Thailand Morning


I handed my Thai Baht currency to the Bartender and checked my handbag.  I knew that if I waited till 6PM for Jason I wouldn’t be back at Sunjahi Hotel in time for me to meet Holden’s parents.  I texted Jason about meeting him after 8PM and he agreed that me being late for that would get me in trouble.  The following year Holden hadn’t been around to see his parents and because we meet annually it was the only other real time that I got to spend with him too.  Holden didn't have much time for me, our marriage seems to be a distance, like real ships apart at sea, and He’s been busy with work since Thomas our son was born five years ago.
Holden has been there when Jason started with the company three years ago.  They aren’t as close as buddies would be, but it seems that when Thomas had to be watched and or Thomas and myself had to be some where Jason was right there and it shouldn’t have happened, but the one night that we had for our company to be part of a bond acceptance Holden had been out of town on a stock share alliance training, Jason was there and that was the first time we bonded. That was the year before last Jason and I connected over time now.  Maybe because it was we had gotten to know each other being that Holden is never around.
After our annual reunion, Holden hadn’t said much at dinner he loved to spend time with Thomas, which was great to see, but we were so far from each other already, I wished he would want me like he had in the past.  At 11:45PM Holden was out the hotel.  I felt lost without him, but then I remembered too that I had to text Jason.  It seems so unreal to have to hide behind Holden’s back like this with someone he works so closely with.  The carnal energy between me and Jason is more then anything I have felt in a long time with Holden and more then anything I have had even before.  It’s intense with no habitual end.  The very addiction between us hadn’t stopped.  After that first time we meet on his breaks and sometimes after I have dropped off Thomas for school. The moment I had given into him I washed away all induced reality.  It’s a dream and feels like a fantasy and it replays as if his body calls for me and is tuned into mine. I am in constant need when with Jason. 
Jason called me at 12:47AM. I wondered for a little, but he explained that Holden had just given him instructions to lead his parents and me to the airport after breakfast. These things angered me because I never knew if he was still going to be here or there or even coming back and when?  And Holden’s parents of course can’t know about what is going on, they probably wouldn’t even care. Jason had been entirely depended on by Holden. It seems even most times there are things I find out from Jason when Holden should have told me.
Breakfast a the Alcove Jhai, it was really nice, I thought of Thomas and how much fun he must be having at the sitter’s with her k**s on the fishing trip. Holden’s parents Jaysa and Steve asked if he was doing good and mentioned how excited they are to take him next month in August to camp in Connecticut and they still feel like they wanted to see him now, and while I sat there eating breakfast I thought of Holden and how mush Thomas and I miss him, but I also sat there and was thinking of Jason with such carnal thought. It seems like time passed by in seconds of our sitting and having breakfast.  I finally stood to go to the restroom.  Not less then a minute walking back past a partially empty restaurant I turned and noticed Jason walking right in my path and not too close by.  I snuck back around a different route and so did Jason so that Holden’s parents wouldn’t notice both of us heading the same direction. There was a Banyan Tree deck that leads into a partial glass hallway and there was a walkway that leads from outside the restaurant to the same hall. I stopped after the turn and waited eagerly, Jason landed the turn to the hallway as if he knew I would be there.  He didn’t even wince, he didn’t even talk, he took my hand first and kissed me deeply, Jason rounded his fingers from his right hand to my ass cheeks and squeezed hard. I fell back on the wall.  I looked down the hall to find the women’s bathroom, but Jason looked at me, I started to the door.  “Nooo,--- too many of your kind goes to the bathroom too frequently” he smirked and hissed. “How about we stick to the guys room?” I smiled to laugh a little, “heeeeee----- hey what’s the matter too many women to handle?” Kissing my neck and holding my back, Jason’s hand was tenderly traveling up and down my spine.  He whispered in my ear “Sigh----- No I only want you”
The door swung open and Jason kept leading me with each kiss, with each pulse, and every breath out of my lips I was his.  The air had a misty scent about it so much of it reminded me unwrapping a brand new pack of bidi India smokes. It filled the bathroom.  It was immaculate the stalls were straight and its walls weren’t even as high for each one.  Since Jason and I hadn’t been to this restaurant before both of us were looking down and around for a little before continuing.
We wasted no time.  There were loud birds in the banyan trees outside.  Loud noises of the street intersected with natural sound and the sun had blistered the wall where it landed in the same spot of that bathroom.
I couldn’t wait to have Jason, His huge hands held me up as though I was a clay vessel and molded for his greatness. The Charm of his body, there was no hesitations.  He hiked my blue dress up and grabbed my hips, our hands crossed over with him taking my silk thong off and my hands racing for his zipper and buckle.  No struggle too hard and it felt like we did this a million times over.
“You talk to Holden?” My thighs and body were so fragile in his hands and I couldn’t think with him asking a question like this. “Don’t ask that” Jason shut up for about a minute as he paused and I sighed.  I felt the hardness of his pleasure, the stiffened state, the rod, his crown, Jason entered inside my body in goodness and wanting. 
The sounds of the room, I tried to stay as silent as I could when there were only two people that entered the whole time. Jason filled me to boundaries that made me want to voice out in pleasure, but I remained as quite.  Jason was so sweet. His arms touch evenly to my side, our shoulders clapped tenderly with each racing stroke, my hands sit softly on my lips to keep me from sighing, groaning too loudly…. “Yeeessssssaaahhhhh”
The sun beat down on my left knee as it rose higher to the spot where the sun entered through the window. I was cumming so bad! I pushed up against the wall I lay back on.  The intensifying air mixed with the sun had taken it way no across our bodies.  My underwear hung gently from my left ankle swaying back and forth so effortlessly.  Jason’s hands firmly held my thighs now. The curvatures of my calves were pronounced with each thrust and even more with the matching blue heels on my feet.  His shirt gently unbuttoned and lay rolled to either of his sides.
He didn’t hold back there was really no time. I molded to his needs, I was clay in his arms, I had obeyed his every wish.  The clamor of our sounds became the exotic parade and Jason wanted me and came for me, Jason couldn’t wait to have me, and Jason was there for me.

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3 years ago
Now I am hard, so stiff it's hurting and I need to cum. Maybe you might open your legs and imagine my swelling meat sliding into you and the cum bursting forth ...I like your stories and have written some too -- a new one for you being posted today.XXX
3 years ago
Very confusing beginning. Who's Jason? Before you specify him, you introduce Holden, and you go back and forth without really explaining why you're traveling with him. Then you jump into having feelings for him without any buildup.

You scandalous perv! :P
3 years ago
3 years ago
pritty good 6/10