Missing My Naughty Love .. My Darling. She misses Daddy too.
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Update #4
Attitude is more important than aptitude! I would prefer to be with a willing and fun person than an expert who is and arrogant prick/bitch.
Thought I should update my profile as I have been on this site for a while and the purpose for being on here has changed a bit. I am now looking to friend people who are interested in talking. I have made some good friends on here and I have decided I would rather chat with a few more frequently (or as much as I am able) than many people only a few times.
I found this site and was attracted to how I could find almost anything video or picture wise on this site. I then ran across the profiles and thought I would create my own. This is not the first update to my profile and will surely not be my last.
I have decided to go through my friends list and be a little bit more selective. I prefer to friend people that I enjoy talking with.
I have learned that most people do not want to meet. There are many people who enjoy thinking about their fantasy, who may like the thought of meeting and following through, but most people prefer to keep their fantasies … a fantasy. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all on this site for our own reasons. I also know that many people are on here temporarily. Again … nothing wrong with that either.

So … Who am I?
I am a 40 year old white man.
I am married.
I have a wide range of activities I enjoy both in and out of the bedroom.
The following are words or phrases that have been used to describe me (depending on what role I may have in someone's life, or what role that person has in my life)
Gentle Dom, Guiding Master, Nice Man, Compassionate Lover, Caring Daddy, Kinky Bastard, Firm Dom/Master/Daddy, Sadistic Fuck, funny, caring, perverted.
The preceding phrases may make more sense once you know me better. I enjoy sharing some of my experiences in the blog section. My stories, along with my videos and pics, should help you better understand why those words may apply.

What I enjoy - outside of the bedroom:
snowboarding (learning), attending the ballet, opera, rebuilding vehicles, most pro sports, fishing, hunting, the ocean, the mountains, traveling, watching the sun go down, camping, fine dining, picnics, walks by the lake/river/ocean, jazz clubs, relaxing in the wilderness, the company of good people, the sound of a small creek, and quite a few more that I do not care to list on a porn site.

What I enjoy - inside of the bedroom.
I enjoy being the guide, taking the lead, sometimes controlling the fun, other times leading the fun. I have enjoyed and still enjoy everything from compassionate love making to very rough play leading to BDSM. I do enjoy using toys and I love to see how far my partner(s) can go in pressing their limits. I love to share new experiences with my partner(s). I love to measure pleasure in days instead of hours.

I love a woman who has hips, thighs and/or large ass. I love larger women. I love all women, but have learned that I match up best with women who have curves. I tend to attract submissive women and enjoy the company of a woman who wants to learn what her limits may be. I enjoy being the guide as a woman begins to crave submission and is learning about that special gift.
I love everything about a woman. The way a woman smells, walks, talks, to the attitude (read above) and the way many women see the world. I do appreciate a different perspective at times.

I have enjoyed the company of couples and have learned that I get along best when one or both people are submissive or have submissive tendencies. I truly enjoy being with a couple where the male half is submissive or cuck. I take great pleasure in developing a relationship with a couple that leads to a cuck relationship. Taking the wife out on dates and returning her home with my seed inside of her for the hubby to clean up is extremely attractive. I have enjoyed the company of couples where we all get along, and the bedroom fun is just that ... bedroom fun. Outside of the bedroom we are together as if it never happened. Not all my relationships with couples have been cuck or submissive. I have also enjoyed outside of the bedroom fun that leads to all parties being pleasured in the bedroom. Being able to have fun out of the bedroom almost always translates to fun in the bedroom.

I am admittedly newer to this and I have very much enjoyed my limited experiences. I will write more in my blog when I can, about what I have enjoyed. One thing I must share is how I have enjoyed helping to bring out the woman inside and have enjoyed providing a cock to the FTMs who simply wanted a cock to play with until their transformations where complete. I have never considered myself gay or bi, but there is something about a woman dressing in sexy outfits. I do enjoy bringing out the woman inside.

Just some other kinky things I enjoy:
BDSM - will get into more of that in the blog soon.
Pregnant women - something about sex with woman who is carrying a child ... very HOT. There is something about the way a pregnant woman glows. That look in her eyes and the sensitivity of her body.
I do enjoy being a Daddy (I will write more about this in the blog section). I love to see a young girl grow into being a good woman. I love to spoil my little girl(s) and help them understand how to please their boyfriends/husbands. I enjoy being able to call my daughter(s) good when they are worthy. It makes me happy when my daughter(s) engage in behaviors that allow me to shower her/them with affection/gifts.

There are also other kinky things I enjoy that I will share ... or feel free to ask.

If I invite you to be a friend on this site it is because:
1 - I travel often for work and may be in your area and would love to have someone show me the city.
2 - Something in your profile made me laugh/smile and I am genuinely interested in learning about you.

I am also sharing some of my experiences in my blog/story section.
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1 month ago
Hiii honeys
1 month ago
thank you thank you thank you so much for your comments about my wife
1 month ago
You are just too sweet to me.
1 month ago
thank u for comment of what our friend posted of my wife
1 month ago
Lol why is that picture so great. It's just me biting into dark chocolate lol
2 months ago
Thank you for appreciating me I wish I could show my real thanks ;)
3 months ago
Tell me more about your books! :D
3 months ago
thankyu v-much
4 months ago
5 months ago
Thank you for your comments
9 months ago
nice profile brah
11 months ago
thanks for the invite
11 months ago
Thank you and you're welcome!
1 year ago
Glad your getting better...being sick is no fun.
1 year ago
Thanks for the compliments :-)
1 year ago
thanks for the add...xxx
1 year ago
thanks for the invite sugar.
1 year ago
Thank you for the invite but I'm looking for local friends.
1 year ago
Hey sweety, just wanted to come by and say thank you for looking at my page. Glad you could get a laugh out of the "Sad Messages" gallery, that's about the only response left to some of those. Quite the naughty little page you have here, keep up the good work ;P
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thank you for the invite!
1 year ago
Kisses to you, sweet sexy rugged man!!!
1 year ago
You're welcome and thank you!
1 year ago
Lol your too much ! Thanks Luvy let's chat sometime :D
1 year ago
Thanx for your comments sexy..
1 year ago
I couldn't agree more with your status!
1 year ago
Thank you for the compliments!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Your welcome, glad you like her big ass , hips and thighs. All that meat is great for hanging on to while fucking her tight pussy from behind.
1 year ago
Damn, started reading your profile and just couldent stop. Nice.

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