Unintentional Dogging Session

We had spoken about public sex many times. We had done it in various places, from public toilets, beaches, but never with other people actively watching or participating . In chatting about letting other people in, CJ had said the limit she would probably entertain was giving a strange man a hand job while I fucked her. She had conceded in one discussion that she would suck some other mans cock while I fucked her and we could both cum on her. On another occasion she said she would want to be fucked by another man. We were both keen to be watched, while sucking and fucking each other. In discussion we both had stated our concern about hygiene as well as safety, especially in SA.

So when it did happen that first time it wasn’t planned.

We had gone out to dinner with friends in Joburg, CJ was dressed in a black wrap dress and black strap on heals and as always never had any panties on. We had had some wine with dinner and were both a little tipsy and as soon as we left the restaurant, CJ had slipped out of her bra, tossing it into the back seat of the car. Driving home on the highway back to Pretoria, I had caressed her neck and loosened her dress to reveal her tits. Their perkiness was showcased by the street lighting. I cupped her breasts and caressed her nipples feeling them becoming hard and pointy. As I drove, I slipped my free hand between her thighs, gently slowly sliding my hand up and down her inner thighs, feeling the inside of her legs, brushing up against her moistening pussy and pausing to give attention to her clit. Fortunately there was very little traffic. As the kilometers passed by and her horniness grew, she lowered her posture and lazed back in the car seat, placing her legs on the dash board, and it was obvious that she was enjoying the attention she was getting. As my free hand alternated between her tits and pussy, I felt her dampness grow. After quite a while she responded to my attention by placing her hand in my lap and felt my now hardening cock through my trousers. As I drove and tried to concentrate on the road, she rubbed the length of my cock slowly while I continued to finger her now very damp pussy. As we approached the Fort Klapperkop turn off, which is one of the highest points around with good views of Pretoria by night, I suggested that we go park at the top to mess around a little. Without hesitation CJ agreed.

We got to the panorama spot and parked. There were two other cars parked a little further up from where we parked. Switching off the cars lights I noted that It was full moon and the landscape was surprisingly illuminated. We moved the front seats forward and got into the back of the car, carefully locking the doors and started to have a heavy petting session. CJ without hesitation loosened the wrap front of her dress exposing her naked body as we kissed each other hard. Continuing with our mouths interlocked, I groped her breasts and moved my hands down caressing her body until my fingers reached her damp wet cunt where I slowly inserted my thumb into her pussy. She arched her body and her hips gyrated as her pussy rubbed hard onto my hand. Seeing the blank look of pleasure on her face I continued fingering her while my index finger slowly caressed and entered her sphincter. She squealed with delight and grabbed me, her tongue entering my mouth sucking me in with her pleasure. Her hands loosened my trousers and she grabbed at my now even harder cock wanking it hard with her right hand as her left hand squeezed my balls. She squeezed the tip of my cock with each stroke, as I continued to finger her pussy. Her body arched as my fingers probed her exposed wet cunt. She bent over and started sucking on my cock, her backside exposed I continued fingering her from behind.. she was moaning with pleasure as her warm mouth and lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. As my one hand fingered her pussy my other hand groped her tits. I then noticed out of the corner of my eye a face close to the right rear window..., as I didn’t want to startle CJ, I whispered to CJ in a calm voice, "I think someone is watching us". Without missing a wank she looked up to see who was looking. This seemed to turn her on and after a short while, to my surprise she asked me to reach up and turn the light on so the spectator could see us better. I was a bit surprised but did as she said. I stripped her dress from her body and she was laying completely naked, except for her heals. She continued sucking on me and I continued fingering her, making sure that he could see every part of her naked body.
CJ was on her side lifted her left leg onto the car seat revealing her pussy and arse at the back so that he had a wonderful view, she seemed to delight in having her legs wide open and a strange man less than 1 metre away looking at her wet cunt. CJ stopped sucking me as she looked up at the man and she caressed her breasts with her left hand and spread her cuntlips with her fingers to provide a spectacular view of her fingering her clit. By this time the voyeur, had been joined by another man who also was now enjoying the display, was hard up against the car window, he had his cock out and was wanking himself while he ogled CJ with lust. I realised how sexy she was feeling and spent several minutes making sure that they all saw every inch of her body as she lay willingly exposed. The men with their cocks out were wanking right of in front of her which really turned her on and she really teased them by playing with her nipples and holding her cunt wide open right in front of them. One of the men indicated that we should open the window. I asked her if it would be ok if we did. I could see CJ was keen but nervous. She sat up and opened the car window a bit. Instantly four hands appeared and started groping at J’s tits, touching her tummy and reaching for her wet cunt. After a short while, to my and everyone’s surprise CJ commanded the men , “ be gentle and I will open the window further”. As soon as the hands moved less aggressively, CJ opened the window a little further. The mens hands were all over her, touching her tits, inner thighs, fingering her pussy. By the lusting look on CJ’s face, CJ was obviously enjoying the attention. CJ’s body arched as she met the mens touch, and she looked at me with starry eyes as their hands groped her tits and fingered her cunt. All the while, CJ had been stroking my hard cock and I was truly excited but surprised to see CJ enjoying the attention, I was excited by her show but I was a little shocked at her wanton behavior.

After I had watched for a while, I asked her if it would be ok if we went outside so I could fuck her while the men watched. I could see CJ was a little hesitant but also extremely aroused. She sat up and opened the car door and commanded to the men “you are to only touch me when and how I tell you, don’t try fuck me or I’ll stop.” We got out the car, she was naked except for her shoes. All the men's trousers were around their ankles and their hands palming their erect cocks. I pulled CJ toward me and kissed her hard, I felt her body against me and that her cunt was sopping wet. I guided her head down onto my cock as I leant with my back against the car. Her ass and cunt were exposed to the two men who were watching while wanking their cocks. As she sucked on my cock, they approached CJ and started touching, groping her exposed cunt and arse. CJ never seemd to mind. I leant over her to touch her cunt as she sucked on my cock, I could feel the other mens fingers rubbing and probing her cunt. CJ’s arse was slowly gyrating as she obviously enjoyed the attention. Her juices were dribbling down the inside of her thigh. I spun her around to face the men and with one sloppy slap stuffed my hard cock deep and hard into her cunt. She was breathing heavily, moaning and groaning. With my hands grabbing at her sides I pumped hard at her cunt, ramming her pussy, my balls slapping against her moisture, she moved backward and forward on my dick as I rammed my cock into her. I was as horny as hell. One of the men almost automatically positioned himself in front of her and asked her if she would suck his cock. The second man immediately also approached her. After some encouragement, without saying a word except for her pleasure moaning she took hold of both their cocks, one in each hand, and started wanking them both as I fucked her cunt. I was now pounding into her now with a steady rhythm, and could feel my balls swelling with the cum pressure, when she screamed “oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard “. Both mens faces were showing signs they were ready to cum, CJ mercilessly continuing wanking them off. Soon after her exclamation, I felt her body start to spasm as she was ready and starting to come, I quickened my strokes to catch up and as her spasms increased and her knees wobbled, and her bodied tensed with the convulsions, we both came. As we came, each of the men in turn threw their heads back and moaned and as they almost in perfect unison each spewed and shot their loads of hot jism onto the sides her face and hair.

It took us all a few minutes to slow down and stop. I pulled out my cock, and CJ stood up and flopped her still hot, cum splattered head back and with a wicked smile and said 'oh god, that was so fucking deliciously intense!' and we kissed.

We climbed back into the car where CJ grabbed her dress which she used to wipe the cum off her face. On the way home we both agreed it had been very exciting and that we would probably do it. I asked her if she was at any time keen to suck their cocks or fuck them. She laughed wickedly and said she had thought about it and might just do exactly that next time, but only if I was good….

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3 months ago
Awesome story! Very very hot! WOW!!
7 months ago
A very sexy story, thanks for sharing
9 months ago
Great story! I hope it really happened because I love dogging and have been fucked by lots of anonymous strangers in car parks late at night. Incredibly horny fucking fun!