I gave in to her bratty ways and ... lost control.

So after some thinking, talking with a few naughty girls on here, writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, I decided to share a pretty dark moment in my sexual life. I found that I kept remembering details that I tried to forget. That I thought I truly had forgotten. These desires that a special brat on here brought out in me kept giving me flashbacks about my last weekend with … Emma. Emma and I had engaged in some bondage play for a while. She was usually trying to get me to lose control as she thought it would bring us closer. Well … this is about when I did lose control. It scared me and I have only come close to losing control only one other time.
I am going to call her Emma for purposes of this story. Emma was a shorter girl about 5’2” and about 115 pounds. She had long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She loved being a little brat and pushing me to see how far I could go before losing control. I was her Dom. She was my sweet … sweet girl. At the time I was renting a basement from a good friend who did not know the extent of my sexual activities. He was semi-retired due to a medical condition and he was away visiting f****y quite often. Emma knew my roomy was going to be gone for an extended weekend and she practically begged to spend the weekend with me. I was more than happy to oblige her. She was doing her stretches for me and had become quite flexible. She loved to show me how flexible she was while acting bratty and asking for things that she knew she was not going to get. Emma recently turned 20, and I was just a little older at the time. Alright, I was old enough to be her bigger b*****r. She always had a way of looking at me with her big brown eyes that almost made me cave and give into her bratty ways. I also knew she was pushing me and I did not enjoy the manipulation. It was on a Friday night that she arrived and we had a pretty vanilla evening. We just watched a movie in bed while eating the rest of the ice cream.
The next morning Emma got up and started cuddling me. We were both naked and I could smell how wet she was. Her wet body smelled so sweet I can remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up with a raging hard on and put her on top of me. I loved looking at her with her long brown hair flowing down looking at me. She noticed I was starting to really wake up and become more alert when she decided to be a brat and get off of me. I was slightly upset and grabbed her by her head to pull her back toward me. She tried to get up but my hormones and the fact that I was much stronger and heavier than Emma left her with no choice but to take my cock until I was done. After releasing inside of her I rolled over … smacked her ass and told her to make me breakfast and to make sure my coffee is done right. She snapped back at me and pouted about not being able to tease me. I made her suck me clean and then had her put on one of my t-shirts … no undies and told her to get upstairs and make me some damn eggs. I was not upset ... just a little bit irritated with her. It was too damn early for this on a Saturday morning. Emma grumbled and said some smart ass comment that I didn’t really here but didn’t want to deal with either. She was wearing my slippers and xl sized t-shirt … she was actually very sexy … in a cute way. I have enjoyed a woman in a larger t-shirt ever since. Emma grabbed my slipper because she was being a brat … not because her feet were cold or anything. It was her way of trying to have some control. I thought it was cute.
I walked upstairs just as she was about to crack some egg in the pan when I told her to make up the rest of the bacon in the fridge. She looked at me as if she was upset and I just told her to do it … I was not in the mood. I smacked her ass and told her there was more of that if she didn’t stop it. I fucked up because I know that is what she wanted and I was too damn tired to stop myself. She made breakfast ... bacon, eggs, toast, juice, coffee, and milk. I sat at the table waiting while reading an older wall street journal from earlier in the week. She sat down and gave me my plate, my juice, coffee, and milk. I waited for her to be properly seated and we enjoy some breakfast … or so I had hoped. She was pouty and kept sighing loudly and rolled her eyes. I told her to knock it off … and tell me what was going on. She started complaining about her week, her life, and how she wanted to this or that … I listened and we talked. I thought it was a decent conversation. I told her how I appreciated her and was affirming. She said she was not hungry and wanted to take a shower and just go home. I knew she did not want to go home but wanted to be a brat about something. I really was not in the mood and she was starting to get to me. She pouted and left the dining room only to pout in the living room and turn on the tv loudly. I finished eating and firmly told her to get back in the kitchen. She walked up to where the kitchen and living room met and said “No” then promptly walked back to the couch. I remember allowing her to get to me in that moment. I walked to the couch … firmly … pulled the remote from her hands and firmly told her to get back into the kitchen … immediately. She looked at me while seated and said she would go into the kitchen when she was ready. I told her she was ready and simply grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen. She stood there looking at me and then crossed her arms and pouted. I told her to clean up the kitchen. I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher and I told her to clean the pan and spatula. She started then stopped and then told me to clean it up. She started to walk away. I stopped loading the washer and grabbed her … the first thing I grabbed was her hair. The next thing I grabbed was the wooden spoon. I wasn’t trying to grab the spoon ... but I did. I think I was just trying to get anything really. I pulled her closer to me and grabbed both arms and pulled her into the dining room. She tried to fight me, but she knew she was going to get spanked with the spoon. With one arm forcing her to bend over across the dining room table I started to smack her ass with the wooden spoon. She tried to put her hands behind her and I told her I would smack those too. She knew she was going to get it. She had pushed a button and I was not going to stop until I was ready. She fought with me until I gritted my teeth and told her to take it. I never yelled, but was damn close to it by then. After several minutes of making her ass red with the spoon, I could see that she did not have the fight in her … at least for now. I found myself hard again from all of the excitement. She knew I would get that way too. I pulled down my sweatpants and fucked her bent over ass until I came in her again. I made her lick me clean and then sat down on a dining room chair to rest. Emma started to get up. I grabbed her … pulled her back down and asked her what she was doing. She then said “Daddy … may I please be excused?” I said yes … and she washed the pan and spatula.
I grabbed some water and sat on the couch … waiting for her to finish washing that … one pan and spatula. She finished and then walked into the living room. I gently told her to sit next to me. We cuddled together under a nice blanket and watched cartoons for a while sipping water. She nestled up to me and wrapped her arms around me and told me how happy she was. I knew she needed something … she did not want to go home.
She napped in my arms for about 45 min. before getting up and acting bratty again. She said she wanted chocolate ice cream and we only had vanilla. She put a finger to her lips and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and begged me to go get some chocolate … tempting me with wanting to fuck at the grocery store and not wearing panties so she could flirt at the store. She enjoyed teasing boys while I was with her. She felt safe teasing boys with me around as she knew nobody would dare actually threaten her. After some prodding, begging, pouting, and all around sexual bribery, I agreed to go down the street with her and get some chocolate ice cream. I just put on my boots and coat, I only allowed her to wear a pair of my sweatpants and her coat with my xl t-shirt. We got in my truck and after seeing her flirt with most every boy there, we got the ice cream and then she wanted to give me a blow job in the parking lot. After cumming twice already I was up for it … but decided to pull over to a part of the parking lot more secluded. She started pouting and then did not want to suck on me in the more private part … she wanted to suck my cock where someone walking by could see us. I said no … not now … she pouted said no and then moved as far away from me as possible. I knew she was just being bratty … but now I was rock hard again ... damn it. I told her to suck me now or she would get it later. She said you can’t make me and was being a complete brat. I was hard … horny … raging hormones … not happy. Short of pulling her ass out of the truck and fucking her in the bed of my truck in the MN winter … there was not much I felt I could do. Do I told her … last chance … she just looked at me … devilish grin ... said “NO… go jerk off for all I care” I drove back home … she opened the door and ran to the house. She took the garage door opener with her before I was able to grab her. I was not happy. Walking into the house with my rock hard cock I slowly but purposefully walked to where she was … she was attempting to put some ice cream in a bowl. I pulled the ice cream out of her hands and put it in the freezer. I firmly looked her in the eyes “Down… stairs … now”. She said she had to pee first. I repeated myself “Down … stairs … now means now” She ran down stairs and into my room.
There were two bedrooms downstairs … my bedroom and my “workout room”. My bondage toys were in the workout room. Emma knew this. My favorite device was a modified bench I used for bench pressing. I put holes on one end where I could put wrist straps and on the other end were holes for rope. Emma loved to be tied to that bench as her ass and mouth were exposed because she had to hold herself up with her hands close to her knees on all fours on the bench. I loved it too because she was f***ed to stay exposed. I also had a total gym that I modified and reinf***ed to use with her resting on her feet at the bottom of the bench.

Emma avoided the workout room. No matter … I started to set up the room. I was still hard … and thinking of all the ways I was going to punish her. I needed to calm down … Emma was acting especially bratty today. Part of me knew I was being manipulated. Part of me didn’t give a shit. I felt like I was on the verge of losing it. Emma never “got to me” before. Why today? I tried to calm down and slow down. After getting everything ready … I walked into my room and Emma had pulled the covers over me and wanted to “make nice” by giving me a blow job right there. I told her too late. She could suck me now and then get punished … or get punished then suck me … ether way … both of those things were going to happen. I was not going to lie to her. She pulled the cover over her head and said “No” then turned her shoulder on me. Slowly … firmly … I told her to assume her place in the room … now. “No” she said. Now Emma had never done this before. She had never been this bratty. I immediately pulled the covers back, and before she could speak I grabbed her throat, wrapped my arm around her back and got nose to nose with her “This is going to happen … period … understand? Blink twice if you understand” … nothing … she just looked at me … then … she blinked twice … she knew she was going to get it. I released her and then she walked into the room … she said some smart ass comment again. I sat down away from the bench. I told her to strip … and get on the bench. She started to strip then looked at me and grinned … and then said “Nah …nope” Damn it … what the hell. I didn’t say anything. I walked over to her … pulled off the sweatpants… pulled off the shirt … and bound her wrists before she knew what to do. I was so sudden that it shocked her. No feedback from me … just action. I was not fooling around now. This was mechanical until she was in position. She tried to kick me to prevent her ankles and feet from being tied. She claimed she had to pee … I told her to shut up. She was not to speak any more in this room. She stuck her tongue out at me. I grabbed a fat dildo I used on her and smacked her ass so hard it left a red print across her ass. She looked at me with a sad look and I think then she realized I meant business. Emma tried to struggle, but with every kick and wiggle, I simply got firmer and firmer. I wrapped my hands around her ankles so hard I left marks on her ankles. She started whining and I told her to shut up or get a gag. Emma didn’t mind the gag, she many times truly loved it, but she was quiet. I sensed her being nervous. I had to rest a bit after fighting her to get her in the restraints. I grabbed some water and told her to open her hole so she could drink because it may be a while before she would taste anything but a gag or my cock. She whined again about having to pee … a trick of hers to let her loose... I was not giving in. She drank down some water then she took advantage of my kindness and spit out the last gulp of water on me. 999 times out of 1000 … this would not bother me in the least … a simple punishment was in order. Not today. She giggled and said she was a naughty brat. I told her she would get the gag if anything like that happened again. I put my leash on and started to spank her with the handle end. Gently at first … Emma was lippy … she started to mock me … I was not going to lose my cool. I had all damn day. I pulled out my box of toys (a large plastic bin big enough for a Christmas tree) and proceeded to show Emma what I was going to use on her. I started to pull out some toys … and that is when it started down the dark road. Emma began to laugh and mock … telling me I did not have the nerve to use such items on her. Some were new to her. She knew what she was doing, however she did not realize the a****l locked inside of me. I said nothing … only pulling out the ball gag first … she refused to open her mouth so I was f***ed to close her nose and make her open. She tried to keep her teeth closed and she fought me every damn step of the way. I placed my hand on her throat and whispered into her ear that she can take this all damn day … or just for moments. She started breathing much faster. When I whispered she got punished hard. She released her jaw just enough for the ball to slip in her mouth and get locked far back. She started to drool and grunt and I could hear her swear at me.
I began by my hand slapping her exposed ass. Gently ... rubbing … I could hear a mumbled “fuck you” as I was behind her … I was focused now … her ass was to be red … more so than ever before. I smacked her ass so hard and left a nice print on her ass. She was shocked and I could see her body shake. After another smack and leaving a hand print on each ass cheek I grabbed a few more towels. I could hear her garbled scream as I left the room to get some towels and on my way back. I walked in front of her pulled her head back and told her that we are only starting. I made sure she was able to see the next item … a small wooden dowel. Then nipple clamps with smaller weights. The more she struggled ... the more she wore herself out. Then she said … through the gag “That all you got fucker?” I just chuckled … I did not respond. I clamped her nipples and then stood behind her … knowing the anticipation was driving her crazy. I gently caressed the small of her back as she moved around … attempting to resist my touching. Without noticed I hauled back and hit her ass so hard I broke the dowel. I had plenty more. She started to shake just ever so slightly after letting out a big scream and calling me a few more choice words. I slowly grabbed another … just slightly larger dowel … from her right side I crossed the mark left on her ass with a swift and hard crack against her ass. Without notice or paused I bet her ass again swiftly and again broke the dowel. Her ass jiggled and her legs were starting to shake. I heard her call me names and scream that she needed to pee. I pulled up a chair … sat down next to her … simply whispered into her ear to let her know that if she did pee on MY floor … she would clean it up and she would not be able to walk tomorrow. She knew what that meant … her ass was going to get beat so hard she would sl**p on her tummy and her pussy and anus were going to be stretched so much she could not stand it. I did not grit my teeth … I was not angry. I was simply matter of fact. She was already going to get what was coming to her and nothing was going to prevent that from happening.
I grew tired of being able to understand her while she was gagged and that is when tightened the gag as tight as possible until the only thing that I was able to understand was the drool coming out of her mouth … dripping onto the towels in front of her. I disappeared for a moment while I had to get something from the garage. I walked back into the room and placed a nice roll of pink duct tape in front of her on the towel. I looked at her and she gave an angry look back. I bent down and gave her a little kiss on her forehead. She tried to move her head. I didn’t say a damn word. From that moment on I could hear her screams, but not specific words. I put her hair in a ponytail. Made sure everything else was as tight as could be. I felt like I was on the verge ... on the verge of not being able to control this b**st inside of me. My heart was beating harder and faster. Seeing Emma fighting and at my mercy kept my cock as hard as could be. There was a struggle between my body and my mind. Was I a mind with a body? Or a body with a mind?
I held Emma’s ponytail in my left hand and looked at the goodies in my box and on the desk in front of Emma. I tended to start small and work my way up with her. I enjoyed stretching her ass and pussy until she could take larger items in her. Not so much this time. This time I started just a bit bigger. Not the largest items, but not even close the smaller ones. I held her ponytail and started to spank her ass several times with the handle end of the leash … harder … faster. She attempted to pull away … and that was it … that is when I decided to unlock this creature inside of me. This is honestly where the evening gets a little blurry. I started to feel like I was there … watching myself break all of my wooden dowels across Emma’s ass until tears started to flow down her face and her small ass started to swell. Then my hands began to caress her swollen ass as I removed the dildo form her ass and shoved a larger butt plug that vibrated in her ass. Before she could breathe I removed one toy and shoved the larger butt plug in her… then turned it on. I remember taking the pink duct tape and wrapping it around her body. That plug was not going to get loose. Her pussy, and eyes were both so very wet. She was almost exhausted and was doing everything she could to not collapse. That is when I took an exercise ball and placed it under her tummy. I removed some air and then started to inflate the ball so her tummy was resting on the ball and her back was arched up. She did what I thought was a wiggle away, but was just really an attempt to get more comfortable on her tummy. My mind was lost. I felt like I was not controlling my body. My adrenaline mixed with testosterone was making me very aggressive and not the most rational. It was as if everything she was doing was to get under my skin and part of me knew better. Part of me did not give a shit. It was time for Emma to take her punishment. As I filled the ball with air I could see her body begin to relax on the ball. Her wrists were a little more relaxed. Her legs were not as tense. Before placing a dildo in her soaking wet pussy I slapped the back of her legs several times … then her legs started to shake. I pulled on my leash and took my belt to her swollen ass and the back of her legs. Her legs were shaking, I filled her pussy with the dildo … then she started … she started to wet herself … urine began to flow down her legs …. I got even more upset. I had a few choice words for her and then started to clean up the mess that as on the floor. I spanked her ass even harder … almost to the point of bleeding. She started to look at me a little different … I put my hands around her throat and began to squeezed … stopping when I could tell she was about to pass out. I oculd not take it anymore … Ipulled out the dildo from her pussy and shoved my cock inside of her … I fucked her until I released inside of her … when I came in her I left two large bruises on her hips … my grip from holding her urine soaked cum filled pussy close to me while I released. I stayed in her … her body was spent and she stopped struggling before I shoved my cock in her. Now she was just there .. tears rolling down her eyes … her wet pussy and the smell of her urine. I slapped my cock on her back and called her MINE! I remember pulling her head up by the back of her hair and telling her that she can pee only when I allow it. My heart was still pumping. I cleaned myself off in the bathroom and grabbed a few wet washcloths. I put on my sweatpants and then sat … watching Emma … she was broken. I didn’t even get to spend more time using her, teasing her, depriving her senses. I simply took out my tension on a teasing brat that I allowed to push me past my own breaking point. I looked at her for a moment. Then I removed the gag, turned off the vibrating butt plug, removed the pink tape the butt plug, and told her to speak. She cried while looking at me and said she was sorry. I untied her and removed the wrist restraints. I told her to get cleaned up and to put the urine soaked towels in the washing machine. She did all of this completely naked … until I told her to put on only a t-shirt. I told her to get the ice cream and come back downstairs. We cuddled watching TV eating ice cream … Emma cried at awkward moments that night …and then would cuddle me closer.
Emma could not really walk the next day. I treated her to breakfast in bed and we spent the entire following day having vanilla sex.
It was the day after that when Emma gave me a kiss and said she was not sure if she could do that again. I watched her walk …. Her legs were so very sore. She was more like hobbling … marks still on her thighs, wrists, ankles, neck, and back.
I spoke with Emma several times after that weekend, but we never played again. I don’t like to lose control like I did. I failed her and told myself I would not do that again. I allowed her bratty behavior to get to me and instead of being her Dom … I was more sadistic (yes mildly so I know) than her trusted Dom who was helping her grow.
I almost lost control with another woman and I am thinking of sharing that experience as well.
Thank you for reading.

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12 months ago
Really enjoyed this. Very hot and very open. I am going to read this again for sure.
1 year ago
Emotionally raw -- I'm glad you decided to share this. It's not only very hot, but a real look into what a true Dom deals with.