The Babysitter, My Wife and the Bi-Girls

“So, all you have to do,” Danielle said to me over her shoulder, “is get rid of the k** for the night, get yourself some beers and make sure it’s Kim who answers the door.”
“Do you need her to be wearing anything special?” I asked, gripping her hips tightly. “Or do you want it to be a surprise?”
“Don’t tell her a thing,” replied the babysitter, breathlessly. “Me and my friends are gonna be a bit of a shock to her.”
I pulled out of her tight teenaged cunt and shot all over her pert little bum, “Oh, I’m sure you will be…” I said to the back of her bowed head.

Friday night came round soon enough, and Kim and I were sat watching TV next to each other on the couch. I had a bottle of lager, Kim a glass of white and we were bickering mostly good naturedly about what to watch next. She wanted some reality TV bollocks and I was thinking more of Zombieland on Blu-ray.
The doorbell rang, only a few minutes after the appointed time. Kim looked at me to answer it, but I just shrugged. “Lazy bastard!” she complained. I slapped her tidy denim-clad arse as she walked past me and took a swallow of my beer, balls tightening in anticipation. Dani hadn’t really told me what to expect tonight, just a time and that Kim was to answer the door.
“Hey… WHAT…” came Kim’s cry from the hall, and within seconds she was being marched backwards into the living room, followed by Danielle and three other girls of a similar age. The backs of her knees hit the coffee table and she was lowered down onto her back on the low table.
“What the fuck…?” protested my wife, but the rest of whatever she had to say was cut off as a tall blonde straddled her face and lowered herself down. The blonde hitched her skirt up and planted her bald pussy on Kim’s mouth, meeting my eye and winking. She ground her hips back and forth, “Lick it slut. Lick my pussy like the whore you are!”
Kim’s hands were on the blonde girl’s thighs now, and the girl was leaning back supporting her weight on her hands as she moved her hips slowly. “Ride her face Laura, give her a mouthful of cunt!” commanded Dani as she unbuttoned Kim’s jeans. The babysitter and another girl, a chubby brunette tugged both jeans and panties past Kim’s slender hips, my wife lifting her bottom slightly to make it easier. From my position, I could see her shaved fanny glistening with her own moisture and my cock gave a twitch. The fourth girl, a skinny rock chick in ripped denim and Doc Martens with pink spikey hair picked up Kim’s discarded wine glass and drained it in a swallow. I decided, if I was gonna fuck only one of them tonight, it was this one. She plonked herself down on the settee next to me without ceremony and poured another glass of wine.
Laura, the girl on Kim’s face, had pulled her top up and was rubbing at her tits, popping them out of her bra and tugging the little rosy nipples. “Someone come suck on my titties!” she begged breathlessly. The chubby brunette, Helen she was called, bent down and took a nipple in her mouth, circling it with her tongue, nibbling it with her perfect white teeth. Danielle came up behind her and slipped a hand into the waistband of her jogging bottoms, the elasticated waist making access easy.
“Helen, you dirty bitch!” exclaimed Dani.” You’re wet as fuck!” Helen moaned softly around her mouthful of tit as Dani fingered her apparently sopping gash from behind. Four women in front of me, one of them my wife, doing things to each other and me and the pink haired girl on the settee watching. Shit, Danielle knew how to get me hard.
Helen’s trackies were round her ankles by now, her neatly trimmed cunt on show, legs parted slightly to allow Dani’s busy hand access from behind. The babysitter dropped to her knees behind the chubby girl and started licking her wet hole while she carried on sucking on Laura’s tits. Laura continued grinding her shaved pussy on my wife’s face, occasionally moaning from the attention her tits and cunt were getting.
“This shit makes me so horny,” said the pink haired chick to me in a matter of fact tone. “Hi, I’m Caz.”
“Steve,” I said, shaking the offered hand briefly. Introductions made, she lifted her vest over her head, revealing little bra-less tits, both nipples pierced. She kicked her Doc’s off and dropped her jeans, sitting next to me naked. She too was shaved clean, a little tattoo of a skull just above and to one side of her slit, two piercings in her labia. She sat there next to me, legs open, wine in hand, casually masturbating at the erotic sight on my coffee table. Her elegant fingers worked her clit, occasionally dipping into her wetness for more lubrication.
What to do with myself? Was I supposed to join in, and if so, who with? Wank myself off? My hard on was in imminent danger of busting my fly open, and my wife was there on the table, cunt out. The obvious solution was the one I took, dropping my jeans, throwing my t-shirt into the corner and kneeling between my wife’s legs. A little rearrangement and her wet little cunt was at the edge of the table, so I just parted her glistening pink lips with my shiny purple helmet and pushed right in. Kim gave a squeal, muffled by Laura’s cunt on her face, and I started pounding away. I was horny as hell, and lasting long was never an option, so I just hammered away as deep and hard as possible. My nuts twitched and I shot my first load of the evening deep inside my wife’s shaven gash.
I pulled out and the pink-haired Caz took my place, bowing her head to lick Kim’s freshly fucked pussy. She slurped my jizz out of there on her knees, one hand supporting her weight and the other still flicking her bean and I just sat behind her and enjoyed the view.
Laura came again and stood up, leaving Kim’s face glistening with pussy juice. Danielle dropped her pants and took her place, facing me and Caz as she lowered her bald cunt down to my wife’s eager tongue. My cock hadn’t even got all the way soft before I started getting hard again, and the sight of Caz’s hand stroking her pierced pussy made me want her even more. I edged forward, my bell end nudging her knuckles in the spirit of enquiry… and she grabbed my shaft, pulling me forward so that I was at her entrance. Again, I pushed into wetness, more slowly this time, savouring the moment. Caz continued to eat Kim out as I banged away, and Helen got all the way naked, tits big and fat over a tubby little belly and wandered through the door into the kitchen with her arse jiggling, returning with some beer and sitting on the armchair next to Laura. They started touching each other and making out as they watched us all fucking on the table.
I parted Caz’s bum cheeks and eyed her puckered ring speculatively. I reached between us, gathering a bit of her natural lubrication on a couple of my fingers before touching her starfish lightly. She didn’t protest so I slipped my index into her, steady pressure overcoming the resistance. I worked her bum gradually as I fucked her wet cunt, adding another two fingers over the next couple of minutes. When I thought she was as ready as she was getting I pulled my cock from her pussy. I was slick with her juice so I just placed my cockhead against her ring and the punky girl just pushed back onto my hard on.
She was tight, and as I gradually built up a steady rhythm she began pushing back. She lifted her face away from my wife’s newly-cleaned pussy and gave me a sexy look over her tattooed shoulder.
“Your husband is fucking my arse, slut!” She said loudly to Kim, ensuring that my wife could hear her from her place between Dani’s thighs. “And when he’s finished, you’re going to use your little slut mouth to suck his spunk out of my ring.”
Kim’s chin moved in what might have been a nod of affirmation and Danielle said, “That’s right pet, you’re going to clean up a lot of spunk from a lot of holes tonight. I hope you’re thirsty.” Saying that, she reached down and started rubbing my wife’s shaven twat, fingers focusing on her little pink clit, quickly bringing her to orgasm even as she came herself.
I blew my load up Caz’s bum, grunting as I slammed hard into her a final few times, emptying the last squirts for my wife to deal with. I slipped out and Caz kissed me briefly, tensing her ass to hold the contents in. Dani stood and moved away, heading for the beer and ciggies, and Caz gave Kim a moment or two to stand up and breathe, have a sip of wine and take her top off, unleashing her lovely pert titties.
The pink haired girl bent herself over the coffee table and spanked herself gently, looking significantly at Kim. My petite redheaded wife knelt behind her, spreading her cheeks and diving in tongue first.
“You weren’t lying Dani,” Caz breathed. “She’s a dirty bitch, she fucking loves it.”
Dani came over and caressed Kim’s arse and pussy, “I know, filthy cow is soaking wet. She loves eating loads out of teenagers. I always knew she was a whore.” She grabbed a handful of Kim’s flaming hair and pulled her out of Caz’s bum before kissing her hard. She used her handhold to shove my wife’s face back between the smooth teenage cheeks in front of her. “Fucking slut-whore,” she said affectionately.
Chubby Helen and the blonde Laura were all over each other on the chair and I watched them fingering each other while they kissed, standing there naked with a beer in my hand.
Dani came over to me and cupped my balls, “How much left in these?”
“Dunno, could probably manage a couple of decent loads I guess,” I replied.
“Well, I need three. Time to order a pizza…”

Half an hour later, while we were all sat round naked, smoking and drinking while we had a bit of a break, there came a knock on the door. Kim looked sharply at me, then at Danielle.
Dani tossed Kim her purse from off the mantelpiece, “You’ll need that. Go and see who it is.”
“But I’m naked…” protested my wife, shocked.
“Do I look like I give a fuck?” snarled the babysitter. “Answer that fucking door within the next ten seconds or you’ll not sit down for a week!” This was the dominant side of her coming out again, the side that’d broken Kim on that first night.
Kim moved quickly then, opening the door.
“FUCKING HELL!” came the exclamation from the visitor. “Erm, couple of pizzas… erm, shit… eighteen quid please…”
Kim fumbled in her purse for the cash, paying him with a twenty, telling him to keep the change, but before she could shut the door Danielle shouted, “Oi! Pizza guy! Get in her so we can tip you properly!”
Kim followed him into the room, shutting the front door behind her, looking embarrassed as hell. The delivery man looked stunned, four girls, my wife and I sat around as naked as the day we were born.
Dani pointed at Helen and Laura where they were sat on the armchair, saying “Pick one of those two and fuck her. Slut, get him hard.”
He was in his early twenties, short dark hair, glasses, trainers and trackies for comfort. His cock was straining the crotch of his pants and Kim knelt in front of him, dropping them to his ankles and sucking gently on the head. It was a respectable knob, nothing great but a solid six. He was staring around him, trying to take in all the tits and pussies on show.
After a few moments he pointed to Laura and said, quite predictably, “Her, the blonde.”
Laura smiled, crossing the room naked to kiss him as my wife sucked on his purple head. She led him by the hand and pushed him down onto the armchair she’d been sharing with Helen. She straddled him, grasping his penis and lowering herself onto it with practiced ease. He let out a groan as he felt her pussy around his hard shaft and she started bouncing, him pushing his hips up to meet her.
“Slut, get down there and lick his balls!” commanded Dani. Kim did as she was told, and it didn’t take the pizza guy long to fill Laura’s pussy with jizz.
“Right pal,” said Dani. “You can fuck off now, I’m sure you’ve got pizza to deliver.”
“Er, yeah, right.” He started dressing.
“And you, slut, can clean Laura up!” Commanded Dani.
“Yeah, get here and suck this cum out of me like the good little whore you are!”
The pizza guy let himself out as Laura positioned herself so that her cunt was on the edge of the chair for easy access and I got a great view of her bald pussy as it oozed spunk. Kim’s ginger head obscured the view as she got down there, sucking and slurping away on pizza-boy jizz like a professional, her own wet pink cunt on display.
“I’m having a taste of that!” exclaimed Helen, and she slid between Kim’s knees on her back and licked my wife’s clit with her little pink tongue. Dani sat next to me and wanked me slowly back to life and Caz sat on the floor idly stroking Helen’s trimmed cunt and playing with her tits. I was hard again pretty quickly and I decided that Helen was getting her portion next. I got between her legs and played my bell end up and down her wet slit.
“Oh, give it to me,” she moaned. “Stick it in my wet hole while I eat your slut of a wife!”
I needed no second invitation, and I shoved it right up her. She was wet enough to take it all, my fat cock stretching the walls of her neatly trimmed fanny. I pounded away steadily, making her tits bounce in time with my thrusts. Dani sat on the settee eating pizza while Caz slapped my arse cheek, shouting encouragement, “Go on, fuck her with that big hard cock! Pound her cunt!”
She was tight, but I’d already emptied my balls twice so I was never gonna shoot early. I upped my pace, hammering away like the Duracell bunny on meth, balls slapping away on her biggish arse. She moaned and mauled her own tits, cumming hard, Kim’s glistening pussy forgotten despite only being a couple of inches from her closed eyes. “Oooooh, fuck me! Cum for me! Fill me up!”
I doubted there’d be enough in the tanks to fill her up but I rose manfully to the occasion, stepping up a gear. I was panting like I’d run a race but I smashed away at her, each thrust eliciting a whimper. I came after another minute, my quick pace becoming erratic as I blew a load deep in there for my wife to clean up.
I sat back and got a beer and a slice of pepperoni, reasoning that if I had to fuck Danielle that I might as well keep my strength up! Helen and Kim had swapped places, Helen sitting on Kim’s face, giving her a fourth load to clean up. She was grinding her dripping cunt on Kim’s mouth, telling her to “eat it, whore! Get your husband’s jizz out of my twat!” Caz was eating Danielle out on the settee, while Laura played with her own bald snatch, freshly cleaned by my wife. The only person Kim hadn’t cleaned up yet was Dani, so I figured I best get hard and leave something inside her for my wife to deal with.
I finished my beer and walked over to Laura. Climbing up onto the chair, I stood with one foot either side of her and my cock at the height of her blonde head. She leaned forward, grabbed my shaft and licked the tip, still stroking her clit with one hand. She opened her perfect little mouth and took the head of my flaccid dick inside, using her tongue on my purple helmet, wanking my shaft gently with the other. It took a while, but eventually my well used cock responded to her expert ministrations and rose the occasion. I placed my hands on either side of her head and gently faced fucked her for a few strokes, finishing the job of getting me hard that she’d started so well.
Sitting down next to Dani, I gestured her onto my cock and she stood up and backed onto it, lowering herself onto my meat with her back to me. “Caz, get in here and lick my clit while I ride this fat cock!”
Dani’s tidy little body blocked the view of Caz eating her, but occasionally she’d give my balls some attention as well. Once, Dani pulled my cock out of her little pink cunt and had Caz give it a quick suck before guiding it back inside and lapping away at the point where our bodies met. Helen and Laura were sat either side of Kim, hands and mouths busy on my wife’s pale body, sucking nipples, nibbling at her clit. Kim’s red hair was spread out behind her on the back of the settee as she whipped her head back and forth in the throes of orgasm after orgasm as the teenage girls abused her tits and shaved fanny.
I’d been fucking Dani for a few months now, almost since she started babysitting for us, and she knew how to get me off. After grinding herself to two quick but intense orgasms she started bouncing on my cock, taught, tanned thighs easily raising and lowering her slender body on my throbbing shaft. She set a quick pace and maintained it, up and down, up and down, buttocks flexing in front of me as I held her hips. I could feel my nuts beginning to tighten and Caz noticed too, “Go on Dani, his balls are twitching, get that spunk out of him!”
“Girls, get Kim on the floor for me!” commanded Dani. Helen and Laura half dragging my wife into position, her legs were trembling so much from the orgasms they’d given her. Kim’s head was between Dani’s feet and as she looked upwards she could see my cock vanishing into the babysitter’s dripping gash and my tightening balls swinging. My bollocks gave a final spasm and I shot my biggest load of the night deep inside Dani’s tight twat, she continued to bounce on me for a few seconds, keeping my orgasm going and ensuring that I kept squirting hot sticky jizz deep into her.
Dani stood, lifting herself off my cock, and positioned her full pussy over my wife’s beautiful face. She squatted a little, opening her little pink lips, and tensed. Strings of my spunk dripped from her, down onto Kim’s waiting face and hair. My wife had her mouth open but not much of it went in, instead coating her nose and cheeks, running down into her flaming hair. Dani gradually lowered herself to her knees, bending down into a sixty-nine as Kim’s tongue came out to probe her delicate, dripping folds. They stayed like that for a few minutes, eating each other out on the floor, surrounded by the other three teenage girls who’d ridden my wife’s face and my cock.
Both women came before too long, and Dani stood and pulled Kim to her feet and kissed her spunk-coated lips before saying, “Girls, lick that cum off her slut-face. I think my pet’s done enough for one night!”
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