Babysitter Dominates my Wife Again.

Fiction, etc, etc. The is a first part to this if you're bothered enough to read it.

I lay in bed the morning after, the daylight filtering through the curtains giving enough illumination for me to see my wife’s peaceful, sl**ping face. You’d never think to look at her now that she’d been slapped by the babysitter last night, made to suck cock and eat pussy, to suck my spunk from the babysitter’s freshly fucked cunt. A few days ago this would’ve been unthinkable, but it’d happened and she’d thanked me for arranging it.
I’d dropped the babysitter, Danielle, off home afterwards and come back to find Kim freshly showered and lounging in bed.
“So, you and that little slut cooked it up between you?” She made it sound almost like a question, almost.
I nodded, “Yeah, I guess we did. You mad?”
“No, not now. I was terrified at the time, but I guess it’s woken up a side of me that I might like to explore.”
“Oh yeah?” My eyebrows raised towards my hairline. “In what way?”
“I liked it, I liked being dominated,” she said, almost shyly. “Knowing it was out of my control, well, it turned me on.”
“You want me to arrange something else?” I asked.
“I think so,” she said. “In fact, yeah. Do it. Soon.”

So, as Kim lay sl**ping, red hair fanned out across the pillow, I slipped out of the bedroom with my mobile and made a call.
“Hello?” The voice at the other end sounded sl**py.
“Dani? It’s Steve.”
“Oh, hey. So, last night was fun!” She sounded pleased to hear from me.
“Yeah, about that…?”
“Oh, Kim not like it?” She sounded unconcerned.
“No, exactly the opposite. She wants more of the same, soon. Do you fancy babysitting again tonight?”
“Yeah, I think I can manage that,” Dani sounded mischievous. “Pick me up same time?”

We pulled into the drive of my house about 8.30, my cock already hard from the teasing Dani had been inflicting on me on the drive over. She reached over into the back seat, grabbing the overnight bag she’d told her mother she’d need because Kim and I would be out very late. I held the door for Danielle and she went through the hall and into the living room, where Kim waited on the settee. A bottle of wine (half the contents gone) was on the coffee table, along with two glasses and a bottle of beer. Without a word, Danielle poured herself a glass, drained it in one and said to Kim, “Get upstairs and get ready for me.”
Kim glanced at me and I nodded, and she left the room as I picked up my beer and took a drink.
“I’ll give her a few minutes,” Dani said. “Then I go up and the fun begins.”
“What about me?” I asked.
“Well, I guess you can sit in the corner and watch. But no joining in until I say so.”

As I sat and finished my beer, Dani stripped and started to root through her overnight bag, pulling out a nice set of lingerie, black lace bra and panties and hold-up stockings. These went on as I watched, trying not to lose my load in my pants, followed by a pair of knee-high black boots that zipped up the side.
I followed her up the stairs carrying her bag, my eyes fixated on her magnificent arse wiggling seductively a couple of steps above me. Danielle entered the bedroom first, I followed after and was greeted by the sight of my gorgeous red-haired wife sat on the edge of the bed in just a pair of plain white knickers, big tits on display, waiting for our 18 year old babysitter to use her for her pleasure.
“Leave the bag there,” Dani pointed to a spot next to the bed. “And sit in the corner quietly.”
I placed Kim’s dressing table chair in the corner and sat on it, watching the erotic scene before me.
“Kim, on your knees,” commanded Dani. “Beg to be allowed to lick me out.”
Kim slid from the bed, straight to her knees and asked, in a low voice, eyes downcast, “Please may I be allowed to lick your pussy?”
“Yes, slave, you may. Remove my panties and begin.”
Kim crawled the few feet across the room, loose tits swinging, hooked her fingers into the waistband of the lacy black knickers and gently pulled them over Dani’s hips, past her knees and down over the boots, revealing her beautiful, freshly shaven cunt.
“Kiss it, bitch. Kiss it and thank me for letting you.”
Kim planted a lingering kiss on the top of Dani’s slit and said, in the same low voice, “Thank you for letting me kiss your pussy.”
Dani took a handful of Kim’s red hair and pulled her face forward into her crotch, grinding her hips, smearing Kim’s nose and lips with her juices. “Lick it,” she commanded simply, opening her thighs slightly, and Kim’s tongue began to lap at her teenage clit, hesitantly at first, growing more certain with each stroke. Dani pushed Kim backwards on her knees, backing her up to the bed until she had nowhere to go, and then with my wife’s head tilted back and trapped between her thighs began to hump and grind on her face.
I was harder than anyone has ever been watching this, and just when I didn’t think I could get any harder, Danielle commanded, “Put your hand in your knickers and play with your cunt. But you will not come until I say you can.”
Kim slid her hand into her virginal white knickers and rubbed her moist pussy, her tongue going ever faster on Dani’s little pink clit. A soft moan escaped Danielle, and another, a shiver wracking her body as her first orgasm built. She braced her hands on the bed as she bucked her hips, riding Kim’s face. Her head whipped from side to side, long brown hair flailing as she came on my wife’s mouth, a second orgasm following the first and Kim’s hand worked her own clit.
“One more for me and I’ll watch you come,” said Dani, as she sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread. Kim dove in, head bobbing as she licked and sucked Dani’s pussy, both now moaning as they got near. Kim pulled her hand from her own cunt and stuck two already wet fingers straight up Dani, making the younger woman cum immediately, pussy walls spasming on her fingers.
Breathing heavily, Dani leaned over and kissed my wife on her juice-covered mouth and said, “Lie back and open your legs, let me see you work your pussy. But don’t forget, no cumming until I say so.”
Kim lay back, sliding her panties off and allowing her knees to fall open. She used a couple of fingers on her clit, slowly at first but building speed, occasionally dipping into her hole to lubricate herself. Each time she approached orgasm she stopped for a few seconds, Dani dragging out her torture for a good ten minutes before allowing her release. Kim redoubled her efforts, eyes rolled back in her head, whimpering as a shattering climax shook her body, watched by me, her husband, and my teenage mistress.
After a moment, Kim said, “thank you for letting me cum mistress.”
“You deserved it my pet. Now, be a good slave and bend over the bed.”
Kim did as she was told, bending over, feet slightly apart. Her head was turned, eyes fixed on me as I slowly stroked my prick. She licked her lips as she watched my purple head poking up from my clenched fist. Dani, meanwhile had reached into her bag and pulled out a big dildo, more or less a replica penis with veins and testicles, and a smaller vibrator. She looked incredibly sexy in her bra, stockings and boots as she slid the first few inches of the rubber cock into her mouth, moistening it for the task in hand.
Kim pressed back as she felt the tip of the sex toy touch her lips but Dani pulled it away, instructing my wife to ask to be penetrated.
“Please fuck me with your dildo,” my wife asked meekly, eyes still watching me wank. Danielle shoved the rubber cock all the way in with one swift push, the fake balls banging against Kim’s clit. My redheaded wife moaned, head arching back. Dani took advantage of this to grab a handful of that red hair and pull her back harder onto the dildo as she thrust it forward once again. A couple of minutes of this and Dani left the sticking half out of Kim’s dripping pussy and grabbed the vibrator. She flicked the switch and applied its buzzing tip to Kim’s erect clit. The effect was electric, my wife moaned, writhed and dug her fingers into the bed covers, shoving her hips back to press the vibrator harder into her. She reached one manicured hand back between her legs and grasped the dildo that still protruded from her cunt and started hammering at herself. Dani kept pressure on with the vibe, and just as Kim was about to come, took it away and ripped the dildo out of her gaping pussy.
“Whaa…?” moaned Kim, left hanging on the point of orgasm.
“You didn’t say please, did you bitch?” replied Dani, using one hand to keep Kim bent over as the other rooted in her bag of tricks, bringing out a paddle. “Pets who don’t say please need discipline,” as she brought the paddle round and administered a stinging slap to my wife’s upturned right buttock. A second slap to the left cheek, and then half a dozen more alternating between the now pinkly-glowing cheeks.
“Stand in the corner,” commanded Dani, pointing imperiously. “As punishment, you will not touch yourself as you watch me pleasure your husband.”
“Yes mistress, sorry mistress!” The meekness was back in Kim’s tone as she went to stand by the wardrobe, turning to face the bed.
“Why don’t you lose the clothes and join me lover?” the babysitter asked, licking her lips extravagantly. I needed no second invitation and shed my jeans and t-shirt in record time. Dani pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my legs, gently cupping my balls as she licked the head of my engorged knob. She spat on the purple head, using her hand to spread it up and down the shaft. She spat in her other hand and reached over behind herself, lubing up her tight arsehole as she sucked and stroked my throbbing hard-on.
She kissed her way up my torso, giving each nipple a little lick in passing, eventually positioning her little brown hole over the tip of my penis. She grasped my knob, aiming carefully as she lowered herself slowly down. The teenager bit her lip as her weight pushed the head of my swollen cock past her sphincter, keeping steady pressure on as she expanded to fit me. After a couple of minutes, she began to move up and down, strong thighs and calves coping easily. I was never going to last long, not after what I’d seen, and her tight arse had my nuts tightening within a few minutes even at the slow pace. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders, slamming her down as I pushed up, going right in up to the balls as I shot, groaning, into her bum. A couple more convulsive heaves and I was spent, balls drained by the talented arse of an eighteen year old slut, watched by my submissive wife.
“Get on the bed on your back, pet!” commanded Dani, and Kim obeyed. “You’re going to suck this load out of my arse, and if you don’t do a good job, you’ll not sit down for a week,” she said patting the paddle on her open palm significantly. She straddled my wife’s face and began pushing my load out. Kim’s hands reached up, grabbing the buttocks my cock had so recently parted and squeezed them as my jizz trickled into her open mouth. She hesitantly extended her tongue, probing the hole in front of her, making sure it was all out.
“You’ve done well my pet,” Danielle smiled down at her. “As a reward, you can sl**p on the floor with my dildo while I share your bed with your husband and his wonderful cock.”
“Thank you mistress,” Kim said as she walked, arse cheeks glowing, to the wardrobe for a blanket.

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Brilliant stories mate reading them gets me so hard
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