Some thought's from me

I was just looking through my friends pages and had the thought, fuck there are alot of good looking hot and horny people around the world. Love the guys wearing nice panty's and hard cocks. Love the lady's posing in panty's and masturbating.

I have never had the chance to play with another guy, to scared to approach or just to god damn nervous lol. I'm kinda a blokes bloke if that makes sense, so not many would approach me either because I don't give off that impression. Would love to play with another man's cock tho, wonder where that could lead? I have a few Aussie guys on my friends list from Melbourne, could have been taking a piss beside them in some shopping mall, or standing behind them in some shop, no one would have known.

Lots of lovely ladies around also in the same situation, well maybe I wouldn't have been taking a piss beside them lol, but would love that also! I'm always checking out the great looking ladies around the shops, I wonder what they have on under their clothes? A nice G-string riding up their ass? wonder what their panty's would smell like? are they looking around thinking the same thing? Their panty's getting damp with the thought? I'd love to smell and jerk off with so many of their panty's. My cock is getting hard with the thought lol.

Lots of people hide behind their profile in here. I'm one of them. My fantasy's are on display but you don't know who I am.

I'd like to stand behind you in the men's toilet's, in some mall or park, you cant see my face, I cant see yours, reach round and hold your limp cock, start stroking your cock until it's so hard, jerk you off slowly until your cock throbs in my hand and i see your cum fly out and hit the wall in front of you, maybe catch your cum in my hand and keep slowly jerking your cock.
Maybe a lady out their in some mall would let me smell her fresh panty, how would I find her? you cant just walk up and ask her can you? have you tried? Would she want to watch me holding her panty up to my nose and smelling her pussy and ass scent, jerking my cock, not expecting her in any way to touch or be touched, just watch me jerking off while smelling the panty she was wearing just moments ago, I know it would be a huge cum shot, would she like watching that? then handing her panty back to her, watching her put it back on and going on with her shopping.

How many guy's out there swap their wife's or girlfriends panty's with other guy's? That's cool and would love to try it. What do the girl's think when they cant find their panty's? Do they know what happened to them? Ladies, how would you feel if you knew that some guy was smelling and rubbing their hard cocks on your panties, thinking about fucking you while they smell your pussy juice's?

Ahh, the dreams of a panty loving man huh lol. As if that would ever happen. Most would be to scared to let their guard down and try something like that. To many strange people around right?

So what else am I into? god! so many things lol -
Lady's finger themselves,
Dog and horse sex,
Pregnant lactating lady's
Lesbian sex,
Hard cock's cumming,
Guy's cumming into dirty panty's,
Hermaphrodite's, (where do you find them!!?)
The smell of a hot wet pussy,
100% (3/0)
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3 years ago
I also find myself thinking sexual thoughts about people I see. And what they are wearing under their clothing. ;-)
Good story.
3 years ago
And the problem is?
3 years ago
this is a blog, not a story.