My Girl Amber - our first meeting

It started the same way as I met Jessie. Amber was online and we talked for a long time. She was nervous about being with someone my age as I was 10 years older than she was, but she had these deep cravings to be treated like a naughty girl and get punished for being naughty.
Amber changed her name about 4 times during our conversations and she changed email addresses just as often. She was extremely nervous about anyone finding out that she was on a sex site looking for older men. We talked for a few months after she finally shared her real name (not like I believed her at the time) and her final IM name and email address. We shared non-sexual things about each other as I think we were both looking for something long term and a bit more intimate than sex, but not a serious relationship either. We never exchanged pictures as she was very uncomfortable sending pictures over the internet. She wouldn’t even exchange phone numbers. But she said she wanted to meet. After several emails, IM messages and discussions of possible meeting places, we decided on a very public place to meet that I later learned was pretty far from where she lived. It was also a distance from my place too. At the time I lived in the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis. We met at a coffee shop in the south metro area. I arrived a little early and took up my place at the coffee shop so I could see everyone that walked in. She told me what she would be wearing so I started to look for a woman in a blue overcoat. That is the only description she gave me. I noticed a woman walking in… but she was older. No ... not Amber. It was just creeping past our scheduled time and I started to wonder if Amber really was a real girl. You know how things happen. You can get excited and then get let down. It can be enough to make you want to not even try to meet people. So about 10 min after I noticed a woman walking into the store wearing a blue overcoat. I knew it had to be Amber. Long brown hair that was flowing as the wind blew. She walked in and looked around at the tables and people. I stood up and she smiled and looked very nervous. Her hands were barely shaking. I could tell she had never met anyone from the site and that all of the previous sexual encounters she described where not real. She was too scared to have this NOT be her first real life meeting. I greeted her and we formally introduced ourselves. She was shaking, but she walked with me to a table to sit down. I asked her what she wanted and she just wanted water. I think we should have met at a bar ... but she was only 19. She needed a drink. We sat down and I looked into her very innocent looking brown eyes and let her know I was very glad to finally see her. Amber had hair halfway down her back, big beautiful brown eyes and a crooked, but very sweet smile. I got her water and we started to talk about everything except sex and how we even met. She was such a girl. She recently graduated, was living at home, and all of her friends were from high school and I found myself feeling like an older b*****r to her. I was going to have a difficult time wanting to “ruin” this sweet girl. I could not believe that Amber could actually tell such filthy dark raunchy stories and share such degrading desires with me. This was NOT the same person. She started to calm down and not be so chatty. She was feeling more comfortable with me and she even said so. She shared with me about how she thought I was going to be some scary disgusting man, but she hoped I would be “normal”.
I finished my coffee and since it was a little cooler but not too cool, we decided … well... I decided that we should take a walk. I thought that if we walked she could work out her nerves and speak more freely. She shared with me where she really lives and we discovered that we were only about 10 min from each other at the most. She just didn’t want anyone she knew to see her with me. She explained how she had a story already made up about me being a long lost uncle and crazy stuff like that. Amber was a very smart girl… scared and nervous, but also very smart. As we walked around the strip mall area, we looked at the stores and I asked her if she really wanted to move forward. My consciences kept telling me to not corrupt this sweet innocent young girl. She was not the experienced slut she described in her emails and messages to me. She confessed that she had only had sex with boys her age and that she was very glad I was a “normal” guy. She started to get nervous and then I grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye, and calmly told her how she is such a sweet and beautiful girl. That’s when I began to see her get upset and almost turn. She smiled until I said girl. Then she firmly grabbed my hand and told me gritting her teeth that she is a WOMAN. Then she got upset with me for being condescending. I was shocked and a bit taken back, but before I knew it I had grabbed her coat and pulled her close to me. I told her that I was not being condescending and that she needs to be careful about the path that she was going to walk down and if she really wanted to go down that path.
We talked more about what she thought she wanted. I honestly wasn’t expecting much and I didn’t think I would ever see her again. I walked her to her car and she looked at me with those brown eyes sheepishly. I tilted my head, pulled her close to me and gave her a very big kiss. It was a romantic kiss … gentle, yet firm. I grasped her head and I could feel myself get excited. She started shaking and then I could see her eyes getting watery. I pulled away and told her thank you for the evening, and wished her the best. Then I turned and walked to my truck. I started to feel someone behind me. I got to my truck and turned around. Amber was right behind me. She grabbed my neck and gave me the biggest hug I thought I would ever get. It felt almost like I had saved her life or something. Her eyes were watery and she told me that she wanted to give me something. My mind was not there anymore. I could not think of fucking this sweet girl. She said she wanted to give me something personal. Ok... my mind began to go there. She said she wanted to give me a blow job right there. Her eyes were getting wet and I was seriously having second thoughts about this. I mean... just because I like to spank a girl, does not mean I like to be mean! I opened the other side of my truck and let her in. We drove to a secluded area behind the largest retailer in the strip mall. No you don’t get to know which one. That is another experience to share. I pulled my pants to my ankles and lifted the middle seat. I removed my sweatshirt and she removed her coat. She then proceeded to give me a decent blow job. She removed her sweatshirt and I was able to see her lower back and caress her breasts. I looked down and it looked like she was crying. I attempted to lift her head, but she just mumbled something and let out a loud “uhn uh”. She continued to cry while sucking me. I told her I was about to cum and she kept going. I knew I was going to have to grab on to something as I almost always get loud and get extremely tense just before I release. She could feel my cock start to twitch. I told her I was about to cum and then I grabbed the handle on the upper part of the truck window and then her panties on her lower back. I pulled both the handle and her panties very hard. She tried to drink in every drop, but could not. My seed just leaked out from her lips into my crotch and then she started to frantically lick up every drop of seed. With tears in her eyes she looked at me through the cum, tears, and running makeup and said she was sorry she couldn’t get all of me inside of her. I told her to shut up and keep licking. Not sure why I said that. Maybe I knew what she craved deep down inside of her. I felt like I knew her unlike anyone else in her life. She did as good a job as she could, although there was a big mess in my lap now. I had an old shirt in the back seat so I cleaned up and had her clean up with that old shirt. She cleaned up well and got a panicked look on her face. She looked in the passenger side vanity mirror, then smiled, gave me a peck on the cheek and almost hopped to her car. This shit was crazy … what the hell just happened?
I got home and was very confused … happy … but a little confused. I went onto the site where we met thinking I better start looking for someone else. I couldn’t see her profile on that site. I went to bed and woke up the next day to an IM that told me she deleted her profile … she found her Daddy.
There are many more experiences to share about this crazy, exciting, depraved, perverted, dirty WOMAN- Amber - I will be posting when I can type them all out. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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Hehehe...that's awesome
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2 years ago
You hooked her good. Tell us LOTS more.