ME, Twitching and a job interview

God will you give it a rest............................
Wearin my black lacy french pantie's, with matching bra, tight fitted black jeans and a lacy cream top and all your doing is twitching. I'm at a job interview for christ sake, ya can't have it now. No matter which way i sit your there tormenting me making me blush as the Manager of the company is trying to interview me.
I've opted to stand, of all the days you choose to torment me you choose this one and of all the days i choose to wear my fitted jeans........ The manager is now asking me if i am ok, as i'm pacing the room trying hard not to let you irritate me. I excuse myself making my excuses that i need to visit the rest room. Bolting through the cubicle door not even locking it, i wrip my jeans down along with my panties, cock my leg on to the toilet and finally give you want you have been tormenting me for all this time. Oh the pleasure is all mine as i twiddle you in between my two fingers gasping as you throb. Faster and faste i get giving you a little slap once in awhile as i know if i don';t frig you of right you will torment me all day. Using my thumb now, i insert two fingers into my pussy, slowly sliding them in and out as my thumb stimulates you. I am now groaning as the pleasure ripples through me getting wetter and wetter at each finger swirls in different directions. Your going to make me come, fuck i need more than this now. Closing my eyes i start to think about the manager in his office. Not the greatest of lookers but has a fit body and smells great. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM he has a big mound in his trousers as i imagine him rubbing it up and down my arm as he stretches for coffee cup. Fuck this man his hard and i haven't even done anything. Still swirling my fingers inside, i imagine reaching for his cock, stimulating it through his pants making him drop the coffee cup and gasping in shock. He thrusts it further befre grabbing my hair and pulling my head back to stick his tongue down the back of my throat. Fuck i didn't realise i was getting so excited and started stroking my nipples..................Hang on a minute..........I'm not. I open my eyes and here he is as bold as brass, cock in one hand and my breast in the other. The bastard had been stood there for god knows how long watching me get myself off. How the fuck did he get in here? As if reading my mind he say's "It's a unisex toilets darling and you forgot to lock the cubicle door" fuck fuck fuck, " I came to see if you was ok, I would of shouted but the door was ajar and well you can work out the rest". Still got my fingers in my pussy and i'm still wet but i haven't moved them and as i hadn't you start twitching again. Christ sake this is what got me into this mess in the first place. Gazing at him not knowing what to do and as if he didn't care he leans over and places my nipple into his very cold mouth, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm feels good as his tongue starts to arouse my nipple. With that i start to move my thumb from side to side as my fingers glide easily into my wet pussy. I want it now, i want his cock in my pussy and to ram me hard in the toilets. I bend down on, unzipping his flies to reveal his swollen cock end. Oh my he's not wearing any underwear " I have the same problem as you, My underwear teases me". How the fuck did he know that's what was going on with me. Well who cares this is not the time or the place (giggle escapes). Taking his swollen cock head into my mouth, sucking and gagging hard. He likes this grabbing my hair he's now taking control fucking my mouth with his cock, leaving my hands free to fuck my pussy hard. I can feel the orgasm building, knees trembling, moaning at every thrust fuck i need to come. Pushing him aside, i rise and lean over thrusting my ass in the air and speading my legs as far as they will go. "Put your big cock in here and make me squirt, you naughty boy". Wham in it goe's hard, deep thrusting in and out making me moan with great pleasure "Fuck me harder you big cocked bastard, i want to squirt" with that he spanks my ass hard, grips my hair, pulls my head back and fucks me. Right there in the unisex toilets. Deep thrusting me making me come, one after the other legs buckling but this man don't give a shit. He's gonna keep on pumping till he comes. Moving his other hand round he's now got my clit between his fingers and pounding me from behind " Now your gonna squirt bitch, all over my swollen cock" bang,twiddle, bang, twiddle bang, fuck yes here it comes loads of wetness just dripping out of my pussy and with that he gives a load moan and one big thrust pulls out and ejaculates all over my ass letting load grunts escape his mouth as he doe's.............................
There's a fresh coffee waiting at his desk when i arrive back into his office, with a note saying "Drink this and the job is yours if you still want it. Start Monday 9 am sharp"................ I left for this interview fuming as you just couldn't stop twitching from the minute i left the house but clit i thankyou as i got the job :)
84% (8/2)
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9 months ago
and then got you to squat over me so i could taste our combined juices mmmmmm x
2 years ago
Top marks.xx
2 years ago
is this true kez?
2 years ago
nice and naughty such a turn on, need to have a wank myself now
2 years ago
mmm hot