A Sexual Adventure: Guess Who's Cumming to Di

I hear your keys jingle in the door and my heart begins to race. The sweet sound of you coming back home to me. I hadn't seen you since you left me that morning, naked and quivering in bed. And oh how I ached for you while the hours passed.
You walk through the door, the smile that grows on my face is one of seduction and desire. I look up to see that your smile matches mine. The sexy text messages and pictures of my delicious pink center that I sent you throughout the day kept you rock hard because you have been yearning to have your way with me, spank me, and punish me sweetly.
Your eyes glide over the thick curves of my body as I stand before you wearing nothing. Your smile widens as you announce to me that we have company, and through the door walks your friend with the huge dick that you have been telling me about. I show no shame and wave politely as your friend eyes my large breasts and stomach. Walking up to me you put your hands on my face and kiss me. "I missed you."
"I missed you too."
You grab my breasts and give them a playful squeeze then, gently, you push me down to my knees and tell your friend to come over. Kneeling down beside me, you go about unbuttoning and removing your friend's pants, while he removes his own shirt. Then together we watch as his huge cock grows in excitement. You take hold of his hard shaft and place your other hand at the back of my neck, then you guide my mouth onto the cock in front of me.
I take it in deep, all the way to the base. Both you and your friend groan in unison. You continue to guide me, up and down on his shaft. I can feel him growing harder between my lips. I revel in the feel of him in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I gag as you shove my face down, but I hold steady keeping him there for as long as I can muster. You whisper to me what a good girl that I am and my pussy gets nice and moist.
You pull me back then, your mouth watering as you then place your lips on his cock. I groan seeing your lips on him, you look me in the eyes knowing it drives me wild. I begin to kiss your neck, your shoulders, your back. I get behind you and shove my hands into your pants. Feeling your dick, hard and throbbing under it's restraints.
I stroke you from behind, and the moan that it elicits rumbles through you. You bring your hand back and grab my thigh while you continue to suck your friend's dick. His hands come down and he begins to fuck your face. Watching you handle the cock, makes my pussy ache. I feel how wet I am when I move, feel the slick wetness gather. I move back in and join you. Licking the underside of his dick, all the way down to his balls. I lick them and suck them, holding them in my mouth while I massage them with my tongue making him moan in ecstasy. Together we feel him grow rock solid.
The sound of your gagging fills the air. In that moment I can't take anymore, the selfish part of me takes over and I stop you. "I need a cock or two in my pussy, or I will explode!" Your friend smiles and then bends me over the couch, happy to oblige. Sticking his fingers in the wet folds of my flesh, he feels just how ready I am. My warm wet pussy, throbbing with anticipation. A curse flies from his lips as he puts the tip of his penis to my opening. Slowly he inches into me, feeling my walls envelop him, pushing into my depths and then filling me up completely.
My moans are silenced as I am overwhelmed by his cock. He is so big and he feels so good inside of me, my body reacts, bucking when he hits the hilt of me. His entry is smooth, my pussy slick, he pulls back then pushes in deep. I can feel his fingers digging into my hips and caressing my ass. My breath is shallow as waves of pleasure wash over me. I feel you move beside me then place your hands in my hair, you pull back with just enough f***e to make me cry out. You lick my lips, sliding your tongue between them. I accept it as you thrust your tongue into my mouth. You kiss me hard and I feel my nipples harden and I moan into your mouth, while my body begins to squirm.
You take a step back to undress, the look in your eyes makes me moan again, as I know I'm about to get what I want. We adjust and you position yourself underneath me. Your dick is stiff and pulsating with your arousal. Gently, you place yourself at my opening, swirling my wetness around and around. Then I feel the pressure as you begin to squeeze your cock in with your friend's. You whisper to me to relax, as my excitement has made me tense. I close my eyes as I feel you both inside of me then. Stretched out and filled with pleasure.
"Fuck baby you are so fucking tight."
I have no words, my nipples are peaks, and my pussy is overflowing with cock. My gasps turn into deep groans as you both begin to slowly move inside of me. I feel complete, stuffed, and so turned on that it takes my breath away. Your friend's hands are gripping my huge ass tightly, he slaps it watching it jiggle.
"You love that fat ass don't you?"
"God yes!" Your friend groans. You both love the way your cocks feel rubbing against each other, juicy from my loaded pussy, just as much as I love feeling you both fill me up. Your friend moans, his breath coming faster, then he slams into me. I cry out in pleasure and pain as I feel you slip out. He thrusts, deeper and harder and faster until he spills his load deep inside of me. Your solid cock does not hesitate to squeeze back in. I feel the warmth of your friend's cum making your entrance more easy. And by the look of pure bliss in your eyes, I know that you can feel it too. You slide in with grace as your friend is still throbbing inside of me. You begin to pump. Your rhythm making me shake with delight. I feel my own juices building as the slippery sound of our sex fills my ears. My wet pussy begins to drip from your friends cum mixed with my own.
"Are you going to squirt for me?"
I nod and moan for you to fuck me harder. You do as you are told, pushing the other cock out of me. You flip me over while still inside of me, you press my body deep into the couch and ram yourself into me. Fucking me hard and contorting my big body in a way that is sure to make me sore, but I can feel nothing but your hard length. Soon my orgasm is so raw and intense that I squeeze you out of me. My cum flows from me, and you and your friend move to lap at the river flowing from my pussy. I feel your tongues licking at me making my orgasm fly higher and my pussy to squirt more. I can no longer make any sound as I feel you push back into me. "I'm gonna give you all my cum, baby." You growl in my ear. I am still reeling from my orgasm as your cock begins to ooze with hot delicious cum. You quickly pull out of me and urge me to come closer. I open my mouth willingly accepting your offering. I can taste my sweetness and your cum on my tongue. Your friend leans down to kiss me, eager to have his own taste.
With a satisfied smile you pull me up to you. You search my eyes and find me sated. Then I kiss you, deeply and passionately, knowing that when your friend leaves I'm going to fuck your hard white cock again.
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10 months ago
Amazing story! I have the same fantasy! Just need the right girl to find the right other guy with!
1 year ago
Thank you gentlemen. You're welcome to CUM and see me anytime ;)
1 year ago
Holy damn baby, I'm rock fucking hard now! Keep it up (you'll certainly be keeping me "up" as well)
1 year ago
Nice! In coming over to your house. ♡♥♡
1 year ago
Great story. Made me rock hard *lol* i Would love to have you texting me ;-) you have a talent for writing. Keep it coming !
1 year ago
Nice job