Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

Fiction...blah blah blah… Usual disclaimers, you know the stuff by now…

Well, me and my wife Kim were on the way home from a night out with friends, the usual shit, restaurant, couple of drinks, me driving. As ever, she’s bending my ear about some nonsense that must only be important to women because I’m really not getting any of it, I’ve got bigger things on my mind…
You see, I’ve been shagging the babysitter for months now. She’s called Danielle, she’s 18, only short but with a frame to die for. Nice cans, tight arse, long dark hair, bit rough around the edges but that first time I drove her home and she offered to suck me off… well, that’s another story!
Now, me and Dani, we’ve been hatching a plan to give my wife a bit of a wakeup call, stop her being such a frigid, moaning bitch. So as I pulled into the drive my cock was already at half-mast in anticipation.
“Shit, sorry love,” I said. “I forgot to pick up ciggies, I’m gonna nip to the garage and get some.”
“Why?” She asked in her usual nagging tone. “It’s a filthy habit and you know I want you to quit. All that money you’re wasting…”
“Look, I’m not having this argument now,” I replied. “Just get out of the car and tell Dani that she can go home, I’ll be five minutes.”
“Fine,” Kim said, in a tone that meant anything but fine, sighing meaningfully. She slammed the car door behind her and I backed out of the drive, pulled up in front of next door and turned the engine off. Taking a deep breath, I got out of the car and closed the door softly, locking it with the fob. I walked slowly down the path to the door, staying out of the pool of light cast by the street light, listening to the muffled but raised voices coming from the open living room window. A couple more cautious paces and I could see into the room…
“I’ve told you before Dani,” Kim almost screeched, “No boys in my house!”
“I’m sorry Kim,” Dani began, before catching sight of me through the window. “Oh actually, you know what? Fuck it!” And with this she reached out with her left hand and grabbed Kim’s hair, swinging her right hand around in a slap that cracked against Kim’s cheek. Kim gave a little shriek and tried to step away but the hold on her hair held her in place while a second slap rocked her head back again.
At this point, Dani’s “boyfriend” Joe stepped up from behind Kim and grabbed her arms, forcing them down by her side with a bear hug.
“What?!” whimpered Kim. “What’s happening? Let go of me! Steve’s only parking the car, he’ll be in in a minute.”
“No he won’t,” replied Danielle, her hand still gripping a fistful of Kim’s red hair. “Saw him drive off didn’t I? Got you all to myself for a few minutes by the looks. Well, I say myself, Joe’s here as well.”
By this point Kim looked terrified, wide eyes, rapid breathing, nothing coherent escaping her lips as Joe’s big hand reached round and squeezed her left breast none too gently. He nodded in satisfaction and looked to Danielle for instruction. He was a big guy, 6’2” with short blonde hair and heavily tattooed, muscular arms, exactly the kind of man who Kim had always found distasteful and intimidating. His breathing rasped in her ear as he continued to fondle her.
“What do you think Joe?” asked Dani. “Would you like a blow job? Should this bitch suck your cock?”
“No, please,” gasped Kim, her head whipping left and right, clearly hoping for some salvation.
“Why wouldn’t you suck his cock bitch?” asked Dani, her sneering face an inch from Kim’s. “Not good enough for you? Or do you not like sucking cock? I bet that’s it, isn’t it? You don’t like sucking cock! Well, you better get used to it, because Joe likes his women to give him head, don’t you Joe?”
Joe just grunted noncommittally, me and Dani had chosen him from amongst her friends for his intimidating looks more than his brains, and had promised him a fuck into the bargain.
“You gonna get on your knees then, or do I have to help you?” Dani asked this in a quiet, almost conversational tone of voice but the menace was unmistakable.
“Please, you want money?” begged Kim, almost incoherent. “Don’t! Money? I’ll ring Steve, he’ll bring money. Don’t make me!” Tears streaked her face now, but Dani just shook her head almost sadly and slapped her hard, back and forth, before using the grip on her ginger hair to f***e her to her knees. The sound of a fly being undone brought a fresh paroxysm of sobbing but as Dani twisted her head round, Kim offered little resistance.
Joe’s semi-erect knob was at eye level to the kneeling Kim, and from my point of view it wasn’t incredibly impressive but from where she was, on her knees, afraid to give head at the best of times, it must’ve been terrifying.
“Open up bitch,” Joe commanded, pushing his cock forward. It bumped off Kim’s cheek as she turned her head. Danielle wrenched her head back around and gripped her jaw.
“Get it open Kim,” she commanded in the same menacing tone, “or it goes up your arse. Dry.”
“No….” begged Kim. As her lipsticked mouth opened to protest, Joe thrust forward and Dani pulled back on her hair and down on her jaw.
“Bite it and you’ll make me angry,” she hissed in Kim’s ear. “And we don’t want that do we?”
She used her grip on Kim’s hair to move her head back and forth as Joe found his own rhythm, grunting softly. One of Kim’s high heels had come off at some point and I looked at her stocking clad foot, toes bent back in an agony of terror. Well, maybe next time, you’ll not moan so much when I ask nicely I thought to myself.
After a couple of minutes, Joe’s thrusting became more insistent, and with a grunt he shot his load, the first couple of squirts into her mouth, the rest into her flaming red hair. Kim looked aghast, she wasn’t going to swallow the spunk in her mouth, but nor could she spit it anywhere, least of all on her precious carpet.
“Swallow it,” said Dani, almost conversationally. “Swallow it, and then kiss his bell end and thank him for cumming in your mouth.”
“Wha…” was as far as Kim got before Dani’s open hand struck her cum-splattered cheek. She gulped hastily, face contorted in distaste, as Dani looked at her jizz-covered hand. The short girl reached down and wiped the spunk off on Kim’s dress, a dress that’d cost me a week’s wage, making sure her hand lingered on Kim’s tit.
“You’re learning Kim, now give it a kiss and say thank you.”
Kim leaned hesitantly forward, her lips pursed, and gently kissed the shining purple helmet. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“Thank you for what?” Dani demanded, twisting her hair further.
“For cumming in my mouth!” Kim almost screamed.
“Better. Now, try it again, without me having to help you.” The tone Danielle used was encouraging, cajoling almost, and Kim responded to even this small kindness. She leaned forward and kissed the head of the cock in front of her and said, in a stronger voice, “Thank you for coming in my mouth.”
“It’s alright,” Joe mumbled, seeming almost embarrassed now as he stuffed his shrinking penis back into his jeans.
“Now, what are we going to do with you now?” Dani enquired, almost as if actually asking Kim’s opinion. “Ok, lose the dress.”
“Please,” Kim was begging again. “Just leave! No one has to know, I promise. Take my purse! Don’t make me!”
Dani sighed, let go of Kim’s hair and simply said “Joe.”
The big tattooed arms reached out and with casual ease ripped the black dress down a seam with one tug. Seconds later it was in tatters on the floor, leaving Kim on her knees in a lacy black bra, a small thong, black hold up stockings and one red high heel, mascara running down her cheeks and cum on her face.
Danielle reached down and slipped her hand into Kim’s bra, fondling her C-cup tit.
“Not bad for an old bird,” she said. “Steve’s a lucky man.”
In truth, Kim wasn’t in bad shape. She went to the gym a couple of times a week and her tits hadn’t gone south yet. She was just a moaning, sexless bitch who needed to be taught a lesson. You wouldn’t think it to look at her, but our sex life had dwindled to a roll on, roll off affair once a fortnight. This was why I’d started fucking Danielle, and it was Danielle who came up with this little game, saying she’d like to dominate my wife, teach her what a good little slut could do for her man.
Dani picked up a piece of the ruined dress and used it to wipe the sticky mess of Kim’s face and said, “We wouldn’t want you to get Joe’s spunk on my pussy now would we?”
Kim looked baffled by this until Dani started unbuttoning her jeans, sliding them down over her slim hips. “Oh god no,” moaned Kim. “I can’t. Not that.”
Dani sat down on the couch and spread her legs, only a thin layer of white cotton covering her tight, shaved cunt. She ran her fingers over the material, before hooking her index finger behind and pulling them to one side. I was as hard as a rock watching this from my position outside, and Kim stared fixedly at the pink lips between Dani’s tanned thighs.
“Joe, I think Kim needs some help,” said Dani as she lifted her top over her head. Her pert tits stood proud, nipples erect as Joe put his hand on my wife’s head and applied some pressure. Her face inched closer and closer, and eventually Kim’s lips met Dani’s and her nose bumped into the babysitter’s shaved mound.
“Good girl,” Dani said, stroking the red hair between her thighs. “Now, use your tongue on my clit. That’s it, oh I like that. You sure you’ve never done that before?”
Kim’s little pink tongue lapped hesitantly at Dani’s little pink clit, and the teenager took a double handful of my wife’s hair, guiding her head. Kim’s hands were on Dani’s thighs, her arse in the air, stockings and thong on full display, tits swinging gently in her bra as she got, as far as I knew, her first taste of pussy. Joe stood around like a spare part, looking speculatively at my wife’s raised backside. He stroked it gently, startling Kim, who darted forward and pushed her face into Dani’s cunt.
“Hah, the dirty bitch is getting into it!” exclaimed Dani. “Look at her, going at it like a pro! Eat it girl, eat my tight pussy!” Dani’s hands pushed her unwilling partner’s head away as she raised her cute little bum and slide her knickers down. “Might as well make it easier for you.”
This time Kim needed no urging, going straight back in for seconds. Shit, I thought, she’s actually getting into this! Dani writhed and moaned, fingers digging into the settee as the older woman brought her to orgasm surprisingly quickly.
Dani stood, took Kim’s hands and pulled her to her feet. My teenage mistress kissed my wife deeply, hands on her bum.
“Mmmm, I taste good,” Dani said with a grin. “I wonder if you taste good too?”
She quickly tugged Kim’s black thong down to the floor and Kim stepped out of them shyly, kicking off her remaining shoe. Dani pushed her gently down to the couch and knelt between her legs, one finger stroking the soft trimmed pubes inches from her face. Kim still looked in shock, face covered in mascara and pussy juice, a teenage girl between her stocking-clad legs. She’s never looked as sexy as she did at that moment.
Dani sucked two of her fingers for a moment, coating them in saliva, before she eased them into the folds of Kim’s pussy. A tremor went through my wife, a soft moan escaped her lips as the babysitter’s thumb stroked her clit. Dani’s mouth closed on a nipple, eliciting another moan, as her fingers pistoned in and out of an increasingly wet cunt. Dani kissed her way down my wife’s quivering stomach, eventually reaching her dripping hole. Young lips pursed and sucked her erect clitoris into position for a vigorous tonguing.
“Oh yes… yes… suck it… harder… faster… Oh Dani, eat my wet cunt you dirty little babysitter, make me come for you… OOOHHHH GAAAWWWDDD!!”
Kim exploded on Dani’s face, holding the younger girl’s head close to her bucking hips as she motioned for Joe to come closer. He’d been standing awestruck, jerking his cock back to life at these two beautiful women going at each other. As soon as he moved into range, Kim grabbed him by the cock and dragged him onto the settee where she could wrap her lips around his shaft. She went at it like a veteran, one hand wanking him, the other encouraging Dani to greater efforts between her thighs.
After another giving my wife a second orgasm, Dani lifted her head and asked bluntly, “are you gonna let him fuck you?”
My wife pulled back from the swollen prick in front of her face and considered it for a second.
“Have you got a condom?” she asked them both.
Dani nodded and produced one from her hand bag.
“Then yes, I’m gonna fuck him…. While I eat your little cunt.”
Joe rolled the rubber on as Dani sat back on the settee. Kim positioned herself between the babysitter’s legs and went to her task with gusto, kissing, sucking and nibbling the girl’s pussy whilst Joe got into position behind her. He guided his wrapped cock to the entrance to her cunt and pushed in with one smooth thrust, building to a rhythm which made my wife’s tits sway fetchingly. I figured that this would be as good a time as any to make my entrance.
I went to the door and opened it as quietly as possible, undressing in the hallway before padding softly into the room. Dani noticed me immediately and gave me a thumbs up and a wink, which made Joe turn. He missed a beat, unsure how I’d take him fucking my wife. I motioned him to carry on and moved closer, bringing my solid eight inches close to her face. She gasped and pulled away from Dani’s cunt, startled by my sudden appearance.
“Steve… er…” she stammered, unsure of what to say, caught literally with her pants down.
“Don’t mind me lovely, just carry on,” I said. “I never knew you had it in you!”
“It’s not how it looks… she made me…”
“You don’t look exactly unwilling to me, you dirty whore. Eat it, if you leave her hanging, she might slap you again…”
“You were watching?” Kim asked, even more shocked.
“Oh yes,” I replied. “I saw all of it. I saw you thanking Joe for his load, eating the babysitter out on the settee, asking Joe to fuck you… not like you at all. Makes a nice change actually.”
“Kim,” Dani said, authority in her tone. “Get me ready. Your husband is going to fuck me, and I want to be wet enough to take it easily.”
Joe’s rhythm was faltering, so Kim turned round and ordered him not to stop. He went back to it with a will, and she kissed my bellend and went back to tonguing the pussy in front of her. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my penis and wanked it slowly for a minute before looking up at me and saying, “Why don’t you give Dani that lovely cock? She’s ready for it now.”
Danielle moved along a couple of feet and rolled over, offering me her dripping snatch. I grabbed my wife’s head, used her mouth to wet my erection and then left her to the fucking she was getting from Joe. I didn’t use a rubber with Dani, I never did, and I just rubbed my tip up and down her gash before I pushed firmly in. She giggled as she pushed back and our fucking soon became frantic, almost a race to orgasm. She beat me to it by seconds, trembling and shaking, moans muffled in the couch cushions as I unloaded deep inside her, the contents of my full balls flooding her. She collapsed face down on the settee, and I turned to see Joe pull out, the tip of the condom full of jizz.
Kim looked exhausted, almost ready to collapse from orgasm overload, when Dani turned round and said, arse still in the air, “Get over here and clean my cunt up bitch, it’s your husband’s spunk!”
Kim crawled over on all fours and lapped at the babysitter’s freshly fucked pussy, nose in Dani’s arsehole. She sucked and slurped my load out of her new mistress’s cunt, kissed each upturned, sweetly rounded buttock, turned round to me and said two words, two simple words: “Thank you.”

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Fucking awesome. Hope there's going to be more