Gf's Mom (Kat) pt 2

My gf’s mom and I (we will call her Kat) continued to enjoy morning sex for several weeks after our first encounter. I would have moments of guilt interrupted by the overwhelming amount of hormones flooding my body. I didn’t want my gf (we will call her Shelly) to find out. I also didn’t want her father (Paul ) to find out either. But I think what would have bothered me most is if those two little girls (3 and 8) ever found out that I was fucking their older s****r and mom.
I should explain a little about the f****y before I go into the sex part as this will help you understand the following stories (I do plan on writing many more). The f****y consisted of three girls and their parents. Kat had Shelly when Kat was 16. She married Paul and had the other two girls. That explained the age difference. Paul and Kat usually worked different shifts but there were many times when their shifts would overlap or, with overtime, feel like the same shifts. I was able to sl**p over in part because Shelly was alone with her s****rs and I did genuinely get along with her parents. I was considered the nice guy. Paul was glad to see her daughter dating a guy who was sane and had some common sense. Kat was happy to see her daughter spending time with a gentleman. I enjoyed showing up with flowers, opening doors, and of course I always paid when Shelly and I would go out. I still believe in being a gentleman (outside of the bedroom). I enjoyed being around Shelly’s s****rs and Shelly and I would take them places. I enjoyed sharing the zoo, amusement park, mall, and parks. I felt like I was part of the f****y. I didn’t realize the back story about this f****y until several events happened. So maybe you can understand me feeling a little guilty about fucking Kat and Shelly.
I really liked Shelly. She was not only a very sexy 5’2” with baby bearing hips and a wide ass, but I was really starting to care for her as a person. I was starting to feel like part of the f****y. Shelly and I had been dating for almost a year before Kat let me know she wanted my cock. Kat was the person who encouraged Shelly to get on birth control. Shelly was the one embarrassed to be on birth control. Paul and Kat knew Shelly and I were having sex, but I still felt a little uncomfortable with them knowing. It’s not like Shelly and I were obvious – well we didn’t think we were – we only once had sex while everyone was home (another story I will have to share later).
Shelly and I continued our overnights and we thought we were so smooth fooling people that I was only sl**ping over and we were not having sex. Hey my folks bought it. As long as I wasn’t there every night I felt I could get away with it. Kat and I continued our sexual fun too. I thought I was fooling everyone with that too.
I think I could go into many details about Kat and me sneaking around and how we would find ways to escalate the danger of us getting caught, but My primary story I wanted to share was the first time that Kat and I were almost busted … by Paul. Kat and I talked about what we could do and the fun we could have. We planned to fuck each other’s brains out this time using toys, and trying something different. Until now, we were simply spontaneous and would take advantage of moments we had together alone. Shelly didn’t always work in the mornings and I didn’t always work late at night. So we took advantage of the moments we had. This was going to be different. We were actually planning our pleasure. Kat had arranged for the neighbor down the street to watch her younger daughters. I don’t know what she told the neighbor … I really didn’t care at that moment. I planned to skip school that morning, Kat planned to get home early, with Shelly leaving around 7, Kat getting home at 6ish, and Paul not getting home until around 10, that would (hopefully) give us almost 3 hours of sexual fun. Kat arrived home early as planned. Step one is moving right along. Shelly left for work at 7AM … excellent. The younger girls were walked down to the neighbor’s house and Kat got back home at 720 (I can still see the oven clock in my head – crazy huh?). This was it … the moment I had planned on for over a week. I could fuck Kat and not have to think or worry about anyone coming downstairs to see what mommy was doing, or mommy having to make breakfast.
Kat got back home and we proceeded to go downstairs. Kat stopped me and asked me to sit in the living room upstairs. The living room had large windows that allowed you to see across the street and the front yard. It also allowed others to see in. The curtains were wide open as Shelly liked to have them. Kat walked upstairs wearing only a bathrobe and the black heels she wears to work. I was immediately hard as a rock. After fucking Kat several times I knew what was under that robe, her 5’1” body with very large breasts with large nipples that she loved to have bitten. She breastfed all her girls. Her breasts were very large, natural, and sagged a bit. I found her to be extremely sexy. She had stretch marks from just under her breasts, down across her tummy that hung over her pussy. She had a large ass that jiggled when she walked and you could see the stretch marks on the edge of her hips. Her legs were firm, thick, and muscular. Her ass felt like iron with silly puddy covering. When she would flex her ass you could tell that she was an athlete once. I loved to gently smack her ass and she loved it when I would do that because I wanted. When she walked in the living room she had that hungry look as if she needed to have my cum inside of her. She walked into the bathroom upstairs and came out with a couple of towels. I sat on the couch on top of one of the towels. She asked me to pull down my shorts. I was shocked that we were going to do this with the curtains open. I told her to close the curtains, and she firmly said that I need to pull down my shorts if I was going to get any pussy this morning. Of course I would do what any horny boy would do (I was 18 now). She placed a few toys on the floor next to her and a very large dildo next to me on the couch. She took my throbbing cock into her mouth and looked into my eyes with her sweet brown eyes. She enjoyed pleasuring me and I of course enjoyed it too. I couldn’t help to wonder if anyone was able to see inside the house. She kept looking into my eyes. I continued to enjoy how she looked with my cock in her mouth. She would occasionally lift her mouth from my cock and begin to suck and lick my balls. She just didn’t want me to cum yet. I would lift up my legs and she would lick my ass … I loved that. She knew I was open to trying almost anything. Then she lubed up a vibrator and tried to f***e that in my ass … I grabbed her hair and told her not to do that. A finger (her hands were very small) was alright. NOT anything larger. She smiled and continued to take my cock in her throat. She started to move faster and faster … my cock twitched a little … I tried so hard NOT to cum … but then … I could not help it … I grabbed the back of Kat’s head and f***ed her onto my cock. My balls began to drain into her mouth. I was holding her face onto my cock with almost everything I had. I wasn’t trying to be mean, this was not part of some plan, I just could not help it. Her head was the closest thing for me to grab. I was used to grabbing her shoulders and forcing her down on my cock, or her ass, or her ankles … I had to react and out of pure instinct I made her take every drop of my seed down her throat. Her eyes got watery and I could feel her hands as they were pressing on the couch as to try to lift her head up. She was struggling to breathe and I don’t think either one of us expected me to react the way that I did. She tried to swallow as fast as she could, but I released with such f***e and volume that it was like trying to slowly dink a squirt bottle being stepped on by a horse. I stopped pulsating my seed inside of her mouth and then let go of her the back of her head. She lifted up and we made quite the mess. Tears, sweat, cum, and spit were covering her face and neck . Then she sat down and I could smell this wonderful scent. I could feel myself getting excited again. She stood up and I could see and smell what her pussy released. She stood up to wet a cloth in the bathroom and returned cleaning herself with the wet cloth and reaching under her crotch wiping the cum from her pussy. She sat down in front of me and told me that she has never experienced anything like that before. She thought she was going to drown and she could not breathe. She got scared when I could not release my grip on her head. I heard her scream, but I was on auto pilot and her scream was mumbled with my cock in her mouth. She had cum and that is why she was screaming and trying to make me release my grip. She then kissed me and sat back down in front of me. I could taste my salty seed on her lips. I was shocked and excited. Nervous as this was also a new experience for me. This was something I read in those penthouse magazines. This shit does not happen in real life. At least I didn’t think it did. I realized that the window was open and reality set back in. What if someone walked by and saw us? She looked at me and said that it is not as easy as you think to see inside. She noticed I kept looking outside. She loved how I was a pure a****l when I came. She had never heard a man scream like me and be so rough. She came when she could not get up off my cock and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She was at my mercy and I was only hoping to release my grip on her head when I was done. She had no choice but to go along for the ride and she LOVED it. She put a blue towel under her while she had a pillow on her knees sucking me off. I looked at the blue towel and could see a thick white fluid on the towel. I had never seen that before. I thought it was mine. She said that she has not cum like that in a long time. Then she put her fingers in her cum and licked her fingers. She did it again and after licking her fingers again, put her fingers in my mouth. Wow … I had never tasted anything like that. I was not sure how to feel. Salty … watery … the smell of her pussy just made me hard again. Damn I wish I could do that now – just get hard again right after cuming. Anyhow … I got down from the couch and removed my shirt as she removed her robe. We were both on the floor in the living room. The sun was painting the room and it was very bright. The living room faced the east so it got lots of sun. I asked kat about the toys. She confessed that she wanted to shove some large toys up my ass and she shared what some of her favorite toys were. I could figure out what some of the toys were, and she showed me what the other ones were for. I had only had sex with 5 girls prior to Kat and Shelly was one of the 5. Kat bent over and asked me to shove the anal beads in her ass. I had fun slowly popping each of the the beads in her ass until only a string was left hanging from her wide ass. She enjoyed grabbing and caressing my cock as it got stiff and every once in a while licking the head of my cock. She said she was being a naughty girl and needed to be taught a lesson. Not knowing exactly what to do I simply smacked her ass and left a big red hand print on her right cheek. She shivered (never seen that before) and then said that she liked how decisive I was. Then I grabbed her biggest dildo (it was about the thickness of my wrist and slapped her ass with that. She told me that we would have to build up to that and she has only taken “Mr. Big” once before. Several thoughts were going through my head – what if paul comes home – what if someone sees us- what if the girls come running home- what about Shelly – what the fuck am I doing? I almost ruined the fun when I said “What are we doing?” Kat was bent over and could tell that my conscience was getting the better of me. She then looked over her shoulder and said “Don’t you like me?” She then said something that I will never forget. She told me that she loved me. How could that be?!?! I am her daughter’s boyfriend? I had this stunned and yet warm feeling in my chest. LOVE? LOVE! What the fuck lady? She then grabbed my cock like a vice grip and said that she wanted my seed planted inside of her. Something about how she said it and the fact that she craved my cum just made my cock throb. She rolled over on her back and I lifted her legs up on my shoulders. I put the pillow she was using under her along with the pillows from the couch under her. She felt tighter this time and oh so sloppy wet. She kept calling out my name begging for me to cum iside of her. Holy shit this was something out of a porn movie. Was this really going to happen? I told her she felt amazing and that is when I learned how tight a pussy can be when there are toys in her ass. I liked the sound of my balls slapping against her ass with my legs about to shake. I was sweating all over ... dripping on her body, on the robe, the carpet. We were making a mess. Nothing was as important to me as cumming deep in her pussy … I was unable to think about anything except for how good she made me feel. Everything and everyone else just faded away. I kept pumping her f***efully with every thrust. She started to get a pained look on her face and then I grabbed her shoulders and leaned back. Her tight pussy started milking my cock. Unprotected I released myself inside of her. She let out a nice high pitched yelp with every pulse of my cock. She then wrapped her legs around me and then her arms around me and would not let go of me until she could feel my seed slowly flow out of her pussy... down her ass and then down to the towel. She kissed me then said thank you. I collapsed on the floor next to her and then we heard it … Paul’s truck pulling into the driveway. He was home a little early. From pleasure to fear in less than a second. I was in sheer terror as I could not let anyone find out what just happened. Nobody – until this story – knows what took place that morning. I jumped into the bathroom with my clothes in a pile and then felt the lump of towels get thrown in behind me. I heard her tell me to jump in the shower. So I started to take a shower. I heard his voice just as I was getting in the shower, but I do not know what was said. I furiously washed up … trying to get her scent off of my body. I dried off and suddenly could not hear a thing. My mind was running wild with all of the thoughts about what is going on. I thought for sure he knew and was pissed. I didn’t hear a thing … I walked toward the front door … toward freedom … I was scared. I know he had guns and he liked to hunt … I like to hunt … but you never know what someone will do when confronted with what just took place. I noticed the door was open and the screen door was shut. I could hear some moaning downstairs and then I bent down and could see Kat sucking Paul’s cock and I figured I was alright. She looked at me as I bent over and grabbed Paul’s ass then waved good bye. I simply walked out the door and then paid a visit to Shelly.
Thanks for listening. There is a lot more to this that I will be writing about later.

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Damn hot. Can't wait tp read more about kat.
2 years ago
wow i love it man just keep on writing
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