The best anal sec i've ever had

Even now, when I think of that I get so horny I will probably have to touch myself and I would want to touch my pussy a lot before I finish.

I was 22 and he was my best friend's b*****r. The moment I saw him, even though he was 16, I promised myself I would fuck him as soon as as I can. He looked so innocent and I wanted him to see what it feels like to see, touch and come in the pussy. It took me a day. I had to make sure that nobody knows and that I'll be the first pussy to put his cock in.

I asked him to help me with the dvd but I was jus in a very tight top without bra. When he started to look at my dvd I kissed his neck, witout a bra. He could feel my breast on his back. Then he turned buck and i could already feel that his cock was getting harder. We kissed so much, so deeply that I wish I could always have that kisses.

Then I took his trousers off and just lick his gorgeous dick. It was already hard and ready, but I played with his dick. I put it in my mouth as far as I could and then annoy him with just licking the gorgeous dick. I love to lick the dick. Then I felt his dick in my mouth as far as it was possible. I was sooo wet I wanted him to touch my pussy.
He finally let me taste his cum, I was so glad to feel it in my mouth and face.

I absolutely loved that sex. I'm alredy horny. I'm always horny.
90% (14/1)
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Posted by kinia69
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1 month ago
This was sexy!! You left out the anal part.... you just talked about the blowjob ... I would love to hear more!
1 month ago
I somehow posted the story and the middle of it is missing - the most important one ;) Whoops, he probably shouldn't have been sixteen... :)
1 year ago
wow! greate story! really!I'm impressed! :*
2 years ago
is there a part 2?
3 years ago
well that went off on a tangent - where was the pussy n' anal? Oddly, reading it, I couldn't help but give it some sort of Eastern-Europe/Russian accent - just the way its written.
3 years ago
tell more what happened with the anal sex
3 years ago
forgot where is the anal sex
3 years ago
my kind of lady,,willing to try anything and want more...hope you have fun,,
3 years ago
this had nothing to do with anal sex