Cousin Greg, The Gamer

It was a few days after being in the creek with Cousin Greg. He didn’t have to watch over me again until after the weekend, which gave me plenty of time to think about what I had done for Greg at the creek. How much he seemed to enjoy what I did for him, playing with his amazing dick in my hands. The way the head of his stiff cock fit so well in my mouth. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the memory of the way this new thing smelled to me, cum. I woke up that Monday after a late night of video games and sugar to a quiet house. No parents, no Cousin Greg. It was another hot afternoon, so nothing else to do but make a bowl of cereal and get ready for more video games! Just as the game was starting up, I there’s a knock at the door, and I hear a familiar voice. Cousin Greg. Once I open the door he comes in as loud and arrogant as he always was, slapping me on the back of the head while he walks by. “What’s up scrawny! What are you playing, a fighting game?” “Yeah, I’m trying to finish the campaign.” He just stood there for a few seconds and then rolled his eyes, as if to tell me how much of a geek I was, which wasn’t completely wrong. Most of the k**s in the neighborhood were older than me, so I didn’t really have any friends close by. “I’ll play you.” I figured why not. A couple of rounds in to the game I realize just how much Greg sucked at games. I had already beaten him 4 out of 5 times. He looked like he was getting pissed. “Let’s raise the stakes on this stupid fucking game!” He said. “We’ll play strip. For ever y time one of us wins, the loser has to take something off. Deal?” I figured why not, we were both wearing basically the same amount of clothing. First game, I win. Greg loses a shirt. Second, I lose. I take off one sock, haha! Next I win again, off with Greg’s shorts. Now he’s sitting there wearing socks, shoes & boxer briefs. The damnedest thing happens next, I begin to lose every fucking game after this. It took me a couple of years to figure out that…..That sneaky bastard hustled me! Now I’m sitting there with a pillow over my crotch to hide me embarrassment and Cousin Greg laughing his sick ass off at me. “What happened cuz, you were doing good!” he said with sarcasm. “Since you don’t have anything left to take off, you got any money?” ”No.” ”Alright then, if I win the next round, you have to blow me. Deal?!” I agree to the deal with no hesitation at all. To this day, I still don’t understand why I agreed so quickly. Cousin Greg wins the first fight. I win the second, and just when I think I have a chance, he rips my head off with my spine. I sat there in shock for a second wondering if he was going to make me go through with the deal or not. Then I looked down at his crotch, and I could see his monster dick begin to grow through his underwear and down the side of his thigh in anticipation. Sitting there with a smile, rubbing his dick he tells me to unbutton the fly and pull it out. Nervously I do what he tells me. As I reach in and grab his semi hard cock and begin to pull it out, it springs up and is steadily growing. “How do I do this?” “Just put it in your mouth and slide it in and out, but not too fast” With nervous hesitation, I begin. At first, just slightly past the head, and then after a few seconds I had almost half of the shaft steadily sliding in and out of my mouth. Cousin Greg would coach me every few minutes, “Suck a little harder. Don’t let your teeth touch it. Grab the balls man.” I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but each time I looked up I could see how much Greg was enjoying it, so it made me feel good to know I was doing something to make him happy. It seemed like I had his massive dick in my mouth for hours, listening to him moan and grunt. Cousin Greg then reaches and grasps the back of my neck, rubbing his fingers against the back of my head and then I feel him get a solid grip on me, while with his other hand, he grasps the top of my shoulder and begins to move me faster. And that’s when I made out the familiar taste of his precum. Much stronger of a taste than the last time, still as sweet though. As he’s moving my head up and down his dick I start to feel it going deeper and deeper into my mouth and what feels like down my throat. He’s breathing heavier and repeating “Yeah” over and over as we’re looking at each other. Then he suddenly stands up and grabs either side of my head and begins to gently face fuck me. I didn’t know what to do! “Look at me!” he orders. And as I do, he stops fucking my mouth. Suddenly, I feel this warm, creamy, half sweet, half salty mix of cum bursting throughout my mouth. By this time Greg starts to spasm as he’s releasing the last of his load in my mouth, and then falls back on to the couch selfishly taking his dick out of my mouth, leaving me with a mouthful of cum. “WHEW!” he cried out loudly. “Me and you are going to be hangin’ out a lot cuz!” Greg said jokingly. “Go ahead and spit that out in the sink and bring me back a soda man.” I did exactly what he told me to. After that day, I was sucking Cousin Greg’s giant dick on a regular basis, with no hesitation from me. We were only two weeks in to that summer, and this was just the first of many new things Cousin Greg would teach and show me. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR MORE?
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1 year ago
of course more. these stories mirror my cousin Bruce, also 5 years older and a thick 8.5" cut cock,
and how he taught me how to suck cock and love doing it!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Yeah, I do....
3 years ago
sound like such a good cocksucker
3 years ago
Great read, can't wait to finish the series
3 years ago
of course we'd like more
3 years ago
Would love to read more, Thanks for writing!
3 years ago
more please :)
3 years ago
great story sure would :)