In fuck

Breathing deep, exhale first. Skin on skin, tastes like roses and sweat. Something a****listic. Hips grinding up against each other, bruising me. His are bony. Bite down, leaving more marks. Marks to remind me tomorrow, to make him remember, even if he doesn’t want to. Lips are on shoulder blades, tongues trailing down torsos. Teenage cliches aside, making me gasp with only one touch. His hair slick on his forehead when he flips me over. Tits and tummy pressed into the sheets, one hand makes me shiver. A resounding slap and a groan escapes his lips. I smile wickedly, and feel my cheeks start to blush. Ass in air, he’s helpless and weak to me. I own him. He knows it, but plays like he’s in charge. We both do.
85% (3/1)
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Posted by kinkykatty
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3 years ago
nice little ditty ,great word play katty : )