My Friends Horny Mother

When i was 14 and relatively young sexually having only slept with one girl and fumbled with a few others, i had an experience with my friends sexy 40 something mother, who is insanely hot with a tanned body, at least a D cup in her breasts and slim and toned.

I first fancied her one summer when i popped my head over my buddies fence to call him out to play some football, he wasnt there but his mom popped her head out from underneath a sun umbrella to reveal the most stunning naked body my young eyes had ever seen!! Without flinching she told me that mark (my Buddy) wasnt there and told me he was due back soon, i froze and couldnt speak, she must have felt sorry for me and made some excuses and i left.

A few more instances similar happened like this over the next few months. Another time i didnt realise that she was even in my friends house as we had been playing Nintendo, i really needed to pee and went to the upstairs bathroom, as i was desperate i had my cock halfway out before i even opened the bathroom door, only to be met by my friends mom Lynn lieing naked in the bath surrounded by bubbles but just enough naked breast on show to make my cock ache, i panicked and blurted something out and made a turn for the door, she called me back and said as there was only one toilet in the house that i should use it if i was desperate. After a few seconds of deliberation from me and her telling me that she had two teenage boys my age with similar bodies both of which she had seen naked many times whilst living together, i finally had no choice but to go. I stood over the toilet, pee burning through my cock but not coming out, my erection not shrinking but throbbing, i looked over my shoulder to see Lynn staring at my cock, unervous, unashamed and looking aroused. Was I just wishing that last part?? Surely she didnt fancy me a skinny 14 year old k**? I finally was able to pee after about 3 minutes, pulling my shorts up i was red in the face as i passed Lynn in the bath. As i looked at her i noticed her nipples were errect and her hand seemed to be in between her legs, only hidden by the soapy bubbles surrounding her pussy. Lynn said to me that she wouldnt tell Mark what had happened but that i should be proud of my body and not be shy around her, i thanked her and left, embaressed but really turned on.

That night i wanked my cock so hard in my bedroom, harder than ever before, there was not my usual video in the VCR, there was no magazine for me to look at, no pretty 18 year old girl staring at me from the pages.the lights were out, my eyes were closed, the only o=image in my head was Lynn naked in the bath, her hand between her legs, her erect nipples, and her staring at my throbbing cock. I came quickly and heavily shooting cum all over my chest.

A few months later I had a few too many drinks at a f****y party and had a massive row with my father, i said some things that i shouldnt have said and he gave me a thump across the face, i stormed out of the party and nobody followed me, i figure they was gonna let me cool down. I went to Mark's house and he answered the door and invited me in, sitting me down on the sofa and giving me an icepack for my rapidly growing bruise below my left eye.

Mark asked if i would be ok watching some T.V for an hour or so as him and his older b*****r were gonna pop out in the car and had some things to do, i said i would be ok and he left shortly afterwards leaving me to watch Match of the Day. After about 15 mins of sitting on the couch by myself i heard the keys rattle in the door and expected Mark to come back saying he had forgot something. What greated me instead was the sight of Lynn in a tight black mini skirt, a figure hugging low cut top showing plenty of clevage and some very sexy red high heels. The kind of sight I had seen in my magazines. She asked if i was ok and what i was doing round there at such a late time. I explained and she sat and listened as I poured my heart out about my f****y, only getting up to get us both a cold beer from the fridge.She in turn told me how her friend had let her down on a big night out up town and she had had to come home early.

After some small talk we got talking about my embarassing pee incident a few months before. Then out of the blue she complimented me on the size of my cock, telling me that her husbands cock was only slightly larger and not as thick as mine, i didnt know where to put my face in embaressment. At this point i could feel my cock slowly moving in my shorts, my mind begging it not to but my bl**d pulsing through its veins clearly not interested in what my brain thought.

Lynn turned and noticed my movement and without hestitation put her hand high up on my thigh, slowly stroking and caressing my inside leg. She moved closer to me and i smelled her perfume, it was the middle of summer and she was hot and the sweat dripped down the crease of her cleavage. Her hand moved to my cock and it throbbed and pushed against my jeans.

In one swift, almost proffesional movement she opened my flies and pulled out my cock, pumping it fast and furiosly straight away, not even giving me time to comprehend what was happening, she kissed me hard on the lips, pushing her tongue in to my mouth and gliding it around my mouth making me even harder in her hand.

What happened next had never happened to me before, she unhooked her bra and heaved out each breast placing my hands on them and letting me grope and squeze them before she dropped her head in to my lap and took the full length of my young cock all the way to the back of her throat, not gagging once,just sucking hard and then slowly gliding back up to the tip. Her hands massaging my balls slowly, her nails dragging through my balls round through to my ass cheeks.

I could feel my balls tightening, i needed to cum and she could sense it, she sped up sucking harder and harder, faster and faster, her hand pumping my cock as her mouth was milking it, i shot my load in to the roof of her mouth, spurt after spurt of thick cum. I was in heaven.

After she had finished she kissed me and we got dressed. I thanked her and agreed that i wouldnt be a stranger. Shortly after my friend and his b*****r and a few other mates came back. I was just sitting watching a movie on the couch, Lynn at the other end. Nobody suspected anything, she gave me a knowing wink and the night flowed like normal.

Shortly after lynn and her husband seperated and she found another guy. My chance never happened again but to this day she still lives over the road from me and i occasionally see her and say hi, just waiting for my next experience with the sexiest Milf on the planet...
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2 years ago
now that was a heel of a summer, wish I had a MILF across the street
2 years ago
You're a very lucky guy!
I hope you get your chance one day.
3 years ago
good story,,but there has to be more,,please tell us..
3 years ago
nice xx
3 years ago
nice dude right on i fucked a milf neigbor when i was 16 man u shuld go for it dude
3 years ago
3 years ago
you should really go for it..;)
3 years ago
Lucky bastard!! lol There was a MILFround thecornerfrom where I livedgrowing up.. but I was the fat kid (that hasn'treally changed)so I could only ogle from afar. Great thing was... Her daughter is fucking gorgeous too!