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My roommate Steve called my cell phone around1 a.m. Friday morning he was in the city jail. As it turns out he had gotten d***k and had gotten into a bar fight that left a few guys missing some teeth. I told him to call his parents so he could just get bailed out, but he wanted to keep them out of this situation because his mom would give him pure hell. Not to mention how his Dad had told him that the very next time he gets into trouble he would have to attend a college that was closer to them. What this boiled down to was Steve would be stuck in there until Monday, I told him in a laughing tone before I hung up not to drop the soap. I went back to sl**p thinking that Steve was a dumbass. Around three that evening his girlfriend Karen came over to the apartment this was a normal thing because she always came over to help us cook and clean. Today was the day that they were supposed to be celebrating their anniversary; she had a big meal planned and everything. Now Karen was smoking hot she looked just like Charlize Theron, they could pass for twins. On the outside Karen was a normal run of the mill southern college girl, but on the inside she was a nympho that had to have sex on a regular basics, she loved to watch other people have sex, and for people to watch her be a nasty little slut. She had several friends that were just like her, every time she brought one of her girlfriends over to the house I would end up fucking them the entire night. She asked me what time was Steve supposed to get off of work and if I had talked to him because she had been trying to get in touch with him all day long with no luck. I told her that Steve was in jail and couldn’t get out because he didn’t want his parents to find out about the fight and the public intoxication charge. Karen got pissed to high hell she began to curse, throw things, and talk about how stupid her boyfriend was. She went on ahead and began cook the meal so the two of us could enjoy it; while dinner was cooking I started pouring back shots, with Karen. When we ate the both of us were so damn tipsy that Karen was playing footie with me. I got turned on at the thought of me fucking Steve’s sexy ass girlfriend, I knew that her and Steve didn’t use any condoms because they gave her a rash. He even told me that she loved to feel cum inside of her pussy, and that she liked to be fucked hard and treated like a slut. I told Karen that I needed to take a quick shower and we could find a great movie to watch. When I got in the shower Karen popped up out of nowhere and told me to make room for her. I didn’t know what to do so I just made room for this drop dead gorgeous woman. When she got in the shower with me, my dick grew a mind of its own, as we soaped up my dick was touching her ass, she turned around and told me I needed to keep that big boy to myself before she tamed it. I pulled her close to me and started kiss her on the side of her neck, finger fucking her wet pussy, and squeezing her prefect apple sized tits. The hot water was hitting her in the chest, while my exploring hands rubbed all over her body. I bent her over and told her to get ready to be my cum slut all weekend long Karen just said please fuck me real good.. I slowly pushed my dick into her pretty pussy damn she felt so good. We fucked with the shower running the hot water added to the thrill of the sex. Karen began to have orgasm after orgasm while I feed her my black snake the harder I gave it to her harder she came. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off; I sat down on the bed while Karen tried to fit some of my monster dick into her small mouth. I got her to get into the 69 positions I had wanted to taste this pussy for a while now. I eat that tight white nympho pussy so good that she squirted in my un-expecting mouth; I ate her until her third orgasm of the early night passed. When I got on top of her my phone rang it was Steve she told me to answer the phone. I picked it up and answered he told me that he was trying to get in touch with Karen, I told him that she was right here and that she was 38 hot at him right now. When I passed her the phone I gave her a dirty look and pushed my dick inside of her at full f***e, she dropped the phone for a second but I put it right back next to her ear Steve was still saying something about how sorry he was while I feed her my dick. Karen halfhearted listen to him the only thing she had on her mind was my fat black dick that was deep inside of her pussy. When she hung up the phone I asked her would she rather have his white dick or my long thick black dick deep inside of her pussy. This slut began to have an full body orgasm, up until then I had never seen a lady cum so hard my entire life, my dick was white from her cum, the site made me drop a huge load in her I made sure that my cock touched bottom while I shot that black baby making seed inside of her tight white pussy. That last go round took the life out of the both of us. We just lay in the bed naked and talked about how great the sex we just had was. Around ten her girlfriend, Joy called her and ask her if she wanted any company. When Joy got to the apartment Karen was still naked walking to the door to unlock it for her friend. Joy and I had sex a couple of times before; she was sexy as hell 5’6 135 long natural blonde hair c sized tits. The only problem was she couldn’t handle a dick like mines she would run the whole time we fucked. Joy began talking about she had wanted to find a reason to come see me, Karen told her that I was in the bed room and walked in the back with her. I was lying in the bed with a semi hard cock, Karen got back in the bed and started back to giving me a blow job. Joy just stood there so I told her to hurry up and join us in the fun. We she got out of her things I told Karen to get her wet for me, the girls got in the 69 position. I just sat back until Joy said that she was ready to fuck, Karen knew that Joy couldn’t handle my dick, Joy laid her head in Karen’s lap I got between her legs and slowly watched my dick disappeared in her tight pussy. Joy was have an orgasm just by me pushing inside of her, Karen was busy rubbing her Joy’s clit making sure that her orgasm would only get stronger. Karen told me to she wanted to see me fuck Joy in the dog position, and that she wanted me to pound her friend as hard as I could until her pussy was full of black baby cum. I gave Joy a fucking that left her pussy sore and full of cum; Karen was making fun of her girlfriend about how she couldn’t handle a real man’s dick. Karen got on top of my black dick and rode it like a champ damn this girl knew how to fuck, me and Karen had a orgasm at the same time damn it felt great with me cumming deep inside of her womb again. That last load took everything from me, I was glad that Karen had fucked herself to sl**p because I didn’t think my dick could handle anymore pussy tonight. Only if Steve knew that his girlfriend was now my slut.

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Nice, my cock is so hard right now
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Great story
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