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So, I made my way to my bedroom and rub one out, the conversation continued in the other room. Mom said to Jill..."So did you? or do you want to?" Jill took a long sip of wine "what do you mean?" I saw the way your eyes lit up when when you caught sight of his hard on mom said with a devilish grin. Oh you saw that? Jill replied, "What the huge hard on or you checking it out?...both, I saw both" as she finished her glass of wine.

As I stripped down for my shower standing naked in the bathroom, and just getting started on my hand job, I got that feeling opening my eyes Jill was standing in the doorway, startled, I covered my cock as best I could, What are you doing in here? wheres my mom? and from behind me I heard "here I am, dear" as mom came in from the access door to the master bedroom. As she passed by me, she took my hand, and then Jill's hand and led us into my bedroom, sat me down on the lounger and sat on the bed next to Jill. Placing her hand on Jill's leg and sliding it between them at her knee, mom said to me, "Jill told me about the time you two spent together while your father and I were at the condo" I was freaking out!

Oh man! the shit is gonna hit the fan when dad gets back is what I was thinking, but then I noticed moms hand working it's way up towards Jill's crouch. As all this was sinking in I realized that I was naked and didn't feel uncomfortable, then mom turned to Jill and leaned in and gave her a soft sensual kiss as I felt my cock start to rise, as the make out session on the bed started to heat up as Audrey pulled Jill's top up and off Jill has firm breast and nice nipples that always looked hard , so she rarely wore a bra, so they bounced a little when her top sprung them loose. Audrey glanced back at me, grinned and took a breast in her hand and kissed it and ran her tongue around the nipple, then took it into her mouth as Jill let out a slight moan and cupped mothers head in her hands. Now I'm thinking that dad is never gonna know about this.

As the engaged in another deep wet kiss, Jill unbuttoned moms top and it fell to the floor and reached around and undid her bra, with expert quickness, as I tried to get another glimpse of moms beautiful breasts, the girls wiggled their way up to the middle of the bed and began to explore each others bodies, with pleasured hands and tongues. Audrey helped Jill wiggle out of her shorts and panties, then mom buried her face in Jill's sweet shaved pussy and was doing a good job, according to Jill's moans of pleasure. Then mom looked back at me showing me a little pink object winking said "remember this?" oh shit...she must have seen me outside the window so many years ago she went to work with her little toy, it hummed,Jill let out sexy little squeaks and then Jill arched her back tried to push Audrey's face deeper into her love hole the way she had done me,then Jill let out a symphony of orgasmic cries, then pulled Audrey up to engage in another wet kiss and to taste her own sex juices.

Then Jill spun Audrey onto her back and pulled her shorts off like a bear searching for a honey pot, I know mom was in for a treat, that is if Jill eats pussy as good as she gives head. I was at the perfect angle to see those pussy lips that I never got to see since that one night so long ago Jill went down and began to lick and and suck that wet dripping pussy, mom began to let out those soft moans that I remember her making, but these were louder, maybe because she didn't need to be quiet?, or Jill is that good. Either way I was liking it and I was making a puddle of precum myself, watching these two beautiful women enjoy each others bodies, so I went ahead and began a slow stroke on my cock sliding the foreskin up over the head and squeezing the precum out. Jill somehow found that little hummer and put it to work on Audrey's swollen clit as Jill's ass was bobbing like she was fucking the bed with her legs open I could see her juices making a puddle on the bed , I dare not make a move at the risk of ruining the mood. Just as I hoped to be involved somehow Audrey became more vocal,"Jill! suck my pussy! make me cum! suck my clit! YES! YES!" then she arched her back and came like a fountain...sprayed Jill's face, when she move her head mom sprayed her back. DAMN! that's right..that's what it was I almost forgot about that. The two girls, spent lay in each others arms and I thought that was awesome...until they caught their breath and set their sights on me....STAY TUNED
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Cant wait for more
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very good