taught to suck

it was a quiet night, the wife joined me to watch some tv. when ever we get some alone time i find myself craving for her to dominate me. this urge gets stronger after every time she does it. anyway i told her about these femdom videos i saw and told we should check them out together. we watched them and some others then she left the room and surprised me when she came back wearing her strapon. i felt way to excited and sat up in my seat waiting for her instructions. she came up to me and pushed the tip to my lips saying suck it. i open my mouth but had trouble getting it in easy. i was surprised the dildo was stretching my mouth wide open. iheard steph above me "mmm good boy, now go slow and take it deeper" i did as i was told and got it about half in before it touched the back of my throat and made me gag. steph laughed "its not that easy is it. its ok you'll learn to suck it real good just take your time, now keep going". she grabbed the back of my head and started guiding me up and down slowly for awhile. she pulled it out and told me to lick it all over. " get it real wet, yeah that's it, stick out your tongue". she grabbed the dick and smacked the tip on my tongue then pushed it back in my mouth in short thrusts. " ok take it all" she held it at the base with one hand and grabbed my head with the other, i started to gag but she kept it held in place i felt the tip in my throat, "very good boy" she said as she released my head. i backed off and caught my breath, and looked up at her. she had an evil glimmer in her eyes and a grin that matched. " she ran her fingers over my head " keep going just like that". "yes Mistress" i spit on the tip and started sucking it deep, gagging myself everytime it entered my throat. eventually she was fucking my mouth and to my amazement i was almost taking it all. i had spit leaking out of my mouth and dripping off my chin. she pulled it out and told me to get up. she had me strip and get on my knees on the couch laying across the arm of it. she got behind me pushed the tip against my ass. she pushed it in hard causing me to groan "oh my god thats big, fuck" i gritted my teeth as i got used to being stretched open. she took her time knowing knowing i would get use to it and start begging for more. she pulled it out and smacked it on my ass a little "oh no please" i whined. she laughed " please what?" i moaned and reached back pulling my asscheeks apart " put back in, fuck me mistress" she pushed it back in again sliding it a little deeper. "wow its so damn thick, it stretchs me so much" i whimpered. "mmhmm you like it don't you" she teased and spanked me. "fuck yessss" i said starting to push my hips back. " yeah thats it take it all" she pulled harder on my hips and had me sitting on the whole thing in no time. she had me lay back across the arm of the couch and started fucking me with long hard strokes. i was gasping "its so deep, oh shit". she squeezed my ass "i think its time to get a bigger one, you could take it deeper huh?" "yes mistress whatever you want its all yours, im all yours to use as you want" i was feeling so good and she knew it. she wore me out that night and we've been checking out some 12 inch strapons since then. there's some big ones out there that are just plain scary looking. we'll see what the next adventure brings to the table. so far everythings been great, we are really enjoying ourselves. thats it for now, hope you enjoyed the tale.
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4 months ago
Very nice... My gf dies to me because I like it... I want it from someone who enjoys it more!
7 months ago
8 months ago
Love the tale
9 months ago
agree completely
9 months ago
1 year ago
Love the feeling of a couple in which the wife really can dominate her man with the strap on and get into his mind the sexy feeling of her doing him and his lust for it makes it impossible to deny any of her wishes then.
1 year ago
I was amazed at how incredibly pleasurable anal sex was We got a Jeff Stryker strap-on the thickness is perfect but I would like to have about 6 more inches of length my wife seems to get better every time I really don't think she enjoys it as much as myself you are very lucky to have a wonderful woman that helps you enjoy this amazing sexual experience
1 year ago
2 years ago
yes lucky guy, you know it
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
lucky man!
2 years ago
i love your history !!! it s still a dream for me but i hope 1 day it happens to me too
2 years ago
wow so lucky to be dominated by such a goddess
2 years ago
I like that post!