The Enticement pt.1

The Enticement

Jennifer didn't have too many activities after school and Teri always seemed like she had more things for both of them to do after school anyway. Teri told Jenn about a major discovery she found in her mother's closet. They didn't live to far from each other and the invite to dinner wednesday night was perfect. That day after school Teri told Jenn they had to head straight for her home cause they only had an hour before her mom would come home. When they got to Teri's place she told Jenn "come on you have to take a look at this.." Teri was kneeling down bent forward- ass up in the air. She pulled out a stunch black leather hood for a face and inside was a two piece black leather outfit for a women; skirt and a bra top. The set was bundled and in a matching whip with a neon pink ribbon that had been tied around the handle. Teri looked at Jenn and turned red and snickered. "what the hell girl... Do you suppose your mom uses that for your dad?" Teri red in face trying real hard to not laugh so hard, "I'd imagine that would be something she might do" she squinted and took her voice down a notch and then explained to Jenn, "I DON'T KNOW GIRL" (laughing with her hand over her mouth) I DON'T think about what they do... Yuck!!!" and she started shaking in annoyance. Jenn glanced down and grabbed the bundle and took the whip loose from the hood and skimpy set. "I wanna put it on" Teri still on the floor after pulling out the surprise. Turned to look at a digital clock sitting on the nearby night stand by the bed. "2:15pm I don't think that would be a bad idea."
"....just hurry up" Teri got up giggling and Jenn went to the hallway to find the bathroom closes to Teri's room. "I'm gonna be in my room, I wanna see it!!! So you better come out and show me."

At the sametime this was happening Teri's uncle Dean pulled up in the driveway, blue Ford Superduty.  Earlier that day her mom called him and asked if he could check on the pools lock system to the patio space. The locksmith had installed it that morning before Teri's mom left and wanted to know it worked properly Teri's mom left before the locksmith was done. 

Teri headed to her room waiting with music obvious from the hallway. Kings of Leon was her favorite band. Uncle Dean went to the front door and he noticed Teri's car parked on the street and guessed that she got out of school an hour ago. He already knew where to find the spare key, just under the patio cushion of the porch swing. He headed in quickly and started for the kitchen to find the patio but thought to tell Teri he was there to test the new lock. He called out first and then decided to head to her room. As he turned the corner Jenn had just gotten the last piece of the outfit on and didn't  hear Teri's uncle enter the house. She looked at her self, smitten in the mirror opened up the bathroom door still looking at the mirror and grabbed the last piece of accessory in hand- the whip and pranced slowly out the bathroom down to Teri's room strutting on her pink sock covered toes which amazingly matched the ribbon on the handle of the whip. Teri's uncle was caught off guard seeing a skimpy clad girl strutting with her back facing him to Teri's room dressed in a high short leather skirt, black leather halter top and the hood lightly sitting upon her head and not over her face.. He stepped back so that Jenn couldn't see him but he kept a peeking eye around the corner to see Jenn walking. As Jenn approached Teri's door she knocked and Teri quickly called "come oooonnn in" Jenn opened the door while still standing in the hallway. Uncle Dean had one foot at the corner of the wall and had a giggle of sorts understanding that teen girls are silly and act flirtatious with ranging hormones. He was trying to hide, but in his hiding and bowed head in a corner of giggles he also didn't notice that Jenn did eventually see him standing there and was not taken off guard by that. Jenn has frequently been to Teri's place by invite before so it's been only a couple of months since she seen uncle Dean last time.
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