Rescuing Two Damsels in Distress

This is fiction...

We approached the island late in the afternoon, our rented speed boat full of beer, a barbecue and a few burgers, four lads on holiday looking for a quiet beach to have a bit of a party.
“That looks like a beach Daz,” said Stu, pointing away to our right. “Take her in a bit.”
The boat edged towards the island and we agreed that it seemed a likely place to cook some meat and sup some ale, so Daz brought us to a stop in waist-deep water while Kevin dropped the little anchor to stop the boat grounding itself. As we splashed over the side, a feminine voice sounded from the beach.
“Thank fuck for that!” said a blonde girl. “We thought we’d be stuck here after those pricks left us!”
She was fit, no doubt about it, and her little pink string bikini did nothing to hide her smoking body and big titties.
“Eh?” I said, confused. “What the fuck are you on about? How did you get here? Who’s “we”?”
“Me and my mate Tammy!” she explained. “We came here with a couple of lads we met but when we wouldn't fuck em, they fucked off and left us! Now you’re here, you can take us back!”
At this point another girl, who I assumed to be Tammy, came out of dunes. She wasn’t as hot as her mate, a bit chubby, brunette, but I’d done worse.
“See!” called the blonde. “I told you I heard a boat! These nice lads are going to take us back!”
“Are we?” asked Stu. “I don’t remember agreeing to that, do you lads recall agreeing to that?”
“You can’t just leave us here!” protested Tammy. “We’ll pay you!”
“I don’t see a purse,” said Kev, a sly look on his face. “Where you hiding your money?”
“Liz, tell em!” wailed Tammy. “We will, I promise! Back at the resort, fifty quid!”
“Nah, not worth it,” said Kev dismissively, getting a can from the cool box and popping it.
Liz, the blonde, said “I’ll take a beer.”
“Oh, you will, will you?” said Stu. “It’ll cost you.”
“But I don’t have any money!” protested Liz.
“Show us your tits and you can have a beer,” said Daz, also taking a long swallow. “Ah, beer! Nice and cold on a hot day! Damn but I was thirsty... be a shame to be thirsty with all this beer handy...”
“You want to see my boobs for a can?” said Liz.
“Aye, cans for a can!” joked Daz, provoking laughter from the lads.
“Both of you,” said Stu. “Tits out and you can have a beer each.”
The girls looked at each other, uncertain.
“Come on ladies,” I said. “I’m sure you’ve had your tits out enough on this holiday, and this beer is FINE!”
Tammy reached back and unhooked her bikini top, dropping the garment to the sand. A chorus of approval from the lads, “WOOO!! PUPPIES!!”
They were good tits, big, firm looking with little pink nipples and faint tan lines. Stu chucked her a can and she fumbled the catch, dropping it to the sand. She stooped to pick it up and popped the ring pull. Foam from the shaken can sprayed out, covering her breasts, causing another wave of appreciation.
“I’ll lick it off!” shouted Daz, making the girl blush deeper.
Liz dropped her bikini to the sand as well, and her tits were nothing short of magnificent. Not huge, but high and pert, rosy nipples like little strawberries that made my balls twitch just to look at. She received her beer and took a deep swallow, breasts rising in the sun as she tilted her head back.
“Daz,” I said. “Get that barby lit, let’s see what the ladies will do for a burger!”
“Oh come on!” said Liz. “You’ve had your fun, take us back now!”
“No chance love,” said Kev. “We came here for a party and we’re not leaving til we’ve had one. Besides, we’ve not said we’re taking you back yet. You’ve not convinced us.”

Half an hour later the six of us were sitting around a grill, the scent of cooking meat and smoke mingling with the holiday smells of seaweed, salt and sun cream. Beer was being d***k, the girls were still topless and so we were letting them in on the booze as well.
“So,” said Daz. “You ladies thought about how you’re going to persuade us to fit you on the boat?”
The girls looked at each other, that secret female telepathy that escapes us blokes passing between them.
“Well,” replied Tammy, “you’re a lot more fun than those two tossers who brought us out here in the first place... What have you got in mind?”
“Well, how about you fuck me?” Daz wasn’t one to beat around the bush at the best of times, and given the luck he’d had with the ladies on this holiday this wasn’t the best of times.
“Bit forward aren’t you?” Tammy giggled. The beer was beginning to loosen her up and she’d been flirting with Daz for a while now. He was a bit of a bell end but he was a good looking lad and it looked like his luck might be in. “Go on then, might be a laugh.”
She stood up and held out her hand, intent on leading him to the dunes.
“Whoa there!” shouted Kev. He was a bit younger than the rest of us and known as a bit of a cockblock, especially if he wasn’t getting any himself. “That’s you sorted, but what about the fucking rest of us?!”
At this point Liz chirped up, wholly unexpectedly. “Fuck it, fuck all of it. You four, us two. Here, now. On the beach. One time only offer, ten seconds to decide.”
Eyebrows were raised, shorts were tented, high fives were exchanged and in pretty short order it was agreed. I made the first move, turning to Liz and cupping her breast in one hand, kissing her deeply. She tasted of beer, smelt of sun lotion and her left tit was an oily slice of heaven in the palm of my hand. She kissed me back, her little hand tugging the drawstring of my swim shorts loose and slipping inside the waistband. Her hand slid down my rapidly hardening shaft, fingers tickling my balls. I rolled her stiff little nipple between thumb and forefinger, lowering my head to take it in my mouth. Salty, it raised a gasp as I sucked gently on it and her fingers tightened round my rock hard knob. I pulled the tie at the sides of her bikini bottom and slipped the flimsy garment from beneath her rounded arse. Her pussy was absolutely hairless, pink lips just protruding from her labia, little clit begging to be rubbed or nibbled, so that’s exactly what I did.
I slid my hand down her flat belly, past her navel and dipped my middle finger into her moist hole. It was juicing up nicely, and I used some of that lubrication to wet my finger before I ran back to her erect clit. Another gasp and a shudder this time as I applied gentle rhythmic pressure. Liz moaned and gently pushed my head down, away from her nipples to her dripping cunt. I complied, kissing my way southwards before taking her clit between my lips and giving it a gentle nibble. A little shriek, her hips bucking and her hands forcing my head closer. I lapped at her pussy, long firm strokes which had one of her long-nailed hands clutching at the sand, the other at the back of my shaved head. She gave a last moan, stiffened up and clamped my head between her thighs, orgasming vigorously all over my face. She pulled my head up, kissed her juices off my lips and rolled me onto my back.
“My turn,” she purred, taking my swollen purple helmet into her mouth. It was all I could do not to blast my load straight down her throat right there but I controlled myself, barely, as she went to her task with aplomb, licking, sucking and stroking my cock and balls. My balls gave a warning twitch, which Liz managed to notice and she stopped, got on all fours and looked back over her shoulder at me. “Come on then, I want your fat cock inside me!”
I needed no second invitation and positioned myself at the entrance to her sopping cunt. Grabbing her hips I shoved forward, forcing myself into her so I was buried up to my pubes. I started slowly, intending to make it last as long as I could. Glancing towards where the rest of the party were, I could see Tammy on her knees, surrounded by the other three lads. All were naked, and the little slut had a cock in each hand and another in her mouth. Her titties were being mauled as she switched between cocks, sampling each. I caught a glimpse of her pussy between the lad’s legs, and it was neatly trimmed, fleshy lips glistening with moisture which dripped onto the towel she knelt on. I picked up the pace a little and Liz reached back and started alternatively rubbing her cunt and massaging my balls. She came loudly, moaning and writhing, and her orgasm set me off. I let the first blast shoot up her cunt, and then pulled out and fired what looked like half a gallon of spunk up her back and all over her pert ass cheeks.
Stu and Daz saw that I was finished and came over, presumably looking for a different mouth to use and I moved over to Tammy, getting down behind her and sticking two fingers right up her dripping snatch. She bolted forward in surprise and ended up with her nose buried in Kev’s pubes, his cock deep in her throat. He whooped and held her head there, fucking her face and throat with short vicious strokes as I finger banged her hard from behind. Liz was on her back now, one cock in her mouth, the other in her recently used pussy and the combined sights and sounds got me hard again in the fastest time since I was a teenager.
Kev grunted and emptied his nuts straight down Tammy’s throat, pulled his dripping cock out of her mouth and stumbled off in search of a refreshing beer. I gave her ankles a quick tug and she landed flat on her front, giggling and panting as I positioned myself over her, my freshly hard knob plowing straight into her soaking cunt. She wasn’t as tight as Liz but who gives a fuck, right? I pounded at her, my recently emptied balls slapping on her lips.
“Kev,” I called, “Throw us a beer mate!”
He tossed me a can and I somehow caught it, and resting my weight on Tammy’s back, opened it and took a deep swig. Tammy turned her head and opened her mouth and I poured some beer between her lips with barely a break in our rhythm. Suitably refuelled, we went back at it with renewed vigour, our coupling becoming more like a wrestling match as we banged away at each other. She came twice, eyes rolling back in her head, almost screaming before I came again, squirting my load deep inside her. Fuck, I hoped these slags were on the pill!
Daz and Stu had swapped ends on Liz and seemed to be about finished and Kev was sat smoking, looking out to sea. My cock softened and slipped out of Tammy’s used hole and I rolled off her, grabbing for my beer while I recovered my breath.
The others finished up and headed over, grabbing beers and cigarettes, any embarrassment about our nudity well hidden. Tammy suggested a swim to freshen up and clean off and the other three lads agreed, trooping down to the water where splashing, laughing and no doubt more sex went on under the water.
“So,” said Liz, her voice soft. “Have we done enough to pay our taxi fare back to civilisation? Or would you like me to clean that up for you?” She gestured to my semi erect cock, just stirring back to life at the sight of her splendid chest. “Don’t worry, it won’t be the first time I’ve sucked Tammy’s juices off a cock!”
“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “You suck it and let me shoot all over your cans and we’ve got a deal!”
She winked cheekily and kissed her way down my body...

And that, folks, is the story of how we got ourselves a pair of dirty fuck bitches on holiday. There’s probably more if you want it...

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9 months ago
Good read
1 year ago
I miss my youth.
great story. Wish i was there with you.
thanks for sharing.
i can still smell sun lotion and girl sweat. And feel hard nipples in my mouth.

1 year ago
very good & yes more
1 year ago
Grt story.... if only eh.... ;)