneelled in front of him and began licking his head of his cock while she still was playing with it. After a few minutes of that I took more of his cock into my mouth giving him head he wouldn't forget. they where still making out while I sucked his cock rock hard. He was playing with her pussy and it was real wet, and smelled so good that I went from him to her and started licking her pussy. I could see that her nipples where rock hard and she was nearing orgasm, I licked her till she came moaning real loud. He was still rock hard and she said to fuck her so he pushed his cock into her deep wet pussy. I watched them fuck and was playing with myself at the same time, when he said to me "do you want to fuck her also" what man wouldn't I said of course. With that he kissed her and pulled out slowly so I could see how wet she was, the only problem with that was her nervres!! This was the first time that she had ever done anything like this and was a little scared. So he was kissing her telling her to relax when I started to lick her pussy again, making her squirm with pleasure, I kept licking till she grabbed me and told me to fuck her. Now he was sitting next to her on the couch playing with her tits and kissing her when I got on my knees and slid my cock half way inside of her I heard her moan and I slowly keep pushing more and more cock into her till I had it all the way in, then I started fucking her hard and fast and then would slow down, I could tell she liked it. Then I pulled out and told her to get on her knees to get some doggie style, then I told him to fuck her and of course he did, I sat on the floor next to them watching and playing with her tits, after what seemed like an hour he groaned and said he was cumming, he pulled out and shot a huge load of cum onto her back and ass. He told me to fuck her again, and I wanted to in the worst way, so i pushed my cock into her again, it was so wet and felt so good that after like ten minutes I said I was cumming also, so I pulled out and shot a big load of cum all over her ass to. We all got up and went to the bathroom where we cleaned each other off. We then went back to the living room made more drinks and sat talking about what just happened, I was surprised when they both said they liked it and would do it again soon! She told him hey how was your blow job and he said it was great. She then said that hey you always wanted to fuck me in the ass maybe next time you can get some ass, he looked confused when she pointed to me, he didn't say nothing , but from the look on his face he was thinking about it! I said I didn't mind as long as I could lick that sweet tight pussy, and fuck her again. I think that next time might be fun till then.......
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3 years ago
give us more of the same
3 years ago
wow ... encore!