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"Just think, when Daddy gets home, we’re both gonna fuck you, little whore."

"You were right, Daddy! My boobies got way bigger ever since I started swallowing your cum. Remember? I was totally flat the first time you jacked off in my little teeny whore mouth. And I didn’t believe you, and would cry, because year after year, they never grew. But you assured me, Daddy, petting me on the head while you fed me your cum multiple times a day, every day. Being a good Daddy and fucking without mercy me in all my whore holes, choking, spitting on, and slapping me, making me gag and cry, tying me up and restraining me, forcing me to have orgasm after orgasm, training me how to be a good girl.

And then, finally, they started to grow. And that’s when you started sharing me with other men, first just one, but soon you were letting me take on six, seven, eight, and that’s when I realized that Daddy is so smart and was right all along. As soon as I started swallowing multiple loads from groups of men—especially while you pounded me in my little whore ass—my boobies got so big. I realized you did it because you loved me so much, Daddy, and just wanted me to be happy. Because there’s nothing that makes me happier than serving my Daddy and being rewarded with his cum in my tummy.

So… Can I have some more cum, Daddy, please? Pretty please? I’ll be such a good girl for you. I want my tits to get even bigger for you, Daddy! I love fucking you with my huge boobies! It makes me feel like such a big girl. I wanna be your favorite dirty whore.”

Keeping my stupid cunt on a short noose, training her to be ever more depraved and worthless, killing every ounce of self-respect she ever had, driving home endless orgasm after orgasm, maintaining a state of total whoredom, servicing every cock I put in her immediate vicinity in any way I command.

All she is good for is drinking gallons of cum, enduring savage beatings, and degradation humiliation gang rape galore.

This is my little girl.

This is her place.

This is where she’s always belonged.

This is what she’s always wanted.

This is a Dumb Whore’s Life.

That’s right. Who’s a stupid, fucking cunt?

"Me. I am, Daddy. I’m a stupid, fucking cunt. Please hit me. Remind me how worthless I am with constant abuse. I’m just a dumb piece of shit for you to hurt."

Good whore. This is to make sure you never forget.
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5 months ago
Excellent avatar. Those words say it all!!! xxx
7 months ago
Love your vids!
8 months ago
Amazingly hot page, and great content uploaded!
9 months ago
i looove your stuff ^^
1 year ago
GREAT avatar :)
1 year ago
nice collection, very much up our alley
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite !
1 year ago
Awesome profile, loving your favourites!
1 year ago
Love your page here, different n sexy!
1 year ago
you're wonderufl Mistress... and i'm sorry if i didn't comment before.. i have to understand what you preferred... i love your pics and video and would be more than happy to serve you Miss
1 year ago
Hi Miss I sent you a message on yahoo
1 year ago
Thank you for letting me serve Mistress.
1 year ago
LOVE your page,great videos...nothing better than a dominant woman!
1 year ago
Thanks for add me
1 year ago
Great content...I will worship you goddess...
1 year ago
How do I become one of slaves??
1 year ago
would love to worship your feet suck on your toes and then cum on your feet and have you rub them all over my face and tounge :P I would love to kiss and lick your face after covered in cum that would turn me on:) or to get cuckold and clean up your pussy and his big cock want to talk sometime?;)



1 year ago
Im on my knees for you Mistress!!ready too serve you
1 year ago
Absolutely fantastic. As a fellow kink student, I approve of this profile!
1 year ago
Yes please dominate this sissy slut mistress @dallastx40m@yahoo email no problem answering mail there.
1 year ago
Hello , thx for inviting :)
1 year ago
I cannot reply to messages so I am telling by comment.my cock is 2" when soft and when hard is almost 6" long and 5" around so you tell me or look at my pictures or videos and you tell me.m
1 year ago
Thank you for the req.
1 year ago
Thanks for inviting.
1 year ago
╔═══════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════════╗
* ♥✿♥ Happy New Year 2014 ♥✿♥ *
╚═══════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════════╝

Kisss Magda
1 year ago
on my knees maam
1 year ago
m or f slave?
what do u have in mind mistress?
1 year ago
WOW. great vids
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite. Accepted! I love the first GIF of the two women! …Smoking! I look forward to more of your uploads!
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite. Accepted! I love the first GIF of the two women! …Smoking! I look forward to more of your uploads!

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