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My girlfriend Sarah mom had just given up on her younger s****r she had no place to go so she had to move in with us. Becky was one of those k**s that were hard to handle. In a few short years she had a rap sheet thicker than the New York Times; trouble was this girl’s middle name. At 18 Becky was smoking hot 5’4 145 a natural red head, she was thick in the all right places if you know what I mean. You can tell that she was already fucking by the she walked. She has this little plump round white thick booty that shake like jelly. During the evening times Sarah and I like to walk around in our underwear after a hard day at work. This was our way to unwind, at first I thought that it would be a problem walking around the house like that with her baby s****r in the house. But she told me that it was my house and I needed to feel comfortable regardless of who was around. The first day with her s****r being at our house Sarah wore these pink panties that drove me crazy. While she cooked dinner I couldn’t help but to past by and slap her on the ass every chance I got. She got turned on by me grabbing her small round white ass. On my way to grab a beer I walked up behind my flinty little slut and dug my fingers in her hot tight pussy. She responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth for a hot passionate kiss that last for a few minutes, while kissing I was finger fucking her wet pussy real good, neither of us knew how long Becky was standing there just watching with an odd look on her face. We stopped and acted as if nothing had happened, Sarah was going crazy on the inside I could tell that she wanted me to feed her my fat black dick because of the way her leg kept jumping up and down. After dinner I walked into the bedroom and acted like I was looking for something I called for Sarah to come show me where she had moved my things. When she walked in the room I had my dick standing at full attention looking dead at her. Like a good slut she ran over and got down on her knees and began to give me one of her world class blowjobs. It didn’t last long because she wanted to fuck real bad, this redhead slut pushed me down on the bed and f***ed my thick black dick inside of her wet pussy. While she rode my dick like a champ I pinched and sucked on her melon sized tits, taking my time going back & forth trying to get the whole tit in my mouth. I knew that when I did this it always pushed her over the edge. I knew full well that Becky was getting an ear full in the living room because Sarah was telling me the top of her lungs that she was cumming . I looked back over my shoulder to see a small shadow standing at the corner of the door. I pulled my dick out so my peeping s****r law could see my black monster with all of her s****r cum on it. I began to pound Sarah from the back and telling her how I was going to fill her pussy up with my black cum. My talking made this slut have another orgasm at the same time I began to shot a hot load deep inside her fertile womb. When we returned to the living room to watch the tube Becky was back in her room with the door shut. The next day was an off day for me; Sarah had to pull a long shift. All the plans I had for that day were to watch some basketball games and drink beer. Round one o’clock Becky walked out of her room with a small white tee on that stopped at her belly button, to make matter worse her had on a pair of thongs. My dick got hard as a rock as soon as she set down on the couch next to me. I sly way grabbed a pillow to hide the major hard on that was trying to bust out of my boxer shorts. I continued to flip back and forth trying to watch three games at one time, after a while the beer I was drinking began to take its toll; I had to piss bad as hell. When I came back into the living room Becky was laid out across the couch on her belly, I asked to her move out of my space she told me to make her. I replied with quit playing so I can set sown and watch the game. When the last commercial went off I had grown tired of asking and just moved her legs out of the way. When I set down she turn over on her back and placed her pretty smooth white milky legs in my lap. I could see the hair busting through her thong, when she noticed that I was looking she gave me a strange look. At first I thought she was going to flip out but she said that I can hear you and Sarah fucking all of the time. I told her that I knew that because I had seen her watching us a couple of time. This slut told me that every time we fucked she has watched it, and that she loved the way my dick looked pounding Sarah. I didn’t know what to say so I just got up and went to get another beer out of the fridge, when I returned Becky was lying on her back with her legs propped up on the couch. Once again I told her that I didn’t have time for games and I wanted her to move her legs, once again she told me to make her. This time I told her that I would give her a few seconds to move while I went to take a piss and when I get back if she hadn’t moved her legs out of the way I would lay between them and give her something that she couldn’t handle. I took a long time in the restroom, when I got back I got a surprise of my life, she was butt naked lying on the couch. I didn’t even think twice I just got naked and lay down on top of baby s****r. We began a deep passionate kiss, the spit second we came up for air Becky looked at me with those pretty green eyes and said please fuck me and pushed my oversized dick into her tight white pussy. I slowly entered her taking my dear sweet time making sure that I would enjoy the feel and the expression on her face as I pushed that black monster to the bottom of her pussy. I began to suck on her fat nipples while fucking her at the same time, in no time I felt her white little pussy cum all over my dick, she kept saying oh king fuck me, fuck me hard like you fuck Sarah, please. It took every ounce of my soul to hold back for shooting a load right on the spot. I just kept pounding her brains out; after her body shaking orgasm was over we changed positions. As I began to fuck her from the back she asked me if her pussy was better that Sarah, I told her that I love the way her tight pussy felt. Then she asked me if I liked how huge her white ass looked, I told her that I love the way it feels in my hands, and that I wish I could cum in that pretty pussy. When I said that she began to have a orgasm so hard that I heard her toes popping, I couldn’t understand what she said so just to make sure I asked her if I could cum in that tight white pussy. She told me that she wanted to suck the semen out of my dick. I got up and put my slick dick in her mouth, man this girl knew how to suck a cock better than big s****r. In less than two minutes I was filling her nasty little mouth up with my cum, this slut did not waste a drop. I got back up and began watching the game like nothing had happened at all. Becky just laid there nude watching the game and talking to me. During the second half she told me that she was hoping the light blue team to win because she like the color of their uniform, I was going for the other team so I asked her to bet it if she felt that way. I told her that if my team won, I could cum in any of her holes that I wanted to, and that if she won I would let her cum in my mouth, with that we made the bet. The next few minutes the both of us were into the game, it was a close one down to the last shot. With three seconds left the game went to commercial we took the time to kiss and make out like two wild a****ls. When the game came back on, the team I was pulling for won on luck shot at the buzzer I asked Becky which hole she wanted me to cum in she just said fuck me, we laid down on the floor we did it spoon style with me rubbing her clit while feeding her my huge black dick. Becky loved this position she was acting like a wild whore on the floor telling me that she loved my black monster. She was throwing it back at me with full f***e. Her tight wet pussy was dripping wet I was ready to give her a major load. I got on top of her but I didn’t put it in, I asked the sexy young whore if she really wanted me to cum inside her. She bit her bottom lip and began to rub my black dick up and down her pussy, when she didn’t say anything I asked her again do you really want me to feed you a load? She put my fat black dick in, pulled me down closer and said yes I want it daddy and give me a passionate kiss. I kiss and licked the side of her neck sucking on the tip on her ear lobe. I was grinding and pounding making sure to hit the sides of her pussy, then I got the idea to fuck her in Sarah’s favorite position. I placed her legs in the pit of my arms, asked told her to feed me a tit I sucked and gave her pussy what she wanted. When she began to have an orgasm her white pussy milked my dick so good that I broke down on top of her, when I got up cum was running down between her butt cheeks. Becky got the leaking black cum out of pussy with her fingers, sucking it off of them. She even told me to come over and let her clean me off. She licked and cleaned my dick of her juices and my baby making black cum I had to admit that she was a real great fuck. For the next few weeks I was in heaven I fucked Sarah mostly at night and fucked Becky in the morning. One weekend a major storm had hit the city. It was raining cats and dogs all day, later on that night with the rain still going at full f***e we all three laid around in our underwear. I began feeling on Sarah tights trying to see how she would respond she placed a pillow in her lap and open her legs. I gently rubbed her clit sticking a couple of fingers in her every now and then. I pulled my fingers out and they were sticky with her pussy juices, I licked my fingers and whispered in her ear that I wanted to eat her pussy. She said lets go in the room, and I said no I wanted to do it right here on the couch. The way Becky was laying on the floor it seemed as if she was sl**p, I began to eat Sarah out making sure that I kissed every spot that she loved to have sucked on. After ten minutes I got up and set down so I could get my turn. Big s****r didn’t waste any time putting my oversized black dick in her mouth. While Sarah was licking my hairy balls Becky crawled over and asked Sarah if she could suck it also. The next few seconds it seemed as if time had frozen, Sarah looked at me with a big grin and said sure. When my dick entered Becky’s mouth I damn near shot off, Sarah set down on my face and rode my tongue. Big s****r was telling baby s****r how I licked for my dick to be sucked. Sarah and Becky took turns giving me a good head job, I told Becky to come ride my face. Baby s****r began telling me how good it feels to get ate out. Dirty talk always made my slut Sarah horny as hell she sat down on my fat black dick and began to ride me like a pro. The more baby s****r said dirty things like, damn Sarah his dick looks good inside side of you, and it’s going to make me cum looking at the site of it. Becky began to fill my face up with her sweet pussy juices; I sucked her clit hard making sure that her orgasm would continue. When baby s****r got up big s****r got on her back and pulled me on top of her, I laid chest to chest on top of her, and slowly feed her my dick asking her how good is my black monster was, her pussy was making those loud wet sounds damn. I could tell that she was close to going over the edge. I asked Becky if she would come and suck Sarah breast for me; while she sucked on one I bit the nipple on the other one while pounding her wet pussy as hard as I could. Within seconds she was talking a strange language while her whole body came. Her orgasm lasted for over a minute, she was out of breath. Baby s****r Becky said can you make me cum like that? I got her thick white ass in the doggy style position and began to pound that tight young pussy she had. I told Sarah to return the favor and suck her tits, what my slut did next shock me. Instead of sucking her tits she started to eat Becky’s pussy I slowed my pace with the fucking, I was driving the full length in and out of baby s****r’s pussy. I told Sarah that Becky had a tight pussy and that I was going to leave a load of cum inside of her for her to eat out. Sarah stopped long enough to say that as long as you make her eat your sperm out of me to. When the words left her mouth Becky and I both had to full blown orgasm I shot off real good in the baby slut. Sarah told Becky to lay back and began cleaning out my black seed; I got behind her fucking her from the back enjoying to scene. It only took me a few strokes and I was dropping a huge load into Sarah’s tight white pussy. I was dead beat I enjoyed the girls eating each other out, they even made each other have another orgasm.

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Great job on the stories. these little things makes me proud that i'm black. i hope you make more soon.