My Beth

I recently spoke with someone else on this site and decided I had to share about another experience in greater detail.
For the sake of the following story I will refer to the names Beth and Brian. Creative … I know … ha!

This all started when I was about 23 and my close friend Brian was 22. His s****r, Beth, was 15. I remember moments better than dates, but I remember our ages because eth had just turned 15 and we celebrated he quinceanera. By now you know that their names were not really Brian and Beth. Beth was starting to grow up, and the boys at her school and in the neighborhood were starting to notice. I was starting to notice. I can remember looking at her, thinking naughty thoughts, then stopping myself. I thought surely I was going to burn in hell for thinking those naughty thoughts about Beth. She was my good friend’s s****r and she was u******e.
I would catch myself taking quick glances at her, until one day shortly after the party, she confronted me. She didn’t catch me glancing at her, but she confronted me about what to do about all of the boys looking at her like she was meat on a hook. She asked me because she overheard me and Brian talking about sex and women. I was embarrassed when she asked me. I know my face turned a bright red. Brian was a bit upset that Beth would ask me about the topic of boys and how boys look at her. I just told her that she needed to talk with her mom and her b*****r about such things. Beth walked away pouting as she left the room. I tried to just laugh it off with Brian. He was pretty upset about the whole thing.
I pretty much tried to avoid Beth when I would hang out with Brian and I was relieved when he finally got his own place. I no longer had to stop myself from looking at Beth as she walked around in short shorts and shirt without a bra. From about the ages of 15 to 17 Beth would walk around her parents place in short shorts and a revealing top, or she would come over to her b*****r’s place and hang out because of the crazy home life. That was the real reason Brian moved out and why he waited as long as he did. He wanted to make sure his s****r would have a safe place to go.
Being a single man in my early twenties, full of testosterone, and horny all the damn time, I had a difficult time NOT noticing Beth as she grew. I hated myself for it. Beth was getting wise to me glancing at her. We started to play this stupid game of talking, her flirting, and me trying to be the adult and NOT notice her ass hanging out of her shorts or her breasts just hanging there without a bra. She would do things like complain about how her breasts hurt during “that time of the month”. I both loved it … and hated it. Brian was becoming more and more comfortable with Beth talking to me about boys and her dates. He told me that he was happy that his s****r was able to talk with someone he trusted. That only made me feel worse. I never shared my thoughts about Beth with anyone. I knew I was going to burn in hell. I had no intention of ever allowing myself to do anything with my good friend’s s****r. It was Beth after all. I helped her with her homework years earlier. I was helping her learn how to drive. I helped find her at the fair when she got lost one year. Beth was a little girl. In my mind she was still that 7 y.o. girl in my arms at the fair crying with cotton candy all over the place. I could not see her as anything other than a s****r. I felt like I was one of her protectors. Brian thought so too.
Beth moved in with Brian just before she was 17. She basically ran away and Brian took her in. Her home life was really messed up and she seemed more at ease living with her b*****r. She started working at a local coffee shop and I would find myself hanging out there more and more sort of checking up on her. Out conversations were getting longer and she was asking me things and then asking me to not let her b*****r know she was asking me the types of questions she was asking me. The questions usually were centered on boys and she started to date this loser. I was so protective of her that the guy could have been a young Brad Pitt and I would have thought he was a loser. She was finishing school, working part time, and doing much better socially. I was very proud of her and I let her know it.
Beth worked at the coffee shop close to my place and she would occasionally stop in and give me some free coffee. I would joke and say that she was my dealer. She only worked about 16~20 hours per week. Sometimes she would stop at my place and I would not be there, other times I was home. It was pretty casual. I would buzz her in if I was alone, I would go meet her at the front if I had company. Looking back I can remember her acting impatient with me when I would not buzz her in. As I am writing this, I think she may have been a bit jealous. I don’t know … maybe I’m just a crazy dirty old bastard.
Beth graduated when she was 17. She really excelled in school after moving out of her folks place. She turned 18 over the summer and was not sure what she wanted to do with her life. Not like anyone really does know what they want to do when they are 18. I can look back now and my life is not as I planned it when I was 18. Beth had her first sexual encounter (That I knew or know of) just before turning 18. I remember this because she stopped by after she was done working one night. It was a weeknight the summer she graduated. She was still 17. She showed up, I buzzed her in. She gave me the usual cup of hand crafted hot vanilla mocha with extra whip cream. I opened the door and she came in. I could tell something was bothering her. She went right to my couch and just sat there. She tried to act like nothing was bothering her, but she was acting unusual. I could tell … hell anyone could tell at that moment that something was wrong. I sat next to her on my couch and she just looked toward me and looked down. She then leaned into me and started to cry. I held her for a moment then asked her what was wrong. The guy she was with for several months decided he wanted something else and she was heartbroken. I assured her that she was a great girl and that someone would notice. She held me really close for a while until she stopped crying. I just let her get it all out. She then leaned up at me and wanted to kiss me. I was pretty freaked out and told her that I could not do that. She was way too vulnerable, she was like a s****r to me, and she was my good friend’s s****r. No way was I going to allow myself to do anything like that with her. I let her know that we could not do this. She started to pout and then she got up and left as I told her she needed to go home. I was sure her b*****r was starting to get worried about her. I can still remember her smelling like coffee. It was in her hair and clothes. She left so fast that she forgot her work apron and the hat she wear for work.
A couple days later I stopped over at Brian’s as we were just hanging out playing video games. I was going to give Beth her apron and hat, but decided to not do that with Brian there. Then I got a break. While playing video games, Brian got a call to go into work for a while. He left in about 10 min and just told me to leave when I was ready. That is when Beth started prancing around and pouting at the same time. I called her name and she would just walk away briskly. I walked out to my truck , got her apron and hat, and dropped it by her bedroom door. I told her to stop being such a brat and that we needed to talk about the other night like adults. She said some sarcastic comment that I can’t remember. All I do remember is leaving there thinking that Beth is crazy and relived that Brian got called into work. I left there and over the next few days Beth acted like she didn’t know me when I walked into the coffee shop. I think it drove her even crazier because I honestly didn’t care. Well … I did … but I didn’t want to let her know it because I didn’t want to encourage her bratty behavior. I decided to take the high road and apologize to her while she was making someone’s coffee. She turned red and after I sat down, she walked over to me and apologized too.
Things with Beth were pretty uneventful for a few weeks after that night. I was glad we were returning to normal. She would occasionally walk out of her room in her robe while I was over ... but for the most part she stopped pouting. I remember getting a call late one night. It was Beth. She was driving … and she was d***k. I was … let’s say … NOT happy. I was scared that she was going to get into an accident. She was going back and forth from crying to laughing to telling me where she was. She was stopping and driving and well … I was just scared. She finally said she was outside my place. She was sloppy d***k. She begged me to NOT take her home. Her b*****r would have been very pissed. Her parents are alcoholics and her b*****r stopped drinking anything many years ago. He would have been irate. I helped her into my place and helped her remove some of her clothes. I put her in my bed and I slept on the couch. I figured she would have a nasty headache so I had her swallow some advil and a glass of water. She then crashed on my bed. I would not allow anything to happen.
The following morning I woke up and could hear Beth just barely snoring in the bedroom. I put on some coffee, cooked up some eggs and bacon, and brought her breakfast in bed. My ulterior motive was to get her the fuck out of my place as soon as possible. She sat up … and ate. She had a little bit of a headache … but not anything too bad. She was sorry for being sloppy last night. She apologized for what she could remember. I told her that she scared the shit out of me and that she was not to do anything like that in the future. I told her I would pick her up and help her get out of trouble. I let her know that she was important to me. She was. As soon as I thought she was able I told her she needed to get ready and go home. This was the moment that I wish I could have taken back … the moment she asked me if she could use my shower ... HELL NO she couldn’t not use my shower! She needed to go home and go confront her b*****r. Of course that was what I was thinking. The words out of my mouth were … of course you can. Just make it quick.
She hopped in the shower and I started watching tv. Then she yelled that she did not have a towel. Damn it I was saying to myself. I did laundry last week, but did not put an extra towel out. Why would I? I was the only one schedule to shower that morning … ha! So I opened the bathroom and she pulled back the shower curtain. I tried to look away but her naked body was burned into my brain. I quickly looked away and handed her the towel. I immediately walked back to the living room. My hormones were starting to take over and I battled with myself to calm down. She was just messing with me … just being a brat. She knew I was excited. Not like I was able to hide it wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She got out of the shower and quickly sat next to me wearing only a towel. I looked at her and asked her what she thinks she was doing. She just hugged me and asked me to hold her. I did. I was also quite excited right now and ashamed to admit it. We sat and watched a little tv. All I could think of was … “Don’t let her get to you … calm the fuck down”. But it wasn’t working. Then said she loved that she could smell me in my bed. She said that she wished I would have been able to hold her all night. Her head was close to my chest and I knew she could hear my chest pounding. She reached down and gently touched the head of my cock under my shorts. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I reached down toward her lower back and caressed her body. She leaned over and started to put my stiff cock in her mouth. I reached over and touched her wet pussy. I tried to snap myself out of it. I remember trying to lift up and telling her that we should stop. She just looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and then pulled up and with her sad eyes simply said “please?” I was hooked. I could no longer control myself. I leaned my head back and simply allowed her to take all of my cock in her mouth. I leaned over and felt the towel just fall down. I pulled my shorts and undies off. I began to play with her pussy as she continued tasting my cock. Her pussy was so wet and I needed to be inside of her. I felt like I was losing my damn mind. She stopped sucking as she paused to enjoy the pleasure she was receiving from my fingers. She sat up and then without warning started to straddle me. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock pausing to take all of me inside of her. I moved to the edge of the couch and put the towel under me. I could feel her wet body dripping down her thighs, onto my balls, and down my legs. This unleashed something inside of me. I grabbed her hips and pressed her thighs down on me while sucking her breasts. I started to bounce her up and down on me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I felt like I was at one point … outside of myself. Beth started riding me up and down … slowly at first then faster as she was more comfortable with me being inside of her. Her body was flopping up and down and she felt amazing. I could feel myself about to cum. This happened so fast I realized I was not wearing protection. I tried to sow down, then she said she was on the pill and she wanted me to be in her. I pulled her his down on my cock and began to feel her legs shake uncontrollably. Her whole body shook ad she releases all over me. It seemed immediately after her shaking body stopped I released inside of her. My cock let out several pulsating streams of cum in her. We were both so loud screaming as we orgasmed that I knew the neighbors below me and on both sides could hear us. She sat on me for a while and wrapped her arms around me as I embraced her as well. I scooted more toward the edge of the couch and she wrapped her legs around me too. WE just stayed there for what felt like hours. It was only about 10~15 minutes because our fluids were flowing down out of her pussy and down our legs.
As the glow was wearing off, I began to realize that the hell just took place. I kept thinking that Brian can NEVER know what I did. Nobody …NOBODY could ever know what I just did. I felt like I had just betrayed a good friend. Beth realized what I must have been thinking and she went from cuddling to really ... consoling me about her b*****r not ever finding out. I told her I needed to take a shower. I didn’t want her to feel bad for me losing control. She said she needed to take another shower. We both hopped in the shower and of course we were unable to control ourselves. She lathered me up and I lathered her up and was rock hard again. I was glad I was in an apartment because the shower was a very long one. I bent her over and came in her again before cleaning up and drying off. I toweled her down and she did the same for me. She put a towel on her head to dry her long hair and then walked away shaking her ass. Damn I was starting to get hard again. She gave me a wonderful blow job before we talked about how to keep all of this a secret from her b*****r. I asked her again if she was on the pill and this time she said … well … no. She just didn’t want to stop the mood. We kissed before she left and just before she walked out the door she told me that she loved me. She said that she has always loved me. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out. We talked almost every day for a very long time after that. I told her I wasn’t going to put my cock in her until I knew she had her cycle. Thankfully, she did shortly after that night. Beth and I continued to see each other often. I continued to ride my rollercoaster of emotions as I grew closer to Beth, and felt like I was betraying someone I call friend. Our affair lasted about 6 years until she was married for almost a year. All that time she would tell me that she loved me. I loved her too, but not how she loved me. I am not sure why, but I only told her I loved her after she said her vows.
Only a ther****t that I visited a few times and the people who are reading this know about me and Beth.
It is amazing how simply writing this is making feel better. Life is crazy sometimes. Thank you for reading. I may share more about My Beth in later stories.

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