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rough and verbal

i tried to record lastnight i was setting up the camera when she came up behind me and started teasing my ass with the strapon. now the toy is 12inches long and real thick so i knew i was gonna be getting it deep which excited me way to much. she rubbed the tip up and down my ass and said hurry up bitch i want to fuck. i said yes mistress i am getting it on. it was hard to concentrate to turn the camera on and to make it worse she told me to sit on it now. i did as she wanted and f***ed myself down on the tip. it was so thick i was in heaven. i hit the final button to activate the camera but i... Continue»
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you're gonna take it

my wifes been on an oredering spree lately. the latest order she made had a collar and a strapon. the collar is big and red something that really stands out, and the strapon is 12 inches long and about 1&1/2 inches wide. she actually got a rambone which is 15inches long and 2 inches wide, but i couldn't handle it so she got one a little smaller to get me streched open. the biggest she ever used on me was 8 inches long and 1 inch wide. so last night she told me to get the new dick ready cause it was time. i jumped up and put the new dildo in the ha... Continue»
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[Story] taught to suck

it was a quiet night, the wife joined me to watch some tv. when ever we get some alone time i find myself craving for her to dominate me. this urge gets stronger after every time she does it. anyway i told her about these femdom videos i saw and told we should check them out together. we watched them and some others then she left the room and surprised me when she came back wearing her strapon. i felt way to excited and sat up in my seat waiting for her instructions. she came up to me and pushed the tip to my lips saying suck it. i open my mouth but had trouble getting it in easy. i was surpri... Continue»
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[Story] my wife and her escapades

The other night me and my wife were d***k and just got settled in bed, her b*****r and his girlfriend were still in the other room among other people in the house. lots of other company had just left for the night. Like always my wife started rubbing my dick and got me hard in no time. i pulled back the covers and pushed down my shorts so my dick plopped out. she slid her way down and started giving me one of those amazing blowjobs that drive me crazy. she moved a hand down rubbing my balls while she stroked me wi... Continue»
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