My femdom thoughts through real life fantasy

let me first tell u this is a fantasy, but the people i mention in this story are real only there names have been changed.
I think a should first tell you a little something about everyone, which is 100% true. It’s a story about me, who is a virgin and I have a crush on my friend’s s****r who is two years younger. I m well built, muscular u can say as I work out and cycle 35 km everyday. I m well read and so can talk about a lot of things. My friend is a arrogant bastard, I m only friends with him cos of his s*s. He is a badminton player, but he is thick in the head! He likes to play video games and that’s all he does when he is not playing badminton. His s****r, my princess, has a slender body which makes her look tall even though she is 5’4. White complexion, jet black hair which fall too her waist, black eyes which penetrate ur mind, she has a slight curve on her chest, a A size, but her hips are supple . She has the grace of a princess, that is y I call her that, she does all the work in the house as her mom works all day.. there mom and dad have some problems so they don’t talk to each other. So I think I will start the story and the remaining facts about her will be covered there.

It was a fine winter morning in December and it was about 9 a.m. when I got ready and walked down to my friends house. Fal, his s****r, opened the door and looked at me questioningly. As I always get nervous in front of her, cos her penetrating eyes look at me I fear she will know all my thoughts, I mumbled, “ your b*****r had called me to play video game”. I m not going give him a name as he is not worthy of one.So she moved aside to let me in, but I could feel the tension building in the atmosphere. The problem was she hated me for being her b*o’s only friend and best friend. As I entered she coldly directed me to a chair and sat on the couch and resumed reading her book. That was the first time we broke eye contact whenever we looked at each other. As I wanted to and also cos had nothing to do I started checking her out.. She was wearing a red shirt and almost transparent leggings. After I had checked her out I started looking around to c if I could start a conversation. There was nothing. So I looked at the book she was reading. She was reading “roots”. I didn’t want to talk about slaves. I knew time was running out if her b*o came home I wouldn’t have a chance of talking to her again..just when all hopes were lost it hit me!! I didn’t know if my plan would work but I decided to give it a shot.
Fal is a very proper person, by that I mean she shows courtesy while talking even to me and her good for nothing b*o. Never does she harm or trouble any1 even her b*o cos her parents punish her and they punish her even if its his mistake. It sounds made up but its true! She has to do hard work keeping the house clean and cooking for all and study to get good grades.
So to execute my plan I casually asked her how did she feel reading the book? As she had finished more than half the book. She lazily took her eyes off the book and in an uninterested tone told me she liked the book and kinda related to it.This is good, I thought, just the ans I had expected. I then truthfully told her that I always wondered what it was like to be tortured and punished. I can’t c any1 hurt. She looked up suspiciously as she, I think, saw something fishy in this. But she asked me to elaborate my feelings.
So I told her that I had often thought it was brutal, inhuman, sick, unforgivable and pathetic of those people who enslaved people. But at the same time I also sometimes felt that I would love to try bdsm which , though, cannot be compared with slavery , is called a slave if he is a sub. And so I would love to be a sub to a girl I really like. She considered these things before talking again. I think her intuition told her I hadn’t by chance chosen to talk about the book “roots” but there was some intention behind it. So when she spoke again she asked me point blank,” where are u getting at?” , I hadn’t expected this question so early and I was a bit taken aback. I mustered all the courage I had and spoke what was on my mind.
I said, “ I have had a huge crush on her since she was 14. I had befriended her b*****r only so as to be able to see her everyday. I had always felt sad about the way everyone in her f****y treated her and thought she was the most courageous girl in the world.” It was my dream to help u take out all the frustration you have in your life. So I thought maybe if you want I could be ur slave and u can take out all that anger on me. By the time I finished she had started considering what I had said. After a few minutes she asked me if I can take it? I am well built and I think I will enjoy every moment of it, as I would be able to see your face fill with pleasure. She just smirked and asked, “ I think you will think differently once I am done with you”.
At this moment the phone rang. It was her b*o. She kept the phone with the widest smile I had ever seen on her face. She turned to face me and asked me to not look her in the eyes. I see only lust in them and a want for my holy body which u don’t deserve..and she felt disgusted seeing the lust in them for a 16 year old. I felt truly ashamed for having crush on a 16 year old. So I couldn’t look her in the eye anyway. I stood up on her orders, all the while looking at the floor, then out of nowhere she kicked me hard in the balls! I tried to control myself for a second by it was futile and knees down I fell on the floor, trying not to scream. She looked at me fiercely and there was determination in her eyes, it was as if she was saying I will show you exactly how my life is, though I didn’t think she was enjoying it. Thinking a second she commended me to clean the house and cook for the f****y, but she said she would undress and so would I and while I was doing this she would be sitting in the kitchen and following me around the house but I was to not look at her and avoid getting a hard-on..Indirectly she wanted to show me how she controlled temptation! I undressed and she did too, there in front of me I instantly moved my head a bit before I realized I was not supposed to. But too late! I had seen her clean shaven pussy and the closing of that perfect innie pussy which hadn’t yet had anyone in it. These thoughts were enough for me to get a hard-on and my 6’ cock was oozing with precum. Which she noticed and was very angry, the anger I had never seen on her face. She kicked me in the balls again and again and again and again and again! Till I was numb with the pain and almost fainted! Crying I was loudly and then she bent down and slapped me across the face atleast a dozen times before saying I NEVER GET TO CRY NOR DO I !! Get up this instance and start cleaning and then cooking and if u get a hard on again I will cut ur balls off!! She said. I did both the things in silence but they required lot of self control and I once almost was tempted to let my princess down, but I thought better of it. By the time I was done she wanted to use the washroom. She was only waiting for me to finish. But as she turned to go a thought hit her and she smiled pleasantly and said would u be so kind as to join me in the washroom? I want to pee over your head and then plush ur head in the is only to show you how it feels to be insulted and then consoled by hallow words.! Strangely while she did this I felt turned on and was also aroused by the reason for which she was doing this. So while doing this a didn’t resist a bit I even took the flush without trying to withdraw my head. This pleased her and she spit in my mouth and asked me to think myself lucky to have received something from her and that too something that was in her body.
After the excitement had subsided of this act of her I was wondering what would happen next.Well she took me in the living room and asked me to lick her ass and see how it feels to slog for someone who gives you shit in the end! I know it was humiliating but her round and smooth butt made me drool and I wanted, for some strange reason, nothing more than to lick her yet her purpose so just and she meant it which made me hold back and I tried not to go near it..But she f***ed my head into her cool, smooth and clean butt cheeks. But her purpose had made my initial excitement turn into guilt and I couldn’t bring myself to lick it, getting impatient she pulled my hair till I didn’t start licking and kept pulling till she wanted me to lick..which must have been a good 10 mins.
Then she went into her bedroom and got a strap-on dildo and put the strap-on on. Now I could see that she was every happy and really wanted to do this and her feeling were getting intense!
She grabbed my chin and pulled me up kissing me passionately for a long long time, during which she bit my lips, but I didn’t mind it she was ferocious! Her nails were digging in every part of my body as she was exploring it . Then as suddenly as she had started kissing me she grabbed my ball with such tight grip that I had to control myself from bitting my lip.She got down and started sucking me dry off my precum and she was looking in straight in the eye while doing it which turned me on a lot I had to fight to keep from cumming so a breath deeply..But she continued with the same fast speed and I could see her eyes saying dare u cum before I do..I have waited for someone like you for so long! After a while she made me eat her pussy it wasn’t wet.but as I started licking her clit and fingering her ass and sometimes rubbing the outside of her pussy, as she had made it clear that she didn’t want to loose her virginity to me. As I went on licking her clit her whole pussy was wet! Then grabed my cock and asked me to fuck her ass as roughly and fast as I could. Her juices and my precum was enough lub for me to get in..I fucked her. Thrusting my cock as fast and powerfully in her as I can and the shouts of pleasure were putting me on the edge. I was breathing deeply and slowed down but kept the thrusts powerful so as to keep her satisfied and also I really wanted to hear her gasp with pleasure! came and then she came for a second time! Then she asked me to wait and taking a moment to recover she got up and asked to to stand u p bend over then she put some lub on the strap-on and started fucking my ass mercilessly. I was in pain but I didn’t want to shout as it would have made her angry and drained her shouts of pleasure and there was a certain amt. of happiness which comes when u have conquered something! She was not looking down at how sour I was getting from her fucking my ass but it paid off when she had a third orgasm.!!She had conquered me! After this she gradually stopped fucking me and it felt like her energy had finished and she fell on my back I turned around and got hold of her and placed her on the couch..She started crying and fell into my arms. I too felt her emotion and fell silent instead of consoling her. After a few mins. She recovered and thanked me for being such a good slave!

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