My Girl's Mom

I was 17 and just graduated high school. I was taking some summer classes to get a head start on my schooling so I worked part time job and my schedule was anything but regular. My gf and I enjoyed as much time together as we could get as she was working during the summer too. She was still in high school, her last year. I decided to stay in town for my first semester and maybe my gf and I would go to the same school ... romantic right? I was living about 30 min away from my gf due to my folks moving further out of the metro area. I enjoyed where I now lived, but I was far from my gf and regular play time. My gf's mom worked overnights and her dad worked the 2nd shift. Her mom was usually away at work around 9. She worked at the county jail and had to dress in her uniform ... all brown. My gf and I usually only had an hour or two to be naughty. I did enjoy having sex on her parents bed and just about every other part of her house.
Then her dad got notice of a shift change and how he would have to work overtime. He was going back on overnights working from 9 to 9. I remember thinking that is sucked for him to have to work his ass off like that ... but it was also good money. this was the early 90's and times were pretty good. My gf's dad was working 9-9 and her mom was working 10-7. You can already tell where this may be leading. I know I was shocked at what i am about to describe. remember I was 17. I can remember the first night of the new working shift. I also had to work late and my gf's mom said I could sl**p over since I had class in the morning and she was concerned about my driving all the way home in the dark. I didn't think much of it then ... I just enjoyed fucking my gf senseless that night. My gf came so hard that one of her younger s****rs knocked on the door to see if she was ok. Her s****rs did not know I was sl**ping over. that would have been a bad influence on those little girls.
I remember setting the alarm so I would be on the couch when her mom got home. This went on every night that week that I worked late. I have class 4 of the 5 days during the week ... hey is sucked .. it was summer college. I slept over 4 nights that week. Fucked my gf good every night ... at least twice. I enjoyed my gf baby bearing hips and since her mom put her on the pill I was able to experience bareback sex at the nice age of 17. I LOVED it. what boy would NOT love that.
Now the 2nd week rolled around. I only worked late a couple times that week. It was the middle of the week, I got to my gf's place just as her mom was walking out. Her mom was wearing a nice brown skirt and nice heels. I remember because she gave me a hug and said that she is glad her daughter is dating a nice guy like me. We talked for just a couple minutes. she was complaining a little about how her job is going .. nothing unusual .. except her top 2 buttons were not buttoned. She saw me look down her chest and I was a little embarrassed when I noticed she saw. I apologized and my face turned red. She told me not to apologize and that She should be the one apologizing. She was running a little late ... she told me she had to go in a little early ... and she forgot to button her blouse all the way up. She quickly took care of the top twp buttons. My gf asked me what her mom said to me ... it wasn't anything special I said. she rolled her eyes and said something negative about her mom. I do remember looking back at her mom and I liked how her mom's hips looked. Looked like she gained some weight and the skirt and blouse were a little snug ... not dirty tight ... just snug.
My gf and her mom did not usually get along. I tried not to get involved. I just remember thinking that some day I will take her away from this drama.
So that night as her 2 s****rs were sl**ping, we began our usual fuck fest. We fucked once ... then fell asl**p together. She had to get up early for her job and we didn't want to stay up all night. She fell asl**p in her usual long t-shirt ... usually an older shirt of mine ... and i was naked as usual. We were woken up by the front door opening. Scared to death of what or who it was we realized that the front door was being unlocked. Holy shit I thought we were both dead. I thought her dad was home early or was taking a long lunch. My gf hopped out of bed and put on some panties quick as she ran to the couch and pretended to sl**p. I simply laid there in my gf's bed trying to calm down and act as if I was sl**ping the whole time. Neither of us ... me or my gf knew what time it was ... but the sun was NOT out.
I heard steps down the hall and thought for sure that we had been busted. I kept telling myself to stay calm and keep my eyes closed ... maybe her dad will not notice. I could tell the bed was soaked and my back was a little wet from sweating. I could still smell my gf. Damn I am dead and I am not ever going to be able to fuck my gf like I want to ever again.
To my amazement ... the body I felt walking down the hall just went into the bathroom. Whew ... I could relax. I opened my eyes and when I heard the toilet lid NOT open and the sound of someone peeing I was actually even more concerned. I knew her mom had come home early. SHIT ... think fast ... then the bathroom door opened. I "fell back to sl**p". Her mom walked into the bedroom ... she sat on the edge of the bed ... leaned into me and whispered "I have been thinking about you all night. I had to come home on my lunch break" then her hand slowly went down to touch my cock which was hard as a rock. I tried to play it off like I was still sl**ping and maybe dreaming. Then she leaned into me and kissed me. I was hard as a rock .. nervous ... could not believe this was happening. I kissed her back ... I did not know what to do. She moved he mouth down and started sucking my cock ... damn WHAT the HELL is going on? What if my gf walks in ... this was crazy. I couldn't stop ... I lifted her skirt just a little and she told me she removed her panties in the bathroom .... for me. She kept whispering to me how much she thinks about me and how much she wants me. Then she suddenly left.
My gf walked into the room and asked me what happened. Her mom was gone and I just pulled her hair and bent her over. I fucked her sooo hard and smacked her ass ... I was angry that her mom did that and yet extremely horny. I had never just thrown my gf around like a ragdoll before. I told her I was going to fuck her ass ... she said ... WHAT? I fucked her pussy ... and kept spitting on her ass ... I slapped her ass and told her to get her lube ... she said it was in her folks room in the basement ... I pulled her hair and said I didn't care ... GO GET IT I firmly whispered as to NOT waker her s****rs.
She walked back into the room shocked at how I was acting. I had no idea what had come over me. We roleplayed before ... but this time I was serious. I grabbed the pillows on the bed .... threw her wide hipped ass on the bed and turned her on her back. I fucked her sloppy cunt hard and then pulled out and began to shove my cock in her ass ... she was an anal virgin and it was so tight that I immediately came after getting my entire shaft inside of her. It hurt so much that she bit through a pillow. After pulling out my cock I could see that her asshole was bleeding a little ... I felt relaxed ... no more anxiety ... hopefully we could just rest now .... damn I needed to do that ... I can not believe what her mom just did. I was a bit of a wreck. I rolled over and fell asl**p. My gf lay on top of me on my side.
The alarm went off and my gf looked at me ... gave me a kiss hopped in the shower. I have not seen her with such a big smile on her face in a long time. She got out of the shower and I jumped in ... she said she really loved how I controlled her last night ... and she jokingly complained about not being able to walk right either. Her ass was sooo sore.
I got out of the shower and put on my clothes ... I just wanted to go home after the crazy shit that took place last night. Then her mom got home early. 90 minutes early to be exact. I didn't have time to eat breakfast. My gf said she was going in a little early and she walked away out the door, gave her mom a great big hug .. then walked back to me. She smiled and said that her mom wanted to talk with me before I left. She almost skipped out the door on her way to work. My heart felt very happy that my girl was happy. I loved it. And I was scared to go talk with her mom. What the hell ... now my gf and I are happy. Oh and my gf did say that I needed to put the sheets in the hamper quickly because this time there was bl**d and she did NOT want her mom to see her sweet juices with the bl**d.
Great ... now I gather up the sheets and have to walk down stairs to put them in the hamper ... past her mom's room.
I tried to sneak downstairs .. but she heard me. She called my name and asked me to bring some water. that's all she wants ... water .... ok ... I can do that.
I dropped the sheets in the dirty laundry pile and tried to put them at the bottom of the pile.
she called my name ad asked me to give her the water .. she was in the bedroom ... I am not idiot ... I knew what she was doing ... but I could not stop myself. I opened the door and she was in the bed. I walked over to her and she sat up .. she was a curvy sexy woman who after having 3 k**s was very sensual. My first thought was that her hubby was going to be home soon ... then she looked at me and said "He isn't going to be home for a few hours" as if she knew what I was thinking. I got hard almost immediately ... my brain said hell no ... but my cock wanted some of that MILF pussy. She grabbed my cock with one hand, my ass in the other and said that she is very happy that I am her daughter's bf. She kept thinking of me all night and she never put her panties back on. Then she removed my shorts - sweatpant shorts (hey I was on my way to class that day and it is summer time) - and began to suck on my cock. I could not stand my legs were shaking so badly. I sat on the bed where she began to remove my shirt and my shorts .. then my undies ... I leaned into her and kissed her. I was just a boy ... I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. I was on my back and she kept sucking my cock .. then I felt a finger in my ass ... I was like "what the fuck are you doing" but it felt good. Just one finger. She then climbed on top of me and rode my cock until I came inside of her. I had no idea if she was safe/able to have babies/on the pill ... no idea. I remember cumming inside of her ... damn she felt good ... and then hoping that she does not get pregnant. She came on me just before I released inside of her and then she collapsed on me and got off my cock and licked aver drop of cum and pussy juice off of me ... I was in ecstasy.
We continued our relationship for several years. I will share more of my fun with her in later posts.
Everything I post are actual events that took place unless I say at the start that it is a fantasy.
Thank you for reading.
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you luck bastard ;)
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very good
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a realy good and sexy read,looks forward to more
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awesome story...would love to read more.
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Great stuff, thanks.