Married White Man Turns Black Cock Slut

Over the years I experimented sexually with other men, and a couple of transexuals. I've tried top and I've done bottom. The experience with a tranny is one of the most erotic moments in my life.

Ok so during my first marriage I was faithful. My ex on the other hand was not. Shed fucked a black guy one night as I waited for her to retturn from a night with friends. That kinda messed with me making me think if black was better or bigger.


After my divorce I was introduced to my first gay experience. It was ok. Hurt at first but after a few minutes I was enjoying the stroking cock that took my virginity and I loved the wet empty feeling after he finished breeding my ass.

That first dick was 7" and white. Over the years I got a few chances to try more dick. All of them were smaller than the first. I wasn't turned on by sucking dick at all. While dating the girl who is now my 2nd wife I was tempted by a guy with an 8" dick and it was real fat. The experience was short and disappointing. After being married I was on a business trip when I was taken by a white guy and his 9.5" cock. I loved how he slowly stretched my ass deeper and looser. I realized I liked big dick.

Now I've tryed on several occasions to get my wife to fuck a hung black guy as I watched. She nevver allowed me that fantasy. But ever since my ex cheated the black dick has made me wonder. It possessed me to the point interracial porn became a very big turn on for me. Then one night at a party while I was on a trip again I was approached by a gay black man. We were high and a bit horny from the party favors so when he opened his fly and asked me to touch his dick I did so without hesitating.

Within minutes he had me laying down on my back as he pumped his 9.5" thick black cock in and out of my throat. It seemed softer and smoother than any other dick I had and the simple sight of his cock wrapped in my lips drove me hotter. I couldn't get enough of his cock and I was anxious to get fucked by that black dick.
That night all I got was to suck him.
I didn't see him again for a few years. During that time the urge to get more BBC welled inside me. I got a couple experiences at the book stores but they were fairly unsatisfying. I met my black cock introducers friend one evening he too was black. We did a bit of party favor and he give me his 8" dick. A cpl days later my BBC introducer met up with me and he turned me on with his cock pressed to my lips. Id waited a cpl yeears and I was determined to get fucked. I was soon obliged. I rode his cock he bent me over I was in ecstacy as I took his dick deep in my ass.
I admitted how his dick is responsible for my BBCcraving and if I keep getting the black cocks id give up on pussy.

92% (30/3)
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2 months ago
omg.what a lucky guy
6 months ago
6 months ago
I love this line,.......he opened his fly and asked me to touch his dick I did so without hesitating.
7 months ago
OMG,SO DAMN SEXY,sweetie,i love it sweetie
2 years ago
2 years ago
lovly storie
3 years ago
Great story...thanks!
4 years ago
One lucky man.
4 years ago
thanks for reminding me of other past experiences of mine need to write a story about thanks